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Salt and Sacrifice Walkthrough - Ashbourne Village Guide

 We tell you how to get through the village of Ashbourne, find magicians, find all the secrets and defeat the main bosses

After the introductory video, approach the corpse and press C to search it and free yourself from the shackles. You will return your weapon. Go left. Use CTRL to set the block. Repel enemy attacks, and when they are stunned, counterattack with LMB or RMB. The Shift key allows you to roll. Keep moving until you see an archer on a hill. Hold TAB, aim, and throw axes on LMB. After destroying it, jump up to the "Gap" and repeat the steps with the wooden bridge. It is important to hold the W key. As in other similar games, to jump off the bridge, you need to hold down S and press the "Space". Jump up, push off the wall and climb onto the next one. You won't be able to defeat the huge demon.

Salt and Sacrifice Walkthrough - Ashbourne Village Guide

Valley of Forgiveness

You will meet the herbalist Shenna. Head outside to explore the Valley of Forgiveness. You can ask Shanna all your questions. She will also give you five flasks of healing. You can ask about flasks and she will say that they can be upgraded. You will also learn who Balael, god of the healing wind, is. Sounds helpful! Those who are "spell-marked" like the protagonist cannot die. Items called "shards of innocence" can restore us, but now we have to fight the magicians!

You can learn more about the rite, but after the conversation, let's explore the Valley of Forgiveness. The first person you meet after Shanna is the blacksmith Zakiel. He will say that he will talk to us later when we are properly settled in this place. On the top left (next to the blacksmith) there is a place to upgrade your equipment. We will deal with this later. Continue to the left to meet Champion Hera. She will say that our first destination is the village of Ashbourne, but first, we need to chat with the rune reader Didela. Let's start heading east. Pay attention to the stairs leading to the door. Ignore it for now (you'll be back here soon).

To the east is Trista, which is used for certain upgrades. Again, we'll deal with this later. Note that there is a door in the far east that is currently locked. This is a shortcut that will be unlocked later.

Now head west, following the main path. There is a storage box here that you can drop items into, as well as a bush. There are several points in the Valley of Forgiveness where resources are constantly updated.

Permanent gathering places in the Valley of Forgiveness give you items such as herbs or ore that you need to resupply or upgrade. They spawn in the same places whenever you find/visit new areas. Be sure to collect these items.

Go west. Pay attention to the locked door. Climb up to find loot (iron ore). Next to the steps, there is a wooden ladder leading to a chest with two firebombs. They will come in handy in the next battles! Above is a level-up statue, but so far we don't have enough salt to level up.

Further to the west, you can find a wooden staircase leading to the upper platform (we'll come back here later), and behind it is Bren. This is the man who saved our lives. Behind it is also a chest with two shards of innocence. If you use them, you will heal yourself completely. Save them for the future. And there is also a deer (moose) that you can stroke.

Go back east, go down the big steps and turn west when you can. Here you will meet a cat (you can pet it). The path to the west leads to another locked door, so head east. Note another locked door and a rope path. Continue to the right towards Mirror Lake to find some ominous rocks.

Here you will meet Runereader Didela, Keeper of the Mirror Gates. From here you can travel to other worlds. Thus, the Valley of Forgiveness is a gaming hub, the center of the whole world. Talk to her to learn the runic word and open the way to Ashbourne Village.

Before heading forward, go to the right of the reader. Here you will find a special board, which is used to start multiplayer (co-op passage), and behind it, there is another cave. Go inside the cave and collect the ore on the right. If you go down, you can get into a dead end, so go up and find a bag of loot on the ground - silver (4), misty husk, poison bomb and so on. There is also a chest with herbs and ore. There is also a locked door, and the upper path leads back to the herbalist Shenne, so head back to the Mirror Gate. Interact with the basket of runes on the left to open this gate. Choose a single destination (Ashbourne village) and enter the portal to travel to a new location.

World 1. Ashbourne Village

We will find ourselves in front of the house, in the background of which crows are croaking. On the right is a bush with herbs. Grab them and note that there will be a dead-end to the right. There is a sparkling dot at the top (which you may have seen in Forgiveness Valley). In fact, this is a capture point, but so far there is no suitable tool for it.

