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Walkthrough Eternal Threads - how to save all tenants, open the safe, open all doors and get the true ending

Walkthrough Eternal Threads - how to save all tenants, open the safe, open all doors and get the true ending

Eternal Threads is a first-person puzzle game. You have to restore the events of the past and try to save six residents of a small house in England. In this guide, we will tell you how to find the keys and passwords, open all the doors, save the tenants and get the best ending in the game.

How to play Eternal Threads. Gameplay Tips

You play as a certain "Forty-Third", a man from the future, who must prevent the death of six people. The gameplay boils down to the fact that you need to view the events of the past and change them, find the keys to locked doors and discover the secrets of the residents of the house.

There are two game modes in Eternal Threads:

  1. Normal: in this mode, all 197 events are available to you, of which 54 are decisions.
  2. Simplified: This mode will not allow you to unlock all the events and achieve the best ending but is suitable for those who want to quickly learn the history of the residents.

If you want to explore the house completely, find all the secrets, and unlock the true ending, then we recommend choosing the Normal mode. We have also prepared some tips for those who are going to go through Eternal Threads on their own.

  1. Do not try to influence events at the beginning of the game. You may think that choosing alternative options will necessarily lead to a positive ending, but this is not so. Each significant event is marked on the timeline with a separate icon, to which other events are attached. It makes no sense to go a few days ahead to track the changes. You will just get confused.
  2. Listen carefully to the dialogues and pay attention to the actions of the characters. Some scenes in the game do not affect anything, but you can learn useful information from the dialogues. For example, where the keys to the doors and other items are kept.
  3. Explore the rooms after each decision. Depending on your decisions, the environment will constantly change. For example, at the beginning of the passage, you will find the phones of the dead where they were during the fire. As the future changes, mobile devices will disappear and reappear elsewhere. The same applies to voice and text messages on tenants' smartphones.
  4. Unlock all available events. Each individual event can help access important decisions that will change the course of history. When most events are available, return to meaningful decisions and choose alternatives. To save time, this can be done right on the timeline.

Where to find the key to Raquel's room on the third floor

On the first day, explore several memories from "Stranger in the Bathroom" to "Thin Walls". In the last flashback, you will see that Jenny keeps a spare key to Raquel's room in a drawer.

Now you can interact with him and pick up the key. There is no other way to get into Raquel's room.

How to find the key to the backyard door

On Thursday, you need to make several decisions, after which the memory "This weekend?". Go to the kitchen and listen to the dialogue between Thomas and Linda. Thomas will tell you where the spare key to the backyard is located.

After the scene, examine the wooden doll in the kitchen, to which the key is attached.

Where to find the code for the darkroom in the basement

You can get into the darkroom on Monday, but only if Jenny asks Raquel for a camera first:

  1. May I have a camera? "Jenny talked to Raquel about her strange feelings and borrowed her camera."
  2. Recording camera. "Jenny found the camera and Raquel's note about the darkroom." In this scene, Jenny throws the note with the door code into the trash can. Examine the note and open the door.

Where to find the key to the closet in the basement and how to get into the secret room

Access to the secret room can be obtained on Monday. To do this, make the following decisions:

  1. Midnight smoke. "Seeing that Tom went down to the basement, Raquel decided to follow him."
  2. Fade out focus. "Tom denied Raquel's suspicions about the cellar."
  3. Songs in the soul. "While Tom was taking a shower, Raquel started looking for the key."
  4. Keys to the secret. "While looking around Tom's room, Raquel found the key to a suspicious closet in the basement."
Watch these scenes and learn that Thomas keeps the key to the secret room in a drawer on his desk. Examine the cigar box and take the key. In the secret room, you can find a bunch of keys and a safe.

How to open the safe in the chamber of secrets and get the true ending

To open the safe in the secret room, you need to find the key to the closet in the basement, as well as pick up Thomas' key ring. How to do this, we have described above. You will also have to gain access to the Dark Room in the basement.

Use the key found in the secret room on the drawer in the dark room and examine the notepad. Here you will find the code to the safe.

