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They find a secret path in Colosseo, the new Overwatch 2 map

They find a secret path in Colosseo, the new Overwatch 2 map

 One of the most anticipated sequels in recent years, Overwatch 2, has finally reached the public. Or rather, its closed beta has arrived, in which you had to get one of the keys to be able to test it for 3 weeks before the Overwatch league starts, which will also be played in this version of the title. The most well-known streamers within Overwatch are already exploring the game in-depth, which has resulted in the secrets of some new scenarios already being discovered, as is the case today.

A shortcut allows you to go through a part of the map in a few seconds

It all started when the renowned streamer xQc, who has reached 300,000 viewers at a time thanks to the Overwatch 2 beta, was playing the new Colosseo map. This new scenario, set in Rome, presents the novelty of being one of the few with the Push game mode, a mode exclusive to the sequel. In this mode, teams must push a charge towards their base, somewhat like the escort mode but on two sides.

The streamer was playing Mercy when he was forced to back up to cover from enemy fire. After jumping through some fences to what seemed like certain death, xQc realized that he could lean on a small railing, which allowed him to jump and glide to a more advanced area of ​​the map, where his team was waiting for him. . His reaction, which you can see below, was one of complete surprise, excited to have first discovered, and in front of a large audience, a shortcut inside one of the new Overwatch 2 maps.

Although this shortcut is somewhat situational, it is clear that it can be used in desperate measures, especially when repositioning. Although it should be noted that this could be considered an exploit and that it will be fixed in the final version of the game, so do not assume that this shortcut will always work.

What if it is clear that Overwatch 2 is being a success on the Twitch platform and FPS fans want to return to this world. At the moment we know little about the final version, apart from the inclusion of a possible battle pass. What is clear is that Blizzard intends to balance the game around 5v5 games, which will be the new standard. That is why they have made sure to, for example, adjust all the old maps to this new format to adjust it competitively. Have you been able to play the Overwatch 2 beta yet? What have been your first impressions?