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V Rising Beginner's Guide: How to Find a Place to Build a Castle, Change Blood Type, Use Fast Travel and the Blood Altar


V Rising Beginner's Guide: How to Find a Place to Build a Castle, Change Blood Type, Use Fast Travel and the Blood Altar

V Rising is a new gothic project from Stunlock Studios that will require the player to work hard to survive and craft in a large hostile world. For many users, some mechanics may seem very complicated, as the game has many functions and features. In this guide, we've put together some helpful tips and tricks for beginners to make playing V Rising easier.

How to choose the right server

How to choose the right server

When starting V Rising for the first time, the player is prompted to select the appropriate server type. Each of them is divided into two types:

  • PvE (player versus environment) - you can not attack other users, damage, and steal their items.
  • PvP (player versus player) - you can attack other players, as well as raid castles.

In addition to the standard types of servers, there are additional settings that allow you to adjust some features of the game world: the amount of equipment lost after death, the available time for raids, the amount of resources when collecting, and much more.

As a starting position for beginners, it is recommended to choose PvE mode and learn the basic mechanics. If you want to increase the complexity and expand the gameplay, the user must select PvP. To start the game, connect to any available server or start your own game, and set up all the conditions for yourself.

How to Learn Sunlight Warning Signs

The most common cause of character death is exposure to sunlight. It is deadly, so during the game day, the hero needs to stay in the shadows as long as possible. Unlike other projects, in V Rising the sun has a physical model that is constantly moving.

When a celestial body moves, all shadows will also change their position. Try not to leave the hero in an open area for a long time. If he is under the influence of the rays, then after a short period of time he will begin to receive very large damage. Special warning signs will help to avoid injury:

  1. A special visual effect will begin to emanate from the character.
  2. A large beam of light will appear, falling down from the sky straight at the hero.
  3. The screen will become brighter over time.
  4. A sound effect will be played that will get louder over time.
When any of the four effects appear, the player needs to run to the dark area as soon as possible, otherwise, the hero will die rather quickly.

How to find a suitable place to build a castle

The building mechanic is one of the most important in any survival game. V Rising is no exception. The player can build a large castle in which to store essentials. Unlike other games like Valheim, you can't just build a structure here.

First of all, you need to place the Heart of the castle. Depending on the chosen server settings, one or two Castle Hearts are available to the player at any given time, so it is very important to spend some time finding a suitable place to build a safe zone and exploring the starting area - Farbane Woods (Farbane Woods).

Any territories with hills are always a priority for building a dwelling since the natural landscape will allow you to protect yourself from enemy attacks. The environment should also be taken into account. It is advisable to build a castle near the key points for collecting resources. Also, the player will later be able to place the Waygate, which will allow you to quickly move from one point to another.

How to use weapons to extract resources

Equipment in V Rising is an important part of the game. It not only defines the types of attacks that the character can use but also makes combat and resource extraction easier. The hero's weapon also functions as a mining tool:

  1. The ax is best suited for cutting down trees and getting wood.
  2. The sword is needed to clear the area of ​​vegetation.
  3. The mace is needed to obtain stone and ore from rocks.
Each weapon in combat has its own positive and negative features. The starting tools do not differ much from each other, however, in the process of upgrading them, the player will learn unique special attacks and skills. This will help determine the purpose for each weapon and highlight the best ones for combat and gathering materials.

What does blood affect V Rising? How to change blood type

In the process of eating from enemies, the character's blood type changes. In this case, the hero receives some features of the enemy class:

  1. "Worker" (Worker) - increases the amount of production and improves harvesting.
  2. "Creature" (Creature) - increases the speed of movement and increases resistance to sunlight.
  3. "Rogue" (Rogue) - improves the chance of a critical hit and possible damage.

It should be borne in mind that when draining the same blood from opponents, the character loses useful properties in the current situation. The world is changing, and each type of red liquid is perfect for completely different situations. Before embarking on a journey, it is recommended to find suitable blood, otherwise, further adventures can be much more difficult.

Prepare for every battle

Vardoran is a very dangerous place even for experienced players. Proper preparation will help to avoid additional problems in battle. In addition to choosing a blood type, the hero must stock up on suitable equipment. First of all, accumulate an ointment from parasites, which will allow you to heal without the use of blood.

It is recommended to plan all major battles only at night, as the character will be able to fight enemies more effectively. The dark time of the day will allow you to fight without worrying about the sunlight, so the player does not have to hide in the shadows and guess the right moment to attack.

