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V Rising Find Grindstones and craft them in the Furnace

 In V Rising, grindstones are primarily used to craft upgraded copper weapons, but they have other uses as well. Initially, you can only find whetstones in the game world. They can also be crafted later. In this guide, we tell you everything there is to know about sharpening stones.

V Rising Find Grindstones and craft them in the Furnace

What do I need whetstones for?

Grindstones are an important resource in V Rising that you can initially only find in the open game world. They are primarily used to upgrade copper weapons made in the Simple Workbench. The so-called Merciless Copper Weapons are more powerful versions of their original form and can be unlocked through your research table.

Apart from that, you also need grindstones, for example, to set up the mill or to produce scourge stones. The latter only gains importance later in the game.

find whetstones

find whetstones

You can find grindstones in the following locations in Farbane Forest:

  • Bandit camp in western Farbane Forest
  • Bandit camp in the south of Farbane Forest
  • Bandit camp in the north of Farbane Forest
  • Bandit Armory
  • bandit fortress
Although grinding stones are usually only found in small numbers by NPCs or in chests, they appear in many areas of Farbane Forest. The whetstones are not only found in Farbane Forest - they can also be found in Dunley farmland, for example. However, you shouldn't leave Farbane Forest until you've reached gear level 35-40.

Defeat Grayson the Armorer

You don't have to search for whetstones forever. You can also easily craft them yourself later in the game. However, you must defeat the V-Boss Grayson the Weaponsmith (level 27). Interact with the Blood Altar and select it to track its blood.

Grayson the Armorer can be found in the Bandit Armory in Farbane Forest. The fight takes place in a relatively large terrain, so you have enough space to dodge his attacks. Only Grayson's traps, which he scatters like confetti in a large area around you, prove to be dangerous. If you step into one of the traps, you will take immediate damage. However, you can keep an eye out for armor in the area. If you put them on, you are temporarily invincible and can use the time to step into as many traps as possible. Once you've defeated Grayson, you'll unlock the recipe for making the grindstone.

make sharpening stones

Stock up on Copper Bars and Stone Dust and fire up the Furnace! For 1 Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust, a Grindstone is crafted in the Furnace. Copper Bars are obtained by mining Copper Ore and then placing it in the Furnace. Stone Dust is a secondary resource obtained by converting Stones into Stone Bricks at the Mill.

You can save resources by placing the furnace in its own room on a forge floor. In this case, it only takes nine Stone Dust and one Copper Ingot to craft a Grindstone.