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Survival and crafting in Dread Hunger: Regain hunger, heat and life

 We give you useful information so you know how the hunger, heat, and life meters work in Dread Hunger, how to keep them high, and how to craft items to survive.

Survival and crafting in Dread Hunger: Regain hunger, heat and life

In our complete Dread Hunger guide, we have given you important tips to win the games; however, in this particular post we want to delve into the survival systems that the game presents and that is why we are going to explain in detail how the hunger, heat and life meters work.

On the other hand, we also clarify how you can access the crafting or crafting system to make objects and more useful tools.

Hunger meter (food)

Hunger meter (food)

The hunger or food meter that always appears in the lower-left part of the screen is the one that is green in color and is represented by the drawing of a piece of meat (if you play as subdued, this icon will be that of a hand, indicating that you are a cannibal).

  • When you start a game this meter always appears full, but as the minutes go by it goes down little by little, slowly but steadily.
  • Once the hunger meter is completely empty, your character's health begins to gradually weaken.

The only way to increase the hunger meter and restore it is by eating consumable food. Food can be cooked in the ship's oven (turning it on first) and from this, it is possible to prepare the most beneficial food for your character, such as meat stews.

However, you can also eat off the ship if you're in a hurry. To do this, it is best to create a fire and cook raw meat, since after cooking it will be more nutritious. In case you cannot cook it, it is also useful to eat it raw, something is something. But remember, it is very important that if you are an explorer you do not eat raw human meat, as this will turn you into a cannibal and has a serious disadvantage for you (if you are a submissive you can eat it, but make sure that others do not see you so that don't suspect you).

Body heat meter (temperature)

Body heat meter (temperature)

The body heat meter that always appears in the lower-left part of the screen is the one with the color blue and is represented by the drawing of a flame.

This gauge represents your character's heat and body temperature, which always starts with him at maximum. Unfortunately, the cold of the Arctic is unforgiving and that is why little by little you will get colder and the meter will drop unless you remedy it by approaching heat sources that recover the temperature. If the heat goes down all the way, your character's health begins to suffer.

The speed at which the heat meter rises is directly related to the weather conditions around you and is divided into 3 levels :

  • Heat Recovery Level 1 – Activates when you are near small heat sources such as a lantern or campfire, or when you are on the ship during the day and the heating has been turned on in the captain's quarters.
  • Heat Recovery Level 2 – Activates when you are near multiple small heat sources at night.
  • Heat Recovery Level 3 – Activates only when you are near a significant heat source, such as a Furnace or the Cauldron Room.
Obviously, the closer to these heat sources, the faster the body temperature gauge will rise. Remember that some foods also recover heat, such as meat stew or tea.

And so that you take into account why it descends, keep in mind that the simple fact of being outdoors will make your heat go down. But this is especially noticeable during the nights when it is much colder (so it is recommended to retreat inside the boat).

The cold you suffer is not the same outside as it is inside a cave or abandoned shed, for example, but do not forget that falling into freezing water lowers your heat very quickly and, especially during blizzards, the cold will hit so strong that none of the heat sources mentioned above will serve to protect you.

Life meter (health)

Life meter (health)

The life or health meter that always appears in the lower-left part of the screen is the one that has the color red and is represented with the drawing of a heart.

This indicator is the most important for your character since, obviously, if your health drops completely you will end up knocked down on the ground and if no one rescues you, you will find death. Keeping this status high should be a priority throughout the game, but it can be tricky as it drops for these reasons:

  • When you are attacked by other players or take damage from hostile creatures and wild animals.
  • When you fall from a great height.
  • When you are poisoned by a subject.
  • When your hunger meter or body heat meter has completely dropped.

Life in Dread Hunger recovers over time, simply by waiting, though this process can be faster if your character is fully fueled and not losing heat. In any case, you can also recover life points faster by ingesting some medicines such as laudanum or an antidote.

How to make objects?

The collection of materials and resources during the games is something that has an end in Dread Hunger and that is clearly reflected in the item crafting system.

Manufacturing can be carried out as follows:

  • You can go to any workbench to craft items with the materials you have in your current inventory.
  • Under the deck of the ship, there are always two workbenches to use. For the rest of the scenarios, you will be able to find more, generally in abandoned houses, stalls, and others.
  • Note that if a player is using a workbench, you will have to wait for it to finish before you can use it.
  • Additionally, each workbench also houses some inventory slots where you can store materials and leave them there. This allows you to share items with other players.
At workbenches, you can craft ammunition for your weapons, useful tools, or equipment upgrades like the Satchel, for example. Simply by interacting with one, a panel will open that shows you all the available recipes when you move the mouse over each one, indicating the materials that you need in each case (if you already have them, you can proceed to create the object immediately, just takes a few seconds).

Finally, it should be said that the workbench is not the only way to craft items, since, as we mentioned above, the oven found on the ship and the bonfires also allow us to prepare recipes for consumable objects.