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Walkthrough Salt and Sacrifice - guide to Corvius Mire

 We tell you how to get through Bol Geran, find all the bosses, and open all the secrets

After passing the village of Ashbourne and Bol Gerana, Salt and Sacrifice will send you to a new location. In true Souls-like style, the game features a poison swamp, though it's not as dangerous as other titles in the genre. You will still encounter poison, caves, and old ruins as you try to kill the bosses and collect as much loot as you can. Grab some antidotes, make sure your armor is up to par, and get ready for the tricky area.

How to get to Corvius Mire

The rune combination for this area can be obtained from Bol Geran. To do this, you need to find Magnesin, absorb the hearts of the Aeromancer and Terramancer, and then go to the Bol Geran Temple. There you will find a dirty key that opens the door to the sewers. Inside it you will meet a guard who will give the combination.

How to get to Corvius Mire

Dark Earth Lair

When you first arrive at the Swamp, the only place you can go to is the passage to the west. First, look around a little to get some idea about this region. Be careful with water; standing in it will give you a poison status. As soon as you enter the Dark Earth Lair, you will find Twin Frospyr right under the entrance but beware of holes in the ground. They are hard to spot, but they are spiked traps that do a lot of damage. Be careful while making your way through this area.

Heading west from the entrance, you will find the first Mimic. If you try to open the chest, you won't be able to avoid the initial attack. So instead attack first. Luckily, defeating the Mimic will restore one flask. Exploding Balls is the third trap you will encounter within the first minute after entering this area. Do rolls to get out of their range (cloud), otherwise, you will be poisoned.

Hidden southwest of the first raincoat cluster is an obelisk. Take advantage of it. Continue west until you find the first mage hunt in the area. You will learn about the mushroom mage Por Miek. Either way, he will have to be defeated. Only in this way will you gain access to the rest of the area, so you can do it right now. Read more about mages in a separate guide. To the east of the victim, a half-hidden sack of Sunfire Mushroom can be found. Go further east until you hit a wall with a cliff. Fall down and jump over the trap to get the bag.

After killing the Mushroom Mage, you will be able to go through the previously closed door on the east side of the region.

Rotten Swamp

Run through the lower level of this area until you reach the stone building to the east. Climb up to the platform and find a bag of Blueblossom. Go back and then use the capture points to get to the obelisk. To the west of the obelisk is a magnesin pulley that leads to a second pulley. They form a neat cut to the entrance to the Lair of the Dark Earth. Head east from the obelisk using the capture points leading up and eventually encounter the area boss: Marega Gredanya.

How to beat Marega Gredanya

Marega Gredanya is an interesting fight, although with good skills the opponent will be quite simple.

How to beat Marega Gredanya

All of Marega's attacks

  • Summon Dolly: Marega's main trick. She creates a green glow in her hand and summons a straw doll to attack you. When the boss is low on health, this ability will allow him to summon two puppets at the same time. The puppets attack mostly with quick strikes.
  • Swamp Bomb: The boss will take to the air and launch a green skull at you, which will subsequently explode. It has quite a large range, so move quickly.
  • Melee Combo: This combo consists of a claw strike and a staff strike. This is a basic attack that is easy to dodge.
  • Staff Strike: This is a single strike with a staff that falls to the ground. Easy to dodge, but attacks quickly.
  • Invisibility: Marega Gredanya can become invisible for a short time. You can tell where it is from the shadow on the ground, but in that case, it's quite difficult to know what the boss's next attack will be.

Fight strategy against Marega Gredanya

The fight will be chaotic, especially when Marega can summon more dolls. It is important to remember that the dolls will disappear after a short period of time. You don't have to go out of your way to kill them. Rolling over swamp bombs is easier than running away. When the boss becomes invisible, it's much better to just keep your distance so that Marega can't attack you with a melee combo. At such moments, long-range attacks come in handy.

Find a glowing stone

Once you've defeated Marega Gredanya, grab onto the platforms to the east and grab the sacred stone from the corpse. You can use this tool while standing in stone circles to create temporary ethereal platforms that allow you to find new areas.

green ruins

The area below the entrance has several items to collect and enemies. There you will also find a shortcut to the lower half of the Rotten Swamp. Be sure to open. For further passage, you need to move up. When you spot a Fertile Priest armed with a dart standing on a platform out of your reach, use a ranged weapon to get rid of him. Beware of rotating traps. They rotate three times and then brake for a moment.

To the west, there is a section for jumping using a glowing stone. Time will be short, the test is difficult to pass, but at the other end, you can find a shimmering bud and Inquisitor Amben if you talked to him in the previous area. On the other hand, if you fall into the pit, you will encounter a very strong Aigdalian, who will most likely kill you in one shot (after the damage taken from the fall). However, if you defeat him, you will receive a moss brick. The sealed door will open if you kill four mages.

Go further and find a place with another cut. This time, east of the Corvius Swamp. To the north of the cut is the victim of another magician Lorhot. To the east of the victim there is a secret passage - just go into the darkness. There will be a small gap that you will have to jump over, but there is a bag of loot at the end.

great tree

The Great Tree is a gigantic structure in the middle of the Corvius Swamp. To get inside and climb it, you need to kill two magicians in the region. For example, the Mushroom Mage and Lorkhot. Once you've done that, head west of the starting obelisk and climb up before grabbing the sealed door leading to the tree. Read more about mages in a separate guide.

To climb a tree, jump and push off the walls, use the grappling hook, and time yourself accurately. Watch out for spinning traps and bleeding mosquito-like enemies, and don't forget to activate the obelisk halfway through. The region above the obelisk has two exits: one on the east side and one on the west side. The east exit leads to a sealed door that requires the hearts of three mages, while the west exit leads to the Sanctuary of Veruna area. Ignore both (these are optional locations). Instead, head up the tree to fight the Heart.

How to beat the Sapblood Heart

The Sapblood Heart will be dormant at the start of the fight, just hanging from the ceiling. Soon a white spirit will form and enter the Heart, awakening it and causing it to attack the hero. As the fight continues, more spirits will appear and attack you. If you manage to deal enough damage to the Heart, you can beat the spirit out of it. However, after a while, a new one will fly into it.

Sapblood Heart basic attacks:

  • Mist Breathing: The heart takes a deep breath, collecting mist in the mouth. It then turns around and releases the mist in the direction it is facing. Easy to avoid.
  • Mist Explosion: Same as Breath, but the explosion only hits the nearest area. It's more of a melee attack.
  • Leap: The heart strikes the ground with the sword. There is also a two-hit chopping variation of this technique.
  • Rush: The heart runs to one side of the arena. Make a transition.
  • Spirit Shot: Spirits floating in the air will periodically fire ghostly bullets at you. They are the main danger in the second half of the battle.

Combat strategy

At the beginning of the battle, try to deal as much damage as possible before the first spirit takes control of the Heart. The more damage you can deal before the screen fills up with spirits, the better. Don't try to attack the spirits. Your only target in combat is the Heart itself. In this battle, everything depends on how correctly and accurately you dodge. Consider taking your gear off to get the lightest weight possible. Once you defeat the Heart, go up the stairs on the left and use the glowing stone inside the circle. You will learn a combination of runes that will allow you to go to Dreadstone Peak.