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Walkthrough Trek to Yomi - game guide


Walkthrough Trek to Yomi - game guide

A detailed walkthrough of all story missions, boss battle tactics, search for all artifacts on the levels

At the beginning of the game, you will be prompted to select a difficulty level. By default, only three are available (Easy, Medium, Heavy), but later you can unlock the fourth level (Hardcore). The training will begin. Use WASD to move. Attack by double-clicking on LMB. Then also press the LMB twice, while holding the W key, and then the S key. Perform a powerful attack on the RMB. The R key allows you to quickly turn around. Use Shift to block attacks. Also, press the key and LMB immediately before the blow to reflect it and counterattack.

Mission 1

You are asked to find Master Sanjuro. But first, follow the right from the entrance to the temple to find the training ground. Go across the bridge and under the round gazebo you will find the Tayama mirror (artifact 1/7). Run from the temple down the street, then turn right. You can chat with the merchant by pressing the E key. Move the cart to the side and go deep into the screen, along with the steps. Enter the building and pick up the image of Izanagi (artifact 2/7) from the table on the left. Go through the building, go down and follow to the right. Save at the shrine, after which the gate will open. Be sure to talk to the merchant on the left to get a shell from the Kai-Awase set (artifact 3/7).

Go across the bridge, into the courtyard. First, turn left to find a cherry blossom on the table (artifact 4/7). Proceed as directed by the villagers. Save at the shrine, then fight the first enemy. Kill a couple more opponents and save at the next shrine. When you move up the slope, where there is also a sanctuary (from left to right), to the left of it, go behind the fence and look for a statue of a field mouse (artifact 5/7). Keep moving while saving your progress. Opponents without armor can be equipped first. On normal difficulty, two hits are enough to destroy them. When you enter the burning village and see a crying man, look into the building on the right and pick up the Kakute item (artifact 6/7) from the corpse.

When the gate closes, run to the left and enter the building. Look into the back room and pick up a pouch with improved stamina. Only after that go up the stairs. After leaving the house, enter the building on the left. Defeat the enemies and talk to the woman. So you will increase the stock of shurikens. After moving away from the gate and out into the fields, first, go to the right. Kill the enemies and pick up the Stamina Boost Pouch. An image of Izanami (artifact 7/7) also hangs on the monument.

At the end of the mission, there will be a difficult opponent. I threw a couple of shurikens at him (“1” choose a shuriken, and Q - throw), and then used a parry (Shift a couple of times) and a counterattack. After watching the video.

Mission 2

After the cutscene, defeat four enemies to increase your maximum supply of shurikens. After the victory, go left to find a bag on the outskirts that increases the character's stamina. Head right, jump over the log, and knock down the tree to create a makeshift bridge. Get to the sanctuary, slide down and defeat the opponents on the river. Behind it will be a new sanctuary. In addition, you will get a new combo - LMB, LMB, RMB (stun attack). Defeat another robber. Walk right, down, and onto the ledge on the right. First, run after the animal to the right to find ammo and an abandoned Kami figurine (artifact 1/6).

After entering inside the mine, go up the stairs to the left and drop the cargo on four enemies. Go down and free the prisoner, who will give shurikens (if you don't have them). Climbing up on the platform, run first to the left and knock down the beam. Cross to the other side and pick up a homemade tekko (artifact 2/6). Soon you will be able to get out of the mine. Interact with the shrine and pick up a pouch of stamina upgrade.

Run to the right and defeat the enemies, after which the log will break. Walk a little forward and turn left, to the stone wall. Near it, you will find a fresco with three monkeys (artifact 3/6). Return and move deep into the screen. Defeat a powerful enemy on the bridge, after which you will reach the settlement.

So, we kill ordinary enemies according to the block + two LMB hits scheme. Enemies with bandages that appeared a little later in the forest are killed differently: you need to put two blocks, and only after that attack. We kill opponents as on a bridge according to the scheme: block, two LMB strikes, block, two LMB strikes, and so on. You can pre-throw shurikens. Run through the fields to the settlement, killing all the listed opponents.

