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Rogue Legacy 2 Heirloom Guide: How to Unlock Double Jump, Air Dash, Void Dash, Read Memories, and Lantern


Rogue Legacy 2 Heirloom Guide: How to Unlock Double Jump, Air Dash, Void Dash, Read Memories, and Lantern

Rogue Legacy 2 is the sequel to the popular roguelike platform game where you have to explore castles and caves and develop your dwelling. During the passage, you can collect gold and other valuables, as well as find family heirlooms. In this guide, we will explain what family heirlooms are and how to unlock additional abilities for the hero.

What are family heirlooms

Family heirlooms are statues through which you can acquire various skills. Acquiring each skill comes with a difficult test in which you must learn how to use it, as well as prove that you are worthy of having the ability.

For the first time, you can meet the family heirloom at the bottom of the Agartha Citadel. She will introduce herself as Ananke Shali. Agree to complete her challenge, complete it and get the first upgrade - Ananke's Shawl. This item allows you to dash in the air. From now on, every new hero will be able to use this skill.

It is worth noting that meeting with a family heirloom is a good chance to replenish health and mana points. Complete the challenge without taking damage to return to the main world with maximum HP.

Where to find family heirlooms and unlock all additional abilities (air dash, read memories, double jump, lantern, void dash)

In total, you can find six such relics and pass the corresponding number of tests. Basically, they are located in different biomes.

Air Dash (Shawl Ananke)

  • What it gives: Initially, you can only dash while on a hard surface. This skill allows you to dash in the air;
  • How to find: Can be found on any level of the Citadel of Agarth biome.

Reading Memories and Blocking Nightmares (Aesop's Volume)

  • What it gives: allows you to read Memories, block Nightmares, and is also required to access Scars;
  • How to find: Located at the top of the Agartha Citadel biome.

Echo Boots

  • What it gives: adds the ability to interact with resonant platforms to the kick ability;
  • How to find: Located in the first room of the Axis Mundi biome. Examine the upper right part of the location to find the door to the relic. You will need to complete the challenge room to earn these boots and gain access to the rest of the biome.

Double Jump (Aether Wings)

  • What it gives: Unlocks the hero's double jump. With these boots, you can also run on water, as well as gain access to Naama's arena and the Stygian Cabinet;
  • How to find: located on the Kerguelen Plateau. To find the relic, explore the far side of the Shores.

Void Rush (Void Bell)

  • What it gives: Turns Normal Dash and Air Dash into Void Dash. The skill increases the length of the dash and allows you to pass through void doors (doors in purple). With it, you can also dodge projectiles and fireballs flying at the hero;
  • How to find: located in the Stygian Cabinet. Required to complete the Arena of Enoch and access the Tower of the Sun. Also needed in some locations of the Dry Lake Pison biome.

solar lantern

  • What it does: Illuminates dark areas;
  • How to find: Found at the entrance to the Dry Lake Pison biome if you manage to defeat the Irad boss in the Solar Tower. Otherwise, the character who gives out the relic will not appear. We do not recommend traveling in the dark.