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V Rising Make stone bricks in the mill

 Stone bricks are essential to building an impressive and massive castle in V Rising. Without the worked stones, you would have to do without a lock and other important furnishings altogether. In this guide, we explain what you have to do to make stone bricks.

V Rising Make stone bricks in the mill

build mill

As soon as you have built your castle heart, the mill is already ready for construction - at least in theory. In practice, you first need the necessary materials to transform the mill from a mere blueprint into a stable piece of equipment made of wood and copper.

In the standard settings you need the following resources for the construction:

  • 8 boards
  • 4 copper bars
  • 4 sharpening stones
For the production of boards, you only have to cut down trees and transport the sawn wood to the sawmill. For copper ingots, you first have to smash copper rocks into small pieces and then pack the copper ore into your smelting furnace. In the beginning, however, you cannot produce grindstones yourself. Instead, you can find them in different areas of Farbane Forest. Although there is a low to moderate drop chance from enemy NPCs, the probability of finding them in chests is increased, which is why you should search the areas carefully for chests.

making stone bricks

making stone bricks

Once you have built the mill, you should scout the game world for stone rocks. Luckily in V Rising you usually stumble onto destructible boulders every few seconds. By the way, if you use a club for this, you can smash the rocks faster than with any other weapon.

Twelve Stones are required to craft a Stone Brick at the Mill. In addition, you will also receive some stone dust, which you will need later for the production of whetstones. If you place the mill on a workshop floor that can be unlocked via research, you can even save on raw materials. With the workshop floor under the mill, only nine stones are needed for one brick.

With stone bricks in your inventory, the construction of your very own castle can finally begin. You need stone bricks for the construction of various floors, walls, and stairs, but also for the production of your castle throne or stone coffin. Stone bricks are therefore one of the most important resources in V Rising, as they can still be used after hours of play.