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Walkthrough King Arthur: Knight's Tale - game guide

Walkthrough King Arthur: Knight's Tale - game guide

 A detailed guide to story missions and additional missions

King Arthur: Knight's Tale has several story missions and many side quests. And without completing the latter, it is almost impossible to go through the storyline, since only side quests will allow you to level up the characters so that it matches the main missions.

Mission 1. Camelot

After the introductory video, you will be in control of Camelot. Go through the door and watch the cut-scene. The battle will begin against the first enemy. Get close and attack the enemy with LMB. Use RMB to move around hexes. To complete the move, click on the hourglass. After the victory, go to the dungeon on the right. In one of the chambers, there is a barrel with prey. Sir Kay is locked in a cell at the end of the corridor. Talk to him. Unlock the camera and return to the previous room. Kay will be your second warrior. Defeat two enemies who will open the door.

Search the room on the left for a chest of loot. Clear the room ahead. Nothing complicated, especially since Sir Kay deals huge damage and kills enemies with one blow. Along the way, you can open the chest. Exit to the yard. You can decide where to attack the enemies from. After the victory, the battle will begin against the first serious opponent. However, on the normal difficulty level, defeating them is quite simple. At the end of the battle, make a decision that will affect the further development of events.

Mission 2. Kingston. Among the ruins

Travel to a new location to complete the next task. Near the village, you will meet a new knight, Balan. Help him to defeat the enemies, and the character will join the squad. Go a little further and deal with the next enemy to meet Lady Dirdrain, who turns out to be an archer. After the battle, she will become a member of the squad. Search the barrel on the left and the chest on the right (all chests are displayed on the mini-map).

A little further is the altar. With it, you can repair the armor of the main character or an ally, but only one person. Go ahead and rest by the fire. Choose what to restore - health or armor. In the next fight, look out for the powerful Slayer Knight standing in the middle of the ruins. But first, I still recommend destroying ordinary opponents. If you still have AP, click on the "blue button" near the "hourglass" to save the rest for the next turn. After the victory, search two chests and click on the "End Mission" button under the completed objectives at the right edge of the screen.

Before starting the next task, pay coins to start the reconstruction of the castle. So far, only a few buildings are available to you. In the crypt, you can pay respects to the fallen heroes, but if they are all alive, then there is nothing to do there. You can start by building an infirmary. Surely you have enough resources. In the Round Table hall, you can assign heroes to certain roles to get bonuses. You can complete the additional task "Marauders in Kingston" or go further in the story.

Mission 3. Bridge of Sorrow

Sir Balan and Sir Balin will join you. The gate will open. On the left, there is a room with bags containing loot. Go across the bridge and destroy all the undead. Don't forget to set aside the remaining ODs. After that, you will have to clear three points. First, enter the building on the right and destroy all the skeletons. Inside, you can relax by the fire, and open one drawer and one chest. Also, visit the building on the left. The marker does not point to him, and Sir Balin will warn that there are living dead inside. If you enter, you will have to kill about a dozen opponents. In principle, nothing complicated. Don't forget to hold the spacebar to speed up the opponent's turn. In the barracks, you can search a chest and a barrel. In the stable opposite, there is another box, and at the end of the alley, there is a fire.

Go further into the chapel to kill all the enemies. Be sure to search all drawers and chests. There is a cursed bell on the side of the chapel. Interact with him to spawn a horde of undead. Do not forget to finish off the skeletons that come to life after the indicated number of moves. However, the battle will end if there is not a single living enemy left (and the skeletons will automatically die on the countdown).

Cross the bridge, fight the enemies. The battle will end only after you destroy the bone totem, so be careful. After that, you will have to decide who to give the bridge to - Balin or Balan. Or you can not give it to anyone, and then both characters will remain at your disposal.

Mission 4. Cursed ship

Move forward while collecting various loot. When you turn right, the battle will begin against the Banshee and her army. I recommend killing ordinary skeletons first and do not forget to finish them off, otherwise, they will come to life every time. After that, you will have to defeat the Banshee herself. Surround her with your squad. Banshee will disappear when her health drops below 150 HP. After that, you can continue on your way and get to the shipwreck. Kill enemies with armor to meet Sir Tristan's ghost. He will join your squad.

Climb up the slabs that form the stairs. Don't rush to go left. Rest by the bridge on the right and enter the castle ruins ahead to meet the Banshee. Banshee will disappear when she is below 50 HP. But keep in mind that killing her first is completely optional. The rest of the enemies will still remain and continue the battle. After the victory, Sir Tristan will approach the tombstone where his beloved Isolde rests. Take the legendary relic from the corpse.

You can go down to the shipwreck and turn right to find a beach with a fire and a ghost. To free the ghost, you need to sacrifice 15 HP of any character. Do this before you use the fire. Cross the bridge and destroy the Banshees. Once and forever. It will be difficult, but you really try. Before you complete the mission, go down the stairs to the right and search the chest.

Sidequest "Sir Ywain's Story"

Go to the location and fight the first robbers. Then, together with Sir Ivein, move around the location, destroying various enemy groups. The second time you enter a location with fog, in no case attack the boss if there is an active totem. Firstly, this way you will not kill him, and secondly, you will receive retaliatory damage. In total, you need to destroy three nightmares (three fights in the fog with one elite enemy in each), and only after that move to the lower right part of the map, where you will meet the Hermit. He will warn you that death awaits you further if you have not destroyed all the nightmares. After that, fight Sir Gottfried and his army.

Side Quest "Fire Against Fire"

In general, without completing side quests, you will not be able to level up the characters so that you can successfully complete the story missions. So let's focus on them. In addition, side quests are a sure way to find new knights for your army. Go ahead and kill the undead in the village. So you will meet Sir Ector. This is your first more or less powerful battle mage. You will need to visit five locations and destroy all the undead. Almost every place has a bonfire or an altar, as well as loot (in a chest or crate). At the very end, defeat several knights. You can break the jugs that hold the poisonous cloud. It will deal damage to all enemies that pass through it. But so do your heroes.

Sidequest "Ancient Monastery"

Speak to Brother Kamlar and heal his wounds if desired. There will be a lot of battles in this task. Be sure to use the environment. For example, in one of the battles, you can blow up jugs with poisonous smoke. Also useful is a scout, like a character with Yvain's crossbow. He will notice the traps placed in one of the battles. And there will be a lot of them. There are also additional goals. For example, you can return the stolen goods by force or leave things to the merchant and avoid the fight. As soon as you clear all the positions, you can leave the map. But don't forget to search the chests.