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V Rising: How to play offline (LAN) in your own world

V Rising: How to play offline (LAN) in your own world

 If you want to play V Rising without an Internet connection, completely alone in your own world, here we explain the steps to follow to configure your game offline.

V Rising is taking Steam by storm in Early Access and its developers are working fast to improve it every day. Since its release, the community had demanded an option to be able to play offline, and this has quickly arrived through a new patch. Now it is possible to create a game without an Internet connection, which allows you to enjoy the title alone, something that if you do not know how to do, we will explain to you below in this entry of our guide.

Steps to create an offline game in V Rising

If you want to create an offline game in V Rising without an Internet connection, these are the steps you must follow:

  • From the main menu of the game go to "Play".
  • On the next screen select "Private Game".
  • Now, in the options of your private game, you must make sure to check the box in the "Access" section called "LAN Server".
  • Activate the "LAN Server" option and then finish configuring the rest of the options as you prefer.

After marking the LAN Server option as activated, what you will be doing is hosting your world server on your own local LAN network, that is, the game will be created on your computer and will not depend on an Internet connection with the V Rising servers to be able to function.

This means that, even without an Internet connection, you can still enjoy your game and there will also be no other online players to collaborate or fight with.

The game is engaging enough to play solo, but still, if you play offline remember that anyone on the same local network can still join your server to play over LAN if they wish. Steam Cloud also tracks your offline game progress, so if you log in at some point to do a backup, you can theoretically follow your LAN game even from other PCs connected to the same network and account.