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Passage of Duskwood (1-10 episodes): all the answers and forks in the dialogues


Passage of Duskwood (1-10 episodes): all the answers and forks in the dialogues

Duskwood is a mobile game in which you have to investigate the kidnapping of a girl. Her friends and a hacker will help you with this. We have prepared a detailed guide with all the answers and forks in the game.

Episode 1

A stranger named Thomas has added you to a group chat. Choose any of the four answer options to have the guy add other buddies to the chat.

  • Hi;
  • Have we met?
  • (Welcome emoticon);
  • I'm here.

The following two answers also do nothing:

  • Oh, something I do not understand;
  • (Don't say anything);
  • Who are you?
Reply to group members:

  • (Welcome emoticon);
  • Hi all;
  • What's happening?
Lily will ask how you know her sister:

  • What are you talking about?;
  • But... Actually, YOU invited me here?!
Thomas will interrupts the girl and ask how you know Hannah Donforth:

  • This is the first time I hear this name;
  • The name sounds familiar;
  • But why are you asking?

Thomas will answer that Hannah is his girlfriend and she disappeared three days ago:

  • What do I have to do with it?
  • Let's get down to business;
  • I'm really sorry.
The missing girl sent Thomas your number from her phone, which disappeared with her.

  • Maybe we crossed paths somewhere?
  • Are you kidding me?
  • Horror.
After receiving the message, Thomas tried to call her immediately. Someone picked up the phone but didn't say anything. Cleo will send a photo of Hannah to the chat and ask you to think carefully about why your number was sent from her missing phone.

  • I'm sorry, I honestly don't know;
  • Maybe she knows me from somewhere? (Perhaps you have known each other for a long time?);
  • Maybe you are confusing me with someone else? (No, it's your number).
Some of the group members will leave the chat, and Lily will continue to ask you to remember anything.

  • (Don't say anything);
  • I think anyone would have done the same;
  • It seems to me that this is a waste of time;
The sister of the missing girl will leave the chat along with several other members of the group. Richie will note that there are only three people left from the crowd of friends, including you, Mr. or Mrs. X.

  • Mrs X will come down (choice "Girl");
  • Mister X, be so kind (choice "Guy").
Richie will ask you to just give your name. To select a name, return to the main screen of the phone, go to the "Profile" section and enter your nickname in the appropriate line.

Richie will apologize to you and will not have time to finish the phrase "I just thought that ...":

  • …it would be wise to exchange pleasantries (That must mean something, right?);
  • You need my help, don't you?
  • Listen?
Lily will write that you are their only link leading to Hannah:

  • Yes;
  • If you think so...
  • Well, something I doubt.
Richie will ask you not to leave the group and help in the search for the missing girl:

  • I'll try to do my best;
  • Okay;
  • Very strange;
  • Sounds awesome!
Richie will say goodbye to you, but before he leaves the chat, answer him:

  • Good luck!
  • (Welcome emoticon);
  • Pokedova.
As soon as Richie leaves the chat, characterize the guy:

  • Strange type (Many people think so about him);
  • He seems to be a cutie (Few people notice this so quickly).

Lily wil0 ask Thomas to briefly tell you what happened. Thomas will add you to his contacts and start a personal correspondence. Thomas will apologize again and say that it all seems pretty wild:

  • Yes, still;
  • That's true;
  • It's OK;
  • I understand everything (exclusive answer) (Thomas will thank you for your understanding).
Thomas will explain that he hasn't been himself since Hannah disappeared. Then he will say that he must tell about the events that took place:

  • You must not. It was your choice, you chose it that way (Thomas thinks he's the one who has to deal with it);
  • Let's.
Jessie and Dan left the group chat and started talking to each other in a private chat. You can continue the dialogue with Thomas or switch to Jessie and Dan. In the last chat, you cannot send messages, only read what users write.

In a conversation with Thomas, you still need to choose one of the answer options:

  • Tell me about yourself (End of dialogue);
  • Who is everyone else? (End of dialogue);
  • Important answer: You didn't go to the police with my phone number? (Thomas wanted to, but the message Hannah sent him suddenly disappeared.)
Selecting "You didn't go to the police with my phone number":

  • Are you saying it was removed? (Thomas has no idea, but he certainly did not delete the message himself);
  • Are you serious? (More than);
  • It is hard to believe (Thomas himself is confused).
Continuation of the conversation:

  • It's really weird (Thomas totally agrees with you);
  • Have you drunk too much? (Thomas does not drink alcohol);
  • (Thoughtful smile).
Thomas hopes you believe him:

  • Important choice: I wonder how you contacted me then? (Thomas will answer a question with a question);
  • I believe you, Thomas;
  • And I don't believe.
Select "I wonder how you contacted me then?":

  • And who didn't?
  • I don't remember that, no;
  • What do I have to do with it?
When Thomas got Hannah's message, it only contained your number. He will never forget your phone number. But since the message was gone, he couldn't go to the police. Any of the answers end the dialogue with Thomas.

As soon as Thomas goes offline, an anonymous person will write to you. He will ask "Well ... And how do you like it?":

  • (Thoughtful smile);
  • (Don't say anything);
  • I have no idea what you mean.
Anonymous will say about the chat of Jesse and Dan because it is thanks to him that you can see their messages.

  • It was exciting (He will love your reaction);
  • What are you, a hacker?! (The hacker will say that he was called words and worse);
  • It's illegal! (It's all for the greater good);
  • I didn't feel good about it.
Continuation of the conversation with the hacker:

  • Stop talking in riddles;
  • What do you mean?
  • Are you trying to justify your perversions?
Choose any answer. Your phone will be called anonymously. If you reject the call, then after a while he will call again. Either way, you need to take the call.

After the call, send a message to the hacker:

  • Do you even realize how suspicious you are?
  • You are the kidnapper! (These are just precautions);
  • I trust you.
The hacker will give you access to Hannah's cloud storage to recover files and look for clues.

  • Sounds illegal (I don't care about the law in this situation);
  • Oh, thanks?
  • Can you explain in more detail? (Hannah's cloud storage has files that need to be decrypted).
Continue the conversation with the hacker:

  • If only Thomas knew about it (Don't think like that, as Thomas could be the kidnapper);
  • Phew;
  • Or something marked XXX;
  • All clear.
Ask a hacker a question:

  • And if you find something, will you share it with me too? (If the hacker finds something important, he will show you);
  • Why don't you do it? (The hacker is checking other leads in this case);
  • If I find anything suspicious, I'll be sure to show it.

An additional section "Cloud" will appear in the main menu of your phone. To decrypt files and unlock story dialogues, you have to play mini-games. We advise you to immediately complete as many mini-games as possible, as this will allow you to continue the story and complete the episode.

Cleo will add you to his contacts. Thomas will return to your conversation and continue it. Depending on which final dialogue you choose, different answers will be available. Feel free to choose any option and ask Thomas more about him and his friends.

Thomas will tell you about the hacker who reported Hannah missing. Until the end of the episode, go through mini-games and communicate with the characters. After Jessie's video call, the episode will end.

Episode 2

Jessie will add you to a group chat with other buddies. Cleo will insult Jessie, but you can stand up for her:

  • Enough for you! (Jessie will say that she needed your support);
  • Cleo, keep your thoughts to yourself (Jesse will be pleased that you supported her);
  • I would probably agree with Cleo (Jesse will trust you less);
  • (Don't say anything).
After this dialogue, Jesse will write you a private message. You can support her or vice versa, move away from the girl.

Jesse will ask you to tell Thomas about the terrible news. Go to messages with Thomas and choose how to tell this guy:

  • The police found the body;
  • Although, you know, it's not that important (End of dialogue).
Choose the first option to continue the dialogue:

  • The victim is a woman;
  • It must be Hannah;
  • I'm really sorry;
  • That's all we know so far (This seems to be the most forgiving choice).
Return to the group chat with your new friends and talk about Thomas' reaction. Dan will call his reaction very suspicious and ask you for your opinion on this matter:

  • I don't think it was me who should have told him about it;
  • It seems suspicious to me too (you supported Dan, he will remember that);
  • His behavior doesn't seem suspicious to me at all (You didn't support Dan).
Friends will go offline one by one, and you will have to go through mini-games again in the "Cloud" section. As in the previous season, complete all mini-games at once so that you don't have to return to them for the rest of the season.

You will be contacted by a hacker with belated news of a woman's body being found. Talk to him, explain to the hacker who told you about the woman's corpse (you can lie to him, but it's useless, since he already knows the truth). To learn more about the personality of a hacker, ask him the question "Tell me about yourself."

When you unlock new story dialogues, return to the chat and greet the sister of the missing Hannah. Later, Cleo will write you a message in a private chat.

  • Is there something that doesn't suit you?
  • Yes. I think Jessie is acting a bit naive (Lily agrees with you, but didn't expect you to say that);
  • We were just talking about nothing, for the most part.
Cleo will offer you to learn more about Hannah. Ask one of your questions:

  • Does Hannah have any brothers or sisters? (Only a younger sister named Lily);
  • Important Choice: Is there a possibility that Hannah just ran away? (Hardly, because she had a great family and life was just beginning to get better);
  • Did Hannah have enemies? (No, everyone adored this girl).

Lily will remind you of the hacker who told his friends about the missing girl:

  • Exactly, I remember (End of dialogue);
  • Maybe he is lying (Choosing this option, you will be able to argue your thoughts).
Change the subject and ask Cleo about the break-in attempt Jessie told you about:

  • Important Choice: Want to tell me about your hacking attempt? (You will learn about Cleo's evening walk and about the conversation of two strangers at Richie's junkyard);
  • For now, that's all.
By choosing the option "Would you like to tell me about your hacking attempt?" in one of several answers, you can advise Cleo to tell Richie everything:

  • (Don't say anything);
  • Important choice: You should tell Richie about this yourself (Jesse will be glad of your act since Cleo herself will tell her boss about everything).
Cleo will say that he is going to take matters into his own hands, as he simply can no longer be idle:

  • Will you go to the police? (Not);
  • What did you think? (Cleo will ask around the town if anyone saw Hannah before she disappeared);
  • Are you going to find Thomas? (Good idea, but no).
There are only three main spreaders of rumors in Duskwood. Cleo offers to choose who she should go to first:

  • The owner of the motel must know something (Cleo will go to Miss Walter);
  • I think we should start with the main gossip (Cleo will go to Mrs. Sally);
  • You decide where to start.
The next file will be restored and you can send it to the hacker. Read the correspondence between Richie and Jesse, then return to the dialogue with the hacker again. The stranger will begin to speculate about what exactly Richie was going to tell Jesse about you:

  • Jessie will probably tell me (Probably);
  • Because of the mysterious message that says I'm part of the group now? (Hardly);
  • Don't trust anyone, those are your words.
Ask the hacker why he trusts you and end the conversation. At this point, Cleo will contact you.

If you suggested that Cleo visit the owner of the hotel, then she will not find Miss Walter at the front desk:

  • What do you think to do now? (Ask Miss Walter's son, who plays near the hotel);
  • Maybe there is a call? (Cleo has already tried calling);
  • You should have called before you went there.
If you invited Cleo to visit the gossip girl, then she will be able to chat with Mrs. Sally:

  • Will you tell me on the phone? (Exclusive choice);
  • What she said?
Mrs. Sally saw Hannah right before she went missing. Hannah ran out of the pharmacy and looked very excited.

  • What did she buy at the pharmacy? (Cleo has no idea);
  • If even you, her best friend, don't know about it, then who? (Most likely Thomas knows at least something about this);
  • How can we do it?
Cleo will talk to the boy. He will tell you that he saw Hanna being dragged into the forest by a man without a face. The boy wouldn't have just imagined such a terrible situation. Alfie called him "a man without a face".

  • He must have seen the masked suspect (That's quite possible);
  • Maybe he's somehow mutilated?
  • And who could it be?
  • Maybe it's a horror character? (This is one of Duskwood's many dark legends.)
Complete the dialogue and talk to Jess. Ask her about the local legend about the "man without a face".

  • Have you heard of the "man without a face"?
  • Cleo and I are working on a lead (Jess won't be happy about this turn of events).
Tell Jesse about Alfie's story and keep asking without mentioning Cleo. Jesse will explain that the guy is mentally retarded, so he can invent anything. She will add Richie to the general chat and start telling the legend of the "man without a face".

