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The best games within Fall Guys

 One of the things that characterize Fall Guys is that it has other mini-games within it. In other words, you can play any of them and enjoy different game modes. That way you won't get bored of always playing the same thing.

Meet the best games in Fall Guys

Choosing the best games within Fall Guys is quite a difficult task. All the games it offers are good because they have excellent playability and fun. Therefore, this may depend on the taste of each player. However, here we will mention some of them:

  • Door Board – In this level, you will have to cross a wide variety of doors that come your way. Aiming to reach the finish line, before the other opponents. This way you will have the opportunity to qualify for the next round.
  • Jumping Club - This minigame is a type of solo event, in which you must avoid falling off the platform. To do this, you will have to jump and avoid the rollers, while the platforms fall.
Meet the best games in Fall Guys

  • Hit Parade : In this fun test, the 60 players have to try to overcome each obstacle that appears in the way of the race, and thus be able to reach the finish line first.
  • Majareta Mountain – This is definitely one of the favorite games as it is a final test and you will have to run to the top and reach the giant golden crown. You must run as fast as you can, managing to avoid each obstacle or ball that comes your way.