After entering the settlement, go to the house at the back of the screen, go inside and take the stamina upgrade. Help the children in the next house. Move on and move the wagon out of the way. Before climbing up the stairs, on the rocks on the left, opposite the burning building, look for the item "Ema" (artifact 4/6). When you get out of the house, having defeated all the enemies, open the gate on the left and save at the sanctuary. You can kill the elite warrior in the shrine house, but it's pointless since there's nothing there. To the left, look for ammo and a pouch that improves health (on the pier). By the way, there is a man standing in front of the courtyard who will just ask you to kill an elite warrior. If you did this, return to him and get shurikens.

Cross the bridge, but don't rush to the right on the boards connecting the boats. Turn left and clear two houses. There will be no enemies in the far house, but there is a love message (artifact 5/6) and a wounded man. Also on the box is a pouch with improved stamina. When you're ready, go back and move to the right along with the boats. Kill a few enemies and you will see the sanctuary.

Keep moving, climb over the embankment, kill the enemies and enter the far barn. Don't rush out. There is a scroll in the foreground of the screen. Pick it up to get an upgrade. Now, when you block on Shift, your character will automatically turn around to face the attacker. Outside, opposite the sanctuary, there is a path. Run to the front of the screen, and pick up the salt pyramid (artifact 6/6) and the shuriken. Climb the houses, walk on the rooftops and kill the opponents. An elite warrior will reappear on the bridge. By the way, here's another tactic that works against enemies in a big hat and armor. Use the move forward with the "Space" pressed and a punch on the RMB. Such an action will allow you to deliver a heavy blow from a running start and stun the enemy. Then hit twice on LMB and roll back to "Space". Take a break and repeat.

After the bridge, climb the stairs and enter the cave on the right. There will be a scroll that increases the maximum supply of shurikens, a health boost pouch, and a sanctuary to keep. Get outside and run further across the bridge with enemies. In the main square, defeat the Sadatame boss. Use blocking attacks and then counterattack. When the opponent's health is less than half, he will jump away, and you will have to defeat four ordinary enemies. However, nothing complicated. After that, the mission will end.

Mission 3

Move through the village. At the wagon on the left on the main street, find the hammer of a blacksmith gunsmith (artifact 1/10). Climb over the wall and move to the right, killing the enemies. Save at the sanctuary and go down below. There will be division here. First, go up the wooden bridge, where there are two enemies. After killing them, enter the building on the left, on the second floor, and take the dove (artifact 2/10) from the sanctuary. On the other hand, you can go down under the bridge and destroy its beam so that the bridge falls. So you will kill two opponents without a fight. Enemies in armor and a hat resemble those same opponents from the second mission. Also, parry their blows and deliver two of your own, and then repeat the action. On the ground floor, there is an entrance to the same building. So you will find a scroll with a new technique. So it's best to get here in advance. As a result, you will find yourself at the same sanctuary.

So, after clearing the room on the left, move deeper until you fall down. Defeat a few more enemies. Use the sanctuary and go upstairs. To defeat the archer, use the rolls. So you will be invulnerable to any attacks. Get close to the archer, but don't get too close or he'll knock you back with a kick. And attack with two LMB hits, and then roll back and dodge the arrows again. Repeat actions until victory. As a result, you will get a short bow. To select it, use the "2" key. To attack, you still need to press the Q key.

Inside the building, go up the stairs and push the huge rack onto the enemies. Drop down to the platform on the right. One of the enemies will remain alive, so finish him off. Leave the stable, and go first to the left to pick up a scroll with a new move. Then hit the horse to drop the load and break through the entrance to another burning building. Next will be a segment with archers standing on the mountain. After their shot, run forward and hide behind the bags. Kill the enemy that appears nearby, then seize the moment again and run to the wagon. And deal with the enemy again. After that, run past the tree to the cliff, where there will be two enemies. After killing them, go to a new location. There will be an armored enemy here. Fortunately, the bow you recently found allows you to kill such opponents in just two shots. This makes the fight much easier.

