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Salt and Sacrifice Walkthrough - Dreadstone Peak Guide

 We tell you how to find all the story items and defeat the main bosses at Dreadstone Peak

There are only two locations left to go. Dreadstone Peak takes a big step up in the difficulty of Salt and Sacrifice. There are many really strong enemies here that will attack you relentlessly. For bosses, I generally keep quiet. On the other hand, you should be pretty well trained by now, especially if you've done some extra research and killed all the mages.

How to get to Dreadstone Peak

To access Dreadstone Peak, you need to use the glowing stone at the top of the Great Tree in the Corvius Swamps. To do this, you need to defeat Marega Gredanya, after which you can take a glowing stone, and then destroy the Bleeding Heart that blocks the path to the desired circle. Once you get the rune combination, you can travel to Dreadstone Peak through the Mirror Gate in the Valley of Forgiveness.

How to get to Dreadstone Peak

Path of the White Cliff

Head east, climbing the walls with the grappling hook. Cling to the building, picking up loot along the way. Touch the obelisk to save progress, and then enter the building, but be ready to fight the enemy. Open the cut. Move to the temple in the east and fight the Two That Remain.

How to Defeat the Two That Remain

In this battle, you fight against two people: Uros Living Will and Tenur Valiant Blade. Uros - the one with the bull's head.

Uros Basic Attacks:

  • Charged Axe: Uros attacks with an ax lying on the ground. You can roll over this attack, but it has a huge hitbox.
  • Downstroke: Uros thrusts his ax firmly.
  • Uppercut: In this attack, Uros literally plunges an ax into the air using both hands.
  • Leaping Strike: Once the couple's health drops to half, after the jump, Uros will immediately attack, using the tip of the ax or its butt and hitting the ground.
  • Runic Explosions: When Uros is close to death, he will smash the ground with his axe, causing runes to float in the air on either side of him. After a short period of time, they will explode.

Tenur's main attacks:

  • Sword Strike: Raises the sword high and then slashes at you.
  • Jump Back: Tenur jumps back and immediately throws his sword forward.
  • Uppercut: Tenur swings his sword in the air.
  • Kick: A simple kick that can lift you into the air.
  • Light Projectiles: At low health, Tenur can jump into the air and fire a ball of light at you. When he is close to death, he shoots more balls. The balls will not follow you for long.

Battle strategy.

The vast majority of attacks you will face in this fight are very easy to dodge. The problem is that you are attacked by two enemies at once. You won't even be able to really separate them, because in this case, both can make a jump and quickly return to the thick of the battles. Ultimately, jumping will be accompanied by an attack. Don't panic, act confidently and the battle will soon be over. You will have time to heal. Both bosses have attacks after which you can punish them. There will be plenty of time to learn their attacks early in the fight before they become more aggressive. The pair share a health bar - you can't make the fight easier by quickly finishing one of them. If you kill, then both at the same time.

Find an Aetherweave Arrow

Head east from the boss arena and use the grappling hook to reach the higher levels of the temple. To the east, there are several ledges that you can jump onto the wall and a small room next to a constantly updraft. Examine the corpse in the small room to get an Aetherweave Arrow. This is the final tool of the Inquisitor that you can use to access new areas. To use an Aetherweave Arrow, press the block button while in the air.

Temple of the Eleven

When you first arrive at this location, you will find a huge temple and plenty of room to explore, although the rest of the area will be blocked by doors. And you already know what that means! The first and only mage hunt you can take on right now is halfway up the temple, on the west side, under the capture point. Use the sacrifice to learn about the neuromancer. Neuromancer hunting will take you all over the temple - use this opportunity to defeat enemies and collect loot. We talk more about mages in a separate guide.

Defeating one mage, you can open the sealed door at the very top of the temple - usually, this is where the neuromancer will decide to deal with you (stop running away). Behind the door, you will find the victim of the chronomancer. To move to the last area of ​​the region, you need to defeat two more magicians. You have options: Chronomancer, Umbramancer, Diablomancer, and Dracomancer. All of them are available after defeating the Neuromancer and obtaining the Aetherweave Arrow.

Apart from the Chronomancer, which is located atop the Temple of Eleven, the rest of the mages are located in technically optional areas, but it makes sense to describe them all in detail since the chase will take you through all the locations. We have collected them below. The only exception is the umbramancer, which significantly increases the difficulty of the battle.

old annex

To access this area, you need to open the sealed door on the first floor of the Temple of the Eleven. This requires one mage heart. Move down and eventually, you will find a large updraft under a wooden platform. Fall down and use the ether arrow to survive the fall. Talk to the man to unlock the Feast of Chaos faction. Head west and use the updraft and grapple combination to get a chest with a high blade set and a steel blade. A little to the northwest of this point is the entrance to Pilgrim's Retreat. Ignore him and go up the narrow passage. Activate the magnesin pulley and you can go hunting for the Dracomante.

