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Walkthrough Evil Dead: The Game - game guide

 How to complete all story missions, defeat each boss and complete all objectives

Walkthrough Evil Dead: The Game - game guide

Before you can proceed to the story missions of Evil Dead: The Game, you will have to complete the tutorial. Everything is extremely simple in it, the game literally leads you by the hand and explains almost all the mechanics of playing as a survivor.

So, each survivor has strips of health, fear, and shield. Health is set to maximum by default. To restore it, you need to find and use cans of Shemp's cola. Each survivor has a maximum limit on the amount of cola (from 3 to 4). The assistants seem to be higher. The shield will be empty by default (with some exceptions), and in order to replenish it, you will have to find and use the amulet (key "3"). The shield provides you with additional protection against one powerful or 2-3 weak melee attacks that you will miss from enemies. As for fear, the scale gradually increases, and in order to reduce it, you need to either stay close with allies in multiplayer mode or look for / create light sources. Ready-made light sources reduce the scale slowly, but, if you light your own lantern or fire, the scale will decrease much faster. This requires matches.

Finally, each survivor can have one melee weapon and one ranged weapon. Ranged weapons are divided into pistols/revolvers, shotguns/rifles/double-barreled shotguns, and crossbows/muskets. That is, there are three types of ammunition in the game - pistol cartridges, rifles, and special ammunition. There are no throwable weapons.

I would like to pay special attention to opponents. Under the scale of their health is a white balance bar (balance, if you will). Each of your attacks deals a certain amount of damage to health and balance. As soon as the white bar disappears, you will be able to perform a finishing blow on the F key. If this blow is guaranteed to finish the enemy, the tooltip will be red. If this strike only wounds the opponent (usually resulting in dismemberment), then the tooltip will be white. After such a blow, the balance scale will be restored, and you will have to knock it down again. However, this is not the worst option.

Chapter 1

When the love of your life is possessed by a demon, the quickest way to end her torment is to cut off her head and bury her body. So you tell yourself, but Linda's screams still haunt you at night. Once you gave her a pendant as a token of your love. Maybe if you find this pendant, it will become easier?

To begin, search the entire house to collect cola, matches, and double-barreled ammo. By default, a double-barreled shotgun and a chainsaw are available to you. To attack with a chainsaw, use the LMB, and to shoot from a double-barreled gun (like any other weapon), you must first aim through the RMB and then shoot on the LMB without releasing the RMB.

Run along the path to the indicated goal. Along the way, you are guaranteed to meet your first enemies. Try to conserve ammo, and attack them with chainsaws using last hits. There will be only simple opponents. At the very point of the destination, you will meet an elite deadite. These are more powerful zombie people. Use a double-barreled shotgun against them, and try to shoot them in the head. Don't forget about dodges on "Space". Inside the cave, there is not only Linda's amulet but also a rare (blue) double-barreled shotgun, from which it is much easier to kill an elite deadite. Also on the left is a supply crate. Be sure to open it. Search all the corridors of the cave to collect ammunition for the rifle, of which there are many.

Run to the next target on the map and find a shovel inside the house. On the side is an amulet. Be sure to use it to create a shield. The shovel is not used as a weapon in this chapter, but in the future, I strongly recommend using it, and not knives or axes. It is incredibly powerful and deals a lot of damage to the balance of opponents, which means you can use finishing blows or dismemberments more often. Next to the same house, in the direction of the marker, there are cells. Between them, there is a white circle and a purple object. This is the epic "purple" chainsaw. But if you take it, the regular Deadites will spawn, so be prepared for a fight.

In general, you can notice fluctuations in the air. These are hidden portals. If you get close to them, a deadite will fly out of them (and a couple more will probably appear nearby).

Get to the place where Linda's head is buried. Along the way, you will have to kill a lot of deadites. Don't forget the level of fear. On the map, the "bonfire" icons mark the places where you can use matches to create a powerful source of light that will quickly reduce the level of fear. After picking up Linda's head, you will have to kill six enemies. Do not go into the gray fog, otherwise you will receive damage. There will be one elite deadite among the enemies.

Before returning to the hut, visit Payne's mansion. There will be quite a few enemies inside and out, including elite deadites. However, in addition to ammunition, amulets, and cola, you can find the legendary chainsaw and double-barreled shotgun on the second floor. They will come in handy for you right now! Now return to the house and approach the barn. Once you do this, Henrietta will appear. It is unlikely that you will be able to avoid her loving capture, but if possible, try to evade. Use predominantly a double-barreled shotgun and keep your distance. Do not forget that while you are in the finishing animation, none of the enemies will be able to damage you. Aim for Henrietta's head. I recommend going here with a couple of amulets and a stake. Do not forget to restore the shield with the help of amulets. The resources you collect will not carry over to the next chapter!

