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Many will agree with the idea that playing as our favorite character in our favorite game, we want to customize it or change its appearance in order to differ from other players. At one time, the developers of computer games also realized what caused the monetization system in the form of skins and sets. But not all players at the same time want to spend their hard-earned money on some pixels. But there is a way out because many sets really look beautiful and at the same time their price is not very high. In this article, we will share with you a list of the most beautiful and at the same time cheap sets in the Dota 2 game.

Shadows of Ravensmane

This set belongs to the rather popular hero Drow Ranger in the game. Naturally, due to the popularity of Thraxa, there are a huge number of sets for her, from which their cost also leaves much to be desired. Among cheap kits, it is very difficult to find something interesting, because in their case either the idea itself is lame, or its implementation. Shadows of Ravensmane stands out strongly against their background. For less than $2 on average, you'll get a great set with a beautiful cape and adorable shoulder pads that will delight the eye when playing as this hero.

Clan of the Arctic Owlbear

This set for the Lone Druid hero is able to attract attention at first sight. The unique look and low price of around $8 make it a great buy. This set compares favorably with others, who often make it look like the hero was simply repainted while demanding money for it. For a small fee, you will receive an updated hero with a new coat and glasses, as well as an altered form that now looks like a giant owl.

Opus of the Vizier Exile

This set on Dark Seer looks rather modest but stylish. Under the deaf hood on the head, there is a bandage covering the eyes of the hero and decorated with a rune in the form of an eye. But the main feature of the set is a book hanging on the back of the hero, from which an eye protrudes. The cost of a set is on average less than $2.

Dark Reef Escape

This set for Slark costs about $2.5 and is one of the most beautiful sets for this hero. This set is one of the best cheap transformations in almost all of Dota 2. The standard muzzle changes to a strict beautiful shark mouth, torn and sloppy fins become smooth and acquire a pleasant texture, and the weapon is complemented by a small shield with interesting symbols. And while there are not so many parts in the set, the hero changes a lot even when viewed from a third person, which cannot but please the eye.