After that, you will decrypt the next file and send it to the hacker. Cleo will contact you and ask you to listen to her:

  • Tell (Cleo will tell you a story about the boy Alfie);
  • I have no desire to listen to stories (you will refuse to listen to a story).
We return to the conversation with Jesse. The girl will ask if you are talking to a hacker:

  • Aren't you at work? (You can't dodge the answer, as Jessie will ask the question again);
  • Yes;
  • What did you take from?
  • Sometimes, what?
You will begin to discuss the hacker. Jessie admits that she also recently discussed you with other members of the group:

  • I know (You will reveal to Jessie that you are reading her private messages. Not a good idea);
  • If I were you, I would also have doubts about me;
  • I'll prove that I'm part of the group.
Jesse will ask you not to tell the hacker a lot about what the friends are talking about:

  • Do you think he might be one of the group? (Continuation of the dialogue);
  • (Say nothing) (End of dialogue).
If you chose the first option, Jesse will respond that Richie thinks so:

  • I don't think he is one of the group;
  • Either way, it doesn't matter (Dialogue ends);
  • I don't want to answer this question (Dialog end);
  • I think he is one of the group.
Afterward, you can choose an exclusive dialogue option to get to know Jesse better (Do you just want to chat?). In this case, you will learn about her brother Phil.

Soon you will be able to read Dan and Thomas' private chat, then a hacker will write and ask what they were talking about. During communication with the hacker, you will see another entertaining correspondence between Dan and Poke. The first made an appointment and specified the price for something. Reply to the hacker:

  • This stranger is paid to cover his tracks;
  • Thomas hides with this stranger;
  • Looks like Dan is buying something from this stranger (Correct);
  • Don't know.
Continuation of the conversation:

  • So that Thomas can leave town;
  • Because Thomas and Dan kidnapped Hannah;
  • That's all that comes to my mind;
  • And he asked for 350 dollars for it (Correct).
The hacker will find out Poke's number and ask you to chat with him. But before that, he will throw you a part of the file you restored. The image shows a recipe for a strange drug. Tell the hacker to figure out his name and share it with him:

  • It's a simple pain reliever;
  • It's a contraceptive;
  • It's an antidepressant (Correct);
  • It's for insomnia.
The hacker will be strangely surprised by this and will say that Hannah did not suffer from such disorders. Decrypt another file and send it to the hacker. Switch to dialogue with Cleo. She will arrive at Hanna's house and call you via video link. Suddenly, the connection will be cut off, and you will see how someone enters the house after Cleo.

Episode 3

When Cleo was at Hanna's house, she met Thomas there. Cleo herself will tell you about this in personal correspondence. She will write to you later to tell you about one strange detail. Jessie will send you a photo of a piece of newspaper. This piece will show a small article about the murder of a girl. Jessie is disappointed that the material was not placed on the front page.

  • Maybe they didn't want to blow anything out of it?
  • Yes, something is clearly wrong here;
  • As for me, nothing special (Jesse will be upset).
Thomas will appear in the group chat. He was with the police and learned that the body of the murdered woman did not belong to Hannah. Thomas is about to leave the chat.

  • Thomas, wait (An opportunity to find out where Thomas has been all this time);
  • See you later;
  • (Don't say anything).
Select the first answer to continue chatting with Thomas:

  • I had a question for you, but I don't remember it;
  • So you've been with the police all this time? (Continuation of the chain).
Select the second reply to open the thread:

  • And then immediately wrote to us? (Thomas cried all this time after learning about the corpse);
  • Did you go anywhere else?
  • Why are you lying to us, Thomas?
The hacker will write to you and ask the question: "What do you think Thomas was doing at Hanna's house?". You must select one of three answers:

  • I have no idea;
  • He covered his tracks;
  • Maybe he wanted to take something from there? (That's right. Later, Cleo will tell about it herself).
Cleo was behaving very strangely:

  • She was scared;
  • She seemed to want to tell me something (Choose this option, and in the next chain, select "Because of Thomas");
  • She was clearly uneasy.
Hacker suggests discussing important topics that may affect the investigation:

  • Let's talk about my mysterious find on Hanna's cloud (That's right, you need to look at the note in the hacker's profile);
  • How about this poke's phone number? (The hacker hasn't gotten the phone number yet);
  • What about Hanna's antidepressants? (Hacker refuses to believe she was depressed.)
Open the note and read it. The text is not clear what it is about, so you can safely skip the explanation of this note.

Tell the hacker that you have a lead that leads to the legends of Duskwood:

  • Man without a face (Correct);
  • Man without a shadow;
  • A beardless maniac.
Continuation of the chain:

  • He preys on liars;
  • He persecutes those who have committed a grave sin (That's right);
  • All of his victims are women.
Continuation of the chain:

  • He kills them;
  • He drags them into the woods (Correct).
Continuation of the chain:

  • Jessie saw this man;
  • I don't remember anything else;
  • Rumor has it that Hannah is one of his victims (That's right)
If you made a mistake in one or more options, then in the last chain of dialogue you can start the story again. To do this, select "I'm confusing everything, let's start over".

Later, he will write to Jesse and offer to continue working on the legend of Duskwood. Jessie will ask you where the friends left off:

  • Good question;
  • On a man without a face (Correct);
  • We talked about Thomas;
  • On the fact that Dan is acting strange.
Discuss the legend with new friends. Jesse doesn't know what to do next:

  • Write to us when you think of something;
  • Can you talk to Alfie's mom? (She will not say anything sensible);
  • You should talk to Alfie (It is unlikely that a sick boy will say anything intelligible).
Richie will write to you, and after talking with him, you will restore another note. Send it to a hacker who will notice that this note is nothing like the first one:

  • Like this?
  • And I know why (That's right)
Continuation of the chain:

  • It's easier to understand (Correct);
  • It has a lot of mistakes;
  • The font is different.
The previous note was extremely cryptic, and in the new note, Hanna seems to be writing about some event.

  • This might be helpful!
  • Diary entry? (Correctly);
  • As you say.
The hacker will ask you to mark the most important key points in the note for him. It will do the same and you can compare them.

Now you need to open this note again and highlight four sentences:

  • "He" - Unknown;
  • "Family" - What kind of family?;
  • "I know her story by heart" - Mysterious incident;
  • "My heart was bleeding" - Guilt.
Tell the hacker what you think about this note. Additional options will appear in the dialogues in addition to "Don't say anything." In one of the dialogs, add a hacker:

  • There is nothing more to say.
  • You're forgetting something (That's right).
Continuation of the chain:

  • Emerald eyes (Correct).
  • Although no, nothing.
  • Tell me that I'm good.

In the final dialogue, you can find out the name of the hacker. To do this, you will need to purchase the "multimedia" package in the game settings.

  • No, we'll write later.
  • Tell me what's your name (Hacker's name is Jake).
Get information from Jesse about the search for Hannah in Duskwood Forest and wait for a message from Cleo. She is concerned that Thomas has been visiting the kidnapped girl's house. Cleo thinks Thomas is hiding something. Ask for more details and find out that he opened the door with his key and took something out of Hannah's house. Cleo did not have time to see this item. You can add to her story:

  • I managed to notice something else (Correct);
  • But how can we know for sure?
Continuation of the chain:

  • He behaves strangely;
  • He didn't tell the others about what was at Hanna's house (That's right).

Later in the Duskwood Legends group chat, Jesse will ask you to find out if there is a book about the man without a face in Duskwood's library. Agree to help her, open the link she sends you and find the book using the keyword "legend". The book is called Midnight at Duskwood.

  • 57334;
  • 11031;
  • 39814 (Correct);
  • 60085.
The hacker got hold of Poke's phone number. Open the dialing tab and enter the phone number "89350". The call will end, and Poke will add you to his contacts. The guy will ask the question: “My number was given by the one I think about?”.

  • Exactly (Correct);
  • Yes, it was Marcus;
  • What's the difference.
Poke will ask you to bring him a "bullshit" (the word will be misspelled). Correct it:

  • What do you mean by "announcement"? (Correctly);
  • What is a "bullshit".
Continuation of the chain:

  • Man, it's lost (That's right);
  • I'm only going for the discount!
  • What is this robbery?
Poke will send you an announcement document with the address of the key-making shop. From this, we conclude that Dan ordered the key to Hannah's house for Thomas.

Send an ad to the hacker and tell them everything you know. Shortly before her disappearance, Hanna had a huge fight with Thomas and took the key to her apartment from him. Thomas asked Dan to make a copy for him and went back to the apartment to pick up something.

  • Prescription for SSRIs;
  • Something that connects him to the kidnapping (Correct);
  • Hanna's money.
The hacker will open Phil and Jesse's correspondence for you. Phil is her brother. He scolds his sister for Cleo visiting his bar and asking about Hannah. Richie will ask you for permission to deal with Phil:

  • Don't leave him alone;
  • Yes, Richie, I think you should talk to him (Choose this option to get a screenshot of Richie and Phil's email later).
Another decrypted file from Hanna's cloud will be available soon. This is an image depicting a tree with the sign of a raven. Send this file to the Duskwood Legends group chat. Jessie will try to remember the legend and connect it to the image.

  • But it doesn't fit the big picture (That's right);
  • Everything converges;
  • Are you trying to see the connection here?
Chat with Cleo and Jessie. The last girl will tell you that she has a date with Dan. You can dissuade her and invite her to a virtual date. Ask her a few questions, after which Dan will send you a message.

You couldn't influence the plot in any way, even if you refused a virtual date with Jesse and tried to dissuade Dan from driving. The guy will tell you that he made the key to Hanna's house for Thomas. In a dialogue with the hacker, you will learn about the bracelet with the initials, for which Thomas returned to Hanna's apartment. Later, Jesse will call you and tell you that Dan had an accident. This will end the third episode of Duskwood.

Episode 4

The hacker will ask you not to tell your friends about the video of Cleo in the forest. He explains this by saying that the kidnapper just wants to intimidate everyone.

  • I trust you (Friends will receive a video from the kidnapper himself and accuse you of keeping silent about him);
  • I will send the video to the others in the group chat (Your decision upset the hacker).
In the course of the conversation:

  • It is important for him that we understand him (Correct);
  • (Don't say anything);
  • He blames me.
The hacker noticed that the kidnapper was hiding all the time in the video:

  • Wow!
  • Because he happened to be there;
  • He wants to avoid direct confrontation (Correct).
Complete the hacker to see the big picture of what is happening:

  • So, with the analysis we figured out;
  • Wait, I remember something! (Choose this option).
Continuation of the chain:

  • Although no, it doesn't matter;
  • He called me before, before the video (Select this option).
The hacker will ask why the kidnapper would call you twice:

  • And how do I know?
  • To intimidate even more;
  • Maybe things didn't go according to plan (That's right)
Continuation of the chain:

  • Eh, okay, forget it;
  • Maybe he didn't know Cleo's exact route? (Correctly).
Hanna's kidnapper will send the same video to Cleo. The girl, in turn, will share it with her friends in a group chat. This will only happen if you agreed with the hacker and did not send the video yourself. In this case, friends will take up arms against you, but this will not fundamentally affect the plot.

Return to the conversation with the hacker. Jake will ask you to deal with the most important clue:

  • Which one is this?
  • A bracelet? (Correctly).
  • poke?
  • Are you talking about Thomas?
The hacker will give you one guess. The bracelet is engraved with the initials "D.H.", which matches Jessica Hawkins. Moreover, she is the only one among Hannah's close acquaintances with such initials.

You learned that Thomas thought that Hannah got the bracelet from a guy with the initials D.H., with whom she cheated on him:

  • This means that Jesse has nothing to do with it;
  • Jessie could just give it to Hanna (Jessie will say that she didn't give Hanna anything and she never had a bracelet);
  • These initials are just a coincidence (Correct)
At first, Jessie did not participate in the search, but then she changed her mind:

  • She changed her mind because of me (That's right);
  • She was afraid that she would make things worse;
  • She participates in the search to ferret out information.
Continuation of the chain:

  • We became friends with her (Correct);
  • She seems to have fallen in love with me;
  • She thinks investigating with me is fun;
  • She just repeats after others.
The hacker will ask what you think about the kidnapper who called you via video link:

  • It was clearly a man calling (Correct);
  • He may have used a voice changer;
  • His behavior is not like Jesse.
Answer a few more questions from Jake and go to dialogue with Jesse. If you have the "multimedia" package open, you can have a little chat with the girl and ask her about life in Duskwood and plans for the future.

Richie will text you. He will tell you about the old custom of the Duskwood boys. Richie heads to a lonely house in the woods to make sure no one lives there. During the conversation, you cannot influence the plot in any way. If you have a media package open, ask Richie to call you via video call. After getting out of the forest, Richie will find a raven sign on the gate of his workshop.

Richie will forward this photo to the group chat, and Lily will arrange a vote to exclude your persona. Most buddies will be against your elimination. Get the Duskwood map from the hacker and open a dialogue with Jesse. Ask her directly if she gave her bracelet to Hannah. Jessie will tell you that this is not her bracelet, as she does not wear such products at all.

