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Walkthrough Rogue Legacy 2 - game guide

Walkthrough Rogue Legacy 2 - game guide

 In this big guide, we'll show you how to find the main family heirlooms, unlock new abilities, and defeat each main boss.

The principle of the game is quite simple. You control the main character, who explores various vertical locations, located in the same way as the real Metroidvania. But there is one difference. Rogue Legacy 2 is still a simplified roguelike, which means that there are elements of randomness in it: the objects or runes encountered change, as well as the location of the rooms themselves. Each time your hero dies, you can choose a different heir, who will continue the undertakings of the predecessor. And each time, as a result of these actions, the game world will change. Some unique rooms will remain the same, their content will be similar and familiar, but the layout will change.


Use A and D to move left and right respectively. The "Space" button allows you to jump. If you hold the key, the hero will jump much higher. Jump up the ledges and read the magazine on the table on the left. These journals usually either provide some interesting information about the lore or contain hints for finding heirlooms.

Attack the door with LMB. Defeat the first few opponents in the same way. Destroy all visible objects to find gold. It is useful for improving the castle (buying new passive skills). To jump down from a thin platform, hold S and Space. Once outside, you will see a blue lantern. Jump up to him and press Shift to kick him. Your hero will hit the lantern and fly higher from it. You can repeat the blows as many times as you like. Climb up this way. Keep doing the same despite the fact that the lanterns will be hidden behind the wall. If you reach them, the effect will be similar. You will also learn how to bounce in the air after taking damage. If the hero takes damage, you can press Space to push up.

Use the orange portal to move through the pipe. Climb up by kicking the mannequin and the lights. After moving through the pipes again, jump up and dash to the E key. Do the same to fly into the pipe. Move on the other, read the magazine and jump down. Break the boxes on the bottom right and attack the wall with magic by clicking on the RMB. Only in this way can such cracked walls be broken. Go behind the wall, jump up, and when you land, press Shift to kick the wooden hatch. You will be taken to the first game location.

How to Save Teleports and Stop Room Shift

As soon as your hero dies, an heir will take his place. You can choose a character from any of the available classes. Some classes open as you progress through the game, while others will have to be unlocked in the skill tree, for gold. But the most important thing that will happen is that all game locations will change. The location of unique rooms will change. Heirlooms (challenge to obtain them) and bosses will remain the same, but other simple treasure rooms may change completely. If you don't like playing as your current character, you can always "Retreat as a Hero" in the pause menu. In this case, he will disappear, and you will be asked to choose a new heir. As you understand, the family relics you have collected will have to be searched for in the second (third and so on) circle. Moreover, if earlier the relic was in the upper room of the citadel of Agartha, now it can be found somewhere else. For example, at the bottom. All that will be saved in the game is information about the killed bosses (they will not have to be killed on the second round) or the actions that you took to get to the enemy. So in the case of Estuary Lamech, where you need to quickly light two red lanterns, if you do it with one character, but do not defeat the boss, then you will not have to reactivate the lanterns while controlling the second hero.

The first thing you need to save the world is money. Gold drops out of killed enemies and found treasure chests when destroying items and objects in various locations. You will spend gold on improving the castle, which is directly related to obtaining new classes for characters, passive abilities, merchants, and bonuses. Note that one of these unlocks will allow you to build a "Screw Cube", which will spawn an Architect in the castle. An architect is a character who is able to save the world in the form in which you see it at the current moment. For as long as you need. An incredibly useful feature that turns a roguelike into something more akin to classic Metroidvania. After the death of the character, if this function is activated, you will be able to explore the same rooms.

You don't have to pay for the number of visits or anything else to block the world for a long time. Instead, the Architect will keep a certain amount of the gold you collect. Pumping and starting bonuses of your character affect what percentage of the coins you will lose. For example, if you previously received 10 coins for the enemy, then this amount can be reduced to 40-70 coins. In addition, the castle has an improvement "Drill Store". It consists of five levels. Each new level reduces the amount of interest that the Architect takes from you by 2. That is, with maximum pumping, the commission can be reduced by another 10%.

