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Trick to get the Infallible trophy in Fall Guys: win 5 consecutive games

Trick to get the Infallible trophy in Fall Guys: win 5 consecutive games

 Fall Guys has revolutionized social networks with hundreds of videos where players showed their bad luck. This battle royale features some crazy gameplay and fun falls, but now players will have an incentive if they learn how to use the Big Yeetus, a giant hammer. Mediatonic has many plans for the next season with new challenges and challenges to complicate the game. With practice, players have found the tricks to overcome each level and many have thus achieved the Infallible trophy which implies winning 5 consecutive races. Do you want to know what the trick is?

How to get the Infallible trophy

At this point, it goes without saying that Fall Guys is not a difficult game. Its controls are simple and by playing you learn some tricks to qualify without problems. Jumps that seem impossible, using the perfect timing to endure in Hexagonia, or propelling yourself with the blades to the finish line in La Pirindola are just some of them. But Mediatonic made sure to create a trophy within the reach of the best players.

It's called the Infallible trophy and it consists of winning 5 consecutive races, a very difficult goal for any user. In principle, this means that the player has to win 5 crowns in a row without being eliminated in any round. However, there is a small gap in this trophy that makes it easier to get.

The win counter is reset the moment the player is disqualified. This does not include if you drop out of the match due to connection issues or quit. So if you find it impossible to win a round and you don't want to miss out on the Infallible trophy, just exit the game before the stage ends. This action will prevent the win counter from resetting and will give you more options to get this trophy that seems impossible for many players.

It is undoubtedly a game error that allows you to do the trick and that will only help you in the previous rounds since the final will have to be won on your own merits. You also have to be very careful in the final to avoid your elimination, but you have to recognize that the chances of success are greater.

Technically it shouldn't be like that and could be considered cheating. At least until Mediatonic realizes the mistake and puts a remedy. Despite this little help, the player still has to prove his skill in the last test.