Chapter 2

The bad news is, that some assholes have stolen Ash's trusty car. The news is even worse: the Necronomicon was in the trunk. If these fools do anything to the book, we're all dead, but Ash has a plan: lure out the thieves by throwing a millennium party with Wise Man's Braga.

At the start of the quest, Ash will have nothing. Enter the store, collect ammunition, take a shooting stick from the counter, pick up a shovel from the floor. As mentioned earlier, the shovel is the best melee weapon (because it does a lot of damage to the balance bar). Instead of a shooting stick, you can pick up a revolver from the floor. Decide for yourself what is more convenient for you. Outside, you can find the first bottle of Wise Man's Braga. Pick her up. No enemies will appear.

There are four more places on the map with "Sage's Braga". You can visit them in any order, but remember to control your fear level. We decided to go north first. On the way to the field with mash, there is a barn with cola and an amulet. Go to the tree, and as soon as you pick up the mash, you will be attacked by deadites. You have to kill 9 enemies. There will be one elite deadite among them.

From here you can go west. The right place is a car repair shop or a store. Outside there are two Deadites, inside there is one Elite. Be sure to search the counter and the second floor where there is cola. Head east. This marker will take you to the graveyard. Enemies will appear after you pick up the Braga. Ammunition is scattered around the circle, there is a legendary crossbow and a pistol, so choose the weapon you want. The crossbow performs well with skeletons, but I did not notice the same effectiveness with deadites. When you pick up the mash, one elite deadite will appear, but you will have to kill him in a narrow space.

Finally, go to the last marker. Braga is in the trunk of a pickup truck. As soon as you pick it up, Deadites will appear. You need to kill 10 Deadites in total. You can search the houses in the area beforehand, as they contain ammunition and other consumables.

Chapter 3

This spooky forest is infested with deadites, it's time for someone to clean up. Someone with one arm and an S-Mart carabiner. Hello king.

You will have a limited amount of time - 12 minutes to destroy opponents in three different places. But at the same time, I do not recommend rushing. Be sure to search this place to collect amulets and ammunition. When you're ready, get in your car and drive to the first location. Enemies will appear after you get close to the marker. There will be a field here, so it is difficult to recognize opponents in the grass. I recommend getting out on the road. Then aim for the heads of the enemies. When enemies are at minimum health, they explode. There will be exceptionally weak enemies here. One or two headshots are enough for them. Just above the field, between the field and the house, there is ammunition. Collect them before moving on.

Do not crash the car into obstacles, because if they are destroyed, you will have a hard time (you may not meet the time). Drive to the second place. Before the start of the fight, before going to the center of the field along with the marker, search the shed on the left and a small closet cabin a little further. Collect ammo and find the ax! The latter will save ammo. Use it to kill normal enemies, but a half-eligos will appear shortly. This is a very powerful opponent, with a large supply of armor and durability. In addition, it can split, creating a clone. The clone has less health, but it hits with the same force. So destroy it as soon as possible. Moreover, the clone will not disappear anywhere, even if you finish off the half-eligos first.

After the victory, go to the third place. My car broke down completely, so I went there on foot. But still made it! If necessary, make a fire and reduce the level of fear. In the third place, you have to fight Eligos. It's a demon boss. He constantly teleports. If you are far away from him, after teleporting, the enemy will throw stones at you. If you are close, he can use a powerful electric shock. Finding him is not easy, but if you do, make sure to damage the enemy before teleporting him. In this case, the scale of his health will be highlighted, and you, turning around, will notice it and understand where the enemy has moved. Dodge to the sides to avoid flying rocks. Otherwise, there shouldn't be any problems. The same campsite has ammo.

Chapter 4

Pablo is not one of those people who can let a friend down. Today he found this note: “Hello buddy. There were ghouls in the forest, they went hunting. Drive a wheelbarrow to me at Fairview Campground. Don't forget guns and ammo. Your mate Ash."

At the beginning of the mission, search the house. It contains ammo, a pistol, a revolver, and a rifle. You can find one cola and one amulet. Then get in the car and drive to the campsite. There you will meet many enemies. Shoot with a rifle (one shot to any part of the body is enough to kill them) until you finish everyone. One of the opponents will drop a machete, so you can pick it up. Search the campsite, collect resources and approach the chainsaw on the table.