How to open the safe in the chamber of secrets and get the true ending

How to open the safe in the chamber of secrets and get the true ending

Open the safe, take the special device left by the previous guest Steve, and listen to the audio recording on the phone. This is how you unlock the true ending. It will become available after you save all the tenants and provide them with an optimal future.

How to unlock all achievements

  1. Redeemer - Save 1 inhabitant of the house.
  2. Savior - Save all six villagers.
  3. Shameful Secrets - Learn the secrets of each of the inhabitants.
  4. In the face of injustice - save all six residents and solve their personal problems.
  5. Locksmith - open all four locked doors in the house.
  6. Unhealthy Curiosity - View all possible death scenes in all possible timelines.
  7. Investigator - Become an eyewitness to all possible events in all timelines.
  8. Great Listener - Listen to the voice messages (on smartphones) of all six villagers.
  9. Avid reader - read everything you can read in the house.
  10. Drag me upstairs, Scotty - get the final revelation (true ending).

How to save all the tenants, provide them with an optimal future and get the best ending

Important: some of the decisions below can be changed, but still get a better ending. In this case, you will have to look for other events and make additional decisions. We marked all important forks in red.

You have to change the fate of six tenants:

  1. Raquel: Jenny's student and friend. As a child, in front of Raquel's eyes, a drunk driver hit her friend Megan to death. She cannot recover from this even after two decades.
  2. Thomas: The owner of the house, who barely makes ends meet, since all the funds go-to medicines for his sick mother.
  3. Linda: Neela's sister decided to leave her husband and live separately.
  4. Neil: Linda's brother is prone to aggression and is often out of control of his emotions.
  5. Jenny: Ben's wife finds out about the pregnancy, but can't bring herself to tell her husband about it.
  6. Ben: A doctor by profession, Ben sends a request for a job in the Third World. When a positive answer comes to him, he does not know how to tell his wife about it.
You should achieve the following results:

  • Raquel let go of her painful memories and parted ways with the doll. If this is not achieved, Tom will not be able to visit his mother and will crash down the stairs to the basement right before the fire. Further, Raquel can die in her room or escape with Jenny. Either way, this is a bad ending;
  • Tom cut off all ties with Miranda, became close friends with Raquel, and visited his mother on the day of the fire;
  • Neal must realize the reason for his anger and call his parents on the eve of the fire. Otherwise, he will get drunk and suffocate in his room. On the eve of the fire, Neal cannot go to bed;
  • Linda listened to Raquel's advice that she needed to talk her husband into changing. She slept with Thomas - in the future, this will save the life of Neal;
  • Ben told Jenny about the job offer. Jenny must not reveal her pregnancy for the rest of the game. Before the fire, there will be a final choice of when to do this. Ben and Jenny will stay at home and make love, which will save their lives and save their relationship.
All important choices for getting the best ending:

  1. The fate of the parrot. This decision will not affect Thomas' future. If you decide to leave the parrot at home, it will die in a fire.
  2. We are no longer in Kansas. This decision will not affect Linda's future. The option "Linda was shown her room, and she agreed that Tom should clean it up a bit" will result in the guitar being in the basement and you will be able to find out the last name of the previous guest.
  3. Is there a mail? It's a minor decision that won't affect Ben and Jenny's future. In the future, you can fix it with other forks.
  4. Last call. The decision will not affect the fate of Linda and Neal. You can choose any option you like.
  5. Redecorating. In this choice, you can learn about Thomas's sick mother or Jenny and Raquel's acquaintance. In any case, it will not affect the plot.
  6. Tears on the pillow. If you select the option "Neil heard Linda crying and came to calm her down", then you will unlock an additional scene of dialogue between brother and sister. Does not affect the plot.
  7. Ex's message. In this decision, you need to choose whether Thomas should invite Miranda to the party. This choice does not actually affect the plot, as it can be fixed in the future.
  8. Sickening morning. Can be corrected with other forks. Does not affect the plot.
  9. Well, yap ( ). An important choice that can affect the fate of several heroes at once. If you invited Miranda to a party in the “Message to an Ex” fork , be sure to select “In a conversation with Ben, Tom admitted that he might need help.”
  10. Thanks for the clothes ( ). “After thanking Raquel, Linda asked her about the old doll.” This is an important decision that concerns Raquel. If this is not done, the girl will not be able to let go of the memories and will die.
  11. Medical drama. The decision will not affect the plot.
  12. The license to "upiyastvo". A minor choice that unlocks additional scenes.
  13. I have a present for you. This decision will not affect the plot.
  14. Drink in two throats ( ). "Linda decided to relax, drink and party at the party." If this is not done, then Neil will not reveal his secrets and will not realize the true problem of his aggression. This will lead to his death.
  15. Friday results. Neil can agree with Tom or deny there is any problem. Does not affect the plot.
  16. Night swimming ( ). "Linda made Tom an unequivocal offer, and they went to his room."
  17. Who is it? ( ). "Linda overheard Raquel tell Kieran that the doll's name is Megan." In the future, this will allow Raquel to let go of the past and stay alive.
  18. Midnight Smoke ( ). "Seeing that Tom went down to the basement, Raquel decided to follow him." This will save the life of Thomas, open several important forks and unlock access to the secret room.
  19. Mammoth hunting. Choose any option.
  20. Breakfast in bed. Choose any option.
  21. Maybe sneak around? Choose any option.
  22. Fade out focus ( ). This choice will affect whether you can access the secret room or not. If Thomas tells Raquel about the secret room, you won't know where he keeps the key and you won't unlock it in real-time.
  23. Songs in the soul ( ). The solution will become available if Thomas did not tell about his adventures in the basement. Select "While Tom was showering, Raquel looked for the key."
  24. Ferret in the chicken coop ( ). "Tom decided to tell Raquel that he was being blackmailed."
  25. Husband at the door ( ). “After arriving to pick up Kieran, Linda’s husband challenged her to a conversation, and she agreed.”
  26. Either way ( ). "Raquel gave Linda advice on how to solve problems differently."
  27. Are there two things? ( ). "Raquel decided to tell Ben that Tom was being blackmailed."
  28. May I have a camera? ( ). "Jenny talked to Raquel about her strange feelings and borrowed her camera." This choice will not only save a few heroes, but also unlock access to the Dark Room.
  29. There is a conversation ( ). "Slightly distracted, Jenny asked Ben what happened next in his story."
  30. Your farm. The decision will not affect the plot.
  31. Secrets and Lies ( ). "Linda didn't want to talk, but under pressure from Raquel, she admitted she slept with Tom."
  32. It must be a cat ( ). "After asking about the camera, Linda told Jenny about the Raquel doll."
  33. Washing dirty linen ( ). "When Linda admitted she slept with Tom, Neil went to deal with him."
  34. Let's talk about the Nile ( ). "Linda didn't tell Ben and Tom Neal's secret so as not to betray his trust."
  35. And what does it mean? Choose any option.
  36. Poor Megan ( ). "Raquel has finally decided to let Megan go."
  37. Can we visit your mother? ( ). "Tom decided they'd better visit his mother that evening as well."
  38. Is it all because of us? ( ) "Linda told Tom she was going to come home and get her life back on track."
  39. Call your parents ( ). “Neal called home and told his mom all about his dad.” You can choose an alternative option, Neil will remain alive, but in this case, the future of the guy will be in question.
  40. Last word ( ). "Jenny told Ben she was pregnant and they were happy together."
  41. To be continued ( ). "After talking to his mom, Neil decided to play a video game." If you choose an alternative option, then Neal and Linda will die during a fire.

The above solutions will allow you not only to save the lives of these people, but also to ensure an optimal future for each of them. To complete the game and unlock the true ending, interact with the last decision in the timeline and trigger a cutscene. After the Center cancels the transition, go up to Linda's room and watch the final video, revealing some details about the previous guest.