As soon as you activate the lock with the Architect, all rooms will remain the same as they were even after your death. On the other hand, all the opponents you destroyed will respawn (with the exception of bosses). But the connection between teleports will remain, so you can at one moment get to all previously visited locations, and use any previously found teleport.

In addition to the Architect, you can use the service of the pizza delivery girl Maria. You will meet her at the Axis of the World location, behind the door in a separate room. Once this happens, Maria will appear at some of the teleporters and offer her services. For a fee of around 1750 gold, she will permanently keep the current portal for you. But Maria does not appear at all portals, so you should not roll your lip once again.

Determination and what it gives: how to increase

Rogue Legacy 2 has a lot of familiar stats like health, strength, or mana, but it also has a unique Resolve mechanic. By default, your hero will have 225% resolve, which he can spend on unlocking the relics found, scattered throughout the game world. Pay attention to the icon in the upper left corner of the screen, with a number and a percentage. This is your current resolve.

As soon as you open the blacksmith in the castle, you can order armor, weapons, cloaks, and talismans from him. If you have already played Rogue Legacy 2, then you probably found chests in the castle not only with coins but also with items. In fact, these are not finished items, but only drawings for their manufacture. So before you get any item, make sure you find the blueprint for it in the castle grounds. As in the case of relics, determination, as it were, "dissuades" you from the thoughtless use of equipment items. Whenever you open a relic or equip a piece of equipment, Resolve inexorably decreases. At the same time, any items of equipment increase the current carry weight. The dependency is simple: the less you have equipped items and unlocked relics, the more determination will remain. This is important for the reason that as soon as your resolve drops below 100%, you will start to lose the same percentage of your maximum health. For example, if the resolve is 50%, then the total health will be halved.

Relics are special items that provide passive bonuses. Rooms with a purple icon can contain one or two relics or fruits that allow you to restore health or lose some health, but increase it to a maximum. But if you do not need to pay for the fruits, then you will have to sacrifice determination for the relics. In rooms with two relics, you can only take one of your choices. The cost of a relic directly depends on its usefulness. It is noteworthy that all the relics you have collected will disappear if the character dies.

If you want to increase the stock of determination, pay attention to the "Psychiatrist" skill in the main character's castle. It consists of 20 levels, and on each level, you will receive 1% additional resolve. That is, the initial maximum can be increased to 245%. The path to this skill lies through the Butcher Shop, Barbarian, and Mediation Hall skills. To save money on buying relics, we recommend that you continue upgrading and select the Archaeological Camp skill. There are 5 levels in total, and at each level, the cost of relics will be reduced by 1% (total of 5%). A little, but still...

In addition, you will receive Resolve every time you change talent in the Curiosity Shop. 20% each.

Agartha Citadel

Difficulty level: 1/6.

Activate the teleport immediately. You can move between all the teleports found, however, in case of death, they will disappear. To the right is a door that leads to Eden, from where you must pick up a special fruit for King Cain. There will be a blue sphere nearby. You can interact with her, but nothing will happen. The fact is that you are not yet able to decipher such messages. Jump up and use the kick to get higher.

Now start exploring the different rooms. Since they will be located completely differently for you, I don’t see the point in describing these rooms in more detail. There are a total of six separate biomes in the game. Each of them on the map are displayed in their own color. For example, the current Agartha Citadel biome is gray. Press TAB and you will see all open rooms and their designations. Use the map to navigate through all the exits and search every room. Large metal mines bouncing off the ceiling, walls, and floor are impossible to destroy. Wooden spikes can be destroyed. If you suddenly go to some neighboring location (to another biome), go back. You don't need to go there now.

