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How to report other players in Fall Guys

 As in any party-style game, in Fall Guys there is the possibility of reporting other players, who for some reason are cheating within the video game. At first, the process may seem a bit complex, but as soon as you adapt you will notice that it is easier than you thought.

Remember that the objective of this game is to survive all the obstacles and reach the finish line first.

Report cheaters in Fall Guys easily

If you are tired of players implementing cheat-based tricks to gain victory, you can get rid of them. But you must take into account that you will not be able to do anything within the game, but you can eliminate them through the Mediatonic platform.

Report cheaters in Fall Guys easily

What you will have to do is enter Mediatonic, and then click on the “Type of Issue” option, that is, “type of problem”. Then, you must go to the “Cheater” section, which in Spanish is “cheater”.

Once there, you need to describe the exact problem, attaching a photograph where the problem can be detected. If you have the possibility of sending a video evidencing the above, you will make the process more agile. In this way, it will be easier to observe what is happening in your Fall Guys game. Users will append the ID of that player and this way you have reported it.

Finally, it should be noted that this method of reporting cheaters in Fall Guys is probably temporary. Since there is a possibility that they will change it and you can execute it directly from the game.