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Rogue Legacy 2 Relic Guide

 We tell you everything you need to know about the determination and relics in the game with their detailed description

One of the main character stats in Rogue Legacy 2 is Determination. By default, you have 100+125% resolve. That is 225%. In some mystical rooms, you will find two relics to choose from. You can only take one, but you will spend your resolve. There are some relics (cursed ones that do not require determination). They are detailed below.

Taking all the relics in a row simply won't work, because you need at least 40+40+10+10=100% Resolve to get the quest relics and get to all the required bosses.

Rogue Legacy 2 Relic Guide

As for the number 225, it is formed as follows. 100% Resolve is given to you by default. You get another 125% Resolve for the lightweight of the equipment. That is, initially the character does not have the equipment, and therefore the full bonus is preserved. Resolve can be obtained from skills in the castle tree or through blessings in curiosities shops (+20 if there is such a blessing). You get Resolve only for the blessing of the Talent! When you change one talent for another. And now more about all the relics available in the game. We'll give you tips on how to use them!

Cursed Relics

  • Trial of Charon. Cursed relic. Requires 0 Determination. Until cleared, any damage taken becomes fatal. Defeat 15 enemies to purify this relic and get a 20% bonus to gold, ore, and ether. A good test at the start of the game, when there is no increase in gold yet, but later it loses its relevance. Therefore, I do not advise you to suffer because of him starting from ng + 1.
  • Trial of Pandora. Cursed relic. Requires 0 Determination. Until cleared, any damage taken becomes fatal. Defeat 10 enemies to purify this relic and get 50 Resolve. The best test of the entire list. Doesn't lose value even on ng+.
  • Trial of Demeter. Cursed relic. Requires 0 Determination. Until cleared, any damage taken becomes fatal. Collect 1 Food/Potion to purify this relic for 408 maximum health and 50 maximum mana. The second most valuable challenge, since health, is the most valuable resource in the game. Cooking skill does not affect the cleaning of this relic.

Oath Relics

  • Deal: Wings of Icarus. Requires 10 Resolve. Your jump activates flight, but you take 75% more damage. Not a bad relic for solving puzzles and problems with platforming elements. However, the increase in damage taken against you, whether you are flying or not, makes the relic very controversial.
  • Deal: Serrated Hilt. Requires 10 Resolve. Deal and take 100% more damage. Everything is simple here. You deal more damage and you get more damage. A relic for dodge masters or those who have a lot of defensive relics.
  • Deal: The Coming Successor. Requires 10 Resolve. Leave this world. Increases your current gold by 35%. One of the most useless relics in the game. Getting money in the game is not a problem, but losing a good character because of such relics is of dubious benefit.
  • Deal: Heavy Stone. Requires 10 Resolve. Oath relic. Requires 10 Resolve. Your weapons deal 100% more damage but have a 2-second cooldown. A very situational relic? which can both help a lot, and can completely screw up the race. I advise you to take it only on slow weapons.
  • Deal: The Order of Diogenes. Requires 10 Resolve. There is no more gold. Instead, the entire gold bonus has been converted into an experience bonus (190%). A good relic for an additional increase in experience, but keep in mind that there will definitely not be any money in this race.