A few words about what rooms can be. Press TAB to see the map. To the left of it are the symbols:

  • The red skull is a monster. This is a mini-boss that you will have to defeat in order to get to the Estuary of the location.
  • A red skull with a yellow crown is the throne room that houses the Estuary of the biome. In most cases, it is not enough just to find a room. Some conditions must be met.
  • The yellow chest is a treasure chest. Inside it are coins or drawings of armor, weapons, and so on. There can be more than one chest in a room. In this case, there will be two icons inside it.
  • Turquoise Chest - Fairy Chest. In order to open such a chest, you need to pass the test. The test is started using the lever on the post. In the lower right corner, immediately upon entering the room, conditions for victory appear. At first, you will be asked to simply destroy all the enemies, but later - to do it without losing health, go through the room for a while, and so on. If you fail, you will no longer be able to pass this test with the same character. The chest will dissolve. These chests can contain coins, runes, or blueprints.
  • Portal - everything is clear here. You can move between all found portals.
  • Mystic room - usually in such rooms are hidden relics or apples for health. What secrets can contain in the room itself.
  • A family heirloom (brown candle) is an item that gives you some kind of unique skill that you need to progress through the game. More details about relics will be discussed below.
  • A unique room is a room that is present on each playthrough. Usually hides secrets like books with hints on where to look or how to get heirlooms.

All family heirlooms:

  • Aesop's Tom. Press R to read memories and calm nightmares.
  • Echo Boots. Kicks now recharge dashes and destroy resonant projectiles (and enemies).
  • Shawl Ananke. You can now dash in the air.
  • Ether Wings. Press the "Space" in the air for a double jump.
  • Treaty of Hestia. Those who take from the Hestia Reliquary must leave something in return.
  • Anchor of Gilgamesh. Hold R to activate Binding Stones.
  • Theia's solar lantern. Illuminates the darkness.
  • Bell of the Void of Pallas. Dash is now a Void Dash. Hold to make the dash longer and you can now slither through void projectiles.

Ordinary relics, information:

  1. Relics are artifacts that require Determination to use.
  2. Decreasing Resolve below 100% reduces your maximum health.
  3. Gain extra resolve based on your total weight. By keeping the easy level, you can get 125% extra resolve. That is why, by default, 225% determination is available to you.
  4. Increase your maximum equipment weight to keep your weight class low.

Stalls Dikovin:

  1. The Outlandish Stalls bestow powerful blessings on those who own their merchandise.
  2. Swap weapons to get the blessing of power for extra weapon damage.
  3. Swap spells to get the blessing of wisdom for extra magic damage.
  4. Swap talents to get the talent's blessing for extra Resolve.

Inner Demons (Aesop's Volume)

Now on to the citadel of Agartha. First, you need to find a room with a family heirloom of Aesop's Tom. When you go to such trials, you will automatically restore health and mana. The challenge with the tome is called "Inner Demons". In the game, such tests or even quests are called insights. Once in the room with the test, go down and interact with the blue orb. Now you can read them. The sphere speaks of a third way. Stand where the sphere is, hold S and Space to jump down into the hidden tunnel. Jump on the ledges and read another sphere. Use jumps and kick spinning fire flasks. So you can push off in the air and rise higher and higher. When you get to a lot of spinning lights, take a moment to have empty space above you and jump to the left,

Then follow the corridor with nightmares. They will attack you whenever you hit something while in their range. But later, when you get close to the nightmare, you can calm it down by pressing R. However, after a few seconds, the nightmare will wake up again. Keep this in mind. You will then fight in the nightmare room. Before attacking enemies, calm the nightmare. Repeat actions. Unfortunately, it is impossible to calm the nightmare in the second room. On the other hand, there will be a disappearing floor. You need to jump on it when there are enemies standing there and quickly run away. The floor will disappear, and the enemies will fall down and fall on the spikes. You don't even have to hit them. The floor disappears when you jump off it. Similarly in the room with the knights. Jump to make the floor disappear. The knights will fall down on the spikes and you will stay on the platform in the middle. Win the last fight and claim Aesop's Tom. The test (enlightenment) is completed! You can now soothe nightmares and read blue orbs.