Pilgrim's refuge

Open the door in the old outhouse described above. Climb over the gap. Here you will find invisible enemies that spit ice, so be careful and be ready to dodge at any moment. If you head west on the upper level, you'll find a hunting ground for Nephael Mos, a local diablomancer. Turn around and drop down into the gap you just jumped over. Keep going down until you come to a choice between a wooden staircase and a stone staircase to the west. A wooden staircase leads to a cut at the White Cliffs. If you go east instead of the stairs, then using the glowing stone and the ethereal point, you will reach the Blasphemer's Refuge.

Blasphemer's Sanctuary

Jump down immediately and open the main doors so you don't have to use the glowstone again. The huge enemies in Blasphemer's Sanctuary hit hard and hurt, have a lot of health, but their attacks are pretty easy to dodge. Be careful with their ice blasts - roll back when they use this ability. Go to the east wall on the floor and you will reach a door leading to an obelisk and an updraft. Ride the updraft and make a precise jump from the wall above to reach the bag. It contains an exotic strand. The door behind him opens a shortcut to the old outhouse.

Back in the main room of the Vault, jump off the platforms near the door. You will reach several enemies and a bag of loot. The stairs to the east only lead to enemies, so head down the platforms to the west instead. Continue moving west to find a long fragile platform. Run across it and be ready to grab the abyss at the end to get an artifact and other loot. The nearest door leads to the lower part of Pilgrim's Retreat.

Dropdown under the platforms east of this long platform to find an obelisk. Take a breather as a dangerous and challenging challenge awaits you with capture points. Head east and grab onto the top of the room. Successfully completing the challenge will result in a bag of blue mushroom and a cut. If you choose Updraft, you will have to fight Inquisitor Selet (side quest). We ignored him.

There are many enemies on the ground in this room, and the east exit leads to crafting materials. The west direction leads to another part of Pilgrim's Retreat. This area leads to a magnesin pulley, which will allow you to connect different regions. It is also a great place to mine consumables.

Shooting star

After defeating at least three mages in the area, including the Neuromancer, you will be able to access the Shooting Star, which is located in the sky above the White Cliff and the Temple of Eleven. To get there, head west from the sealed door at the top of the Temple of Eleven, where the hunt for the Chronomancer has begun. Grab onto the large weights hanging in the sky, then climb onto the floating ship wreck. The only way to get inside is the entrance to the west.

Once inside, head west to find an obelisk. From here, go upstairs, and then get over to the east, above the entrance through which you got inside. Start making your way up the ship, making a small detour to open a handy door leading outside. Head northeast to get to the loot bag. Go back a little until you reach a large gap that leads to a staircase leading northwest. There is a barely visible grapple point that you can use to get across to the other side. Then there's a little platformer-style challenge that involves running across a destructible platform and over it. You will have to fall into the hole, aiming to the left to get to the highest ledge, instead of falling down and breaking. Keep moving up and you'll soon reach a door outside.

Once outside, immediately head northwest to find a bag of loot. Jump off the west side of the ship using the ether arrow to survive and open the door below - it leads to a ledge above the obelisk. Now return to the main part of the ship and go to the deck - a boss fight awaits you.

How to defeat Kraaxenar, the Sky Worm

This big and dangerous dragon will be a real challenge. However, if you have leveled well and trained against more difficult mages, you will have no problems with this vile creature.

Kraaxenar's Basic Attacks

  • Frost Breath: The Kraaxenar will rise into the air and slowly drift across the arena with flames forming in its mouth. After a few seconds, he will release a huge jet. To avoid this, go under the dragon and position yourself behind before he exhales.
  • Soaring Ice Breath: The boss will fly up and immediately start breathing frost on the ground. The range of this attack is huge. An attack appears when the dragon has less than half of its total health.
  • Ice Breath: The boss emits a huge jet of ice breath from his mouth. It can target the ground and slightly behind itself, so being behind the dragon is not always safe.
  • Claw Combo: Slash forward quickly followed by a ground slam.
  • Bite: A swift lunge forward with a biting attack. This is a very fast move, so roll when you see an attack coming.
  • Tail Sweep: A melee attack using the tail.

Combat strategy.

Attacks that keep the dragon in the air are a great option for healing or ranged weapons. You can tell if a boss will hit with Ice Breath while you're behind him by the way he's standing when the attack starts. If he is standing straight, the dragon may attack slightly backwards. You have to make transitions. You can prepare and lighten the equipment.

Once the fight is over, make your way past the boss arena, opening up a short path to the northeast corner of the ship, and then speak to the talking tree at the very beginning of the ship. The tree will show you how to get to the Elder Grove, the last region of the game. Swim down the updraft behind the tree to find the Blue Tome of Fates and the pulley that leads to the Temple of the Eleven.