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Walkthrough Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong for Emem

 All story missions, side objectives, puzzles, and confrontations for Emem

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong consists of several episodes in which you control three different characters. We decided to divide our walkthrough into three separate parts by characters. In this guide, we talk about Emem.

Looking for Jornie

Each scene of the chapter contains many side objectives and optional investigations that can lead to a deeper understanding of the World of Darkness, opposing characters, or consumables that will help when exploring locations.

What you can do in each chapter is highly dependent on your current skills and disciplines. Not every character will be able to do everything - even if you set it up perfectly. We've listed the skill requirements in the article, but on your first playthrough, you probably won't be able to complete all the activities.

The first conversation with Prince Iverson

As soon as you start the game and choose your initial profile (Investigator, Jack of All Trades, Veteran or Free), you will immediately go to a conversation with Prince Iverson.

To get the most out of this interaction, you need to have an education level of 1 or higher. This will give you more information about Primogen.

Your first hunt

Your first hunt is more or less scripted, but you can drink blood twice in this section. Opposite the feeding booth you used during training, there is another safe place. drink from the second vessel to gain more experience for new abilities.

How to enter the archives

As you follow Jorni's scent, you'll notice a trail leading through the archives. The door is locked, but there are two ways to enter:

  1. If you have the first technology level 1, you will be able to bypass the lock and enter without a key card. In doing so, you will waste willpower.
  2. Use the correct key card.
To find the keycard, enter the main office. To the left is Lazar's office. Enter it and you can take the key card lying on the block to the right of the entrance. Go back and open the archives.

How to open a safe in the archive

Archives is an optional area that contains several points of interest. One of them is a large safe built into the file cabinet wall to the right of the entrance. You will need the correct PIN to access this safe.

You can find the PIN code hidden in the filing cabinet to the left of the entrance. Alternatively, you can immediately dial the correct PIN - 9138.

Finding out why Jornie ended up in the archive

One of the side activities you can do is find out why Jornie was in the archives. If you follow her scent, it will lead you to a certain filing cabinet. Inside is a document from which a page has been torn out. You can use Insight to track down the smell of ink that has leaked out. Follow this trail to Abigail's office. In Abigail's office, go to the ashtray with the note. You can read the note.

If you have a first-level education, you can review the document for more information. While in Abigail's office, you can check her pager and messages. At the first level of electronics, you can recover deleted messages that confirm that Abigail communicated with Jornie.

Before you leave the area, you can go to Jorni's office (diagonally across from Abigail's office). There is a computer here. Do an email search for more information about the archives. If you have the first level of electronics, you can restore Jorni's search history and find out more about what she was trying to find. You can also find consumables - a business card. She lies on the block to the right.

Conversation with April

If you wish, you can talk to April to get more information about Jorni and her whereabouts. You won't be able to do this without the right parameters, since April refuses to divulge anything. However, if there is a third level of psychology or higher, you can still convince her to reveal some details.

Conversation with Hilda

You can talk to Hilda to gather more information for the investigation, but like with April, it's not easy to get information. If you want to "win" the confrontation, you will need at least one level of eloquence. If you win, you can continue the conversations and get a reward - 1 unit of willpower.

Looking for Jornie

Finding Jorni is very simple: follow her trail. However, once you get there, you will be forced to make a difficult decision. You can take her to the Prince or convince her to run away. If you decide to take her to the Prince, the scene will end and you will move on to the next part of the game. By trying to convince her to run away, you will start a confrontation.

To win this confrontation, you must either have high Speech, Intimidation or Psychology or choose the right answers without using skills. In order to defeat and convince Jorny to run, you must successfully complete two of the three stages:

  • Successfully persuade Jorni. You can do this with one point of Persuasion, though without willpower it's all random.
  • Hilda.
  • The anarchs will help her.

The implications of the decision are minor. If you convince her to stay, you will see her wandering around the Prince's Apartment. If you convince her to run, you will run into her during the later stages of the game.

Escape from the prison of memories

Once you've completed the scene in the Prince's apartment, you'll have free rein and be able to play through the stories of the three characters in any order. If you choose Emem, it will become clear that our bullfighter friend is in a difficult situation. The reasons are unknown.