The hacker will offer to discuss several theories again. He will ask when exactly Thomas came to Hanna's house for the bracelet:

  • When Alfie told us about the man without a face;
  • When I found out about the body (Correct);
  • Right before Dan's accident.
Continuation of the chain:

  • Then, perhaps, we can abandon this theory (Correct);
  • Unless Hannah is one of the many victims.
Richie will try to wash the mark of the raven from the gate of his workshop, but he will not succeed. If in the previous episode you allowed Richie to talk to Phil, now he will send you a screenshot of the correspondence.

The hacker will turn to you for help. He needs to find out the password to Dr. Hanna's computer.

  • On Instagram, Facebook, etc. (That's right, the password from the computer is the name of the doctor's pet);
  • Linkedin?
  • I don't understand what you want to say.
Go to Dr. Ulrich Barrett's Instagram or Facebook and find a photo with a pet collar. On the collar you will find the dog's name, which is the password from the computer.

  • The password for Dr. Hanna's computer is LAULA.
It is worth writing a password to a hacker without errors. In this case, he will get some audio recordings that will be useful during the investigation.

After some time, the hacker will send you the first audio recording from Dr. Hanna's computer. Complete Jake:

  • Hannah was a child when it happened (Correct);
  • You tell me this;
  • Nothing, like.
Continuation of the chain:

  • Or am I confusing something?
  • The doctor talked about several "children" (Correct).
At the end, Hanna suddenly mentions a certain Jennifer:

  • So she's the second child?
  • But she's definitely not the second child (That's right);
  • Who is Jennifer?
Jennifer is not the second child, because Hannah said that Jennifer was then the same age as Hannah at the time of the conversation.

Chat with a few more friends and find out some information. At the end of the episode, you will see a video from Lily in which she accuses you and the hacker of kidnapping her sister Hannah. This concludes the fourth episode.

Episode 5

The episode begins with a discussion of the video Lily watched, in which she accuses you and the hacker of kidnapping her sister Hannah. In a group chat, you can select different answers several times, but they will not affect the plot in any way. If you don't have a media pack and you haven't previously asked about the hacker's real name, Lily will open it for you.

Now, from time to time, random people will be added to your contacts, who will start provoking you in every possible way. It is best to ignore them, and if the game requires you to respond to a provocation, do not respond aggressively.

When the buddies realize they can't delete the video or influence Lily's decision, the following dialog will appear:

  • I want to vote for Lily (The girl will leave the group chat);
  • (Don't say anything).
Select the first option if you want Hannah's sister to leave the chat. Otherwise, she will stay and be able to read the messages. Soon Jake will get in touch and say that he will try to get rid of the video. Return to the group chat and tell your new friends about it:

  • The hacker will take care of the video (Correct);
  • The video should disappear soon;
  • I managed to ask Jake to remove the video.
Friends will gradually go online and read your messages. Dan will say that he knows how the hacker managed to get rid of the video:

  • Me too (Correct);
  • Where are you, you do not know;
  • And how?
Dan will explain that the hacker started to threaten Lily. Therefore, the video disappeared from the hosting so quickly:

  • Nonsense;
  • Don't judge others by yourself, okay?
  • You know he's a hacker, right? (Correctly).
Dan will stand his ground and remember a time when a hacker threatened all members of a group chat during a vote to kick you out:

  • Yes, I also wanted to start threatening Lily;
  • He had no other choice;
  • You weren't even in the chat then (That's right).
When did the hacker (Jake) first hear about the video from you?

  • Why are you asking?
  • Yeah, like that;
  • Rather, 5 minutes ago (Correct);
  • Clearly, more than half an hour had passed.
Dan will advise you to think about it, because in such a short time it is simply physically impossible to remove the video from the hosting. Therefore, most likely, Jake threatened Lily to delete the video:

  • There you go, you just don't know anything about technology;
  • The only thing that matters to me is that the video is deleted (Jake didn't really use his hacking skills, he "asked" Lily to delete the video).
Jake will write to you that he figured out the video:

  • Should I know how you did it?
  • How did you do this? (Correctly);
  • But you did not achieve this by threats, did you?
  • I hope you bombarded her with threats.
Ask Jake to tell you more about your conversation. Instead of explaining, the hacker will tell you that the authorities are hunting him, and now he is forced to deal with his own security. From now on, it will appear on the network quite rarely.

Jake will ask if you remember what your last lead was:

  • Searches in the forest;
  • Mysterious "Jennifer" (Correct);
  • Hanna's diary;
  • Raven sign.
The hacker wants you to find out about this mysterious Jennifer from one of the five friends. He completely relies on you. After talking with Jake, you will have a choice - write to one of the five comrades.

You can choose between Richie, Jessie or Cleo. These three will answer you the same way, word for word. You can also confess your feelings to Jessie or Claire (you will need to purchase a multimedia package). Dan and Thomas do not want to discuss the topic of a girl named Jennifer who was killed many years ago. You will learn that Jennifer was killed about ten years ago, and her body was found in the forest of Duskwood.

Jessie and Richie will ask you not to discuss Thomas' antics with Alfie's car, and then you need to tell them about the strange threatening calls:

  • No, it started even earlier;
  • No, I've been getting them ever since... (That's right).
Continuation of the chain:

  • After we first spoke to Dan;
  • Since my number got to you (That's right);
  • I don't even remember when it all started.
Discuss this topic with your friends, then open the group chat and listen to Dan. He will insist that the accident was only his fault.

  • Dan, you're drunk (That's right);
  • Well, I don't exactly believe you;
  • I believe you Dan.
Ask Dan more about the events before the accident. Six questions will be available to you, you can ask them in any order. At the end of the conversation, Dan will ask Richie to inspect his car for a good brake system:
  • I'd like the same if I were you, Dan;
  • Just let Richie pay for this (Later Richie will thank you for this);
  • I do not even know.
Cleo will write to you and inform you that the search for Hannah in the forest is cancelled. The mother began to receive threatening letters, but in the last letter there were photographs of Cleo. She became frightened and decided to cancel the search. The girl will also ask you to tell the others that the search is cancelled:

  • Of course, I will do everything, and you take care of your mother (Cleo will be grateful to you);
  • You'll have to do it yourself.
Tell your friends about it in the group chat and talk to them a little more. Dialogue options will not affect the plot. Later, Jesse will text you and start asking questions about the hacker.

  • Jessie, I don't know anything about him either (That's right);
  • No, I wouldn't want to do that;
  • Okay (Jake will be upset that you are talking about him).
If you refused to talk about Jake, then Jesse will ask again:

  • I'm sorry Jesse, I won't change my mind (That's right);
  • Okay, it's all for you;
  • Okay, if it's that important to you.
After this dialogue, a hacker will contact you, you can tell him the latest news. News about the accident:

  • Looks like someone damaged his car's brakes (Correct);
  • He believes that a man without a face arranged everything;
  • He thinks the accident is connected to Hannah's disappearance.
Continuation of the chain:

  • Nothing special;
  • It's possible (Correct);
  • Dan doesn't want to take the blame.
News about the cancellation of the search for Hannah in the forest:

  • Cleo's mom got a threatening letter (Correct);
  • (Send a threatening letter) (Send if you have a media package);
  • According to the legend, it is better for people not to enter the forest.
This means that Hannah is definitely in the forest:

  • Or the kidnapper wants us to think so (Correct);
  • Yes, we also decided so;
  • But it won't help us, Jake.
Continuation of the chain:

  • We still can't go to the forest now (That's right);
  • The kidnapper is clearly teasing us;
  • Others say that the search would still be unsuccessful.
News about Jennifer Manson:

  • I don't remember how long ago it happened;
  • It happened 5 years ago;
  • It all happened over 10 years ago (That's right).
Continuation of the chain:

  • She was the victim of a serial killer;
  • Her body was found in the Duskwood forest (That's right)
  • She disappeared into the forest.
Continuation of the chain:

  • There were no traces, no clues left;
  • The killer was never found (Correct);
  • Hmm, what else is there...
Continuation of the chain:

  • The killer wasn't from Duskwood;
  • Jennifer wasn't from Duskwood (That's right);
  • It seems that both she and the killer were not from Duskwood.
The hacker will offer to check something and ask who told you about Jennifer Manson. He did not find any information on the network about the deceased girl with that name. Jake will also send you details of Hannah's calls on the day of the kidnapping.

Call the first number on the list. You will enter Roger's Garage, Richie's workshop. Ask the owner of the workshop why Hanna called the work number that day. Richie will tell you that shortly before the kidnapping, she was picking up her car from repair.

Later, Thomas will text you and tell you about his relationship with Hannah, and also send you a photo of a bracelet with the initials "D.H." If at the end of the conversation you ask Thomas what he is doing now, then next season you can catch him in a lie.

Open a chat with the hacker and send him a photo of the bracelet, as well as an explanation for it:

  1. This is from Thomas.
  2. Hanna changed from day to day.
  3. Others would notice too, right?
  4. Thomas deals with the theory that Hannah was dating another man.
  5. You would tell me if she cheated on him with you, right?
  6. Thomas wanted to see Hannah.
  7. That's why his name was on the list.
  8. He says that Hannah refused to date him.
  9. You can read our conversation.
Immediately after that, you will restore the next file. This time you will see the video. After a while, Jesse will write to you and invite you to participate in an online tour of Duskwood. You can only do this if you have the "multimedia" package. This tour will allow you to discover several new locations on the city map.

After the tour, Jesse will ask if you have any news. Send her a photo of the bracelet:

  • Maybe now you recognize him? (Correctly);
  • Remember, we once talked about the bracelet.
Jessie will say that she saw this bracelet in a pawnshop window and ask for more information.

  • Unfortunately, I can't (You didn't trust Jessie);
  • A little later, okay?
  • Okay, just don't tell anyone (You confided in Jesse).
Read Phil and Jesse's spy mode emails and watch the video of Cleo and Thomas trying to break into the bar's basement.

  • But Thomas and I just recently spoke (Only if you asked what Thomas will be doing in the near future);
  • (Don't say anything).
Continuation of the chain:

  • (Don't say anything);
  • He said he was going to help his mom in the garden (That's right);
  • This bastard lied to me.
You can ask some leading questions to Jesse:

  • They didn't tell us anything;
  • What's in that basement? (Drinks and paraphernalia for the bar);
  • Has Phil ever acted weird? (Not).
At the end of the conversation, Jesse will offer you a phone call. During a video call, an unknown person will attack the girl.

Episode 6

After the incident, Jesse will stop communicating. Write to Thomas:

  • I know what you did last night;
  • What were you doing in Phil's basement?
  • Since when did your mom have a garden in the basement of the Aurora? (Only if you asked Thomas what he would do).

Continuation of the chain:

  • Phil is going to call the police right now (Right);
  • Or do you want the police to know about it?
  • I think Cleo usually has a cake for those occasions.
Richie will text you and tell you that Jessie didn't show up for work. Try to explain to the guy what happened last night:

  • We called her yesterday.
  • But she was suddenly attacked by a stranger in a mask.
  • She hung up and hasn't written to me since.
In a dialogue with a hacker, you can describe the man who attacked Jesse:

  • Let me think...
  • He wanted to catch my eye.
  • He looked straight at me.

The hacker will offer to no longer suspect Jessica of Hannah's disappearance:

  • It was clear enough;
  • Maybe show some empathy?
  • There could be two perpetrators (Correct).
Jake does not believe in the theory that there could be two perpetrators. When you tried to evaluate Jessica's behavior, you could not accurately understand whether she was guilty or not.

Who do you think with whom Hanna visited the unknown family she talks about in her diary:

  • It was Dan;
  • It was Richie;
  • I think it was you;
It could be someone we don't know (That's right).
The hacker will send you a photo of the bracelet again and ask you to take a closer look at the gems:

  • How did you "notice" it?
  • Are you talking about emeralds?
  • Yeah, me too (That's right).
Continuation of the chain:

  • They are so ugly;
  • It seems like we recently read something similar? (Correctly);
  • Looks pretty.
At the end of her diary entry, Hanna mentioned a girl with emerald eyes. So, there is another person who has the same eyes:

  • I understand where the connection is, Jake (That's right);
  • Here the devil himself will break his leg;
  • What is this, a test?
Continuation of the chain:

  • This family is Hanna's relatives;
  • Iris - Hannah's mother
  • Jennifer is Iris's daughter (Correct).

Continuation of the chain:

  • And the emerald bracelet belongs to Jennifer (That's right);
  • But how does this relate to everything else?
  • The bracelet has always belonged to Hannah.

But Jennifer's initials don't match the engraving on the bracelet:

  • So "X" is Hannah? (Correctly);
  • So Cleo was wrong;
  • So the bracelet belonged to someone else?
  • Jake, this is giving me a headache.

It's time to check the remaining numbers in Hannah's call details. Open the dialer and enter "95042". This number belongs to a guy named Alan.

