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Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong Guide - Game Tips

 A few tips that will simplify the passage of the game; tricks that you might not know or not pay attention to

Swansong is a combination of RPG and narrative adventure based on decisions you enjoy. There are no traditional battles, but you must properly use the available characteristics, abilities, talents, and disciplines. You will take part in the battles of the mind, interrogate prisoners or bend mortals to your will.

Explore everything and prepare a notebook with a pen

At first, the scenes in Swansong may seem a little too long. They easily stretch for several hours. At the same time, looking at the magazine, you will understand that nothing new has appeared in it. But to make progress, you have to pay attention to every detail. This applies both to reading all the documents found, and revealing secrets using intuition.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong Guide - Game Tips

Haven't you noticed those strange posters on the wall or the books on the shelf, arranged in an unusual order? Almost everything in Swansong can be opened, unlocked or hacked without the use of skills. You can end scenes in several ways. Hints are everywhere - just learn to find them!

As soon as you come to the conclusion that you have found something interesting, you will have to make connections. Puzzles are often multi-part, so an important part of the game is to manually figure out how it all connects. Therefore, you will need a notebook and a pen to write down separately possible codes, and combinations for safes and locks.

Don't neglect discipline

Characters in Swansong can be enhanced in two ways. You can increase the main parameters or improve the available disciplines. Your parameters directly affect the ability to communicate and interact with the world. For example, beliefs and technology. They can be based on lore: for example, deductive tendencies.

Don't neglect discipline

Of course, this is useful, but you should not focus solely on pumping parameters, because in this case you can forget about disciplines. These are vampire powers that allow you to change reality, the mind, and even time. You can go through the game without significantly pumping disciplines, but then you will miss interesting mechanics.

Leisha can imitate characters using a Doppelganger (double). Emem can use Divination to see the subject's memories or the future. Galeb can take over people's minds and force them to do his bidding, resulting in you not having to make persuasion checks. But that's just a small part of what you can do, so don't necessarily use disciplines.

Don't be afraid to spend resources

There are two main types of resources in Swansong: willpower and gold. Both fulfill fairly similar roles but are associated with different abilities. Willpower affects the ability to hack, open or persuade. At the same time, hunger determines how many times you can use your vampire powers. Both resources are limited but essential to ultimate success.

By using willpower, you can bypass the need to find the PIN to the safe, or increase your communication and persuasion skills. This will allow you to open doors or find out information that the character would otherwise miss. These resources will help you complete levels faster without having to search for keys.

Hunger is replenished as you use your abilities, and overusing skills can put you in a dead-end where you can't reach certain goals. However, unlike willpower, hunger can be replenished with a light snack, and there are many such opportunities in the game. Your resources are always limited, but not so much that you try to save them at every turn.

When completing a level, make sure that hunger is at a low level.

It should become a habit to make sure your hunger is at a low level before the point of no return. Such points of no return can be in the middle or end of the level. In some cases, a low hunger level opens up additional options, and sometimes it can have serious consequences for the plot. Make sure you stay full, and then there will be no problems. But if you're hungry, things can get out of control.

Look for artifacts

Since it's an RPG, it's no surprise that Swansong has equippable items called artifacts. These are enchanted items that give the owner bonuses. For example, they facilitate persuasion in conversations with different characters. Usually, along with the bonus, they have some disadvantages, but the advantages always outweigh them. This is offset by the fact that it is extremely difficult to find artifacts.

These items are often found at the end of some optional piece of content in a given scene, so they are easy to miss. It is quite possible to go through the whole game and never stumble upon any of the artifacts. The game won't end there, as the artifacts are optional, but it's still worth the effort to find all of them.

Use Consumables

Swansong has a variety of consumables and they are all useful, if not very effective. It can be stacks of old coins that replenish willpower, to much rarer concoctions that relieve hunger. In the rarest of cases, you may find an item that temporarily boosts your stats. For example, a master key or a vial of blood from an ancient vampire.

Collecting and storing these items will not bring any benefit. Use consumables to temporarily strengthen characters, get hack bonuses, and so on. This will allow you to access previously blocked areas that you cannot open due to low attributes. Applying the Hunger Relief Blend on yourself can give you that extra edge when you need it most.

Not only that, there are moments in the game in which you can lose all your equipment. That is, if you do not use consumables and fall under one of these scenarios, you will lose everything.

Don't Forget Replay Value

Swansong is a game full of interesting choices and their consequences. Not all of them make sense, but they all at least give the illusion that the rules of the game are constantly changing. Wait, some of them are really game changers! You won't be able to see everything in one playthrough. Much is well hidden, so you're bound to miss items, artifacts, and even optional dialogue.

It also happens that a decision you make blocks the Veda on one path, although it makes it impossible to go on another route. If you complete Swansong more than once, you can get more information about what is happening, and find all the side objectives that you learned about after the first playthrough (in the end).

Fortunately, when replaying the game, you will be able to rewind the dialogues you saw earlier. This greatly speeds up the replay. Also, any codes and passwords you write down will be useful, since they are constantly in the game and are not randomly generated.