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V Rising: How to create a clan and invite your friends


V Rising: How to create a clan and invite your friends

We explain the steps you must follow to be able to create your own clan in V Rising and how to invite your friends to join it to adventure together through the lands of Vardoran.

As a good online multiplayer game, V Rising puts at our disposal several social options that allow us to enjoy the title together with other players. In this case, we can even create a clan (or directly join an existing one) and invite our friends to join it. If you want to know how to do it, pay attention because we explain it to you in this entry of our guide.

How to create a clan or join one?

In order to create a clan in V Rising, you must first be in a game and then you must press the default clan key; the P key. This will open a drop-down menu and you will have to follow these steps :

  • Select "Create Clan" to begin creating your clan.
  • Now you have to choose a name for the clan and a short description or message.
  • After that, confirm the creation of the clan.
  • From now on you will be the owner of a new clan.

In case what you want is to join a clan of another player, you will have to wait for that player to send you an invitation to join him, that is simple.

How to invite your friends to your clan?

After you have created your own clan you can start inviting your friends or other players to join it. How? A) Yes:

  • Open the clan menu with the P key.
  • Select the "Invite Player" option.
  • Enter the name of the character you want to invite to your clan into the text field, then click "Invite."
  • If the player is currently online on the same server as you, you can send them a valid invite and they can accept it to join.
Keep in mind that the clan only exists within the server where the game is being hosted. On the other hand, remember that by default the maximum number of players in a clan is 4 (although this configuration can be modified up to a maximum of 10 if you play on a private and custom server).

Benefits of creating a clan

Although V Rising can be enjoyed alone without any problem, the truth is that playing in collaboration with other players can greatly increase the degree of fun. And not only that but there are some features available by being part of a clan, such as the following:

  • You can have access to a private chat channel with clan members.
  • " Friendly fire" is disabled between clan members.
  • Members of a clan can work together to build and upgrade a castle.
Of course, in addition to playing in a clan, you will be able to advance more easily in the game, you will have friends who defend you from danger, and, ultimately, gathering resources and destroying other rivals' castles will be much more effective.