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How to throw eggs in Fall Guys

 With this multiplayer game, you will be able to enjoy a series of mini-games. Their objective is to obtain victory, managing to defeat the other opponents (taking into account that the game consists of 60 players).

But as we have been mentioning, within the Fall Guys game you will have access to other mini-games with which you can even make teams. In order to beat the opposing team, it is important that you develop very practical and precise strategies with which you gain advantages over the other players.

In this case, we will talk about how to throw eggs in Fall Guys. An action that, although it seems simple, can be complex if we do not know how to apply good tactics.

Learn to throw eggs in Fall Guys

The first thing that we must specify is that until now there is no exact button to launch things or objects within Fall Guys. But if there is a quite useful technique to achieve it, and this consists of joining other movements to be able to apply the launch.

How to throw eggs in Fall Guys

Exactly what you need to do is that every time you grab an egg and bring it to your team's nest, you can jump up and then dive down emphasizing the target, (this will help speed up the process). Then you must release it when you are in the air.

You do this by pressing the Square button on PS4 or the Ctrl key on PC, to jump. And to launch the egg you must press the R2 button on PS4 OR Shift on the computer. Keep in mind that it is important that you do this combination together and quickly so that you can manage to fit the egg into the nest.