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Trek to Yomi All endings and decisions

 In Trek to Yomi, you have to make different decisions during the story and can thus get different endings. We explain how you can unlock all the endings.

Trek to Yomi All endings and decisions with video

Unlock all endings

Extremely important: The article explains and shows all endings of Trek to Yomi, as well as different choices in the gameplay. So the spoiler warning is out.

There are a total of 4 different endings in Trek to Yomi, including a secret ending. For all trophies and achievements, you also have to unlock all endings.

All decisions and effects

During the course of the game you have to make a decision at three points in the game. There are always 3 options to choose from.

The first two decisions you make in the story have no effect on the end of the game. Only the decision at the end of the sixth chapter decides the end.

In the final decision you have to choose from the following three options:

  • choose love
  • Choose the duty
  • reject the gifts

The first two options are self-explanatory. With "Choose Love" you get the Path of Love's ending and with "Choose Duty" you get the ending "Path of Duty". However, if you choose "Reject the Gifts", you will receive the "Way of Wrath" ending.

If you don't want to play through the game 3 times, you can save your save in the cloud or on a USB stick in the sixth chapter before the boss fight. When you finish the story, you overwrite the active save with your backup save, so you're back in front of the boss of the sixth chapter and can then make a different decision.

Unlock the secret ending

If you want to unlock the secret ending, you need to defeat the boss "Shogun Kagerou" at the end of the third chapter.

Extremely important: You must create a manual save before the boss and save it in the cloud or on a USB stick. The boss's fight against Kagerou is actually made for you to lose. The screenshot below shows you the exact point in the third chapter where you should save your save manually in the cloud or on a USB stick. Don't miss this point:

Here you are just before the fight against Kagerou starts.
Here you are just before the fight against Kagerou starts.

If you do miss it, pause the game at the beginning of the fight and close the game. You can then save your save.

As soon as you take a hit from Kagerou, immediately load the last checkpoint. After the second or at most the third hit, a video sequence follows. Once the sequence starts, you can no longer repeat the boss fight. Then you have to use your backup save.