Save at the shrine, but don't rush up to the house on the left. Run deep into the screen along the path and turn right. You will find a survivor. Nearby there is a scroll that increases the maximum amount of arrows in the quiver, as well as an image of Fujin (artifact 3/10). Return to the shrine and go up to the building on the left to kill the enemies, and find arrows and a magatama bead (artifact 4/10). There will be two enemies inside the building. Killing them will give you a new skill. You can also examine the hanged woman.

Reach the shrine and enter the courtyard on the left. Talk to the woman who protects the children. In the same yard, you can find a fishing rod (artifact 5/10). Run across the field using Space to dodge and dodge enemy attacks (enemies on horseback cannot be killed). When you pass this segment, first go to the right. Activate the shrine. In the graveyard on the right, find the stamina upgrade. Go back and go to the village. Just before the entrance, turn right and look along the fence for the item "Ugajin" (artifact 6/10). In the village, kill the enemies and go up to the ledge on the right. Just behind the burnt building, look for a round bronze mirror (artifact 7/10). Go right and save at the shrine.

Kill the enemy with a spear and enter the building. In the room on the right, look for inari sushi (artifact 8/10). Then climb the stairs, go outside and climb higher. Clear the roof and head left until you find a wounded samurai. To his right is a wounded woman, next to which lies an increase in health and a scroll that increases the maximum amount of arrows in the quiver. Climb up the mountain. When you activate the shrine, look to the right for a hidden passage. In the courtyard, a scroll with a new technique is nailed to a tree. Climb the stairs and look at the fence ahead, next to the stairs, for the Flask of the Moon item (artifact 9/10). Next, there will be a fork, but in both cases, we will come to a burning building, and the stamina improvement will lie on the barrel.

Next, there will be several segments in which you simply fight enemies. Almost every shrine will have arrows, so don't skimp on them. Shoot at least one arrow at an armored enemy. You can kill with an arrow both an archer and an enemy with a spear. Near the third shrine, there will be a bag of stamina upgrades and a bowl of rice (artifact 10/10). There is no way to defeat the Kagero (boss) this time, so you don't have to worry too much. Watch the cut-scene.

Mission 4

At the beginning of the quest, you can go to the left and pick up a scroll with a new technique. You can also knock over the beam to get to another part of the bridge with throwable ammunition. Go back and go deep into the screen to the right of the tree. Pick up the scroll with a new technique. Arrows lie on the edge of a tree that has fallen into the water. Keep moving to the right, and talk to the old woman. There is ammunition on the pier on the right. On the bench by the cage with the prisoners lies the artifact "Onyudo" (artifact 1/10).

Go to the big fire at the back of the screen. Enter the building to the left of the fire. In the foreground, on a cube, lies the Noppera-Bo artifact (artifact 2/10). You can also collect ammo. Go outside and go from the fire to the right. You can talk to the prisoner in the cage. Also at another fire in this place, on the bench, there is a pouch with improved health. Return to the first fire and go deep into the screen. Defeat the first two infected. The simplest thing you can do is block, wait for two hits (right to left and left to right), then land two of your light hits on the LMB. Then put the block again and repeat the steps.

Kill the enemies in the cave and climb up the ledges to the shrine. Walk over the log, which will break and you will fall into the water. Fight three enemies and go right. Destroy the samurai, but in a fight with him, you need to parry blows in time to stun the enemy. As a last resort, you can use a combat bow. In the field, destroy another enemy group, and then save at the sanctuary.

First, go to the passage on the left and pick up the Otoroshi artifact on the box under the roof (artifact 3/10). Keep walking to the left. This path leads to the other side of the cliff where the log broke. Pick up arrows and stamina pouch. Return and go right. You will meet a new enemy with a flagpole. I recommend killing him using two bow shots. It is difficult to fight in close combat because he delivers a series of three quick blows, and after a second he repeats it (or retreats).

Save at the shrine and climb the dam on the left, where Aiko's ghost is standing. Interact with two devices to drop the load. So you open the dam, and a stream of water will kill all your enemies. Go back and go to the right, inside the warehouse. On the box in front, to the right of the stairs leading up, lies the Hitotsume-Kozō artifact (artifact 4/10). Climb up, kill the enemy and turn right to find a box with a stamina upgrade. Jump down and exit the warehouse through the door at the back of the screen.

