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Valorant - solving technical problems and decoding errors


Valorant - solving technical problems and decoding errors

Error 43, chat not working, problems creating a group, crashes, and more

On April 7, 2020, closed beta testing of Valorant, a new shooter in the spirit of Counter-Strike from the creators of League of Legends, started. Unfortunately, the launch of early access was not without problems: crashes, errors when creating a group, broken chat, and other technical bugs. Let's see how they can be fixed.

When you first start Valorant will automatically determine the best graphic settings depending on your PC build. And yet, if you encounter freezes, lags, and friezes, you can try turning off some options. Minimizing graphics settings will reduce the number of effects on the screen and help avoid crashes. From the main menu, select "Video" and go to the "Graphics Quality" menu.

You can improve the graphics by selecting the following settings:

  • Multi-threaded rendering: off
  • Texture quality: low
  • Detail Quality: Low
  • UI Quality: Low
  • Vignetting: off
  • Vertical Sync: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Anisotropic filtering: 1x
  • Quality Enhancement: Off
  • Bloom effect: off
  • Distortion: off
  • First Person Shadows: Off

Valorant won't launch (no access to CBT) / how to get access

If you have downloaded the installer, but you cannot get into the game, then first follow these steps:

  1. Link your Riot Games account to your Twitch account.
  2. Watch Valorant streams on Twitch-tagged Twitch Drops.
  3. You will receive a notification when you have access to the CBT.
If you already have access, then restart your PC after installation - Vanguard anti-cheat will work only after restarting Windows.

Error 43 in Valorant: "System timed out"

This is a developer issue that has already been resolved. If you keep getting this error message, then try restarting the game launcher or even completely restarting your computer. Worst case, reinstall the game.

Error 4 in Valorant: "You are using an invalid name"

For some reason, your nickname was rejected by the system. Will have to change it here.

Error 5 in Valorant: "Your account is being used on another device"

Change your password and deactivate all sessions on devices other than the current one. This can be done through the launcher settings.

Error 7 in Valorant: "Failed to connect to the service"

Your account has been blocked. Look in the mailbox associated with your Riot Games account for more information.

Error 8-21 in Valorant: "There was a problem with the Riot client"

You need to restart the Riot Games launcher.

Error 31 in Valorant: "Failed to get player name information"

Similar to the previous error.

Error 33 in Valorant: "The Riot client has been terminated"

Here, too, only restarting the game client will help.

Error 43 in Valorant: "System timed out"

Similar to the previous three errors.

Error 44 in Valorant: "Vanguard was not running"

Requires a reinstallation of the Riot Vanguard anti-fraud system. Uninstall it through the Add/Remove Programs utility, and then launch the game again.

Error 45 in Valorant: "Vanguard Restart Required"

Similar to the previous error.

Error 46 in Valorant: "Platform maintenance in progress"

You just need to wait for the end of service work on the servers.

Error 49 in Valorant: "In-game chat is not working"

Only restarting the Riot Games client will help.

Error 50 in Valorant: "Voice chat is not working"

Similar to the previous error.

Error 51 in Valorant: "Unable to create group"

Similar to the previous two errors.

Error 52 in Valorant: "Failed to get information about the skill level of the players"

Exit the match and find a new one. Or restart the game launcher.

Error 53 in Valorant: "There was a problem with the Riot client chat"

The solution is similar to error 49.

Error 54 in Valorant: "Content service failure"

Check your internet connection and restart your computer.

Write in the comments if you know other ways to solve Valorant technical problems! We will definitely add material.