Cleo and Thomas will add you to a new group chat and tell you why they tried to break into the basement of the bar. Richie will join you later. In this chat, you can answer as you wish, since the available answer options do not affect the plot.

Later, you will have to tell your friends in a group chat about the attack on Jesse. For the most part, the available dialogue will not affect the story, except that at some point the game will give you the choice of excluding Lily or keeping her in the group. This choice will only be available if you have not previously kicked Lily or have agreed to bring her back into the group at Richie's request.

At the end of the conversation, you can mention Thomas:

  • In PM (It will be better this way);
  • You may be interested in my latest find;
  • Please don't log out yet.

Thomas will send you a private message:

  • About the bracelet… (Correct);
  • I don't remember anymore.
Continuation of the chain:

  • It wasn't a gift;
  • (Smile);
  • So she probably didn't cheat on you (That's right)

Open the dialer again and enter "42315". This is Phil's number. The guy will ask you to add him to your contacts.

Complete all mini-games to continue the story. After that, Lily will write to you and ask for help. She will tell you that Jake told her something before he disappeared, and you will have to confirm his words. The hacker gave Lily part of the link and sent the other part to you. Open a dialogue with Jake to find out the second part of the link.


Send this message to Lily. In response, the girl will send you Jake's link. Follow it. On the screen, you will see the inscription "Read between these lines." Highlight the inscription to get the word "Sonya".

Send the received word to Lily. Ask the girl about how she found out the name of the hacker and wait a few minutes. Lily will write to you again and ask you to see Hacker's profile, which contains the photo of the cat you found. To continue solving the puzzle, open this photo and shake your phone a few times. Part of the Duskwood map will appear on the photo. Click on it to capture the image and report it to Lily.

Open the map of Duskwood and find the house on the right side of the city. Lily will offer to go there and check the lead:

  • I have no time now;
  • I'm not in Duskwood right now;
  • Now it's your turn to help the cause (That's right)
Choose a route for Lily:

  1. Let's start from the Aurora bar.
  2. Until the first intersection.
  3. On North.
  4. To the end of this alley.
  5. Turn right there.
  6. This is the last house on the right.
  7. Yes, just follow this route.
Chat with Dan, after which Lily will write to you again. She will send you some photos that indicate that there is no house here. You did not make a mistake when drawing up the route, there really is no house here.

Open the Duskwood map. At the place where the house should be, there will now be an interactive mark. Click on it and examine the four photos.

Tell Lily about this tag and photos:

  1. They all point to something.
  2. To the light
  3. One of them has a lamp on the table.
  4. One of the images shows a solar eclipse.
  5. On one of the images the moon.
  6. I know what it means.
  7. There was a flashlight in your photos, right?
The girl will send you a photo with a strange image on a lamppost.

Now Phil will write to you. Ask him a few available questions. The answer options do not affect the plot. Phil will tell you about Hannah's call. In the group chat, you can express your opinion about Phil:

  • He is a good guy;
  • I can't stand him.
After the conversation, you will restore another file from Hanna's cloud storage. This file contains a digital copy of Duskwood Legends. Send the file to the hacker and to the group of the same name. Richie will offer to read it. Open the file and watch a short video.

Reply to Lily on her messages, then enter the numbers "01040" in the contacts search and add the bot. In the bot's profile, find the mail "" and ask Lily to send a message to the specified address. She will send you a message "rw47rv", which you need to enter in the message line and send to the bot. A more complicated way to receive a message is to send a real message to the above mail from your mailbox.

When you send the characters "rw47rv" to the bot, it will give you a link. Here you need to enter your login (name in the game) and watch Jake's latest video.

Jake doesn't want other people to know the truth about him. You should tell Lily:

  • You must tell your mother;
  • Hanna will have to find out about this as soon as we find her;
  • Don't tell anyone, Lily (That's right).
Open the Duskwood Legends group chat and answer a few questions from your friends:

  • William was taken away by a faceless man;
  • The boy's father is a man without a face (Correct);
  • The boy took revenge on his tormentors.
Continuation of the chain:

  • The killer definitely wants to be associated with the legend;
  • She was on it during the attack on Jesse and the threatening calls (That's right)
Continuation of the chain:

  • He wants to blame his crimes on the monster;
  • He just wants to confuse us, that's all;
  • He's trying to show that he had a reason for it all (That's right).
Last question:

  • Hanna deserved it (That's right);
  • The crime was an accident;
  • I can't explain, Richie.
Next, Richie suggests playing the game "Scribble with Friends". Right answers:

  1. Bike.
  2. Cigarette.
  3. Squirrel.
  4. flower seeds.

Lily will later launch the #IAmJake flash mob to help Jake escape from the government. This concludes the sixth episode.

Episode 7

Your #IAmJake hashtag idea worked. Chat with Lily and decide whether to tell your friends that hacker Jake is Lily and Hannah's half-brother. Lily will offer to withhold this information for now, which is completely logical:

  • What if we just tell them everything?
  • Probably, the truth is better (Best option);
  • It's up to you, Lily.

Go to a group chat with your friends and tell them what you see fit. We recommend hiding from them the fact that the hacker and Lily are related. The question "How is Lily involved in this" should be answered:

  • Unfortunately, we just cannot tell this (Correctly);
  • Can you just listen?
  • I asked her to help (That's right)
Next, just chat with your friends, and when the dialogue is completed, open the cloud and complete the three mini-games. It is advisable to immediately complete 15 mini-games so as not to be distracted by them during the further passage of the game.

After that, Lily will write to you again. When you try to open a chat, your phone will be attacked. Don't worry, to repel an attack, just press "Defend" or press nothing at all. When the timer ends, NYM-OS will automatically protect your phone. Similar attacks will be repeated from time to time.

Lily will ask if you think it might be Jake. But since your phone was protected by the NYM-OS program that Jake developed, this is simply not possible:

  • Do you think he tried to contact me?;
  • No, it's definitely not Jake (That's right).
Continuation of the chain:

  • It was Naimos who told me about the attack (Correct);
  • He protected me.
Lily will also ask if you discussed the activities of the hacker with someone. If you've told Jesse everything you know about Jake, it's best to tell the truth now. But best of all, if you haven't discussed Jake with a girl:

  • Not much, but I didn't say anything important;
  • No, of course not (Choose if you didn't tell Jesse about the hacker);
  • Only with people I trust (Choose if you told Jesse about the hacker);
  • If he did, it was not on the phone.
Further answers in the dialogue with Lily do not affect the plot of the game. Use spy mode to read Jesse and Phil's emails, then return to the group chat.

If you have the "multimedia" package connected, then now you can watch a video with news about a dead girl recently found in the forest. Her name is Amy Bell Lewis.

  • Yeah, so the police start leaking information (That's right);
  • I already forgot about that corpse;
  • Poor Amy.
Continuation of the chain:

  • I think… (Correct);
  • Most likely nothing;
  • Don't know.

Continuation of the chain:

  • Soon we will know everything;
  • The police hope that publicity will somehow help her;
  • The police investigation stalled;
  • Police trying to put pressure on the killer (That's right)
The friends will begin to discuss the dead girl, and Cleo will note that there must be some connection between Hannah and Amy. But Thomas is categorically against accepting this:

  • What makes you think that?
  • Or we just don't know about it (That's right);
  • Do you think Amy's death is a coincidence?
Next, we recommend asking a few questions about Amy in order to understand how the deceased girl can be connected to Hannah. You can ask questions in any order. Later, Cleo will say that she noticed something on the video of the report and send you a photo.

If you look closely, you can see a tablet on the stone on the left.

Later, when Jake shows up, he will send you a more detailed version of the photo where you can read the name.

A little later, Cleo will write to you and start talking about Amy again. The girl will say that something definitely happened to Amy, because she stopped attending classes a long time ago:

  • Maybe she was just tired of the courses?
  • Maybe she has a boyfriend?
  • You can try to grab onto this straw (Correct);
  • What if she stopped coming because she was already dead?
Continuation of the chain:

  • Outwardly, Amy is very similar to Hannah (The girls have a similar physique and height, and they are also the same age);
  • Thomas told me something here (You will tell me that Hannah was acting strange right before she disappeared);
  • I'm very worried about this whole story with Amy (Let's say that no one noticed how the girl disappeared).
After talking with Cleo, go to the group chat. Jessie will reveal that her brother Phil was arrested by the police.

  • Me too;
  • I'm sure it's because of Amy (Correct);
  • I think it's because of Hannah;
  • He's probably involved in both crimes somehow.
Richie will ask you to tell what you talked about with Phil in the last correspondence. Choose the correct answers:

  1. Phil was pretty accommodating.
  2. It seemed strange to me.
  3. Something about his behavior bothered me.
  4. He knew right away that I wanted to talk about Hannah.
  5. As a result, he invited me to Aurora.
  6. In general, he did not seem suspicious to me.

Jessie will write to you later. She'll apologize for going offline without saying goodbye.

  • Have you already read our discussion in the group chat? (Not yet);
  • Did you manage to find out why Phil was arrested? (The girl did not manage to find out why Phil was arrested);
  • Phil called me just before the arrest (Tell me that you did not have time to pick up the phone).
After that, ask Jesse about the attack. Chosen answer options will not affect the plot. At the end of the conversation, try not to reveal any information about Jake, but rather change the subject:

  • Can we please change the subject? (Correctly);
  • I want to be honest with you… (After choosing this option, answer that someone is trying to hack into your phone, so you don’t want to tell the girl anything).
Jessie will go offline. If you have completed all the mini-games, then the dialogue will continue again. She will tell you that she traced the address in Hannah's navigator and got to the right place. At this point, your phone will be attacked again, but this time it will fail to repel the attack.

Jake will appear and repel the attack of hackers. Ask the guy where he has been disappearing all this time, and also tell the latest news (answer options will not affect the plot).

Chat with Lily, then go to the group chat and tell that Jake is back. Immediately after that, Jesse will write to you. She will say that in Hannah's navigator there was only the address of the parents of Jennifer, a girl who died many years ago:

  • Seriously?
  • Did you manage to talk to her?
  • Iris? (Jessie will ask how you know her name).
Doctors say that Jennifer did not die at the hands of the killer, but because of the numerous mechanical injuries that could appear after the accident. Like a car ran into her. Only after that, someone buried the girl's body in the forest to hide their crime. At that time, the police managed to establish the car on which Jennifer could allegedly have been hit - AMC Gremlin. Jesse will try to find out more about this car, and you return to the group chat.

Later, Jesse will return from the police station and tell you that they know almost everything that you have been doing this time. Cleo and Jessie begin to sort things out. The latter will accuse Cleo of trying to break into the basement of her brother's bar and set him up:

  • (Don't say anything);
  • And because they found a box of matches from the Aurora next to the body (Correct).
Continuation of the chain:

  • Because I didn't think Hannah was kidnapped by Phil;
  • You were just attacked then;
  • We were afraid you wouldn't be objective (That's right);
  • Why me?
Jessie will go offline, and you can read her correspondence with Richie in spy mode.

Immediately after that, Richie will contact Dan and inform him that the car's braking system is fine.

Go to private messages with Jake:

  • I gotta find out who testified against Phil (That's right);
  • Well, the arrest itself is pretty compelling evidence.
Jake asks who might benefit from hiding Phil's information from everyone else in the group:

  • Whoever thinks this will help him get to Hannah;
  • Yes, no one, by and large;
  • To the one who really is the criminal (That's right)
On the day of her disappearance, Hannah called a certain Alan. If you have been talking carefully with your friends, you already know that Alan is the chief of police:

  • Just don't ask me who it is;
  • And now I know who it is (That's right)
Jake will suggest that you check the lead on the bracelet that Hannah bought at the pawnshop:

  • This means that Jessie lied;
  • We can find out who originally pawned the bracelet (Correct);
  • But he didn't come up with anything;
  • (Don't say anything).
Usually, if a person rents an item to a pawnshop, it is understood that he will return for it:

  • It turns out that this person was emotionally attached to the bracelet;
  • It means that the one who handed over the bracelet had problems with money;
  • Maybe he just couldn't sell it to anyone else?
  • Then the bracelet was not handed over by the one who killed Jennifer (Correct).
Jessie will write to you again. She will send a photo of a raven on the door of her house. Jake will ask you to ask the girl where she was before she noticed the sign on the door.

  • Well, the sign is painted on your front door (That's right);
  • What in my question confused you?
Jessie will say that she just wanted to take a walk:

  • Take a walk?
  • Ah, okay;
  • Then how did you notice it? (Correctly).
In the group chat, the girl will tell you that she wants to leave Duskwood as quickly as possible. Later, Richie will offer to rent a country house. In the story, you can try to convince your friends to stay in the city, but this will lead nowhere.