Kill enemies in the swamps. Be careful of cocoons that can attack with their claws. Save at the shrine. There are shurikens nearby, and arrows under the cocoon on the right. Deal with the samurai on the bridge. Use parry or arrows. Kill the enemies on the pond and climb up to the ledge. You will see wooden boards that are stacked in a path that goes deep into the screen, past rock and a waterfall. Don't rush to go there. Instead, turn right towards the lower right corner to follow a barely visible path. Break the log and go to the other side. Pick up the Yurei Artifact (5/10 Artifact), Arrows, and Stamina Pouch.

Go back and run up the path. Destroy the enemies. You can destroy the cocoon by blocking the path. Chat with the villager sitting on the floor. To the right is the sanctuary. Go under the archway and fight the samurai. You can rush: Run with Space and RMB to stun the enemy. Then just don't give him a break and press LMB. After passing through the bridge with the samurai, first, turn left and look for a cave with a fire, a corpse, and the Uwan artifact (artifact 6/10).

Go back and enter the building on the right. Jump down the white ledge and turn left. Go down the stairs to the pier with a health upgrade and shurikens. Climb back up and go right. Pick up the arrows and go outside. Climb up to the bridge, but don't go towards it. Instead, turn left and find the Nuppeppo artifact at the end of the hidden path (artifact 7/10). Kill the enemies on the bridge and save at the shrine on the right. Go down the pier. You will see Aiko. But first, walk along the pier to the foreground of the screen and pick up the Stamina Boost Pouch. Defeat the shooter on the bridge at the back of the screen to get the Ojutsu Musket. This is an even more powerful ranged weapon compared to the same combat bow. Save at the sanctuary and go further, deeper into the screen.

Fight a lot of enemies. Use the same Ojutsu, and try to aim so that there are at least two opponents on the line. You will kill them with one shot. You can finish off some samurai with a bow. In general, the battle is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Once you stun the samurai with a successful parry, just finish him off with a flurry of LMB attacks. Walk right and save at the shrine.

Then immediately run to the right with Spacebar and RMB attack the shooter with Ojutsu, preventing him from shooting at you. Finish off the remaining targets and go right. To the left behind the bridge, in the depth of the screen, look for arrows. There, on the left side, there is a narrow passage that leads along the pier to improve endurance and a scroll that increases the maximum supply of bo-shurikens. Return and run across the bridge to the right. Attack the Ojutsu shooter again from a running start, preventing him from firing. Finish off the rest. Head right to the shrine and save. Next to it there is a staircase leading up. Climb up it and pick up the Inugami artifact at the entrance to the building (artifact 8/10). Inside the building, look for a scroll that allows you to increase the number of arrows in the quiver.

There is no point in going out through the door because in this case, you will have to kill more enemies. Therefore, go down and run below, jumping on two shooters from a running start, and then finishing off the remaining targets. Enter the building on the right. After killing the enemies, look for a turn to the left leading to a box of musket ammo. Swim across to the other side on the raft and save at the shrine. Deal with the enemies in front of the entrance and enter the building. Climb up the stairs and save at the shrine. Climb even higher up another ladder, pick up a scroll that increases the maximum supply of bo-shurikens, and then go around and light the brazier at the top of the lighthouse. Go down the last ladder and go outside. Here you need to act as quickly as possible. Run forward with Spacebar and right-click any enemies you encounter to stun them. Kill everyone this way finishing on LMB. The bridge will be destroyed, so you can not hesitate and play with blocks and parries.