The best way to navigate the world. All travel options in the game

The game has a variety of vehicles that are available to the vampire in V Rising. Below are some of the most useful:

  1. Traveling with your feet is one of the easiest ways to get around. So the player will be able to perform ordinary actions without additional conditions. Unfortunately, it's not fast at all.
  2. Alternatively, for instant transportation, you must use the Vampire Waygates, which will allow you to instantly move to another point on the map.
  3. The previous method is limited, so you can saddle a horse for long journeys, but you will have to look after it and keep the animal away from dangers.
  4. The character can turn into a wolf. This will greatly increase your movement speed before taking damage or returning to normal.
  5. The player can completely avoid any movement on the ground, turning into a bat.
It is recommended to use different means of transportation and constantly experiment. This will allow you to understand in what situation it is better to use the available types of movements.

Complete quests and use the Blood Altar to progress

V Rising has a series of quests, which is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. At the very beginning of exploring the world, it is recommended to follow the available tasks. This will allow you to get acquainted with the basics of the game and learn a lot of mechanics. At first, such missions are very simple and only require the hero to collect resources to create basic items of equipment. Late quests will become more difficult, and the player will have to independently perform intermediate actions to complete them.

With a lack of knowledge about the current quest, the character must visit the Blood Altar (Blood Altar) - a special building that can be used to track down the bosses of the game. Each of these strong opponents will unlock new abilities, crafting recipes and missions for the hero. If at the moment there is not enough information about quests, then it is advisable to immediately inspect the Bloody Altar. Perhaps at this stage, the boss battle is already available. In this case, it is necessary to fight the enemy and defeat him in order to open further progression.

Check the map for resources

The game map is a useful tool for those new to V Rising. In this project, there is no procedural generation of locations, so each time the user will meet the same territories. There are many points of interest in the game world.

To study them, just hover over the icon and see what is in this zone. This will help the beginner in the process of searching for certain resources and items. It should be borne in mind that, despite the presence of such useful areas, it will be very difficult to get some of the materials.

Learn tips and tricks

Below are some tips and tricks that will make the game much easier for beginners. Study them carefully:

  1. The hero can attack, chop wood, mine stones and perform other actions while holding the LMB.
  2. Trees cast a shadow that hides the character from sunlight. Do not cut down every such plant, otherwise the shadow will disappear and leave the vampire defenseless.
  3. Hover over an enemy to see their current blood type and quality.
  4. Use the Sort button on the inventory windows to neatly arrange items in your backpack. Using this button will not affect anything, only existing items.
  5. Activate the Compulsively Count button while interacting with a chest or other storage to automatically transfer all items from the inventory if they are in the box.
  6. If necessary, rename the chests by clicking on the special icon located next to the storage name.
  7. The hero knows how to fight on horseback, but it's quite risky. In such a battle, LMB attacks do a little more damage, but the first hit will cause the character to fall off the horse.
  8. Create a Fishing Rod after defeating Brigadier Rufus (Rufus The Foreman). From now on, the player will be able to use the tool in any water that has bubbles in it. Fishing will allow you to collect not only fish, but also a variety of gear and research books.
  9. On rare occasions, a Bloodmoon appears at night. At this time, the hero receives a bonus to speed and an improvement in the effect received from the blood type.
  10. Always pay attention to the opponent's health bar. Orange or red color indicates a very high level of the enemy. When the skull icon appears, it means that the enemy will be deadly for the hero.
  11. The player can use the mace's secondary attack as an additional charge to dodge all attacks while the primary strike is on cooldown.
  12. Use the Plus and Minus buttons next to the minimap to zoom in and out. To fix the orientation, just activate the lock icon.
  13. Any silver items, such as coins, will gradually reduce the health of the hero while wearing. Also, the player will not be able to use a variety of abilities that end when they take damage. One of these skills is the transformation into a wolf.
  14. Do not cut down the trees closest to the castle. Save some shade to help block out the sun.
  15. The Dunley Farmlands and other large regions are much more dangerous than the Farbane Woods. It is not recommended to leave this location before level 30.
  16. Yellow, orange, or red gear icons above the hotbar mean that a piece of the hero's equipment has low durability and may break soon. All effects will be temporarily removed until repaired. The player will be able to repair them in the inventory if they have the right resources.
  17. When extracting blood from bosses (V blood), the character becomes invulnerable even to sunlight. After extraction, an explosion will occur around the hero, which will cause damage to all enemies and objects nearby.
  18. Collecting blood from a boss does not replenish the vampire's bloodstream, so if you don't have enough blood, you shouldn't look for bosses to quench your thirst.
  19. On the ability activation screen, the player can change the order of the skills that is displayed on the active menu. It is opened by holding down the "Ctrl" button.
  20. Attack speed-boosting abilities like Blood Rage help you chop down trees and mine rocks at an accelerated rate.