At the same time, Lily will send you a photo of the document from Hanna's mailbox. This document is an application form for visiting a prisoner in a local prison.

Return to the group chat and discuss moving friends to a country house. Before you end the conversation, you can ask:

  • Wait, first I need your help;
  • Wait, can I ask you something at the beginning?
Choose from the following options:

  • Hannah had a pawnshop bracelet.
  • I want to know who took it there.
  • Cleo, I'm sure you can get the pawn shop owner to talk.
Later, Dan will write to you and say that he wants to help:

  • Are you trying to trick me?
  • Have you taken away your TV?
  • Why did you suddenly think you could help me? (Correctly).
Continuation of the chain:

  • I don't mind (That's right);
  • On one condition;
  • I'm sorry Dan, I can't talk right now.
Send Dan the video you found in Hanna's cloud storage. This video captures a room with an unknown person knocking on the window.

Lily will send you the document again, but in good quality. On it you can see the initials of the prisoner that Hanna wanted to see.

Richie will contact you. Ask him a few questions and keep the dialogue going until he offers to call (answer options do not affect the plot). Suddenly, Richie hears a female voice in the forest, not far from his workshop. Later, the guy will be attacked by an unknown person, and the episode will end.

Episode 8

Send a few messages to Richie, then open a group chat and tell your buddies what's up:

  1. He went into the forest to scream.
  2. Everything happened so fast.
  3. What should we do?!
  4. I'll try.
  5. Richie and I were talking.
  6. We were talking about that cabin in the woods.
  7. Suddenly he heard screams coming from the forest.
  8. I told him not to go there.
  9. But he thought it might be Hannah.
  10. And then they attacked him.
  11. I couldn't see the attacker or the weapon.
  12. Blood poured from his mouth.
  13. And his gaze...
  14. He seemed to be begging me for help.
Lily will ask if Richie was at that moment next to the auto repair shop:

  • Yes, he heard the screams there;
  • Let me remember... (That's right).
Continuation of the chain:

  • He packed for the trip before calling me (Correct);
  • Yes, I'm sure of it.
Lily will ask you to describe any memorable objects near the attack site:

  • Unfortunately, nothing like that (Correct);
  • Yes, it seems there was a hut;
  • I do not remember.
Friends one after another will begin to declare that they are ready to go into the forest for Richie, but Lily will try to dissuade them. The final decision is yours:

  • Thomas, please try to find Richie (If you select this option, Thomas will not be able to find Richie);
  • Let's leave it to the police (The cops won't find Richie's body either, only the bloodied cap).

No matter what decision you make, Richie will still not be found. End the conversation in the group chat and go to the "cloud" tab. Complete all mini-games to return to the story.

If you asked Thomas to go to the forest, then during a conversation with Jesse, he will call you and show you a bloodied stronghold. If you forbade Thomas to go into the woods for Richie, then Jessie will say that she saw the policemen with Richie's bloodied cap.

All friends will go offline, and you can chat with Jake. He will offer you to unwind and talk about Richie (does not affect the plot), as well as continue the investigation. Subsequent dialogue choices will also not affect the plot, even if you receive a phone call from Duskwood's police chief. Jake will hang up the call and ask you not to be distracted by the police.

Remind Jake of the bracelet:

  • It was Phil who brought the bracelet to the pawnshop (Correct);
  • Richie was the first to suspect Phil.
Continuation of the chain:

  • Do you think that's why Hanna wanted to meet him? (Correctly);
  • (Don't say anything).
Return to the group chat. Just at this moment, Cleo will ask you to tell everything that you managed to find out at the moment with the hacker. She will also ask you to add Jake to the group:

  • He would not want this (After that, answer that you will try to talk to him);
  • What for?
  • Are you serious?
Go to private messages with the hacker and tell your friends about the requirement:

  • If we don't, they'll probably leave Duskwood (That's right);
  • You can understand them, Jake;
  • They can't do that anymore.
Continuation of the chain:

  • I know you don't trust them (That's right);
  • We've put it off for too long;
  • What happened to Richie convinced me that there was no culprit among them.
Continuation of the chain:

  • It will surely help us too (Correct);
  • They don't deserve it;
  • We want too much from them.
Also ask Jake to join the general chat with friends, but first remove Richie from the group. This is to ensure that the alleged perpetrator does not have access to your messages.

In the group chat, Jake will immediately begin to ask questions. First of all, the buddies will want to know how the hacker found out about Hannah's kidnapping before the police. Jake will say that he does not have to report:

  • It is also important for me to know this (Correct);
  • Dan, please stop;
  • Jake?
Listen to Jake's story, then take a short break. Almost all of the following dialogue in the group chat does not affect the plot in any way. During the conversation, you simply tell your friends how you collected leads from the first episode of the game. Send files found on the cloud to the group and answer questions from friends.

Lily will write to you later. The girl will ask for help writing a letter for the prisoner that Hanna wanted to contact. We tried to compose several variations of letters for the prisoner, but this did not affect the plot in any way. You can choose from the following options:

  1. Dear Mr Madruga
  2. Better get straight to the point.
  3. Don't mention that Hannah is missing (I agree).
  4. Tell us about the application form you found to visit a prisoner (I think so too).
  5. Notice that in the letter, Lily began to write "we" (Did you know that she began to write "we"?).
  6. Looking forward to your answer.
Return to the group chat and continue discussing the clues. When you get to Hannah's phone call billing, Jake will chat with a photo of Amy's murder scene. The girl's body was found next to a commemorative plaque for Jennifer Hanson.

Jake will contact you shortly. He will give you a link to the local forum, where the deceased Amy created a post right before her death. To get started, ask Jake to change the password to enter the forum (you need to choose the password yourself), then open the forum and find a post with the heading "Looking for information: a man without a face."

Read the post in full and report it to Jake. He will ask you to lure the user under the nickname Darkness into a conversation. Submit the following messages to the forum:

  1. Dear forum, unfortunately, the conversation migrated to a personal. Maybe someone knows more on the topic and can tell me?
  2. Does anyone else know about the man without a face? This is urgent!
  3. Thanks, that's interesting. Do you know anything else?

A user under the nickname Darkness will answer you and send a message with his phone number. Open the dialing tab and enter "28749". Chat with this user and find out why Amy was interested in the faceless man. At the end of the conversation, the guy will send you Amy's contact. The phone number received matches the last dialed number from Hannah's call billing.

Later, Phil will call you and ask you to get him out of jail. He will name only one name - Michael Hanson. This man was the previous owner of the Aurora bar and part-time father of the deceased Jennifer Hanson. Listen to the audio recording of Michael Hanson's interrogation, then go to the group chat and tell your friends about it. Jessie and Thomas will go to Mr. Hanson's house, but they will meet a maniac there. This will end the episode.

Episode 9

Return to the group chat and talk about the strange call that ended the previous episode:

  • It was a man without a face;
  • It was the attacker. (Correctly).
Cleo will ask what the attacker said:

  • I do not even want to repeat;
  • Wants to kill you. (Correctly).
  • (Don't say anything).

If you chose the second option, then in the continuation of the dialogue:

  • All of you;
  • He called you all by name. (Correctly).
Next select:

  • And make me watch (That's right);
  • (Don't say anything).

Jesse will ask if this is revenge for what she and Thomas did:

  • Yes;
  • Is not a fact. (Correctly);
  • (Don't say anything).
If you chose the second option, then note that the attacker is not the first time you have been threatened. Ask Lily if she managed to get through to the police who were supposed to visit Michael Hanson's house. One of the officers assured her of this:

  • Good;
  • Okay, back to business then;
  • Wasn't that officer's name Alan by any chance? (Lily didn't ask for the officer's name).
Lily will begin to insist that the police will soon arrive at that ill-fated house and arrest the criminal, but Jake intervenes in the conversation. The guy will note that we cannot know this for sure:

  • Jake is right;
  • Our criminal is very careful. (Correctly);
  • We cannot know, but we can hope.
If you chose the second option:

  • At worst, he'll just get rid of the evidence. (Correctly);
  • It would be foolish to just hope that this is the end;
  • I'm sure he'll run away.
Finally, you can say that, most likely, he is already getting rid of the evidence. Lily and Dan will offer to urgently go to the house in the woods, which Richie rented on the eve of his disappearance. But Jake will again intervene in the conversation, who will ask you not to take all the threats seriously:

  • I know what it's worth;
  • Jay, this time it's different;
  • Too much has happened to ignore all threats. (Correctly).
Ask Jake if the hacker eavesdropped on the criminal's call. When he answers yes, you can notice one more detail:

  • By the way, he didn't say anything about you, Jake. (Correctly);
  • (Don't say anything).
Friends will again be divided into two camps. Some will be in favor of going to a house in the forest, while others will be against it. Thomas will try to insert his word:

  • Your safety is above all;
  • If you go there right now, our investigation will come to an end;
  • What is it, Thomas? (That's right, let Thomas speak).

If you give the floor to Thomas, he will tell you that he got Hanna's phone. Ask if the missing girl's phone was at Michael's house. Thomas will tell you where and how he got the phone, but he will complain that he cannot turn it on:

  • God gave, God took;
  • Probably the battery is dead. (Correctly);
  • Broken?
Jake will ask you to urgently connect Hannah's phone to the power supply and charge it at least up to 20%. Ask Jake:

  • What are you going to do with Hannah's phone? (Correctly);
  • (Don't say anything).
The hacker will reply that the phone could be an important piece of evidence in the missing girl case, so he wants to create a controlled environment for the investigation. Lily will still insist on leaving Duskwood as soon as possible. Remind her of Richie's words:

  • Pokedova!
  • You can return to Duskwood at any time. (Correctly);
  • "Always do what the 'protagonist' says, no matter what happens."

Friends will still consider your proposal and agree to leave the city for a few days. Cleo will say that she can't go with everyone yet, as she has to go to a festival organized by her mother.

  • Oh, I understand;
  • But this time, won't you help? (Cleo will say that he wants to see his mother in the end);
  • Just don't linger, okay?

Jessie will remind everyone for the photos she took at the criminal's hideout. She wants to drive home and upload them to the Internet for public access:

  • Look, this can wait. (The hacker will not agree with you);
  • Great idea. (Hacker will agree with you);
  • Wow, I can't wait to see them.

After this lengthy dialogue, you need to go to the "Cloud" section and solve some mini-games. You can solve all the games at once, so as not to be distracted by them during the subsequent passage.

When you deal with the cloud, Jesse will write to you. The girl will send a link to the photos from her phone. They will become available a little later, but for now you need to chat with other friends.

Finally, you can open a small scene with Jessie if you have the media package available:

  • You are so brave, Jessie. (The girl confesses that she thought about you all the time while taking these pictures);
  • OK good luck;
  • I won't detain you.
After that, Jake will write to you. The hacker will ask about Michael Hanson:

  • Yes. Most likely;
  • To be honest, I'm not sure yet;
  • No, Michael Hanson is not the one we want (Submit this option to eliminate all suspicion).

If you choose neutral, then Jake will also agree with you, but still offer to check several versions. Choosing the last option, the hacker will offer to act decisively. At this point, Jake will connect your smartphone to his PC and will broadcast everything that happens on the desktop.

Tell Jake what you think of his screencast idea and start looking at the images Jesse took.

First photo

The first photo of the house and the road will appear on your screen. Choose three marked places in the photo:

  • Window at home.
  • Road.
  • Forest.

Choice "Window of the house":

  • Apparently, no one has been looking after him for a long time;
  • Jessie noticed it too. (Correctly);
  • This place looks very dangerous to me.
Choice "Road":

  • Have you already been there? (Jake has not been here, but he has definitely seen this place);
  • There seem to be many similar places in Duskwood;
  • (Don't say anything).

Choice "Forest":

  • So no one will hear any screams or noise;
  • The perfect place to lay low. (Correctly).
Second photo

Select the barn on the screen and tell Jake that Thomas and Jessica got out the same way they got inside.

fourth photo

We skip the third photo, as it again captures the building. On the fourth photo we mark the "bunker":

  • Too bad Hanna wasn't there;
  • What if Hannah was there, but he moved her to another location? (Jake will disagree with this theory and will say that if Hanna and Richie are not in the kidnapper's house, then where else would they be?).
In the sixth photo, Jake asks why didn't you tell Jessica that the perpetrator killed Richie after all?