After reaching the other side, climb the ledge on the right and pick up the Ushi-Oni artifact (artifact 9/10). Climb back and go deep into the screen. Activate the shrine located on the left side. Defeat a couple of enemies on the next bridge and move on until you are forced to push the beam. Cross to the other side, slide down the ground and pick up the arrows, and the Yamawaro Artifact (10/10 Artifact) in front of the bridge. Next is the tough part. Save ammo, and don't waste a lot of health. There will be a shooter at the end, so be careful. At the end, you will have a boss fight. First, spend literally all the ranged weapons you have. Stay away from the enemy, and if he gets close to you, use the rolls on the "Space" to get behind him. When there are no shells left, you will have to fight in close combat. Try to block, and even better - parry enemy attacks. You can also try to use rolls to get behind the enemy and strike from behind. Watch the video after winning. Choose what to answer Aiko. This will affect the ending.

Mission 5

You will find yourself in the depths of the world of the dead, regardless of the decision made. Even if the hero decides to stay with Aiko, she will say that first, you need to go down into the depths of the dead. Move forward along the path and at the very beginning, on the left, look for the "Great Ikazuchi" (artifact 1/8). Follow on until you find a blockage. Remember three hieroglyphs from bottom to top, then interact with the panel. Arrange these three hieroglyphs in the selected upper zone, and then the path will open further. Enter inside the room. Defeat the rogue ghost, which will be much stronger than a normal enemy. That means you have to hit a lot more. Go through the gate on the right and turn left. Pick up the Ojutsu projectile and the Blooming Ikazuchi artifact (artifact 2/8).

Go to the right side, go down to the house and pick up the stamina bag on the right. Save at the shrine inside the building and go back to the screen. Follow on and defeat the two warriors. This time the ghost of the robber will be weaker, but before him, you will have to kill the enemy in armor. Keep moving and take out a couple more armored enemies. You can use Ojutsu if you wish. Save at the shrine. Destroy a new opponent to unlock another move. Try to parry his blows and don't move too far or he will throw his sword.

As soon as you enter the inside of the building, roll into the back of the screen and find a scroll that increases the maximum ammo supply for Ojutsu. Return and go right. After killing the enemies, go outside and climb deep into the screen along the ledges. There will be a difficult section. As for enemies with long scythes, I recommend attacking them from a running start and immediately inflicting two LMB hits. Then parry any hit and immediately hit twice with LMB. Without delay. Otherwise, you will have to wait for a combo of three hits. And if such an enemy is hiding under a protective shell (white sphere), in no case attack him, otherwise you will receive retaliatory damage. Get to the shrine. To the right of him, there is a box with a musket cartridge.

Outside, kill the two groups of enemies that the spirit summons, then attacks the spirit itself when there is no protective shell on it. Eliminate the enemies a little to the right and enter the building. First, go to the room on the right. After killing the enemy, enter the far room to find the sanctuary and a scroll that increases the possible number of ammo for the musket. Go back and go deep into the screen. Clear the long corridor and go outside. There will be another shrine and a puzzle. Move the cart to the left and remember the symbols. Point them out on the round platform to solve the puzzle. But don't rush to move on. Go behind the statue on the right and you will see a stamina bag in the foreground of the screen. Go further, clear the bridge, where another spirit will appear. When he is down, attack the spirit. As soon as you destroy its protective shell, you can deal real damage and kill in 4-5 hits. A little further, at the turn, look for the Earthen Ikazuchi artifact (artifact 3/8).

Then there will be a much more difficult segment, without saving. If something does not work out, as a last resort, go to the settings, select the "Game" item and lower the difficulty level. Once inside the building, save at the shrine and go forward. When the blocks start to shrink, run back a little. A passage will open on the left. Follow there and kill different opponents along the way. You will earn an upgrade for the quiver (capacity, more arrows). Go to the end and interact with the pedestal. Run back. In the room on the left there is a sanctuary to save, and for the plot, go into the passage on the right.

Finish off all enemies in the corridor and save at the sanctuary. In the room on the left there is a scroll that increases the maximum supply of bo-shurikens. There are arrows against the wall. Walk to the right and fight the enemies. Enemies in big hats can teleport. It is best to attack them with a running attack on the right mouse button and land two safe hits on the left mouse button, and then bounce to a distance. When a passage with steps opens, do not rush to go there. Move to the right, pick up shells for the musket and the Black Ikazuchi artifact (artifact 4/8).