After that, drive to a new place, and along the way, you can search the houses. Get to the shaman's house by killing opponents. Deal with six more enemies near the house. These will be regular dead. Enter the annex on the right and take the amulet of stealth. Now the enemies will not be able to detect you, only if you do not come close to them.

Run along with the marker into the building on the other side of the road, and go up to the second floor to bypass the enemy in the doorway. Cross to the other side of the street, avoiding the enemies on the right. Follow through the wooden shed and enter the indicated house. Interact with the possessed hand, then search the house. Follow the hand through the forest, killing the enemies. Before entering the desired house, you will have to kill another half-eligos, as in the previous task. After the victory, enter the house and interact with the hand. She points to a gas station. There is a lot of loot inside the house, including ammo, a stake, an amulet, a musket, and other weapons.

Run along with the marker, but do not rush to enter the gas station building. You need to go around it on the right, from the side of the house. Behind the building, there is one patrol. Wait for him to move away and go inside through the second door. Talk to Ash. We need to get fuel.

Exit through the same back door and run to the sawmill. When you enter the area, move along the left side. After passing along the buildings, go along the pipe. Go between the two buildings and take the canister. Get out of here the same way. Get to the next location and look for a canister on the second floor. In the third location, look for a canister near the large red tanks. And there, and there will be ordinary enemies. When you pick up the third canister, an eligos will appear. The one from the end of the previous chapter. You already know how to counter it.

After the victory, run back to the gas station. Ash is already waiting in the car on the left. Get behind the wheel. Make sure you lower your fear level first. After that drive on the marker. You can press M and open the map to navigate along the way.

Chapter 5

Oh, how things have changed. Lord Arthur fell out of his time. Only the Kandarian dagger and the Necronomicon can make a space-time rift that leads home. Send Arthur to his kingdom and receive the gratitude of the king.

Search the nearest house. On the porch from the backyard, there is a crossbow and a butcher's cleaver. In the next house, in the basement, look for a shovel. I recommend using it as a melee weapon! When you leave the house, you will have to kill a few skeletons. These will be ordinary skeletons, so you can cope with just one shovel. Get in the car and drive to the indicated place. it will be random.

In any case, in this place, you will find a Kandarian dagger, supplies, and skeletons. Among them will be elite skeletons. They are easily recognizable by their helmet with two horns. Shoot these skeletons with your crossbow in the head to knock them off balance and use finishing blows.

This will be a very difficult task, so save ammo if possible, but also try to avoid any damage in order to save amulets and cola for the last fights. Be sure to search all the buildings, especially in the early stages, because in the later stages there will be moments when you simply will not have time for this.

When you pick up the dagger and kill all the enemies, go by car to a new location. this will be the house with the Necronomicon. There are a couple of corpses inside. One of them is Scotty. If you pick up the ax lying near Scotty, he will come to life. So decide for yourself if it's worth it or not. I was good with a shovel too. You can safely take the rest of the resources. After taking the Necronomicon, you will have to kill 8 skeleton opponents, including a couple of elite ones.

After the victory, the area will begin to narrow. If you fall into the gray fog, marked in red on the map, you will start taking damage until you die. Run along with the marker to the specified cave. Inside it, go to the portal and the battle against Evil Ash will begin. Fight him by killing normal enemies. When you finish off all the enemies, after 2-3 minutes the battle will stop. Defeating Evil Ash without Arthur's sword is impossible. He will disappear. Get out of the cave and run along with the marker to Payne's mansion.

Along the way, turn on the lights if you need to, and lower your fear level. You don't have to kill all the enemies near the mansion. It is enough to finish off the red skeletons marked with red daggers on the map. This can be done with 2-3 crossbow shots. Shoot from a distance, and then you won't have to kill ordinary enemies. In total, you need to destroy four such skeletons. It is noteworthy that one of them is located across the river, and in any case, you will have to shoot from a distance. When you destroy them, enter the house. Do not rush to pick up the sword. Climb up and find the legendary blunderbuss there. Gather the rest of the resources. As soon as you raise the sword, enemies will start to appear. In addition, the area will shrink and it will soon be shrouded in gray mist.

Therefore, without being distracted by enemies, run to the marker. If necessary, you can delay and kill the skeletons, since skipping damage is disastrously not recommended. The more amulets and cola you bring to the last fight, the better. When you move through the portal, you will have to fight one enemy that looks like Henrietta. After defeating him, there will be a battle against Evil Ash. Now you understand how important it is to have more cola and amulets. The first boss will drop both an amulet and a stake, so be sure to pick them up. When fighting Ash, use dodges. After defeating Ash, you will complete the storyline of the game.