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V Rising Craft Enhanced Blood Essence and find Immaculate Heart

 The Enhanced Blood Essence is used in many advanced gadgets in V Rising. But to get to the essence, you need Immaculate Hearts first. In this guide, we'll tell you where to find the hearts and how to use them to create Improved Blood Essences.

V Rising Craft Enhanced Blood Essence and find Immaculate Heart

Build Blood Press for Improved Essence

The blood press can be found in the construction menu under production in the "Refining" tab and can be built with 12 boards and 120 stones. With their help, you can create all kinds of blood essences. While you'll accumulate regular Blood Essence fairly quickly by killing NPCs, the upgraded Blood Essence isn't that easy to obtain. It cannot be found in chests, nor do you receive it from your adversaries in any way. Instead, you are completely dependent on the function of the blood press.

Find Immaculate Heart

At the latest when you try to make the servant's coffin, you need it: The Improved Blood Essence. However, in order to create even one Enhanced Blood Essence in the Blood Press, you must first have four Immaculate Hearts in your inventory. And that's not so easy: corrupt hearts throb in many NPC bodies, but hardly any living beings seem to have an Immaculate Heart.

Unfortunately, there is no town or a special farming method that will help you in your search. But there is an increased chance that you will get Immaculate Hearts by defeating V-Bosses or strong opponents (from level 30). So if you're looking for the rare resource, use the blood altar to find bosses or go to areas where strong NPCs are primarily found. Don't forget that you can also revisit bosses that have already been defeated.

Luckily, she doesn't have to depend on the Immaculate Hearts for the entire game. In the midgame, you get the opportunity to unlock a new recipe for making Improved Blood Essence.

Defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter

Scrolling down the Blood Altar list, you'll find Tristan the Vampire Hunter at level 46 - and he lives up to his name. At first, he'll just try to hit you with his sword, but once he's taken some damage he'll use whatever means he can.

So he always grabs his crossbow and shoots you with burning bolts. He also hurls firebombs into the air that deal area damage as soon as they hit the ground. On top of that, Tristan is extremely quick on his feet and thus manages to reduce the distance to you in no time at all.

If you want to fight him to put an end to the shortage of Improved Blood Essences, the following tips may prove helpful: The vampire hunter is always on the open roads and can therefore easily be ambushed. Leads him to other strong opponents (like a stone golem) to avoid his attention and attacks him only sporadically. If you own a horse, you can use it to land hits as you ride past, or use a crossbow to attack him from a distance.

If not, keep your distance. Tristan does a lot of melee damage. Use your distance spells and then run away again. Don't let the vampire hunter get near you, fight with patience. Once you've defeated Tristan, you'll unlock a new Blood Press recipe. You can now use 200 Blood Essence to craft an Improved Blood Essence.