Return and go deep into the screen, through a new passage. First go left. The bridge will appear automatically. Take away the stamina upgrade for the hero. Go right, kill a few enemies and save at the next shrine. Before you go up the stairs, turn right from the statue and look for the Oppressive Ikazuchi artifact (artifact 5/8). Cross the bridge to meet the spirit of Sadatame. Just like last time, use block and parry, and in the middle of the fight you will have to kill normal enemies. For a victory, you will receive a new move.

Go through the gate, activate the shrine on the left side and find the Loud Ikazuchi artifact (artifact 6/8) there. Go outside, go to the other side and save at the next shrine. Roll down and finish off all enemies using your skills and ranged weapons (arrows for a bow could be found at the top). Save at the altar and turn right to find a health upgrade. There will be another segment with riders. You need to perform rolls in time to avoid damage. deal with the enemies on the next segment, and when you slide down, first cut the rope holding the boat, and then press the button on the right to pour water. Get on the boat that will rise up. Save at the shrine.

Climb up the sandy shore, kill enemies. Go inside and save at the shrine. Along the way, pick up shells for the musket from the box. Also, you can enter the passage to the right of the shrine to find a health upgrade. Climb up the stairs and memorize the symbols, then place them on the round slab. Then go deeper and stand on a square slab. An entire platform will appear. Quickly run to the right, but not to the steps and statues, but a little to the right to find the artifact "Young Ikazuchi" (artifact 7/8). On the right there is the same square slab. Stand on it so that the abyss disappears, and run to the steps and the passage. After descending, save at the sanctuary. Walk to the left of it and look for a scroll with a quiver upgrade that increases the maximum number of arrows.

Kill the enemies on the right side, go up the stairs, collecting the arrows and the Raijin item (artifact 8/8) along the way, to the left of the top row of stairs. Save at the shrine. To the left of the shrine, in the foreground of the screen, there is a staircase. You can go down and collect shells for the musket. Come back and follow on. Once you're up the ledges, turn left at the fork to find a shrine and a stamina upgrade. You will soon reach the exit. Gather ammo in front of him. Watch the video. First, spend all available shells on the boss. Shurikens deal minimal damage, so you can ignore them. Make rolls so as to be behind the boss. After the victory, you will be able to talk to Sanjuro. Choose what to say to him. We indicated "Aiko is the most important". There are also options for "I'll find my way back" and "Kagero took everything".

Mission 6

At the very beginning, go to the right and deep into the sanctuary. A little further than it lies the Yutsa-Tsuma-Gusi artifact (artifact 1/10). Now run to the right side and fight the usual enemies until you can save at the next shrine. To the right of the passage, look for a musket shell. Follow the passage and defeat the opponents on the bridge. Climb up the stairs, keep moving and kill all the opponents. Here you can spend shells for the musket. After the victory, pay attention to one symbol on the ground, and to two others, on the stones. Install them on the stone circle and watch the video.

Approach the tower and wait until you are teleported to another location. Save at the shrine, kill the enemies and teleport to another tower. Rolling down, pick up a shell for a musket from the box. A stamina boost pouch flickers in the foreground. You can climb the slope on the left to find the Maggot Artifact (artifact 2/10). Go to the passage to the right. Keep moving, kill the enemies and enter the huge teleport. Save at the altar on the left.

Run to the left, fight the enemies, but at the same time hide behind the falling columns, as the archers shoot at you from a distance. Pick up "Wild Grapes" (artifact 3/10) from the stones and save at the sanctuary. Remember the symbols and set them on the next stone circle. Continue moving further, kill all enemies on the slope, including one spirit. Climb up the ledges and save at the shrine. Kill the enemies outside and enter the building.

Climb the stairs, go to the passage on the left and look for a box with a musket cartridge. Go back and follow the boards to the front of the screen. A shuriken sticks out of the support, but a thunder drum can be found further (artifact 4/10). Now run to the right. Save at the shrine. On the right you can find shells. Then climb the stairs inside the building. You will see two characters. Stand on the square on the left to turn the statue around and see the third symbol. Select all three symbols on the stone circle.