Now go left and pay attention to the obelisk. This is something like a checkpoint where we can rest. With it, we can also return to the camp. So far, there is no need to rest, so we pass by. Collect grass from the bush a little further and kill the enemies next to the bag. Don't forget to search this bag for a lot of useful items.

World 1. Ashbourne Village

There will be a bigger enemy ahead: Brutus. Since he is standing on a hill, he will most likely jump over you. Once this happens, attack the enemy non-stop until you're dead. Since he does not have a shield, you can handle it without problems. There will be a fork. We can climb up or enter the cave. To get started, move up. Interact with the rocks to collect blue vials, then equip your shield (or dodge) and kill another archer. Keep going to the left to collect herbs from another bush.

Now go back to the right and climb up. There will be familiar opponents here. You can lure the smaller enemy to kill him first, but you end up having to kill both. Note that the path to the right leads to a capture point, so now you have to go up. However, be careful as there is a trap ahead! If you're not careful, a large spiked log will fall on you. It won't kill the hero (assuming you're at full health), but it will cost about a quarter of your life.

On the left side, you can find another bush with grass and ore. At the leftmost point, you can push off the wall to grab onto the wooden platform. Jump up several platforms to reach a semi-hidden chest that contains an executioner's sledgehammer. On the right there is a bag with a shard of innocence: grab it and jump to the ground to the right. The path to the right-up leads to a large door and a dead end, so now, in order to continue, you need to go back and go down to the cave that we went through earlier.

Cave Ruth-Ciel

A truly sinister place! Go deeper until you encounter a new enemy: the Valley Bat. These nasty little things are more annoying than threatening, so kill the mouse so it doesn't bother you. To the left of this place is a platform. Jump on it and pay attention to the enemy below you. You can cheat! This Scullin will jump onto your platform to attack. Wait for the moment, then immediately hit the enemy, not allowing him to rest. Kill him and go left to kill another enemy next to the ore. Attack him when he jumps towards you.

Keep going down and go left to another ore patch where you will also see a path down. Don't jump down just yet! Instead, go right to the loot rocks and fight another Scullin and an archer. Kill both enemies and from here jump to the upper right corner, to the bag with the shard of innocence. Note that you can get to a new area from here, but in reality, you will find yourself on a small ledge with a chest, inside of which there will be a golden candle and tobacco.

NOTE. These are items for the multiplayer mode. So they will only come in handy if you play co-op. Go back and jump down. In the lower-left corner, look for an ore gathering place and another room.

Below you will see the enemy, the Green Guard. He looks like a green samurai with a spear. In fact, a rather serious adversary. To be honest, there is no real reason to kill him right now, but you can do it if you wish. He is very strong. There are combo attacks with a spear, a blow in a jump. You will probably die after one or two hits. The best strategy is to use thrown weapons. If he approaches and tries to attack, roll behind him. If you can keep a safe distance from him after the jump, you can land a few hits. It is important to dodge all his attacks.

NOTE. If you fight him and kill him, you can level up. Use the obelisk for this.

Whether you fight the guard or not, head east, outside the cave, to enter a new area. You can find ore along the way.

Greymoss Mire

You will be outside again. And here is a new bush with leaves (not herbs). Ahead, you will also find an obelisk. You can replenish your health and items by resting at the obelisk. If you defeated that same guard, we recommend that you return to the camp and level up. In the end, you will be able to quickly return to the same place. Continue straight ahead and search another bush. Then head down into the valley to face the first boss. Pretty easy enemy.

Boss Fight: Urix, Ear Necklace

Urix the Ear Necklace is your first "real" boss fight in the game (in other words, losing this fight will actually kill you). This is a lumbering beast that will thoroughly test your combat skills. Each of his attacks takes a lot of health points, although it is quite easy to dodge Uryx's attacks. The main thing is to choose the right moment to dodge.

Boss Fight: Urix, Ear Necklace

A great skill test for beginners: he hits hard, but his attacks are pretty easy to dodge. Of course, if you understand what to do. Uryx can lunge with his sword towards you, swing his weapon over his head, or attack while jumping. While his health is above half, he will only perform one of the listed attacks.

You can easily dodge any of these attacks and then poke him from behind. This is what needs to be done. It is best to counter him after he makes a jump attack as you will have more time to hit him from behind. Don't be greedy. The maximum that you can afford after the opponent's jump is to hit him twice. Three times is too many and dangerous! However, if you are fast, you can land three hits (depending on weapon and class). I recommend sticking to no more than two attacks to ensure your safety.

