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V Rising: How to play with a controller and configure controls easily?

 Fancy playing V Rising with a custom controller and controls? Well, it's really simple and you don't need mods or external programs. Here we explain what you have to do.

V Rising has been a hit on Steam ever since its early access release. This is leading a large community of gamers to experience this dark fantasy world with vampires and since it is a PC exclusive with classic keyboard and mouse support, there are already users who are wondering if it is possible to enjoy the game. title with command controls.

Is it your case? Well, you're in luck because configuring a controller for V Rising and playing with adapted controls is very simple, it only requires one step and you won't have to install external programs or additional mods on your computer.

How to configure controller controls in V Rising?

To play V Rising with a controller, we recommend that you visit this Reddit page where the user Blaggletoad has developed a configuration adapted to the vampire title's controller.

Actually, you don't need to do any fancy stuff to set up these controls. All you have to do is copy and paste the following link into your internet browser's search bar (making sure you're not running V Rising first ):

  • steam://controllerconfig/1604030/2811536913

Copying that URL will prompt you to open the Steam Client Bootstrapper application. Confirm that you do want to open it and then a screen like the one you see below will load:

How to configure controller controls in V Rising?

Here is the controller support developed by user Blaggletoad. The controls have been adapted with the typical fast-paced design of action RPGs in mind. You don't need to install any major software or anything else for it to work, just Steam is enough and of course, connecting your controller to a PC (any typical controller like Xbox One controller should be compatible with the feature). Once the screen shown above is open, you can now run V Rising and the controls should have been changed to those of the controller.

Users who have tried it say that it is a fantastic and very comfortable configuration, and its creator continues to improve it every day, so it will surely work for you too. We hope so.

Will there be an official command configuration?

Until now, those responsible for V Rising, and Stunlock Studios, have no plans to introduce controller-adapted controls in the game. They are currently busy working on the best possible version of the title for PC and looking to polish its features for its official release. However, they have admitted on the game's forums that it is a future possibility. Be that as it may (although it is not an official configuration) thanks to the community you can now play with a controller in a very functional way.