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V Rising Make paper in the paper press and defeat Nicholaus the Fallen

 While you unlock many buildings, recipes, and powers in V Rising by defeating V Bosses, you can only craft certain gear and facilities if you have enough Paper. In this guide, we tell you where to find paper and how to make it yourself.

V Rising Make paper in the paper press and defeat Nicholaus the Fallen

find paper

As you travel through the V Rising game world, you're bound to occasionally come across books that allow you to unlock new items through the Research Table. Not only are the books rare to find, but you could also collect the same book multiple times, making them useless to a certain extent.

It's a good thing that you can throw books that have already been used at the research table to the devourer. You'll get 10 Paper in no time. Apart from that you still have the possibility to find paper in the villages of Farbane Forest.

find paper

You can find paper in these places in Farbane Forest:

  • All bandit camps
  • bandit fortress
  • Bandit Lumber Camp
  • Bandit trapper camp

If you go to one of the numerous areas, it is advisable to smash crates and barrels, kill enemy NPCs and open every crate that you come across. They all could spit out valuable paper. If you have 50 papers together, you can unlock a new technology at the research table.

Defeat Nicholas the Fallen

You are not always dependent on tediously searching for paper to unlock new technologies. Find Nicholas the Fallen (level 37) in the Altar of Blood and track his blood when you are ready. Located in the Forgotten Graveyard of Farbane Forest, the Plague Priest is protected by Skeleton Crossbowmen, Immortal Ghouls, and Skeleton Priests (level 25-30). You should fight your way slowly until you reach the top floor.

Nicholas is waiting for you here and he has several sneaky attacks up his sleeve. He has the ability to summon skeletons, which are not particularly strong but appear in large numbers. In addition, the necromancer can teleport and cast a pestilence spell that deals moderate damage.

If he summons helpers, lure them away from him to avoid his attacks and take them out one at a time. Especially spells or attacks with area damage benefit you in combat. If Nicholas the Fallen has fallen, you will unlock the study and two new spells.

Build study and farm scrolls

The study room has the same functions as the research table. So you can unlock new buildings, weapons, armor, and decorations. However, you no longer need paper for this, but scrolls. The study room takes up a lot of space and also costs you a lot of resources:

  • 40 paper
  • 40 boards
  • 8 copper bars
  • 8 grave dust
You already know how you find paper. Planks are made from sawn timber in the sawmill. You can get Copper Bars by putting Copper Ore in the Furnace and you should have already bagged Grave Dust at the Forgotten Graveyard. The dust can often be found in the stone coffins but is also occasionally dropped by skeleton priests.

Once the study has been built, you must search for scrolls. There are plenty of opportunities to bag scrolls in Dunley Farmland north of Farbane Forest. Their drop chance is very similar to that of paper, but you will face stronger opponents.

make paper

What is the point of all this effort? Very simple, with 75 scrolls you can unlock a random technology in the study. And among all these technologies is the Paper Press, which allows you to make your own paper. Unfortunately, it is not possible to estimate how much time the process will take. It could be the first technology you unlock or it could be the last.

The paper press itself is built quickly. You only need 12 Gem Dust and 4 Paper. And there's more good news: Paper only costs you 4 Plant Fiber and 12 Sawdust. If you place the paper press on a library floor, there are only 9 sawdust per paper. You can easily collect plant fibers by destroying grass and bushes in the game world. You get sawdust automatically when you pack sawwood into the sawmill. With the paper press, you have unlocked the rest of the technologies on the research table in no time at all.