  • I could not;
  • Do you think it was worth it? (Correctly);
  • Of course not.
Continuing the dialogue:

  • I don't want this to hurt my relationship with her;
  • And yet, I can't tell her that;
  • Have you experienced this personally before? (To the first and second answers, Jake will say that this is only your decision).
Seventh photo
In the photo you will see two barrels. Choose three places that interest you:

  • The top of the barrel.
  • The bottom of the barrel.
  • Barrel sticker.
Select "Top Barrel":

  • And in general, they look pretty new;
  • Yes, I think so too;
  • There is not a scratch on them (Jake will note that they are about 200 liters in volume).
The choice of "Bottom of the barrel":

  • I don't think it matters;
  • Maybe you can improve the image quality? (This may take quite some time).
Selecting "Barrel Sticker":

  • I think it's poison;
  • Maybe these signs are just to scare off the curious. (So ​​that no one knows what's inside);
  • (Don't say anything).
Ninth photo

Only one interactive object can be selected in this photo:

  • This is definitely the work of a psychopath;
  • It must have taken him a long time to put it all together. (Correctly);
  • (Don't say anything).
Eleventh photo

In this photo, you can choose four interactive objects:

  • Photo of a crow;
  • Photo of Lily;
  • City map;
  • Photo of a man.
Choice of "Photo Crow":

  • Raven Feather;
  • It's definitely our criminal's hideout. (Correctly);
  • (Don't say anything).
Choice "Photo Lily":

  • Notice how she turns around? (Further - “As if she knows that she is being watched”);
  • What did she see there?
Select City Map:

  • Apparently, this is a map of Duskwood. (Further - "The criminal has the same card as you and I");
  • (Don't say anything).
Selecting "Photo of a man". By choosing this photo, you dare to say the name of Richie. Then Jake will ask why you think it's him:

  • I just know;
  • I recognized it by the hat (cap). (Correctly);
  • Outwardly, it is very similar to him.
Twelfth photo

Keep looking at the pictures of the buddy stand. In the next photo you will see three interactive objects:

  1. Photo by Thomas.
  2. Photo by Jessica.
  3. Account (All important information from the account was smeared so that it was impossible to make out anything).
Choice "Photo Thomas":

  • Yes, that's exactly him.
  • I just now realized that all this time I did not know his last name. (Further - "It's kind of strange to learn this from a criminal").
Choice "Jessica's Photo":

  • She seemed to notice a pursuer. (Jake is sure that the criminal was hiding when he took this picture);
  • I wonder where she's going?
  • (Don't say anything).
In the next photo, examine the unfinished "maybe" caption and look at the other photos. In the end, you will come to the conclusion that most likely the perpetrator was trying to avenge the death of his loved one:

  • So everyone was targeted;
  • Because the police didn't help him;
  • To take revenge on them. (Correctly).
You have some idea why the kidnapper started all this. After all, the killer of Jennifer Hanson was never found:

  • Cleo also suspected something like that;
  • All indications are that our culprit is Michael Hanson. (Jake will not agree with you);
  • (Don't say anything).
In the next photo, you will see paper with your name on it. The available answer options will not affect the plot in any way. Jake will disconnect you from his desktop and you will return to the familiar mobile menu again.

Jake will ask you not to jump to conclusions and say that Thomas received Hannah's missing phone at Michael's house just in time. It's just some happy accident:

  • Hmm, so happy it's hard to believe. (Choose this option if you want to develop a thought);
  • I completely agree;
  • (Don't say anything).
If you chose the first option:

  • Well, I didn't see any phone in that room. (Further - "Like Jesse");
  • No, nothing.
Jake asks if you think that Hannah's phone was already with Thomas? A friend just decided to take advantage of the moment:

  • Yes, I think so. (Further - "He lied that he found it in Michael's house");
  • No, he would have said this long ago;
  • This is illogical.

Until you have clear evidence of Thomas's guilt, you can not develop this version. Soon you will see the personal correspondence between Thomas and Lily, after which you can return to the group chat and continue the conversation.

Cleo will arrive at the place first, so he will offer you to inspect the house:

  • And how. (Requires access to the "multimedia" package);
  • Do we have time for this?
  • To be honest, I kind of don't care.
If you choose the first option, you can go to a private chat with Cleo and see photos of the country house. Continue to view photos and videos from Cleo until Jessie writes to the general chat.

  • Are you lost too?
  • Where have you been?
  • Welcome to your secret lair.
Jessie will reveal that the upload of some photos from the kidnapper's house has been cancelled:

  • Why did you only discover this now?
  • Jake and I would have taken a break anyway;
  • Because of such mistakes, we lose precious time;
  • Don't worry, it's nothing to worry about. (Jesse will promise to start the download again right away).

Ask the girl to text you when the photo upload is complete. After a while, Thomas will write to you. He will say that Hannah's phone is charged exactly 20%.

  • Great, thanks Thomas;
  • But I don't know what Jake is going to do next;
  • But why are you writing this to me and not to Jake? (That's right, Jake asked to be contacted).
Thomas will say that he has already turned on the phone, but it is locked with a PIN code:

  • Jake told me not to. (Correctly);
  • I hope you didn't break anything there;
  • (Don't say anything).
Jake will ask you to figure out the PIN code from Hanna's phone on your own, since it will take him a lot of extra time to select the digital code. You can ask Thomas:

  • Do you happen to know the PIN for Hannah's phone? (Thomas will answer that he does not know the PIN code);
  • Well, Thomas, since you're here...
  • (Don't say anything).
Jake will note that you only have three attempts to unlock Hannah's phone. Go to dialogue with Lily and ask her about the PIN code. She will prompt you to decide whose birth date Hanna could have set on the phone:

  • Your mother. (This is an invalid PIN);
  • Which one seems most likely to you? (If you ask for Lily's birthday, then this code will also be invalid);
  • Exactly Thomas. (This is an invalid PIN);
  • Your dad, probably. (This is an invalid PIN).
Go to dialogue with Cleo. The girl will ask you to enter the code "8539", but this code is invalid. In the end, your friends will never reveal the required PIN to you. In this case, you will have to enter the wrong code three times in order to lock the device and contact Jake for help.

By this time, Jessie will have uploaded the remaining photos to the cloud and you can view them with the hacker. Look at the images until you get to the stand with the city map. On the map, you will notice a mark that should be shown to the others. There are no more important clues in the new photos.

Later, Jesse will write to you and offer to arrange a short tour of the country house. If you have unlocked the "multimedia" package, then you can agree and see the photos, as well as discuss with the girl some of the circumstances of Hannah's disappearance. Keep talking to her until Jake texts you.

You will finally have access to some sectors of Hannah's phone. Open your phone and go to the "SMS Messages" section. View interesting posts, then go to the Map app. Once you have viewed all points of interest, access to the Chats app will be unlocked on the map.

You will be able to read messages with some of Hannah's friends, but a few of them will still be unavailable. If you restore the dialogue with Amy, you will find out that the day before, the girlfriends were going to meet at the house of Michael Hanson.

Return to the dialogue with Jake and tell him about what you found. Choose from the following answers:

  1. Amy had two reasons for this.
  2. Only Hannah saw the faceless man.
  3. Amy thought that Hannah was imagining everything because of the pills.
  4. Hanna's antidepressants.
  5. So Amy thought the pills were bad for Hannah?
Jake will remember where he saw the road at Michael Hanson's house. He was on the phone with Hanna at the time of the attack, so he was able to see the road. Therefore, the attack took place right at the house, but where was Amy at that moment?

Return to the group chat and tell your friends everything. Complete the required number of mini-games to continue the story, then start Hanna's phone again. You will receive several SMS messages from an unknown number.

After a while, the Gallery app will become available to you, where you can find some interesting photos from Hannah's personal phone. At this point, Jake will turn to you and tell you that someone besides you is using Hannah's phone at the country house.

Return to the group chat and ask who currently has Hannah's phone. No one confesses, but data entry will stop. At this point, Jake will be able to access the phone's camera, and you will be able to open it.

Lily will distract you from the spy games and tell you that she remembered a story related to Hannah. The girl told about this story at a session with a psychiatrist (an audio recording will be available):

  • He watched them bury Jennifer's body in the woods. (Correctly);
  • He watched Hanna leave the raven sign on the doors;
  • He watched them while they played weak.
Soon you will receive a notification on your phone that someone is using Hanna's phone again. Open the Camera app and take a picture of the intruder. It will be Thomas. Next, you will have a long conversation with Thomas when he gets in touch (the answers do not affect the plot).

Jake will reconnect to Hanna's phone. Tell the hacker that an unknown person is sending messages to her phone. Continue to chat with friends until the stranger turns to you and says that the friends themselves fell into the trap when they decided to go to a country house.

Episode 10

At the beginning of the chapter, you will see how Thomas turns on the light in the house. Turns out it was just a blown fuse:

  • Well, super;
  • Richie seemed to be saying something about electricity (Ritchie had actually warned earlier that the lights could go out in the house);
  • As if we didn't have any problems.
If you chose the second option:

  • He did not warn, if I remember correctly (Cleo will confirm your words);
  • Do you remember?
  • He wanted us to bring candles.

At the same time, Jake will write to you. He will tell you that when the map app was launched, the cabin's location was sent to the phone of Michael Hanson, the main suspect in Hannah's disappearance.

Choose any option:

  • Are you serious?
  • Not a damn thing…
  • It just got to me.

  • It happened by accident!
  • How was I supposed to know exactly how this app works (Jake won't get mad, but you can try to justify your actions).

  • So Michael outwitted us?! (most likely the one behind Michael);
  • There can be no such thing;
  • It's your fault! (arguing with Jake is pretty silly right now).
Regardless of the previous option, choose:

  • You told me to look very carefully!
  • If you hadn't plugged it in, this wouldn't have happened;
  • How could you not notice this? (the hacker missed this as he was totally focused on connecting all the applications).

  • And what do we do now? (tell others)
  • I need to urgently tell this to the others (Jake will tell about it himself);
  • He will come to them! (most likely);
  • They are no longer safe.
The hacker will say that he will take all the blame:

  • What?
  • No, Jake (opens an additional option);
  • Are you sure?
If you chose the second option:

  • They just started to trust you (Hacker will say that he had to pay attention to this);
  • Although your offer seems tempting to me.
At the end of the dialogue:

  • No, I don't want it anyway (Jake will be grateful);
  • It would be nice if you confessed that you are guilty.

  • Precisely because they are so important to me;
  • But thanks for the suggestion;
  • I will answer for my mistakes (Decision worthy of respect);
  • They know I would never do that on purpose.
Return to the group chat and read Jessie's message:

  • Sorry, I was just distracted by something (choose this option if you want to confess);
  • (Don't say anything).
Next (choose any answer):

  • Something terrible has happened;
  • I have to tell you something (further: "Michael Hanson knows where you are").
Pick an excuse:

  • I was swindled (best choice);
  • Don't ask me how this could happen;
  • This is a mistake.
At the end of the monologue (choose any option):

  • He will come;
  • I'm really sorry;
  • This place is not safe for you now.
Lily will doubt your words:

I am outraged;
We underestimated him (the best choice).

At this point, Jake will intervene in the conversation and tell about the tracking program on the phone via GPS:

And because of this, the phone could again be located;
(Don't say anything).

Jessie will try to reassure you:

  • Thanks;
  • But just such things should not happen (Jesse still thinks that the team needs you);
  • (Don't say anything).
Thomas will assume that Michael knew about the plans of his friends to move out of town;

  • Yes, that's right;
  • He wanted us to find a phone;
  • And I knew that you would take your mobile phone with you (further: “He really planned it”).
Further (does not affect the development of events):

  • He's smarter than we thought;
  • We were probably too sure of success and did not think about the danger;
  • I had a bad feeling about the phone from the very beginning.
Lily and Cleo will offer to go back to Duskwood:

  • I don't think this is a good idea;
  • It is Duskwood;
  • And what are our options? (listen to all suggestions);
  • In general, it's best to stay away from the hut.
If you select the third option, Lily will remind you of the motel option:

  • It would be good for us to quickly decide what to do;
  • But it's still in Duskwood (That's right);
  • (Don't say anything).
Regardless of your decisions, Dan will jump in and say that it's best to stay in the hut:

  • Are we staying?
  • Are you not aware of what we discussed?
  • THIS is your idea? (Dan will say that he will be waiting for the killer in the cottage).

For some reason, Dan will say that for some reason you had to give out a company of friends:

  • They themselves have long guessed everything;
  • No, I didn't betray anyone (that's right);
  • (Don't say anything).
Regardless, Dan decides to stay and face the killer:

  • Made me laugh, you're sitting in a wheelchair;
  • I don't really know what to say;
  • What exactly does this mean?
Choose any option to find out Dan's plan. He will tell you about the front doors, which you just need to keep an eye on. The guy will also remind you that they are armed:

  • Is it loaded at all?
  • There are weapons, but we still don't know who brought them!
  • (Don't say anything).

  • I did not mean it, and you know it very well;
  • It looks like you brought the weapon (Dan will disprove this theory);
  • (Don't say anything).
Despite all the arguments, the guy will continue to stand his ground:

  • And he doesn't count on you to resist (Dan will like your way of thinking. Cleo will also support him);
  • Only in the movies can you play heroes;
  • Did you drink a lot?