Ordinary relics

  • Hector's helmet. Requires 20 Resolve. While below 50% health, you deal 20% more damage with spells and weapons. An inverted version of the Shield of Achilles, but with more attack. Not a bad thing, but walking with less than 50% health is very dangerous.
  • Atropa's scissors. Requires 20 Resolve. Critical damage with spells and weapons increased by 20%. A great option if your crit chance is over 20%.
  • Catalyst. Requires 20 Resolve. Deal 20% additional damage to enemies affected by status effects. Greatly increases damage from elemental effects such as Burn, Poison, and Spore Explosion.
  • Clotho's spindle. Requires 20 Resolve. Critical chance for spells and weapons increased by 10%. Works great in tandem with the Atropa Shears.
  • Bone of Destiny. Requires 20 Resolve. Defeat 6 enemies to charge the bone and instantly defeat the next enemy. Does not work on bosses! The best relic for clearing locations. Able to kill any enemy, except for bosses.
  • Smoldering ember. Requires 20 Resolve. Deal 75% more damage with every sixth attack. The counter resets when taking damage. Another great relic. For fast classes, such as Boxer and Shooter, it is absolutely vital.
  • Incandescent telescope. Requires 20 Resolve. Deal 12% more damage to distant enemies. The best relic for archers and mages. However, it can be used to enhance pillboxes and magic, which is useful even for warriors.
  • Ivy roots. Requires 20 resolve. You deal 12% more damage while on the ground. An excellent choice for classes tied to the ground. Hello Barbarians and Archers through Ballista.
  • Lotus petal. Requires 20 Resolve. Increases your total mana by 50. Deal 8% more magic damage. Not a bad option for those who play through spells.
  • Marble figurine. Requires 20 Resolve. When you land, you create a shockwave that destroys medium projectiles and deals 75% magic damage. A very controversial relic. On the one hand, you can beat opponents and their projectiles, on the other hand, some of the puzzles become impassable with it, since all the barrels and furniture necessary for solving will break.
  • Obelisk. Requires 20 Resolve. Your Skill Crits gain an additional 20% chance to become Super Crits. An excellent relic to increase crits.
  • Red sand clock. Requires 20 Resolve. Every 5 seconds, your weapon attack deals 75% bonus damage. The counter resets when taking damage. Alternative to Ember for slower classes. Although no one forbids the use of both relics.
  • Weighted bracelet. Requires 20 Resolve. Your kicks deal 40% more damage. Great for Bardam.
  • Ring of the Zealot. Requires 20 Resolve. Spells cast while at maximum mana deal an additional 25% damage. Combines well with Cosmic Insight, allowing you to have a permanent increase in magic damage.
  • Tincture of Anger. Requires 20 Resolve. After taking damage, deal 200% more damage while invulnerable. One of the most imbalanced relics in the game. If you find 2-3 Ambrosia, you can kill bosses without even straining. And if the trait "Vampirism" falls out on the character, you will not receive any damage at all.
  • Shield of Achilles. Requires 20 Resolve. While above 50% health, deal 10% more damage with spells and weapons. A good relic if you can keep your health above 50%.
  • Empty vessel. Requires 20 Resolve. Gain 10% bonus health and weapon and magic damage. Relic compensation. Appears only as a replacement for relics that have reached the maximum number (5) or instead of unique ones that can only be owned in quantities of 1 (Strange mushrooms, Athe Sword, Order of Diogenes, Boots of Hermes, Ivy Seed, Lamech Whetstone, Iron Boots, Heavy stone, Wings of Icarus, Serrated hilt).
  • Ambrosia. Requires 20 Resolve. After taking damage, you are invulnerable for an additional 1.25 seconds. The most balanced relic of all in the defense category. In battles with bosses, it is simply irreplaceable.
  • Gnawed bone. Requires 20 Resolve. Consuming food while at full health increases your maximum health points by 10% (up to a maximum of three times). A good alternative to the Apple tree if you are unlucky with it.
  • Boots of Hermes. Requires 20 Resolve. You are immune to static spikes. Cheap option to save your health on all sorts of puzzles. For skillful players, it is rather useless.
  • Ivy seed. Create an ivy canopy every time you do an aerial recovery. Another option to save your ass from falling. Archers can also use it as their second active talent.
  • Mystical necklace. Requires 20 Resolve. Cast 3 spells to charge the necklace and make the next cast free. An unbalanced relic for connoisseurs of spells. And if you are very lucky and can find 4 copies of this relic, then absolutely ALL spells will become free.
  • Cornucopia. Requires 20 Resolve. Food restores an additional 8% of your maximum health. A relic that is useful, perhaps, only to those who have a huge amount of health and ordinary food is not enough for healing. Well, on some ng + 10 it will also be a very desirable relic.
  • Cosmic Illumination. Requires 20 Resolve. You gain 100 mana when damaged. Mana gained can be overloaded. Top relic for mages. Allows you to accumulate mana beyond the maximum. Pairs well with Lotus Stem and the Masochism trait.
  • Freon Award. Requires 20 Resolve. When opening chests, health is restored (100% of intelligence). A good relic for those who rarely get food or no runes to heal.

