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How to Reduce Fear in Evil Dead: The Game

 All ways to deal with high fear or how to avoid being obsessed by a survivor

While playing as a survivor in Evil Dead: The Game, gamers are forced to monitor their level of fear. Every survivor, even the great Ash, can get scared in this game, and a high level of fear can lead to an obsession: you will be captured by a player who controls a demonic force. At best, he will use up all your ammo, at worst, he will surprise the rest of the survivors and kill them. Therefore, in this guide, we decided to take a closer look at how fear works and what are the ways to control it.

The level of fear of the survivor gradually increases. This is probably one of the most important metrics that players should constantly keep an eye on while they are looking for a map, pages of the Necronomicon, or killing the dead. If the fear level gets too high, the survivor will become vulnerable, and the Kandarian demon will be able to detect him and even move into the body. It is clear that this cannot end well either for the survivor or for his team. Therefore, it is important to know about all the ways to reduce fear in Evil Dead: The Game.

How to Reduce Fear in Evil Dead: The Game

Here are three main methods to reduce the fear level of a survivor in Evil Dead: The Game:

  • Rest by the fire
  • Light sources (the bigger and brighter the better)
  • Stay close to other survivors
Lighting in Evil Dead: The Game is the best way to reduce fear levels. Fear will gradually build up if you are alone in the dark or when you are being chased and attacked by opponents. An effective way to lower your fear level is to light a fire and wait next to it. Or try to be as much as possible in the light.

In addition to this, your fear level will increase much more slowly if you are near teammates. As such, it's vital to stick together as you search for maps, Necronomicon pages, or the Kandarian Blade. This will ensure the safety and tranquility of every survivor. Evil Dead: The Game is a team game (as far as survivors are concerned), so you will receive significant penalties if you play alone.