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Nintendo Switch Sports Unlock Pro Leagues


Nintendo Switch Sports Unlock Pro Leagues

Competing online against players from all over the world is the most fun part of Nintendo Switch Sports. You can collect experience points and improve your rank in the Pro League. However, the Pro Leagues are not accessible to you at the beginning and must first be unlocked. In this guide, we will explain how to do this!

What do the pro leagues bring?

The Pro League is the ranking system in Nintendo Switch Sports. This ensures that you find the right challenge for you based on your skills and slowly play your way up. You start with an E rank in a Pro League and play against other players who have an "E" or "E+" rank. If you have enough wins, you will rise in rank and maybe even reach A rank at some point. Incidentally, the Pro Leagues are really only relevant for matchmaking. That's why you get the same number of online points in A rank, for example, as in E rank.

This is how you unlock the Pro Leagues

At the beginning of your sports career, you have no rank in online mode and you are not represented in the pro league of a sport. This is because you first have to gain experience in individual sports in free games. The Pro League for a sport is unlocked once you have played about 10 games. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose. Depending on the sport, this can go quickly or take a little longer. While you can unlock the Chanbara Pro League in just under 20 minutes, you have to reckon with 1 to 2 hours for soccer or bowling.

What happens when you reach A rank?

Once you've invested hours in a sport and reached A rank in a pro league, there's no final end. A number will then appear under your A rank, which provides further ranking increments. So you still get rank points and can use them to rise in rank. Likewise, you will also be deducted rank points after defeats and you can be downgraded.

Turn off pro leagues

If you want to enjoy the online mode a little more relaxed, you can always disable the Pro Leagues to not have to worry about your rank. To do this, click on "Options" in the sports selection menu at the bottom right and select the first item "User settings" . Here you can switch off the Pro League for each sport under "Pro Leagues" or switch it on again later.