As soon as you drop his health below half of his maximum, the boss's moveset will change. He will use the same attacks, but now after the first, he will immediately perform the second. For example, after a swing overhead strike, he performs two strikes in front of him, followed by a quick uppercut with his sword after a lunge. More importantly, after his jump attack, he can quickly turn around and attack you with a second strike. If you do not notice his intentions, he will severely punish you.

Naturally, you will have to be treated with the help of flasks, but I want to note that the flask is applied quite quickly. Not only does it drink quickly, but it also restores a health bar quite cheerfully in general, so after healing, you are guaranteed to withstand at least one hit. The smartest thing to do is use a poison bomb. The urix is ​​highly susceptible to poisonous effects. This bomb will not only exhaust the boss but will also be of great help to you, especially after the enemy’s health drops below 25%. Then he will start doing some incredibly long combos, so it's best to apply a poison effect and stay away from the enemy.

Another thing you should do when his health drops below half is to use ranged attacks. They deal good damage to the first boss and should be used after Uryx's move set becomes much more difficult and expands. Save your ammo for the second half of the fight, and in between shots (hammer throws and so on), throw poison or incendiary bombs. Keep your distance and finish Uryx without any problems. As soon as you kill this monster, you will receive an artifact and an achievement.

After the fight, go to the cave on the right. Go down to the very bottom to find a corpse. Take a new tool from the corpse - the hook of the Inquisition. As the game itself will suggest, we can now use this grappling hook on the twinkling dots to get over obstacles or climb high ground.

You will need to use a hook to get out of here. To do this, you need to jump at the flickering point so that it is highlighted with a white circle, and press Shift so that the hero is attracted to it. Walk forward and use the hook twice to get to the chest. Open and take the artifact.

Note. Artifacts are equipped in the main character's inventory (ESC key and not the equipment menu, but the inventory). Do it right now to get some benefits. You have three slots for artifacts, so you won't have to think about which one to choose just yet. On the console, I figured it out, but on the PC, I kept choosing one slot for the artifact. I was never able to switch to the left or right slot, only to the middle one, and I had to use one.

Go forward and leave the cave. Take a look around before moving on to the next section. Above the entrance to the cave, you can see a capture point. Climb up there and find several platforms. One of them has a bag on it, so be sure to search it. There is also an obelisk here, which you must use to return to the Valley. So do it, because the collected salt will be enough to increase the level of the main character!

Valley of Forgiveness

Returning, you can go to the statue at the top left and pump the level of the character. By not killing the Green Guardian, but by killing the boss, I was able to level up from one to three. But first, talk to the captain to find out about your next target. We are given a choice! Hera will talk about a Pyromancer named Arzhan-Tin and Caelus Zenda.

There is a hook point above the captain. Use the grappling hook to find the Innocence Shard. Previously, you couldn't get to it. Take a shard, and then upgrade the hero. and don't forget to go to the skill tree to unlock new ones. For each new level, you get 1 skill point.

There is a ladder to the left of the statue to level up. Climb up it and use the grappling hook on the top left. Thanks to this, you will find a bag of full moon incense.

Also, find a blacksmith to upgrade both melee and ranged weapons at least once. Be sure to upgrade your throwing weapons. It is very important!

Ashbourne village and surroundings

Let's spend some time researching. Let's start with the Craterstone Mines. Return to the place where you defeated the first boss and the pyromancer. From here, head to the right and use the grappling hook on the grapple point above the cave. Now enter the mines.

Craterstone Mines

Search the resource rocks and note the large door that cannot be opened. The strange thing is that there is no clue. Above the door is a capture point. Kill the archer and search the chest for 5 Cursed Pages. On the right, you can find ore and a sealed door that can be opened. It leads to the "Stonehall Dungeon", but for now we ignore it and continue to explore the mines.

Go back a little and climb up a few platforms. There will be a few archers here, as well as a lot of scullins and brutes. You may have seen them before when you were chasing a pyromancer. To the right, there is a stream of wind, but so far you do not have a suitable tool. Come back, but don't rush. If you climb a little up and to the left, you will find the path that the pyromancer was hiding. The road leads back to the Greymoss Mire, so you can ignore this path.

With that said, go up a bit and head right. Mine the ore, then go even higher and turn left to another ore source. Climb up and kill the archers, opening a hidden passage to the village of Ashbourne.