On New Roads (Shal Ananke)

Look for another room with the Shal Ananke family heirloom. This is how the epiphany “On New Roads” will begin. Go forward and dash to the E key. Jump up and make another dash. Repeat actions overcoming obstacles. In the room with the first enemies, do not jump, so as not to accidentally miss the damage. After the second fight, be ready to run to the right while dashing. Behind this corridor, there will be a room with two eyes. Climb down and in-flight make a dash to the right. Get across all platforms and destroy enemies. Do the same with the skeleton. To return to the knight, dash and kick (Shift) the blue lantern.

Jump to the right on the blue lanterns, and where necessary use jerks. Move along the pipe, get ready to immediately make a dash, and push off from two lanterns. Carefully climb down the platforms, dash to the left and grab the heirloom. You can now dash in the air.

Estuary Lamech

In order to get to Lamech's room, you need to complete the Lighting the Way epiphany. There is a hint on the right. You need to quickly activate two red lights. This is hard to do, especially if you don't have a void dash. With a void dash, you jump up, kick one lantern and quickly fly to the second. The amount of void rush is enough to reach the lantern before the first one goes out.

Lamech is the first magic caster in the game's universe. He uses a combination of ranged and melee attacks, so you need to choose a class that successfully copes with both varieties. Valkyrie is preferred, as two of the Lamech Estuary's throwing attacks, fireballs, and daggers can be blocked with the Valkyrie's class skill. In addition, you can use the Valkyrie's long spear to stay away from the enemy.

Also, don't forget to use your newly gained mid-air dash to avoid being hit by Estuary Lamech's sword and spear lunge. To avoid the beam attack, you can either jump over it with lanterns and an air dash or stand in the blind spot right in front of the boss. Since the beam has a long animation, being in the blind zone will allow you to deal additional damage to the boss as well.

Axis of the World

Difficulty level: 2/6.

Hidden ambitions (epiphany)

There are no bosses in this location, however, you can find an important family heirloom, the Boots of Echo. You can find out about it inside the first room by going through the door to the right of the stone. To start climbing back to the left, jump up and bounce off the blue lanterns to get to the door in the upper right corner. Pass through it. You are inside the tower.

Climb up, pushing off from the lanterns and spikes. It is only important to jump in such a way that you do not touch the spikes with your whole body. They were just there. Then the character with the help of a kick will be able to jump up. The spikes will be destroyed. When it looks like you can't go any further, go to the balcony on the right and pay attention to the spikes on the outside of the building. Push up from them. After climbing up, drop down to the left of the tower to fly to the ledge with the family heirloom. Start the test.

Voluntary service (epiphany)

This is the very test to get the relic "Boots of Echo". Climb up the tower, pushing off the resonant bowls (electrified, yellow). Then you need to move along the horizontal corridor. Use jerks and push off from the lanterns. After kicks, now called Echo Kicks, you will recover dashes. Therefore, before you fly into the pipe after the spikes, make a dash to it, fall down to the resonant bowl, push off from it and fly into the pipe. Thanks to this, after moving along the pipe, you will be able to make a second jerk. Destroy four targets with Echo Kicks. Then there will be a difficult room. After moving through the pipe, you will have to push off the resonant bowls and fight with enemies in the air. Finally, they will tell you that thanks to Echo Kicks, you can destroy resonant opponents. Like slugs and douches.

Climb up past the nightmares. Jump, kick, fly into the pipe. When you fly out from above, kick to bounce off the flying red projectiles fired by nightmares. That's the only way to go up. And then you can pick up the right reward - "Boots of Echo".

