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V Rising tips - guide for beginners

V Rising tips - guide for beginners

 A few tips and important recommendations on resource extraction, character leveling, battles, fast movement, and so on.

The new survival game from Stunlock Studios about vampires and crafts left many gamers impressed. At first, it seems small, but as a result, V Rising raises as many questions as the once successful Valheim. Like Big Brother, V Rising has a lot of cross-systems, which means there's a lot to learn before you can call yourself an accomplished vampire.

This V Rising guide is mainly for beginners. Here we have collected useful tips and tricks for beginner vampires. You'll learn how to avoid sunlight, craft gear, hunt down and defeat bosses, build impressive castles, and more. It's time to go to the wonderful world of Vardoran.

V Rising has all the basic components of a survival game with crafting elements. There is exploration, enemies to fight, weapons and armor to craft, technologies to learn, bosses, to kill, and magnificent gothic cathedrals to build.

The depth of some of these systems may amaze you. Combat is multi-layered and skill-based. Careful planning requires the construction of structures, especially on PvP servers. The change of day and night is extremely important because for vampires sunlight is deadly.

Choose the right server type

The first time you launch V Rising, you will be prompted to select a server type. All servers are divided into PvE and PvP categories. On PvE servers, you cannot attack other players, damage their property, or steal the loot. On PvP servers, you can attack enemies, and at certain times of the day, they allow you to raid the castles of other gamers.

In addition to these two types of servers, there are additional settings that include how much equipment you will lose as a result of death; at what time of the day you can raid enemy castles; how many resources you get from mining and gathering, and so on.

If you want to learn the basic mechanics and move up the tech tree, it's better to choose a PvE server. At least for the first time. If you're interested in added difficulty and confrontation with other vampires while exploring and expanding your realm, then PvP is what you need. Explore the full list of servers to find the one that suits your needs, and if you don't find one, you can create your own server and set the rules you want on it.

Watch for signs that indicate a danger of sunlight

The most common cause of death in V Rising is exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is deadly, so during the day, you need to stay in the shade as much as possible. Sun is a real object in the sky that moves throughout the day, so shadows will also move over time. Thus, be careful even if you are going to move away from the keyboard for a few seconds.

If exposed to the sun, you will have very little time before the vampire starts taking massive damage. You can even tell how close you are to taking that kind of damage by looking at the warning signs:

  • The character will literally sparkle.
  • A beam of light will be seen falling from the sky on your hero.
  • The screen will become brighter over time.
  • An intensifying sound effect will appear.

If you experience any of these effects, you need to get to the shadow as quickly as possible, otherwise, you will die in a few seconds.

Find a good place to build a castle

The building is one of the key elements of many survival games, and V Rising is no exception. In this game, you can build massive gothic castles to store your vampire stuff and essentials. But unlike many other similar games, you can't build anything anywhere. First, you will have to create the Heart of the Castle in order to claim the surroundings.

You can have 1-2 castle hearts (depending on the rules set on the server), so you need to take enough time to explore the starting region of the Farbane forests and find the perfect place to build your house.

Higher ground is preferred by most players because the natural climbs to these areas provide narrow passages that are easier to defend. However, you need to take into account the surroundings of the castle. Check how close you are to key resource gathering areas? It is also possible to build a castle near the way gates to make it easier to travel around the game world.

Use the right gear

Equipment is the core of V Rising. It not only determines the types of attacks you can use against enemies but also increases the power of the equipment. The latter affects how easy or difficult the confrontations with various NPCs will be.

Your weapon in V Rising is also your resource gathering tool. The ax is ideal for chopping trees for firewood. The sword does an excellent job of cutting down vegetation. The mace is necessary for the extraction of stone and ore from rocks.

In battles, each of these weapons has its own advantages and disadvantages. The starting weapons differ slightly from each other, but as you improve the equipment, the difference will become more noticeable. You will soon realize that different types of weapons have unique special attacks and abilities, and are used differently in combat and loot.

Use different blood types to your advantage

When you feed on an enemy, your blood type may change. You will also receive some properties and qualities of the victim. For example, draining blood from a Worker class character will increase resource extraction and harvesting. Drinking the blood of a Creature class enemy will grant you an increase in movement speed and sunlight resistance. Rogue class blood will grant increased crit chance and damage. If you stick to one blood type, you will miss out on a lot of cool bonuses. Each group is perfect in one situation or another, so before you do anything, I would recommend getting the right blood type (drink blood from the right class).

Take time to prepare for each major battle

Wardoran is a dangerous place, and even seasoned vampires can suffer a crushing defeat if they don't carefully prepare for every fight. The first point, as mentioned above, is to choose the appropriate blood type. In addition, it is important to bring the right equipment with you. From the consumables, you will need a parasite balm, which is able to heal over time without the need to use blood supplies.

Tough fights are best fought at night because it will be difficult to fight effectively during the day when you have to keep an eye on sunlight as well.