Ashbourne village

And we've been here before. The path to the left leads to a man who wants us to talk to a tree, and above and to the right is a square. Climb up there right now and kill the enemies wandering around the square. At the top right is the capture point. Use it to find and talk to the person who points to the sealed doors. You will also get a new emote from it. The NPCs have nothing more to say, but the door below us may be open, and behind it is the "Archridge District". Again, ignore the passage for now and continue exploring the area. Return to the castle gate. Remember that sealed door we opened in the south? There are platforms to the right of the small building. Use them and open that very door. Pass through it.

Magicians come back to life

From this point on, you will start to face the magicians that you killed earlier. In our case, the Cryomancer and Pyromancer returned to life, but now they have become ordinary, easier enemies. They have the same combat mechanics as before: run away, leaving minions in their place. However, after the first victory, that's all the magicians will do. Ultimately, you can fight them again, but they don't have a specific arena. That is, you need to either ignore them or pursue them until you finally finish them off.

This is done so that you can knock out the necessary resources from them. Take, for example, a cryomancer and a pyromancer. Most likely, you did not have enough materials to make some things in the forge, so the game offers to kill new enemies. You will be able to collect more materials for crafting and upgrades. Crafting materials from the Pyromancer will allow you to create light armor, the Cryomancer - heavy armor.

It is best to write down on a separate sheet the list of resources that you need to craft items in the forge and pursue only the necessary mages. Minions will drop a lot of useful resources. You can also kill the magician himself. One last thing: be careful with your weapons and armor when fighting them again. It's very easy to forget and keep a fire sword on you and then try to kill a fire mage with it. Etc.

Move on and collect the ore. Walk right to another ore. There is also a trap on the field, and on the right, you can find a Shimmering Bud and a Salt Shard. Shimmering Bud is an upgrade material (the first one I found). From here, go left to return to the Greymoss Mire area (pass past where you fell down). This path will lead to a chest that was impossible to open before. Inside it will be a lot of useful items. Open it to find hunter's daggers, throwing knives, Dalen's hood, Dalen's armor, Dalen's gloves, Dalen's boots.

From here, you can jump onto the platform on the bottom left (just drop down on it), then use the grapple point on the top left. Use the item on the ground (it opens a grapple point below you) and then talk to the NPC. Be sure to answer "YES"! you are recognized as worthy, you will receive a new emote, and also join the Order of the Dawn. Also, get a new achievement.

Now go back and up the stairs to the Castle Gate. Kill the archer again and follow up to the Talking Tree, which was reported by the man. Climb up a few platforms and see a tree with a face. Go ahead and talk to him. It wants us to go to Bol Geran. Agree to get a new rune and an achievement.

  • New location discovered: Bol Geran

Thus, a new story location will appear, but we have not studied everything in this place. To begin with, we go to the right, to the Archridge area. Go down and move to the right side to get to the location.

Area Archridge

At this location, we will face new enemies. There is an undead lumberjack who likes to wallow and pretend to be dead. Pretty strong enemy. Above him, we see an undead guardian who will have to be killed. He likes to shoot with a crossbow, so close the distance as soon as possible. After that, climb up and kill the lumberjack, and then examine the bag lying on the floor, behind the stairs, to get some loot. Come back and climb up.

Head left, kill the lumberjack and the bloated corpse (an easy target for ranged weapons), then go right and jump onto the falling platform to reach the chest to the right. Inside it has a LOT of useful items: a wooden crossbow, a steel rapier, a swordsman's hat, a swordsman's vest, suede gloves, and suede trousers. You can also push off the right wall to jump higher and search for the small bag of silver. Now you can use the hook to go back to the left.

Walk left and go up the stairs. Now you need to go up (to the left is a dead end) to get to the fork. We can continue climbing or go to the door on the left. First, go to the door on the left. There is a guard here who will have to be killed. After that, search the bush with berries. From here you can go in two directions - up and down. First, let's go down. Fall down the platforms or use the ladders. On the way you will meet a guard who needs to be killed. Continue descending (remembering that you can use the right stick to move the camera). In the end, you will find yourself at the chest and stairs, which can be lowered to shorten the path. Let's do it! Open the chest to find the Ranger Armor: Ranger Hood, Leather Carapace, Ranger Gloves, Ranger Boots, and the Hunter's Cross Spear. Great catch! Climb up and find an area with a sack that you can search.

