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V Rising Boost Quest: Craft Wooden Hideout

 In order to fulfill one of the first quests of V Rising with "Force", you must craft a Wooden Hideout. But no matter how thoroughly you search the construction menu, you won't find anything. There's a simple reason that we're going to get to the bottom of this guide.

V Rising Boost Quest: Craft Wooden Hideout

The Reinforcement quest

If you have built the heart of the castle in V Rising and provided open space all around, you will receive the quest "Fortify", which is entirely limited to the further expansion of your domicile. The mission description is as follows: "To protect myself and my belongings, I built walls around my territory and prepared a place for myself to rest".

You must meet the following conditions to complete the "Reinforce" quest:

  • Protect your territory by building three palisades.
  • Place a wooden coffin.
  • Place a Wooden Hideout.

Only when you have completed these three points will the mission be considered complete and you will receive the Basic Crafting & Refinement blueprint as a reward.

So you have to get a lot of lumber first. You should preferably use your Bone Axes for this, as they grant a bonus to chopping down trees. Destroy a few plants and bushes to collect plant fiber.

A palisade wall costs you 80 lumber and 30 plant fiber. So you need at least 240 lumber and 90 plant fibers to complete the first mission point. Palisade walls protect your equipment from damage and keep enemy NPCs away. A wooden coffin is made from 180 lumber. It serves as a respawn point. If you find death in the open game world, you can return here.

Build a wooden hideout

Build a wooden hideout

On to the last mission point: The wooden hiding place. But where is this thing? You can search the build menu for a Wooden Hideout, but you won't find it. The reason is a translation error: All that is meant is a small box . It has space for 14 items and can be found under "Basics" in the Build menu, just like the palisade walls and the wooden coffin.

To build the chest you need to get 150 Lumber . If the three palisade walls and the wooden coffin are in place, and if the Small Box is finally placed within your territory, the mission is considered complete and you can immediately pursue the next quest.