Emem has fallen into a memory trap and the only way out is to solve a series of puzzles. Fragments of memories had been torn out of her head, and if she left without finding them, they would be gone forever. Not only that, other people seem to be stuck here as well.

The passage differs depending on the decisions you make, the developed characteristics, and so on. Therefore, we will not lead you by the hand, but instead we will explain the main points and tell you where to find additional content.

How to unlock the Rat Eating Talent

Eating rats is not the best way to replenish your hunger bar. By eating a rat, you will slightly satisfy your hunger, but also increase the level of Suspicion. And yes, it all sounds gross. However, sometimes you don't have a choice. There are a lot of rats in the prison of memories, and if you eat enough of them, you can unlock the Rat Eating talent, which will make the satiety gain from eating each rat more significant.

You can find three rats in your cell. If you head to the central area (where the Jefferson Library sign is) and follow the path to the right, you'll find two more. Eat them and you'll unlock a new talent.

How to unlock the Guided Hunt talent

Similar to Rat Eater, Controlled Hunt increases efficiency when feeding on human blood. Unlocking this talent is very easy. Just feed on any person you meet here, but if you want to unlock it as soon as possible, then from the Jefferson Library sign, go left to the center column, and then turn left. Drink the prisoner's blood. If you eat twice in the first scene, then Emem will unlock this talent. If you didn't, don't worry, you'll meet more people later in this scene.

How to find decoction and potion

There are two types of consumables in this mission. Decoctions and potions Tremere. Brews allow Emem to replenish her hunger bar without drinking anyone's blood. Convenient if you decide to use vampire abilities more often, and there is no human or rat nearby.

The effect of the potion is much more interesting. You will need it if you decide to fully explore the Mind Prison. The potion increases the rank of the Expressiveness discipline. You can slow downtime. Use the potion in combination with the levers on the far right of the library to access the cell blocks on the left and right. In the library, you can find two decoctions (to the right of the entrance, on the barrels). The potion is on the table to the left of the entrance.

How to get all of Emem's memories back

Memories are torn from Emem's head. They are imprisoned in the prison of memory. If you don't find them all, Emem will lose most of his memories forever. This is an optional objective, but we highly recommend finding all the memories to learn more about Emem and Hilda. If there is a memory nearby, you will hear a beep.

  • Memory in the Jefferson Library. Impossible to miss. This flashback shows how Emem got into the prison of the mind.
  • Nightclub memories. One of the cells found in the left cell block contains several brown bottles. Interact with them to see a flashback with Em and Jorni at the nightclub.
  • Remembrance of blood ties. This memory touches on scenes of violence. Follow through the left cell block and enter the medical department. Use the skill to teleport to the blood-soaked bedroom. The memory is connected with the bed.
  • Memories from Bordeaux. There is a walkie-talkie in the second cell of the right cell block. Interact with her to witness the scene with Emem and Hilda escaping from Bordeaux after the Nazi occupation of France.
  • Memory of a broken wall. In the third cell of the right cell block, you will find a broken wall. Interact with her to see a cutscene of Emem and Hilda arguing about Emem's injury after Blood Ties.
  • Remembrance of the blue candle. From the library, go to the bridge leading to the large central tower. To the left of this bridge is a teleportation point. Follow this path to the blue candle. This will unlock the memory of Hilda hugging Emem.
  • Tower memory. This memory is very easy to miss. On the top floor of the puzzle tower, before entering the escape portal, look for a flaming torch. Interact with him to unlock the last memory. You will find out what happened to Hilda after Emem avenged her blood ties.


Upon reaching the third level of Divination, Emem can see premonitions. To do this, it must interact with certain objects. In the memory prison, there is a chair in the medical office that you must pass by in order to get to the memories of blood ties. Activate it to see Galeb's possible future.

How to solve the tower puzzle in the prison of memories

There are three puzzles that you need to solve in order to escape the memory prison. If you do not understand the mechanics of these puzzles, then spend a lot of time. Fortunately, we have ready-made solutions for every stage. Install the parts as shown in the screenshots below.


How to solve the tower puzzle in the prison of memories


How to solve the tower puzzle in the prison of memories


How to solve the tower puzzle in the prison of memories

How to Win a Confrontation with Deneb Osborne

At the end of the scene, you will have to confront Deneb Osborn. To win the confrontation, choose the right options. Where possible, we have pointed out options that do not require certain parameters to pass the checks. However, to protect yourself, you must have Intimidate leveled up. Otherwise, you will fail.