After that, go right and enter the house. Now you can go down (back to the fork in the path) behind another bag lying in the open space. You can go higher. Let's do this and go to the door on the right (note that there is a ledge above us that we cannot reach - with another ladder that we will need to knock down later). Go outside using the door on the right. There is a bloated corpse and another victim of the magician. If you interact with her, then start the next hunt for the mage and get the message: "Mage name found: destroy Kundry Kahn." We will deal with this later, but for now, we will continue the research.

Make your way past the corpse and up two platforms. Before moving on, note that there is a grapple point on the left leading to a semi-hidden chest. Use the hook and search the chest. Find a simple key and 3 ashpirs.

Go back upstairs and re-enter the house. Go down and kill the lumberjacks on the left so you can knock down the ladder you saw earlier. Climb up and stop in front of the fork. You can go left or up. Let's go upstairs first. In the course of the ascent, you will find a passage on the left, but ignore it for now. You need to find a way further by pushing off the wall. At the top right there will be a place to grab. Use it to get to the bag with 3 frospears.

Jump to the platform and go left. Jump to the left (some damage) and go to the house on the left, killing two woodcutters (the right path leads to where you came from). This path leads to a closed door that looks like the one in the cave guarded by the green guard. It will open when you kill three mages. Just keep that in mind. Climb down and note that there is a lumberjack and a bloated corpse on the path to the right. This path also leads back to where we came from.

Let's go to the left. Head back outside where you can lower another ladder. Now we can go to the left, back to the village of Ashbourne. Do this and go left to the place where the leaves are collected. However, along the way, you will meet a powerful enemy - a rusty knight. It deals a lot of damage, so use arrows and bombs to quickly kill the enemy. And do not stand near the ledges, otherwise, he will throw you off them. Once you kill him, search the stones and pull the lever on the left (the door is locked). Follow down to find a chest. Inside it, you can find exotic yarn and some iron ore (5).

From here you can go to the bush in the lower-left corner. Note that this path leads back to where you met the trader earlier. This means that the entire northern part of this area has been explored (although a few doors have been found that cannot be opened yet). But that is not all. If you remember, we never got into the Stonehall dungeon. Let's go to it! But first, you can relax in the Valley and level up.

Stonehall Dungeon

Do you remember where this place is? There was a closed-door in the mines, but we had already opened it. Go back there and go through it. To the right is a guard guarding a chest with a shimmering bud. From here move to the left. A new enemy will appear - an undead knight. This is a powerful enemy and has a fast melee attack with the hilt of a two-handed sword, so be careful and beware of his long strikes. Behind him is another guard, top left. See? Kill him and find a lever a little further away from that you need to lower to create a short path to the swamp with the obelisk. Return to the dungeon and go downstairs, where you will find the bag. A little further on, on a ledge, there is a chest with a large, crude blade. A good weapon if you are building a strength-based build!

Jump down and pay attention to the door, which now we cannot open. To the right is a pit with two knights. A very dangerous connection. You can kill them, but the area is very dangerous. Worse, if you keep going, you will run into the green guardian found earlier in the cave. This area is very dangerous! But further than these enemies will be a bag. If you continue to go up to the left, you will find another victim of the magician. Interact with her to get the message "New Mage Name Discovered: Destroy Varren Ovryn".

If you continue climbing, then you will find yourself in a familiar area. So, we did a lot of research around the village and found two victims of magicians. Definitely now is the best time to return to the Valley and level up, and improve your weapons and tools. Also, be sure to check out the herbalist.


If you haven't already done so, visit an herbalist to share your findings with her. You will get new potions by showing her the items you found. Mist turns into Mist's Brew. The leaves turn into "Antidote". You will also have the option to upgrade your tools. Expand the capacity of throwing projectiles, and get two more healing vials. Good help for the upcoming battles! In addition, for the first upgrade of tools, you will receive another achievement.

You can also meet with the Knight of the "Order of the Dawn". She went to her own hut near the mirror stone. Talk to the woman to find out her name is "Sunshine Knight Beatrice" and she will give you a Pale Candle. You can buy some items from her, but this heavy armor is for a higher level. But in the future, be sure to buy (if you are building a build based on strength). It's time to go hunting!