Go down from the tower to the beginning of the location and go right. Jump on resonance bowls and so on. At the Axis of the World location, you will find a transition to the Tower of the Sun. In addition, to the right of the passage where the knight sits, there is a pizza delivery room called Maria. This is the same peddler that will allow you to save the portals forever. After talking with her in this place, you will meet Maria at some portals. Pay her 1750 coins and she will save the portal forever. For all future heirs. For example, after the conversation, I went up and met Maria at the teleport at the entrance of the Tower of the Sun and at the entrance of the Kerguelen Plateau.

Beasts of the Void Bjarrrich and Halfarrr

This is the first mini-boss of the location. More precisely, you will have to destroy two large skeletons at once. The second will appear after the first has less than 70% of his total health. The Estuary itself is not here. Instead, you need to defeat these two monsters. The "Monster at the Gate" epiphany will also be completed. The way to the Kerguelen Plateau will open.

This pair of skeleton pirates can be found at the end of the World Axis. Even though they use more projectiles compared to Estuary Lamech, it's all done (and flies) much faster, so using a Valkyrie or a Cook in combat will be difficult. It is best to give preference to the ability to keep a safe distance while controlling the shooter or ranger. Or the ability to deal high damage to multiple targets with the help of a dragon spearman or mage.

Feel free to use kicks to bounce off the skeletons or echo platforms surrounding them to gain height. Such techniques will be especially useful if opponents pinch you against the wall. If you are constantly in the air, enemies can jump on you, so don't linger over them for a long time.

Kerguelen Plateau

Difficulty level: 3/6.

To get to the Estuary of this chilling biome, you will have to find two lilies of the valley. In addition, you need the Ether Wings, which are also hidden in the Kerguelen Plateau. At the same time, in order to pick up a lily of the valley, you will have to sacrifice 10 points of Determination. That is, in total, you will definitely lose 20% of Resolve. When you find two lilies of the valley and come to the gates of the Estuary, the epiphany "White Gifts" will end. You can get into the greenhouse, but you need the Wings of Ether. If you have a relic that allows you to fly, you can use it too.

Insight "Distant Shores"

In one of the caves, you can find a clue on how to get to the Far Shores. It turns out that there is a resonant circuit in the water. This means that you can push off of her using kicks (the default Shift key). When you get across the water to the statue with the family heirloom, the epiphany will end.

The epiphany "What once was lost"

This is a test that will allow you to get the wings of the Ether. You can now double jump in the air. Use them and dashes to climb up the platforms. In some places, you need to fall down and jump in the air. Push off the blue lights. Defeat the enemies in the first room. In the second, double jump to fly over fire projectiles. Keep pushing off the lanterns, jump on the platforms and take the heirloom. Now you can permanently double jump.

Estuary of Noem

Patience is key against the guardian of the Kerguelen Plateau, Estuary of Noema. This flower-crazed boss will attack you with large walls of fireballs and lily of the valley flowers. The last projectiles can be destroyed with a spinning strike. Don't try to attack the boss when there are a lot of projectiles around him as you are guaranteed to take damage in the process. You can gain enough invulnerability by choosing characters from classes such as Assassin and Duelist to dodge her attacks.

Noem's Estuary will also spawn three nightmares that will be placed in different parts of the arena. Two nightmares will be on the outer platforms of the arena and another one on the upper middle. They do a lot of damage, so before attacking the Estuary, I recommend turning off the nightmares. Repeat this periodically and don't try to attack Noema while the nightmares are on.

Stygian Academy

Difficulty level: 4/6.

New enemies will appear here. In addition, there will be ethereal slugs. You can't damage them until you get the Echo Shoes heirloom. Also, beware of paintings that can come to life when touched. Here I met the first shop with talent. By taking such a talent (completely free), you replace the current skill (F key). To get to the boss of this location, you will have to defeat two mini-bosses (monsters), the rooms with which are marked with a red skull.