rare relics

  • Sword of Ate. Requires 30 Resolve. Rare relic. You deal 150% more damage, but this is a fragile relic. Only suitable for scars. A relic that's only good for Scars.
  • Decomposing agent. Requires 30 Resolve. The dash leaves behind a poisonous cloud for 1 second. Allows you to deal damage in jerks, which is quite good.
  • Whetstone Lamech. Requires 30 Resolve. Weapon proficiencies inflict Magic Break for 2.5 seconds. Great for Assassins due to their easy crit conditions.
  • Heron ring. Requires 30 Resolve. For each point of Resolve below 100%, you deal an additional 1% magic damage (current bonus is 0%). Not a bad ring if you play with low Determination. But I do not advise you to lower this parameter below 60%.
  • Raven ring. Requires 30 Resolve. For each point of Resolve below 100%, you deal an additional 1% weapon damage (current bonus is 0%). The same as with the Heron Ring.
  • Iron boots. Requires 30 Resolve. Pinkies now inflict Armor Break for 3.5 seconds. Another good relic on Bard.
  • Volt diadem. Requires 30 Resolve. Hitting an enemy with a weapon will create a damaging aura around you for 1.5 seconds. Just a necessary relic for the Barbarian through the Hammer of Hephaestus.
  • Strange mushrooms. Requires 30 Resolve. Defeated enemies are inflicted with a spore blast. Good for clearing groups with an Archer or Ronin due to their high damage output.
  • Antikythera. Requires 30 Resolve. Magic damage is increased by 10% for each enemy defeated. The bonus is lost when hit (maximum 50%). A great thing to play through magic. If you do it carefully, of course.
  • Grave bell. Requires 30 Resolve. You have a 25% chance to avoid a fatal blow. A cheap variant of the Ring of Hyperion, however, due to the proc chance, it may proc 3 times in a row, or it may not proc at all. The maximum chance is 75%.
  • buffet. Requires 30 Resolve. From defeated enemies, there is an 8% chance to get food. An excellent relic that will help you quickly restore health, and even remove the curse if the barrels do not provide the desired food. However, a small drop chance prevents her from being called an imba.
  • Dream catcher. Requires 30 Resolve. Defeat enemies while at max health to gain 5 max mana (up to a maximum of 200 extra mana). Great relic for mages. Keep your health full and you will soon be able to cast 2-3 more spells.
  • Skeleton key. Requires 30 Resolve. Open locked or melted fairy chests. Breaks after use. The second useless relic in the game. It is quite expensive, opens only one chest and breaks, thereby taking Resolve until the end of the race. I advise you to take it ONLY if you have problems with Fairy chests.

Epic relics

  • Boxing call. Requires 40 Resolve. Epic relic. Your weapon applies a combo. For boxers, doubles combo points. Ideal for moving and fast classes.
  • Spiritual connection. Requires 40 Resolve. Every 5 seconds, your next weapon attack will deal 150% bonus magic damage to all nearby enemies. Another imba that is able to clear out hordes of enemies while you beat a single one. And she hits everyone in the screen area.
  • Banner of the Vanguard. Requires 40 Resolve. Jerks cause a wave that destroys medium projectiles. Waves move 2 units. Difficult to implement relic. Being far from opponents, it removes projectiles at once, but if you make a dash nearby, then there is a high chance of crashing into an enemy and taking damage. However, it is ideal for Boxers due to their passive ability.
  • Military drum. Requires 40 Resolve. Each unique relic increases your damage by 6%. Another imba. Able to increase damage up to 60% if you take a lot of attacking relics in 1 piece. What if there are 2 drums?
  • Koya shell. Requires 40 Resolve. Defeat 6 enemies to neutralize the next source of damage. Great relic for running and curse protection, but not very useful on bosses. It's definitely worth getting one.
  • Lotus stem. Requires 40 Resolve. Blocks up to two attacks. Absorbs 150 mana per block. Mana potions restore charges. An excellent relic for mages, but very mana hungry. Recommended for use with Cosmic Insight.

Crafted Relics

  • Sun of Amaterasu. Requires 50 Resolve. Your weapon inflicts (or extends) burning for 2 seconds. A great option for slow classes due to the fact that burning crits in its last seconds.
  • Pity Seklet. Requires 50 Resolve. Your weapon applies 1 Poison Charges. This option is already suitable for fast classes.
  • Ring of Hyperion. Requires 50 Resolve. Resurrect after being mortally wounded and restore 50% of your health points. Can only happen once. A relic that saves you from any curses and increases your survivability in general. It has only one minus, the high price.
  • Measure of Lachesis. Requires 50 Resolve. Enemies defeated with a Critical Strike recover 6% of your maximum health. Meet the most imbalanced relic to heal. Classes such as Ronin, Archer, Marksman, and Assassin will generally forget that food can heal.