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Promo codes for Standoff 2 for November 2023: knives, skins, gold and other bonuses. How to enter promo codes?


Promo codes for Standoff 2 for May 2022: knives, skins, gold and other bonuses. How to enter promo codes?

The mobile shooter Standoff 2 has a system of promotional codes, with which the player can get a knife, a weapon skin, a free spin of the drum of bonuses, interest on the deposit, and more. In this guide, we will list working promo codes for March 2023 and tell you where to enter them.

It is worth noting that promo codes in Standoff 2 (game version 0.17.4 2021) have a limited validity period and will not always work. However, we will update this guide, and also write down non-working codes.

How to enter promo codes

To enter a promotional code, open the "Shop" tab at the top of the screen. Then go to the Promo Code section. A field will appear in the center of the screen in which you will need to write a code.

New promo codes for Standoff 2


Standoff 2 promo codes for knives

Some of these codes may not be valid:

  • RN9A-Kunai-XBE11-TRU5 - Kunai;
  • BFT-5SEKRE-TFREE234D44 - Butterfly Starfall butterfly knife;
  • RN7A-Starfall-XBE1-TRU3 - Karambit;

Standoff 2 promo codes for weapon skins

Several promo codes for skins:

  • k7ncPSWTd7h - Desert Eagle Predator
  • DHNWE-THWSI-KLHJO - AKR Nano Stattrack;
  • hf6xArtPawd-4

Standoff 2 promo codes for cases

You can open the following cases for free:

  • eFzImkLNPU3 - Fable Case;
  • WI9ur8ysGDR-fxKco - Scorpion Case;
  • HN54-C2DC-432X-NX18

Standoff 2 promo codes for gold (money)

  • Slipper - new;
  • QKNGHNZAFXN34 - 1000 credits;
  • QDLXyFpTNzX - 500 credits;
  • QKNGHNZAFXN37 - 199 gold.
  • GQS4P3FPJ45 - 1000 gold;
  • GOSTRP2F5J5 - 5000 gold;
  • STAND0FF995 - silver;
  • MAOQKNDJEP - gold medals;
  • XEGH5MIKALW - gold and silver;
  • 94LH-6O2N-CPL2-OM79 - 5000 gold;
  • AF4KGH-2GJFS - 1000 gold.

Standoff 2 promo codes for bonus drum

These codes will give you a free spin of the bonus reel:

  • COFT19
  • CM3VNB
  • CNVEI44
  • GG-2TLC4-49AY
  • GG-31PS5-K34Z

Standoff promo codes 2 per percent to deposit

  • 6TV-DM6R +35% to the deposit;
  • M7N-BGBX +35% to the deposit;
  • 7JP-Y6G8 +35% to the deposit.

Standoff 2 promo codes from players

These promotional codes are taken from social networks, we do not guarantee that they are still valid:

  • titanium
  • freestan_gg_2020
  • FREe-O8lAy-POST
  • L8H6-MN21-2N2M-3ULO
  • AH32-PL4O-12SN-HUS5
  • DTWQ5J90MN
  • KELG7T33VR
  • GMYT1000G000
  • 1XY9MW3216
  • 1XY8MW3215
  • 1XY7MW3214
  • 1XY6MW3213
  • 1XY5MW3212
  • 1XY4MW3211
  • AH42-PL7O-11SN-HUS0

Non-working promo codes Standoff 2

These codes have already expired, but you can still try entering them:

  • RN7A-Starfall-XBE1-TRU3
  • SOA22-3PLO4-a900P-S2E59
  • hf6xArtPawd-4
  • 93LH-6O1N-CPL1-OM19
  • HN53-C1DC-442X-NX68
  • L9H6-MN01-1N1M-1ULO
  • AH42-PL7O-11SN-HUS0
  • GMYT1000G000
  • 1XY9MW3216
  • 1XY8MW3215
  • 1XY7MW3214
  • 1XY6MW3213
  • 1XY5MW3212
  • 1XY4MW3211

Why promo codes don't work

Some promo codes in Standoff 2 are designed for a certain number of entries. For example, some codes can only be activated 2500 or 1000 times. The rest of the promotional codes have an expiration date, it is difficult to say when a particular code will cease to be valid. Also, the same promo code will work for one player and not work for another. If the promo codes listed by us are valid for your account, then you are in luck!

If promo codes don't work, try the following:
  • Reload the game;
  • Check if the game has an update. If so, update it to the latest version;
  • Play one or more fights and try entering the promo code again.
Write in the comments which codes did not work for you, or share your promo codes with other players!