The unique room will contain many books and two purple void barriers. You can't move through them until you get the Pallas Nether Bell heirloom. In addition, you will not be able to get to the second mini-boss of the location without this bell.

Into emptiness

Another epiphany that will allow you to find the family heirloom "Pallada's Void Bell". When you find the room with this heirloom, don't jump. Instead, use dash to move between platforms. If you jump up, a magic floor will appear and you won't be able to go down. When you get over the water holes, go down and jump on this floor. You won't be able to start this challenge if you don't get the Echo Boots at the Axis of the World location.

Move along the corridor, jumping from platform to platform. You now perform void dashes, which means you can break through purple barriers. In the next room, hold E for longer dashes. Keep moving through the pipes, bouncing off the blue lanterns and making dashes. After being kicked by the lanterns, dashes will recharge as they did before. Kill champion enemies that can fire void projectiles. Your dashes allow you to move through them while avoiding damage. clear several rooms of enemies. Adjust the duration of the void dash by releasing the E key in time. This is the basis of the last test. Eventually, you will reach the statue and you will be able to collect Pallas's Void Bell.

Nether Behemoth

You will have to defeat two enemies at once in the same room. These are improved spearmen.

Nether Beast Murmur

Before you get to the mini-boss, you will have to go through several rooms. Navigate with void dashes to break through purple barriers. Then there will be a room with shells. Move through the purple barriers in void dashes. And when you see a solid row of red resonance balls, jump up and kick off them to jump over the top. At the end of the hall, a mini-boss is waiting for you, who launches all these projectiles. You need to attack him and dodge the projectiles. Land 2-3 hits and run back to dodge multiple projectiles. Once you've defeated the two mini-bosses, complete the Forerunner of the Castle epiphany. The door to Enoch's office will open.

Estuary of Enoch

The battle consists of two stages. On the first one, you need to completely demolish the health scale of the flying Estuary, after which a chest will appear. But it turns out that this chest is the true estuary of Enoch. You have to defeat him too.

Estuary Enoch, an academician of the castle and inhabitant of the Stygian Cabinet, is one of the most unpredictable bosses in the game. Sometimes he summons a large beam from the sky that cuts through the arena vertically. Since you can't pass through this beam without taking damage and it takes a long time to animate, try to stay on the side of the beam that leaves most of the arena. Important for maneuvers and evasions.

Try not to linger in the corners of the arena, as sentient scrolls will instantly fly at you, dealing area damage. You can also avoid the void attacks of the Estuary of Enoch (purple) by performing a void dash. Since you need both defense and mobility, I would prefer an assassin or a duelist.

Sun Tower

Difficulty level: 4/6.

You need to climb to the top of the tower. Use rotating metal gizmos with electrical discharges. You need to push off from them, making kicks. As for empty bowls, in order to jump up from them, you need not to kick the bowl, but to make a dash towards it. Which must be empty. That is, you need to find a relic in the Stygian Academy.

Estuaria Irad

You will meet Irad at the very top of the tower. First, there will be two eyes, and after (when health drops below 50%) a third will appear.

Estuary Irad, defender of the Tower of the Sun, is a trio of gigantic eyeballs. Since you can only stand on the two platforms located next to the left and right eyes, you will have to use a melee weapon. Choose a character class with close combat. The eyeballs constantly launch projectiles at you, so most of the time you will spend not in attacks, but in dodges.

Thus, the best solution would be to opt for an astromancer. His black hole attack is almost guaranteed to critically hit those immobile eyeballs, and the class skill makes it easy to dodge. Also good is the cook, whose frying pan inflicts burns (damage over time), as a result of which you can focus on dodging while the boss takes damage over time. The cook class skill will allow you to heal more often.

Dried Lake Pison

Difficulty level: 6/6.

You can only get the solar lantern from the stranger sitting at the entrance to the lake if you defeat Estuary Irad in the Tower of the Sun. The lantern will light the way. Attack the bone floor with kicks (while jumping) to fall down.