  • I think so too;
  • It's just crazy (Dan will say that crazy is to close your eyes and live in fear).

Everyone will take turns supporting Dan's plan:

  • Yes;
  • Not;
  • Jake? (ask what the hacker thinks about it).


  • I have hope again;
  • Worst idea they've ever had (unlocks an additional choice).
If you chose the second option:

  • And you are familiar with their ideas (a bit of irony);
  • Dan should have stayed in the hospital;
  • They didn't see what I saw (additional choice access).

  • I mean Richie's death (if you chose the third option in the previous choice);
  • We are dealing with a cold-blooded killer;
  • Dan can't realistically assess the situation (Jake will try to reassure you and tell you that the sudden change of tactics might be good for them).
Also, the hacker will note that you behaved quite defiantly towards Michael:

  • It was a tactic, Jake (optional choice);
  • (Don't say anything).

  • I wanted to lure him out of hiding (further: “You have your methods, I have mine”);
  • I wanted to get him to talk to me.
In the end, Jake will say that he has one more clue that needs to be addressed. You can ask about this lead or do other things. The hacker will go offline, and you can send him a message:

  • If you're not mistaken...
  • Better tell it to the others;
  • (Don't say anything).
Now we have to digress a little from the story and start deciphering Hannah's cloud. True, we found everything on the cloud back in the eighth episode, but apparently, the developers of Duskwood hid something.

When you finish dealing with the blocks, Jesse will write to you. She will say that there is no news and everything is pretty quiet. She will also ask how you and Jake are doing. In a conversation with her, choose any options, as this will not affect the plot.

In the dialogue, you will learn that Dan has assigned everyone to their places and will note that he is a direct expert in such matters. A little later, Jesse will ask who you think brought the weapon to this house:

  • Clearly, Dan;
  • That it belongs to Thomas;
  • Cleo;
  • This Lily brought (?).

Having chosen one of the options, you will have to justify it. Your answer won't affect anything. Gathering his strength, Jesse will say that he wants to talk about something else:

  • I thought you were actually going to talk about something else;
  • And about what?
  • And it can't wait? (Jesse will answer no and offer to discuss it right now).
The girl will ask you not to blame yourself if something happens to your friends. At the same moment, Cleo will write in a group chat and ask what you are talking about with Jesse:

  • About very secret secrets;
  • Ah, just about how cool I am;
  • About Michael Hanson;
  • Nothing serious.
Tell your friends:

  • There is one thought;
  • I actually wanted to ask you something (select this option).

  • We're talking about this Pine Glade festival in Duskwood;
  • Just recently, Hannah went to the Pine Glade festival website (correct).

  • Tomorrow is exactly ten years since Jennifer died in a car accident (that's right);
  • Tomorrow could be very important for Michael Hanson;
  • Jennifer died on the day of the Paye Glade festival.
One more question:

  • Perhaps you were with Hannah at the festival then? (Cleo will say that she was at this festival, but without Hanna. Although, she probably could see her);
  • Did you see Hanna there ten years ago?

  • I want to find out how the accident happened;
  • Hannah must have met Amy at the festival;
  • You know, it's really important.
Dan intervenes in the conversation:

  • I know;
  • Do you think I just want to annoy you?
  • Better try to remember if you saw Hannah then (Dan won't remember that day, but Lily will tell you something interesting).
Ask Lily to remember every detail. She will tell you that she was at the party with Dan, who bought her cotton candy and won a prize in a dash. From this point on, Dan will also begin to remember some details. That day, Hanna asked him to look after Lily, which he did:

  • Do you remember what Hanna planned? (the girl did not tell Dan about her plans);
  • Dan, so you can shoot? (Dan will think that you are implying that he brought the weapon to the country house);
  • Did you see Amy next to her? (Hannah was alone. She asked to pick up Lily, who was riding a pony, and suddenly disappeared. Dan will answer the question "Was she in a hurry" in the affirmative);
  • What were you doing then? (I ate fried sausage).
Hannah left Lily with Dan and said she'd be back before the fireworks, but she didn't. After the fireworks, the guy drove Hannah's sister home:

  • Why didn't you wait for Hannah? (Dan referred to the fact that he had to take Lily home);
  • And are you sure that it was at the festival exactly ten years ago? (fully);
  • Maybe something else you can remember? (No).
After the festival, Lily couldn't go to school alone for a few more weeks due to an accident:

  • Exactly, it could very well be (right);
  • Or because it was Dan who brought you home, not Hannah (the parents didn't notice at all);
  • (Don't say anything).
So, Hanna meets Amy somewhere at the Pine Glade festival:

  • But what exactly they were up to, we do not know (further: “Amy said that it was her fault for everything”);
  • What he does;
  • (Don't say anything).
If you chose the first option twice:

  • This we know from their correspondence;
  • It was because of her that it all started;
  • It seems that she asked Hannah to help her in some business (Hannah thinks she will be back before the fireworks);


  • But because of the accident, he does not have time (right);
  • Which is launched at 10 p.m. over Blackwater Lake;
  • But Hannah is running out of time.
  • After that, ask Thomas if he can remember that day. The guy will answer that ten years ago he did not even know Hanna, like all the participants in this conversation.

Dan will say that he went to stare out the window so as not to miss the "legendary bird". Later, Jake will contact you and tell you that by requesting information about the location of Hannah's phone, Michael not only received the signal, but also lit up himself.

  • Did he specifically point you to this trail? (No);
  • Do you know where he is? (Yes);
  • Michael erased all his traces? (the hacker managed to find the one who receives the signal).
At the same moment, Jesse will call you and say that the auto repair shop archive does not contain a car that had an accident 10 years ago. A roar can be heard in the background. It was Dan who dropped the hanger.

A little later, you will see the correspondence between Dan and Thomas, in which Hannah's boyfriend will say that he has already seen the gun that they found in the house. He will claim that this is the trunk of Hannah's father. Immediately after that, Dan will write and try to tell the story. Listen to him to find out about the guy's father.

After the dialogue in the general group, Jake will write and say that he has established a connection with the microphone on Michael Hanson's phone. The hacker will transfer friends to a separate chat where you can listen to the sound from the killer's microphone.

Choose the correct answers:

  1. Is he in the car?
  2. Iron chain.
  3. He walks slower than before.
  4. I think so too.
  5. Bury the corpse.
  6. He's got a woman!
At the end, you will hear the sound of doors opening and the connection will be interrupted. Jake will try to reconnect, but it won't work. Jesse will ask you to discuss what you heard again:

  1. The car was moving rather slowly.
  2. Presumably outside of Duskwood.
  3. It is quite possible, because his steps have slowed down.
  4. Or he knows that the area is not very busy.
  5. It was something heavy, wasn't it?
  6. When we first heard Hannah.
  7. Maybe a radio tower?
  8. But this noise is definitely an important clue.
  9. I bet we'd find some clue in his house.
Dan will suggest that the noise might not have been the sound of static, but the sound of a waterfall. When listening to audio, this is really the impression. The guy will also start asking Cleo about horse-drawn carriage rides at the festival. Dan notes that Hanna mentioned such a trip ten years ago:

  • You mean when she brought Lily to you? (right);
  • So?
  • What is a horse-drawn carriage tour anyway?
Dan will also hint at Grimrock, one of the points along the route of the horse-drawn carriage. The noise you heard was not interference at all:

  • It was a horse carriage! (No);
  • And Grimrock Falls! (right);
  • ?
This year, access to Grimrock Falls will be blocked - this is written on the festival website. Cleo ask her mother about why the access to the waterfall was closed, and will contact you shortly.

Jesse will bring up the subject of the boy Alfie, who called Cleo the girlfriend of the murdered girl (Hannah). But it is still unclear if she is dead:

  1. What if he meant Amy.
  2. Cleo and Amy took art classes together.
  3. So he really was a witness?
  4. You broke his toy truck.
  5. It's not the same as "talk".
Cleo will write information about the waterfall. It is closed because toxic substances were allegedly found in the tank:

Oh, for this Michael prepared barrels in his barn! (you can send photos of barrels from your friends phone);
Both on;
Well, I didn't even think about it.


  • He created a controlled territory (correct);
  • Hmm, understandable;
  • Has your mother been to Grimrock since that incident? (Cleo did not ask about this).
Answer Thomas, who is about to go to Grimrock:

  • We assume it, but what we "know" is out of the question;
  • I knew that you would say it now;
  • What we need right now is a plan of action (that's right).
Another choice:

  • I'm afraid Thomas is right (no);
  • This is complete nonsense (right).
Cleo will assume that if Thomas' version is correct, then Michael should have killed Amy on the same day:

  • Not necessarily, no;
  • Uh-huh, I just had that thought too;
  • Why do you think so?
Reply to Jesse:

  • At least not having accurate information (correct);
  • We'll just mess it up;
  • Jessie, Hannah can't really stand up to him.
Thomas still wants to go to Grimrock:

  • Your strength is in your unity;
  • It would play into Michael's hands (hereinafter: "That you will part").
Thomas will offer everyone to go to the waterfall. Cleo will go offline and run to him to talk. Further decisions will not affect the plot, as the friends decide to go after Thomas.

Later, Jake will contact you and offer to find an alternative path. Select the option "I can try to talk to Michael":

  • I'm not sure either;
  • That's definitely not a good idea (that's right);
  • But nothing else comes to my mind.
The hacker will offer to send one person to Grimrock:

  • This person must not be from Duskwood;
  • This person must be sure to navigate Duskwood (correct).
Choose an answer:

  • Someone who knows Michael would have a distinct advantage;
  • Michael must not know this man;
  • I think it's important that Hanna know this person;
  • We have to trust this person anyway (That's right).

  • He must have combat experience;
  • He must be armed (That's right).

  • If Phil wasn't in jail, I'd suggest him first;
  • Dan, if only it wasn't for the wheelchair;
  • The circle is getting narrower (that's right).
Another choice:

  • It's better to choose someone on the side (That's right);
  • (Be silent).

  • Someone like Poke;
  • But I don't know who (That's right);
  • Old Man Gray from the motel.
Jake will ask you to take into account that we are sending this person directly to the criminal:

  • That's right, it's too dangerous;
  • But our criminal would never attack an outsider;
  • This person must believe what we tell him (correct).

  • How about Alan?
  • I can ask Alan (Chief of Police) to go there (That's right).
This will be followed by a long chain of messages in which you must persuade Jake to agree with you. Choose the appropriate options to have Jake organize your conversation with Alan. Return to the group chat and tell your friends about your plan.

Thomas retorts that the police have made no progress in their search for Hannah, although they should have detained and interrogated Michael long ago:

  • My guess is that Michael hid the evidence (further: "Alan can save Hannah");
  • Maybe Lily just picked the wrong words;
  • Because Michael will definitely hide after you leave.
Dan asks if the chief of police still doesn't suspect you?

  • This is not relevant at all;
  • Exactly, and thus I will immediately dispel all his doubts (that's right);
  • But only because I have always cleverly avoided it.
Answer Dan's question:

  • No, he was even against it;
  • Dan, I make my own decisions;
  • (Don't say anything).
Jake intervenes. He will say if the conversation with Alan does not go according to plan, then he will offer him a deal:

  • What do you mean?
  • I think I know what you're implying (further: "You will sacrifice yourself for me").
Say goodbye to your friends and open a chat with Alan. Say hello and ask for help. At this point, Jake will give you some tips that will help you in your conversation with the Chief of Police.

Switch to a conversation with Alan and choose:

  1. Look, we don't have much time.
  2. You can, of course, guess that I want to talk about Hannah.
  3. If you want to save her, then please listen to me very carefully.
  4. Do you know the waterfall in Grimrock?
  5. Hannah is being locked up somewhere nearby.
  6. It's about life and death.
  7. You didn't read what I wrote?!
  8. When all this is over, I will gladly come to Duskwood.
  9. And I will answer all your questions.
  10. Are you really going to risk her life?
The police officer will ask from whom you got this information:

  • From the kidnapper himself;
  • I'll explain it to you when you save Hannah;
  • I can't tell you this;
  • Didn't get it, but found out (that's right).

  • Alan, I'm begging you, trust me!
  • Do you really want to be responsible for the death of Hannah Donforth? (further: "You don't want to, Alan").
The cop will answer that all his guys are at the festival now:

  • So go yourself;
  • Fine, so I'll pass it on to the murderer;
  • Isn't it your responsibility to deal with all applications? (Alan agrees).
Finally, tell Alan that this can be dangerous. Return to the group chat and tell Thomas about the conversation. The rest of the guys will not be online. After that, get ready to solve the next batch of mini-games.

