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Best OSRS DPS Calculators

Best OSRS DPS Calculators

Old School RuneScape may look simple on the surface because it technically is; however, there is some complexity and deep mechanics hidden there. This is true even for the combat; while the war in Old School RuneScape is click-based and slightly turn-based, there are still some underlying mechanics to it. It also sorts plays like a more advanced game of rock paper scissors.

Whenever it comes to combat in any game, you can guarantee people will find the best weapon combinations to make the game easier. This is very important in Old School RuneScape. The better your DPS (Damage Per Second), the faster you can farm enemies and continue earning OSRS gold. Your DPS is based on your damage output, chance to hit, enemy defenses, etc.

It can be hard to try and figure out what your DPS is in-game; this is where DPS calculators come in. This list will explain why these are some of the best DPS calculators for Old School RuneScape.

Ready!? Let’s hop into one of the most famous Old School RuneScape DPS calculators.

Old School Tools


  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Most popular option
  • Can import character for quick use


  • It could provide a bit more information

This DPS calculator is probably one of the most popular ones to use. And rightfully so. It offers easy-to-digest information and has a great layout. Not only that, it offers all the OSRS items and stats customization that you need to figure out your DPS against an enemy or player. You can also type in your username and quickly import your character. This eliminates the need to find all the OSRS items each time you want to test out your DPS.

If you are looking for a DPS calculator that is simple and effective, then this is a good one to start with.

Bitterkoekje's DPS Calculator


  • Lots of information
  • Always up to date


  • A little hard to understand

This is probably the most detailed DPS calculator that you will find. It is also updated quite regularly. However, there is a huge learning curve to try and understand this DPS calculator. With so much information on the screen, it is easy to become overwhelmed and not know what to do. According to other Old School RuneScape players, this is a very effective and detailed DPS calculator.



  • Clean Layout
  • Data from Bitterkoekje and OSRS Wiki


  • Last updated in January

This is another great OSRS DPS calculator that is probably my overall favorite due to how clean and simple it is to use. Even more so than Old School Tools' DPS calculator. It has everything you need. Bonuses from potions and Dharok. It also lets you compare two different gear sets to see which one does more damage. It also provides a percentage for how much better the other one is. Little things like this are essential. Knowing you increased your damage by 10% is enough to feel you accomplished something.

After all, a 10% increase in damage can be a lot. That 10% could be just what you need to defeat a boss or save valuable time to collect more OSRS gold. There is not a single bad thing about this calculator other than it being last updated a few months ago, at the time of this writing.



  • Two sets for comparison
  • Great layout
  • Provides basic DPS information


  • No selection for Dharok's bonus?
  • Missing additional settings and customization

The last one on this list is from OSRS-DPS, not to be confused with the above OSRS-DPS. These are two different calculators. This calculator is great if you are looking for something simple to use and want the essential information. Sadly, this calculator is missing some important features that all the others have. Like being able to import your character, choose health points, or select Dharok's bonus. Everything else seems to work flawlessly, but there might be problems with when it was last updated. It may be out of date compared to others on this list, but nothing is known for sure.

Are there better DPS calculators on this list? For sure. However, is this one still suitable? Absolutely. If this calculator ever receives an update that adds on the missing features, then this will easily be up there with one of the big ones.


That's all of the Old School RuneScape DPS calculators that offer plenty of information and customization. Many of these calculators have a lot of information to process and can be somewhat hard to understand and get used to. Old School Tools' DPS calculator is probably the easiest to understand from the list above. However, Bitterkoekje's DPS calculator is packed with tons of information that other DPS calculators don't have. Old School RuneScape is about grinding efficiently; knowing your damage can make grinding OSRS go much smoother and faster.

If you have any suggestions on some RuneScape 3 calculators that might have been missed, sound off in the comments.