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Minecraft Catch, tame and breed axolotls of different colors

 Axolotls recently entered the game in Minecraft. You can find these cute water creatures in a wide variety of colors. So that you too can soon own one of the rare blue axolotls, we will show you here how you can catch, tame, and breed them.

Minecraft Catch, tame and breed axolotls of different colors

The rarity of all axolotl colors

There are a total of five different colors in which you can capture the Axolotl. While the spawn possibility for the pink, brown, yellow, and turquoise animals is around 25 percent, the blue axolotls are very rare with a spawn probability of 0.01 percent.

Catch and tame axolotls

Since version 1.18, axolotls only spawn in underground water caves (also called lush caves) when clay blocks are nearby.

Fortunately, these beings are neither aggressive nor shy. Once you spot one, you must lure it into a locked area in order to capture it. The "tropical fish bucket" is best suited for this, as this is the axolotl's absolute favorite food. The bucket is important because axolotls only feed on live fish. Alternatively, you can just use the bucket by right-clicking on the axolotl. This will automatically give you an “Axolot Glue”.

Unfortunately, although you can catch Axolotls, you cannot tame them. At least not in the usual sense, because if you have a leash you can right-click to attach it to the axolotl and lead it around.

Breeding Blue Axolotls

Since blue axolotls are so rare, you should breed them. As soon as you have caught two specimens of any color, you can start mating. To do this, lock the two axolotls in an aquarium or a similar vessel and give them some tropical fish buckets. Once they're in the right mood, some hearts will appear above their heads.

It won't be long after that and you'll find a small baby axolotl nearby. Unfortunately, you cannot determine the color, the color distribution is randomly generated here. After the first mating, you have to wait about five minutes before you can take care of more offspring.

Since you need a lot of tropical fish for breeding, a tropical fish farm makes sense. You can find good building instructions on the Rays Works YouTube channel :

Instructions for keeping axolotls

The general rule is: give the axolotl a name tag or put them in a boat as soon as you catch them. Since they despawn relatively quickly, you'll have to start looking again. The advantage of the bred axolotls is that you can transport them in buckets without them losing their color.

With your axolotl, you can attack all fish and sea creatures except for dolphins and turtles. Even guards and drowned people are not safe from them if you have fed them a tropical fish beforehand. If you help him kill the prey, you also get a regeneration buff for eight seconds.

Since he attacks just about anything, he also needs good tactics when he's being attacked himself. When the axolotl is in the water, it plays dead and regenerates its life bar for about ten seconds. But beware, outside of water areas, axolotls die after five minutes. They can only survive on land when it rains or there is a thunderstorm.