Later, the chief of police will write to you and say that he has arrived at the place. You can ask a question:

  • Why are you writing to me now? (further: "To make sure I didn't run away?");
  • How long until Grimrock?
Alan will offer to talk while he is on his way to Grimrock. Here you will have to choose what to say to the cop. You can remain silent or explain how your phone number ended up with a group of friends.

The cop will ask why you avoided him:

  • You don't understand it;
  • I'm afraid (the cop will say you shouldn't be afraid of him);
  • Because it was suggested to me.
Alan knows that the anonymous call about the Hanson house is the work of your friends:

  • That's right, it was us;
  • It was one of my girlfriends;
  • I called personally (Alan sent his employees there, but the house was empty);
  • I don't know what you are talking about.
Then you can send photos with evidence and listen to a few theories of the man. If Hanna really ends up where you said, then why can't he arrest you:

  • Because you trust me (that's right);
  • Alan, this is funny.
Choose two answers below:

  • If I were the culprit, there's no way I would have referred you to Hannah.
  • I, like Hannah, am just a victim.
Ask the cop to tell you something about yourself if you want to read his story. After that, you will learn that Michael Hanson, whom you suspect of kidnapping Hannah, is dead. Alan will confirm this. It's best not to talk about what you learned from Michael's wife. Select "Unfortunately not". He will also tell that once Michael just closed his bar and disappeared. His will was found by his then employee:

  • Which employee?
  • Ted Madruga!
  • Phil… (correct).
Once Michael said that if he had taken the guy to work earlier, then nothing would have happened:

  • Clear;
  • Because Michael could have left the Aurora to pick up Jennifer (That's right);
  • (Don't say anything).
According to Phil, the will allegedly just lay on the bar:

  • As if specially planted (most likely it was);
  • This is indeed a strange story;
  • "Allegedly?" (Alan will ask you not to think of anything).
Did Phil Hawkins call you from jail:

  • Yes, it is (tell the cop the truth);
  • No, it's not.
What did you talk to him about?

  • He wanted to know if everything was all right with his Aurora;
  • He expressed suspicion about his arrest (correct);
  • About visiting hours.
In all likelihood, Phil already knew that he was listed in the will as a beneficiary:

  • Did Phil kill Michael?
  • Was it really like that? (further: "I mean Phil already knew that");
  • (Don't say anything).
At the end of the topic, you can highlight a few theses or keep silent:

  1. Which, however, was urgently required for the will.
  2. This is where you helped.
  3. You wanted to help your old friend Michael.
  4. As compensation for your failure to find Jennifer's killer.
Alan will offer to talk about the hacker:

  • About Jake? (do not give out the name of a friend);
  • Quite expected;
  • No, we definitely won't do that.
If you select the second or third option, the cop will ask how the hacker got involved in this case:

  • Ha ha, like I'm going to tell you;
  • Come on, Alan (correct);
  • (Don't say anything).

  • Then it remains for you to continue to be curious;
  • No, Alan, I can't tell you that (that's right);
  • Okay, I'll tell you...

  • I know what I need to know (that's right);
  • What do you mean? (with this question you will answer Alan's question);
  • (Don't say anything).
The cop will say that Michael was a great person:

  • What if Michael is still roaming the woods? (further: “Maybe then he just lay low”);
  • Michael is probably dead.
Alan refutes this theory:

  • Are you saying this as a friend of Michael or as the police chief of Duskwood? (Alan will be adamant);
  • What if I'm right?
Try asking him about Hannah's call. The cop will ask a counter question:

  • The call came on the day she disappeared;
  • First answer me my question (correct);
  • (Don't say anything).
Alan will tell you that according to Hannah, one man pursued her for some time:

  • Did Hannah give you a name?
  • Is that the man from the forest?
  • Was it by any chance a masked man? (She did not provide such details.)
The girl asked the cop if she brought her cash receipt, if the police could track the buyer:

  • Have you ever seen this cash receipt?
  • Did Hannah have something on her stalker?
  • And what did you answer her? (Alan will interrupt the conversation, as he has already reached the waterfall).
Answer the call and listen to the policeman. He will say that he did not find anything at the waterfall, and goes back to the station. Return to the group chat and tell your friends about it.

Chat with Jake, who managed to look at his computer during Alan's absence. You will have the opportunity to listen to the audio recordings of the detective made in Amy's apartment.

Having done this, return to Jake and choose the correct answers:

  1. Raven sign.
  2. Looks like our criminal's handwriting.
  3. Criminal.
  4. Because it was he who took the letter.
  5. Amy wrote the letter herself, which was in an envelope.
  6. And she didn't plan to send him away.
  7. The criminal brought her body into the forest.
  8. Amy's death must be related to Jennifer's accident.
  9. Michael Hanson.
  10. Alan and Mike were friends...
  11. I'm sure Alan knows even more.
  12. I think Alan announced Michael's death.
  13. To do your friend one last favor.
  14. Michael Hanson is perfect for dumping all of this on him.
  15. The father of a dead child disappears into the forest.
  16. You can't think of a better candidate.
End the conversation with the hacker and open a conversation with Jesse. Listen to her theory that the AMC Gremlin should have been serviced at a bodyshop anyway, since there are no other shops in town. The girl will say that she looked through the archive ten years ago, but missed something. One of the accounting folders was simply missing. Jessie then noticed a roughness on the paper:

  • What do you mean by uneven?
  • Like if the page were folded? (roughness, as if you press the pen hard when writing);
  • Shortly speaking?
The girl will send you a photo with the caption "Ted Madruga". This hints that he may be the owner of the car.

After a dialogue with Jessie, an unknown contact will add you and send you a link to a live webcam. On it, you can see Hannah and Richie tied up.

Send the link to your friends in a group chat and discuss the broadcast. Choose any answer options, as this will not affect the plot. Jesse will offer to send the link to Alan. For now, Jake will try to find out something about this stream.

A little later, friends will see the light behind the house. Try to calm them down (choose any answers) and ask who is where. After a while, Jesse will call you and show you a man with a lantern, which is located right outside the window.

Tell Dan:

  • If you miss, he'll know you're armed!
Order Thomas not to leave the bath:

  • You absolutely won't do it!

  • But first, you'll take a gun with you! (No);
  • How do you know this;
  • It can change at any moment (That's right).
Regardless of this, Thomas and Dan will go outside. If you ask Jessie to look out the window, she won't see anything. After that, the girl will say that she must help them:

  • What do you want to do?
  • No, this is not the best idea (even if you choose this option, she will decide to go outside);
  • Yes, it should (correct).
Tell the girl that you will support her, after which she will call you via video link. You will see how the killer tries to attack Jesse, but Dan wounds him in the shoulder.

Thomas will say that the killer fled into the forest, while Cleo and Lily continue to look for his tracks. Until the end of the conversation, choose any answers, as they will not affect the plot.

At this point, Dan will contact you again. In addition to chatting about the killer, you can ask what the guy wanted to talk to you about earlier. If you select "I don't believe you", he will reveal that he testified against Phil while he was in the hospital. Dan also told the cops about the group and the buddies' investigation. He will also hint that Jake was not online when the culprit showed up at the cottage.

Return to the group chat and read the message about punctured tires:

  • When did Michael do it?
  • Then you will have to stay in the hut for a while (correct);
  • You must be joking.
When the friends disperse, the killer will write to you. He will offer a deal: the lives of Hannah and Richie in exchange for your coming to Duskwood. Regardless of your answers, the man will insist on your coming to Grimrock.

Write to Jake, then open a group chat and tell your friends that you need to come to Duskwood, as Michael is waiting for you in the iron mine. Cleo will ask why he does this:

  • I dont know;
  • I was hoping you would tell me (further: "He wasn't very talkative");
  • Maybe he just needs help.
Friends will start arguing. Ask them to calm down and think things over carefully. Lily will ask what exactly the kidnapper said:

  • First, some confused words;
  • That he wants me to come to him (correct);
  • He asked me to listen to him.

  • And that nothing else will happen to anyone (that's right);
  • He said he would turn himself in to the authorities;
  • Apparently he's sorry.

  • He also told me where Hannah and Richie are (correct);
  • Yes, in general, that's all;
  • And that he has a reason for all this.
Answer Lily's question:

  • He didn't say that;
  • By the waterfall in Grimrock (correct).
Thomas will intervene, who will ask you to fulfill the request of the kidnapper. You can ignore him, as Jake will soon appear and ask you to go to a private dialogue.

Michael said that nothing would happen to anyone (you can hardly trust this guy);
Where did this sudden change of mood come from? (This suggestion was unlikely to be part of the kidnapper's plan. The perpetrator changes course due to circumstances. Select "You mean Dan shot him?");
He told me about the iron mine on his own initiative (his actions were always insane).


  • I will go to Duskwood (even if you choose this option, friends in the group chat will not allow you to do this);
  • I won't go.
Jake decides to go to the iron mine for you, as he is nearby. The hacker is not going to play by the killer's rules:

  • You may be right (that's right);
  • Of course not, when he sees you down there;
  • (Don't say anything).
The main entrance to the mine is not located in Grimrock, but in Duskwood itself. The entrance to the waterfall is carefully hidden, so Alan did not find it.

Reply to Dan:

  • Michael definitely won't;
  • Do you think an injured Michael is cheerful and nimble?
  • Yes, that's a good point (correct).
After the conversation, the friends will go offline, and you will have to restore a few more damaged blocks on Hanna's cloud.

Return to the dialogue with the hacker and ask what to do next. The guy will ask you to tell Michael that you are on your way to Grimrock:

  • I won't help you do stupid things;
  • Michael will know that I am not telling the truth (in this and previous cases, Jake will say that you are angry);
  • Of course (correct);
  • Why should I do this?
Open a dialogue with Michael:

  • I accept your offer;
  • Let's see you in Grimrock (That's right);
  • And you wouldn't go.
A little later, Jake will contact you again and say that he has reached the mine. You can ask him to take a photo.

The hacker has learned a lot about this mine and Michael has a good reason to use it as a hideout:

  • And what is the reason?
  • Because it's creepy there;
  • Its huge size (correct);
  • The mine fits the legend.
Jake will also talk about how the stairs lead to a depth of more than 70 meters. You can ask to send a photo. When he comes downstairs, listen to his story about the explosion in the mine and the legends that attract tourists.

After a while, Alan will answer and say that he is heading to Grimrock again. You can try to dissuade him, but the decisions will not affect the plot and the cop will go to the waterfall.

Return to the dialogue with the hacker and tell about it. In response, the guy will tell about the documents that he found in the mine - they all belong to Michael Hanson.

Does Alan know about the entrance to Grimrock?

  • No, I don't think so;
  • No idea?
  • Yes, he does (correct).

  • If Michael sees Alan ... (further: "He will know that I will not come");
  • (Don't say anything).

Jake will find the letter that was stolen from Amy's apartment. He will take a picture and send it to you.

Read the letter and reply to a friend:

  • I don't understand a word!
  • Amy committed suicide (further: "Michael didn't kill her");
  • This letter is fake!
Why did she do it:

  • She just couldn't go to jail;
  • She knew she would die;
  • She was greatly tormented by remorse (further: "She could not forgive herself").
Michael took the letter with him because he was afraid that they would come out on his trail?

  1. No, I do not think so.
  2. After all, then he would have taken an envelope with him.
  3. He wanted to hide that it was suicide.
Alan will say that he found the documents:

  1. You have found evidence.
  2. All this hung on the walls of Michael Hanson's house!
  3. Don't shoot right away.
The policeman will call you and you will see Hannah alive, but without Richie. Open a group chat and tell your friends about it. Dan will ask you to open the stream again, which still shows Hannah and Richie. Choose from the following answers:

  1. Let me think…
  2. Alan called me.
  3. Because my messages to him did not go through.
  4. And then there was this strange sound.
  5. At first I thought that Alan would run into Jake.
  6. But it was Hannah.
  7. She told him to find Richie.
  8. Well, perhaps that's all.
Thomas will suggest that the broadcast is not real - agree with him.

The final

The following guide contains spoilers. Make sure you want to know the ending of the Duskwood game.

Alan will text you again and tell you that he got Hannah out of the mine. On the way back, someone closed the hatch on the other side and he can't go back to find Richie. A little later, you will learn that FBI agents have arrived at the mine. Open a chat with Jake and write to him:

  1. I know!
  2. I figured it out a few minutes ago.
  3. But now it doesn't matter.
  4. According to Alan, the FBI is here.
  5. Alan wouldn't lie to me about this.
  6. That they supposedly didn't come because of Hannah.
  7. Then hurry up!
The hacker will find the computer from which the video broadcast was launched. He will also say that many cameras are connected to this PC, located throughout the mine.

Return to the chat with Alan and turn on the broadcast. Now you can watch several cameras in the mine.