Walk forward. You will see four obelisks. They light up in turn. Remember the specified order and activate them. After that, go to the portal. Climb up to the ledge and activate the new tower. Save at the shrine, run to the right and fight the enemies. When you go down and see steps in the distance, on the right side on the box, look for the Sacred Peach artifact (artifact 5/10). Go deep into the screen and climb the steps to activate the obelisk.

You can go inside the building on the left to find a scroll with a new move, Powerful Stun. Save at the shrine outside, go right and finish off all the skeletons. At the very end of the path to the right, you will find a box with the Totsuka No Tsurugi artifact (artifact 6/10). Run deep into the screen and activate the obelisk. After moving, you will see the sanctuary. Keep killing enemies. When you pass a couple of bridges and kill the shooter, pay attention to the sword sticking out in the wagon. This is the Naginata Tip Artifact (artifact 7/10). A little lower, look for a pouch with improved stamina. Go deep into the map and activate the obelisk.

Save at the shrine, go across the bridge. Behind the first bridge, after killing the shooter, go deeper and pick up a health upgrade. Run along the second bridge to the right, kill a couple of enemies. Finally, follow the pier to the far right corner to find the Dirty Clothes artifact (artifact 8/10). Enter the obelisk, although you can also visit the building on the right, where there are shurikens and musket shells.

Save at the shrine. In the foreground, near the low fence, look for the item "Emotsu Hirasaka" (artifact 9/10). Now move to the right and kill the skeletons. Before the large white passage, on the left, look for arrows and the Onus artifact (artifact 10/10). After saving at the shrine, enter the building at the back of the screen and watch the cutscene. Defeat Hiroki, then choose a path: love, duty, or reject all gifts.

Mission 7

Finally, the hero will return from Yemi. Go right and pick up the shell (artifact 1/9). Follow the same path through the building. Inside it, look for a part of the fan (artifact 2/9). There are shurikens on the right in the courtyard, so go left and defeat the first enemies. Enter the far building, on the floor look for a box with musket cartridges. Near the man sitting on the floor, look for the item "Remains of Kiseru" (artifact 3/9). Save at the altar and go up the steps on the left. Enter the building, go around the top and drop the barrels on the enemies. Climb down and go left. When you fall through the roof, jump over the fence on the right and find the Death Sentence artifact (artifact 4/9).

Save at the shrine and run up the stairs, back into the screen. First, enter the building on the left to find a scroll in the back room that increases the maximum amount of ammo for the musket. Go back outside and go through the top door. Next, defeat the warlord who wields a large spear. You can attack from a running start to stun him. The safest option! After the victory, get a new move.

Enter the building on the left and look for the Omoikane Mask artifact (artifact 5/9) on the cabinet. After falling under the floor, enter the room on the right and move the crates to save the townspeople. Pick up the remaining health improvement after them. Now enter the niche on the side, where the stairs are visible, and go upstairs. On the pedestal is a box with cartridges for the musket. After saving in the next room, go outside and kill the enemies. Continue chasing Kagero by saving at the shrines. Overcome the area with the archers. Hide behind the wooden railings. Save at the shrine in the stables and head left.

After the second segment with the archers, go up the stairs and enter the building. Kill the enemies and save at the altar to the right. Go through the segment, killing those same archers. Save and enter the house on the right. Defeat several enemies, and when you enter the house with the falling beam, be sure to pull the Tsurugi artifact from the table (artifact 6/9). Before you go outside, take the artifact "Collected Works of Suguwara-No Michizane" (artifact 7/9) to the left of the door. Returning to the main street, climb a little higher, but again there will be a blockage. Follow the building on the right and climb the ledge. After going down to the basement, pick up the stamina upgrade.

Save at the altar outside, then go through a long section where you have to run from the fire. Including on rooftops. In the end, everything will calm down. Go down into the river and go back to the screen to find Kagami (artifact 8/9) on the right. In the yard by the carriage is a box of musket cartridges. Save at the shrine, head to the left of the shrine to find some ammo and a sake cup (artifact 9/9). Enter the temple and fight Kagero. Depending on the decisions made earlier, you will get a different ending.