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Walkthrough Salt and Sanctuary - bosses of the game

 How to defeat all the bosses in the 2D action game Salt and Sanctuary

Walkthrough Salt and Sanctuary - bosses of the game

Bosses in Salt and Sanctuary

The False Jester

The Sunken Keep boss is a fairly easy boss due to being only the fifth boss in a row. The False Jester's attacks deal low damage and are easy to dodge. At the same time, the boss is susceptible to all types of elements and is not immune to anything except chopping attacks, which means we will coat the weapon with anything, even feces, the main thing is that it gives damage!

For an easy kill, you must: use a shield in battle, because. his attacks do almost no damage, the shield will perfectly protect you.

The Coveted

The boss of the Ziggurat of Dust is one of the easiest bosses on the first playthrough. The thirsty is easy to kill with the Blessed Page

To do this, you need: when the boss cutscene starts, quickly run up and start hitting the ax (boss) with lightning speed with the Blessed Weapon. Due to the fact that the main attack is the ax itself, you will kill the boss before you can take damage.

The Queen of Smiles

The boss of the Village of Smiles is one of the easiest due to the fact that it has very simple attacks and -33% immunity to Holy damage.

For an easy kill, you need to use the Blessed Page and block when the Queen of Smiles starts moving quickly towards you.

The Untouched Inquisitor

The Dome of the Forgotten boss is the easiest boss in the game. His attacks don't deal much damage, and the fire will kill him faster than you can remember. Any person who knows how to use bottles for weapons and rolls can pass it the first time.

For an easy kill, you need to stock up on fire lubricants and/or lubricants with "secret" damage, that is, Stained Pages.

Skinless and the Architect (The Unskinned and the Architect)

The boss is quite difficult due to the fact that both opponents complement each other. The architect (Kaira) will set traps, and her personal guard (Skinless) will forever try to push you into these traps.

An easy way to kill would be to use a Pessmud or a Stained Page. both Skinless and Architect have -55% immunity to Arcane Damage.

Kraekan Dragon Skourzh

A strong boss encountered at the end of the game, namely in the Crypt of the Dead Gods (Crypt of Dead Gods). The main difficulty is the extremely diverse attacks, which, fortunately, are not too difficult to get used to.

An easy way to defeat the boss is to keep the boss in the center of the arena and try to block all of his attacks with a shield, because. it deals colossal damage and is able to kill a hero in 1-2 hits. Using buffs is not recommended, because. the boss is immune to all types of elements.

The Witch of the Lake

The boss, which may seem the most difficult for the first passage, but in fact you just need to be able to use the information correctly. She has -33% immunity to fire and holy damage, which means that this is exactly what she should be beaten with. The Witch succumbed to me from the fifth time, which is pretty good for a boss located in third place.

PS: On NG+ difficulty, it kicks hard and hard in the ass!

Third Lamb (The Third Lamb)

The boss who killed more nerve cells than anything else in this life. I warn you right away if you are the owner of weak nerves, then if I were you, I would delete the game right here, right in front of this boss! It took me (on my first playthrough) ~ 38-40 attempts on this boss, and on NG+ I generally wanted to give my soul to the devil, just to get through this fiend.

Easy way to kill the boss: take a lightning protection shield, lightning protection ring, lightning protection armor, say a prayer, and proceed!

The Unspeakable Deep

A boss that doesn't make any sense to kill unless you're an achievement hunter. The main feature of the boss is his damage. The boss will kill you with ~ 1-2 hits, without even giving you a chance for revenge.

Tip: You can remove the armor and constantly roll from his attacks, dealing 1-2 hits.

Map with location of all bosses

Map with location of all bosses