Insight "Breaking the Chains"

In the depths of the location, you will meet the Dragon Ladon. He will say that he will show the way to Tubal if you free him. Look for two closed passages connected by a chain on the lake. Each one needs a specific key. The keys are hidden in different parts of the lake, but, like with the lily of the valley, in order to find the key, you will have to sacrifice determination. For each key, you will pay 45% Resolve! At the very bottom of the location, there is a blockage. Nearby on the monument, it is said that by order of the Estuary of Irad, the depths of Nibiru were sealed for an indefinite period. Behind each of the two doors, you will fight with magical weapons. Behind the door with the pearl key, you will find the Hammer of Briares and the sword Kott. Behind the other door is the Shield of Egeon and the Ax of Gyes.

Estuary Tubal

When you free the dragon, return to him and talk. He will open his mouth, declaring that Tubal is inside. This is the last Estuary, and now the door to Eden will open.

Although Estuary Tubal was swallowed by the dragon Ladon, the master blacksmith is still alive and dwelling inside his womb. When the Tubal Estuary sets the ground on fire, stay airborne by first double jumping and then kicking large projectiles three times. You can also deploy his homing spike ball or the flaming buzz saws that he sends at the hero from time to time.

Tubal Estuary also spawns hand automata. You cannot destroy them immediately after being summoned. They have a 4-hit shield, so dodge them first and then quickly land multiple hits in a row until they are completely destroyed. The bard and barbarian's fast air attacks and their area of ​​effect skills are the perfect match against Tubal. The barbarian's ax will also be especially powerful: the boss moves little and you will have time to strike.

And she

Return to the very first room where the Golden Door is located. If all the Estuaries have been killed, it will open. You will be in Eden. Run to the left and talk to the stranger Jonah. Defeat her to get the Poisoned Fruit.

The leader of the resistance, Jonah will attack you right after you pass through the Golden Gate in the first room of Agartha's Citadel. Jonah will use upgraded versions of your weapons and class skills, so most of the attacks are intuitive. But there are also less predictable tricks. To avoid throwing pizzas, you must destroy them with a spinning blow, and to dodge a slash attack (similar to a ronin class skill), you need to go through it with a void dash.

If Jonah uses her Lightning Storm attack and you're a mage or ronin, standing in the second closest safe zone will allow you to retaliate a few times. Iona doesn't deal any physical damage, which is especially useful if you're playing as a melee character. For example, a boxer or a knight. Jonah is not a very strong enemy, so you can defeat her with a character of any class.


Go left and interact with Charon, who will take you to the castle. Go to Immortal King Kain and fight him. This is the final battle.

Since Kain, your brother, king, and final boss has absorbed the souls of all the Estuaries, his fighting style will be a mixture of all their attacks. It will jump and cause magma to erupt when it lands, just like the Lamech Estuary did. It will also roll large spinning dice, similar to the Void Behemoths Bjarrrich and Halfarrr. And he will throw circular saws at you, as the Tubal Estuary did.

The only attack that you may not be familiar with is the round wall of fire. This attack is indicated by a red ring that explodes into many small, fast-moving fire projectiles (walls). They move outward, so you need to get inside the ring before the attack happens. If you can get used to the new attack, you will soon destroy the last boss and save the inhabitants of the castle.

Enlightenment "New Old World"

After the victory, run to the right and talk in the room with the pizza delivery girl Maria. She will tell you what to do. Exit through the door after another Shift. Get to the statue and start the challenge. Climb up the debris, pushing off from the blue lanterns. Hold R at the link stone to climb up. Repeat steps. Move the stone to the right and jump down. After a while, he will return to his place, and you can go further. Repeat these steps. Returning to its place, the stone teleports. That is, it doesn't bother you. After completing the test, run back, activating the binding stones. Jump down and pull on the largest tie stone. You will save the castle. You can chat with different characters, and then go left to summarize the journey.