Experiment with different modes of movement

Immortal vampires from V Rising can move in a variety of ways. The easiest one is on foot. Handy in battles and collecting supplies, but not very fast.

The fastest way to travel is the Vampire Waygate, which can be used to instantly teleport around the map. But there are not many of them, so you may also need a horse. If you decide to get a horse, you will have to take care of its safety and health. This brings a lot of trouble. Perhaps it's best to transform into a wolf and increase your movement speed significantly until you take damage or switch to another form. But if you need to climb rocks and hide from enemies, the shape of a bat will do.

Each of the above methods of movement in V Rising has its pros and cons. Don't limit yourself to one method. Experiment!

Use quests and the blood altar to advance

You can learn the basics of the game mechanics of V Rising with the help of a series of starting quests. These tasks are displayed in the upper left corner. Complete the set goals, as this is the best way to join the game mode. Especially if you don't know anything about the game.

These quests are fairly simple at first and cover things like collecting the resources needed to craft basic gear. But later, the quests will become multifaceted, and you will have to complete some intermediate steps yourself.

If you are having trouble understanding what needs to be done to complete the next quest, you should check the Altar of Blood. The Altar of Blood is a building that you can use to hunt down the game's numerous bosses. Each of these bosses will unlock new abilities, recipes, and buildings for you. Therefore, if you do not understand what is needed to complete the current quest, check if you can kill the boss and get the item you are looking for.

Check the map for where to find resources

The map is an essential tool for beginners and experienced V Rising players. Unlike many survival games, there is no procedurally generated terrain in this game: the map remains the same throughout the game, so you can explore the regions in the same way as in traditional MMOs.

Each region of Vardoran, the game world of V Rising, has points of interest. You can hover over their icons on the map to get an idea of ​​what these areas are and, most importantly, what resources you can find there. Therefore, if you are wondering where to find certain items or materials, the first step to finding the answer should be the in-game map (there is also a virtual one!).

However, even with useful map markers, some resources are more difficult to find, and we cover them in a separate guide.

A few more tips to make your game easier

Let's end our walkthrough with a few simple tips and tricks to get you into the world of V Rising as soon as possible:

  • Hold LMB for continuous attacks. The same goes for chopping wood, mining stones, and so on.
  • Trees provide shade from the sun's rays. If they are cut down, the shadow will disappear. Be sure to take this into account!
  • Hover over enemies (both NPCs and other players) to see their current group and blood quality.
  • You can use the Sort button in the inventory window to sort all items into slots. Don't worry, the Sort button won't affect the Quick Access Toolbar; only on items in the inventory.
  • You can use the "Force Count" button when interacting with a chest or other storage location to automatically send there any items from your inventory that are already in that storage.
  • You can rename chests by clicking the icon next to the name of the chest in the window with information about it.
  • It is possible to fight on horseback, but it is risky. LMB attacks deal more damage than normal when you are mounted, but if you get hit, you will fall off your horse.
  • After defeating Rufus the Brigadier, an early boss of the game, you will be able to create a duck. And then use it wherever you see bubbles in the water. Fishing is a great way to get not only fish, but also random items and even research books.
  • Sometimes the Blood Moon rises at night. During a Blood Moon, you gain additional speed and increased effects from your blood type.
  • Pay attention to the enemy's health bar. If it is orange or red, you have an enemy of a higher level than you. If there is a skull next to his name (instead of a number indicating the level), then his level is much higher than yours.
  • You can use Mace's secondary attack as an additional dash to dodge attacks while the main dash is on cooldown. Please note that the secondary attack is available for a bronze mace or better.
  • Click on the "+" and "-" icons next to the minimap to zoom in or out on the minimap. You can also click on the padlock icon to change the orientation of the mini-map, which will either become fixed or change according to the player's direction.
  • You will take damage while carrying any silver items, including coins. Also, you won't be able to use abilities like transform into a wolf, because you will turn back into a vampire as soon as you take damage.
  • Don't cut down every nearby tree around your house. Having a shadow is much more important!
  • The farmlands of Danlí and the other main regions of the map are much more dangerous than Farbane Forest. Do not leave the forest until you level up to level 30.
  • If you see any yellow, orange, or red gears above the hotbar, it means that some of your equipment has low durability and may break soon. This means that until the repair, they will lose all their main effects. You can repair equipment directly in your inventory if you have the right materials.
  • When you collect blood V (blood from bosses), you become completely invulnerable - even to rays of sunlight. As soon as you finish extracting the V blood, an explosion will occur around you, which will severely damage all enemies and resource points nearby.
  • Blood Extraction V doesn't actually replenish your blood supply, so if you're low on blood, no need to look for bosses to quench your thirst.
  • On the ability selection screen, you can change the order of the skills installed in the vampire power wheel (opened by holding the CTRL key).
  • Attack speed-boosting abilities like Bloodfury are also great for chopping trees or mining rocks faster.