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Walkthrough Best Month Ever! (Game guide)

 We talk about all the decisions that will affect Mitch.

Walkthrough Best Month Ever! (Game guide)

Walkthrough Best Month Ever

Your adventure will shape what Mitch becomes as an adult. All decisions affect his basic personality characteristics. He can listen to the law or not, be morally strong (knows how to stand up for himself) or not, and also find a common language with people (or it will be difficult for him).

Enter the diner and ask the woman behind the counter where the boss is. You can chat with the old man. Knock on the door on the right, and talk to the couple at the table in the right corner. Confirm and tell the truth. Next, you will control Mitch, who was left in the car. Interact with the radio and tune the wave using the left toggle switch. Then leave the car. Walk to the left, pick up money from the ground and give it to the old man. He will make a gift - a lighter with the date 2/19/1945 and the inscription Iwo-Jima. Go to the right window of the diner and look through it.


You will find a conversation between the mother and the boss. Choose the bottom phrase. Follow the boss to his office. Do not succumb to the provocations of the boss, answer him with a refusal. Answer him rudely, go outside and get $85 from the cash register. This will have a positive effect on Mitch. You can give Betty $10. Get in the car and the woman uses the lighter to set the boss's car on fire.


You will see how the mother leaves the parental home, having quarreled with her grandmother.


And now Mom and Mitch are returning home. Knock on the door, talk to Butch and say that you are his family. Say hello to Katy. As a result, you will be able to enter the house. Tell your sister the truth. Then Grandma will come. Mitch and Butch will go for a walk outside. Try to lift the watering can. Butch will insult Mitch, and decide what to do. You shouldn't hit him, but then he will push Mitch. Hit the pot hanging on the tree. Pick a new target and Butch will break the window. Hide behind the car on the left. You can cover for Butch just like that, or beg him for a toy. Then decide whether to give Butch away or say that Mitch is responsible.

To be continued...