  • Hazel has been working on this alliance for a long time.
  • Someone sent there
  • Boston neighborhood
Alternatively, you can fail this confrontation and get a branch in the story later.

Prince Iverson Apartment

The last time you played as Emem, you were able to escape the memory prison. She has now returned to the Prince's Apartment to report to Iverson. How well you do this depends on how you talk to the rest of the characters in the apartment. Your goal is to leave the Prince's apartment and go on another mission.

This scene can be completed in a matter of seconds, however, there are a few extra things that will give you more information. In particular, you will be able to learn more about Hazel, Galeb, Halsey and Leisha.

Conversation with Hilda

Your conversation with Hilda can develop in different ways. Based on the stats you have, you can convince Hilda to reveal her displeasure with Prince Iverson. More importantly, however, Hilda will try to figure out what your next assignment is.

Considering that there is a traitor in the clan, her question is alarming. However, without high Persuasion, you won't be able to defend yourself against Hilda's leading question. Hilda's persuasion is four, so it's hard to beat her. You can also talk to Hilda about your trip to the Memory Jail. If you missed the memory fragments, they will be touched upon in this conversation.

Conversation with Berel and Feng

One of the hidden side objectives is to eavesdrop on the conversation between Berel and Sui Feng. Depending on how you completed the scene as Galeb, events will unfold differently. You can use psychology to get more information from Feng.

How to get to the Iverson apartment

A side objective of this mission is to break into Iverson's apartment and observe her. Breaking into her apartment is quite easy, but spying is more difficult. You may remember that April's office had an elevator in the first scene. The elevator will take you to the Iverson apartment. You will see April yelling at her employees outside of the office. Use this to get into the elevator.

How to unlock the Iverson bookcase

When you enter Iverson's apartment, you will notice a large bookcase with a strange locking mechanism. If you want to find hidden information in the apartment, you need to pick the lock. This is a puzzle with several parts. First, you need to solve the puzzle with a large swan statue near the bookcase. Enter Iverson's bedroom and you will see a miniature swan on its shelf. Take it to the statue, place it on a pedestal, and you will find a cache with a key.

Take this key to the bookcase and you can open it. This is the second piece of the puzzle. You need to press the books on the shelf, like a button, in a specific order. The correct order is indicated on the Iverson music stand. Here it is BFDAC. This will unlock another secret area of ​​the apartment, which contains documents with information about Galeb and Leisha. Now you can leave.

Anarch Domain

Emem will go to the Anarchs' domain, trying to convince them to go on a suicide mission for Prince Iverson. Emem plays the role of diplomat and negotiator in this ill-fated alliance, and it's up to you to decide whether to follow Irveson's orders or listen to your gut. There are many hidden puzzles, locations, dialogues, and branches in this level, all of which culminate in yet another tough decision.

Where to find the tunnel key

At the very beginning of the quest, head to the Baron's office. Once there, you can find the key in a box hanging on the wall. This key will open the metal gates that are in the tunnels.

How to Convince Keris to Join You

Cerys is one of two leaders who report to Baron Thane. When you first meet her, she will show no interest and will not want to help you convince Baron Thane. However, it is easy to win her over to your side. But first, we need to get some data that she did not suspect.

After the first conversation with Cerys, leave her office. Her deputy Yardley will approach you with a proposal. He wants to frame Cerys and shares a plan to overthrow her. He promises to help create an alliance, but on the condition that you remove Cerys. Agree with Yardley's plan, and then go to Cerys. Talk to her and hand over Yardley with giblets. This will lead to a confrontation that will determine if she believes you.

How to win against Keris

To win the confrontation, choose the following options:

  • Blood trade.
  • If you have a high enough Psychology, choose the defense option. Otherwise, don't defend yourself.
  • I'm in Primogen.

How to get on the Gladys

To get to Rafa, the second of the two leaders, you need to board Gladys. You can try to talk to the two vampires at the gate, but without the right parameters, you won't be able to convince them. The easiest way to get to Gladys is to sneak through the tunnels. However, you need the key to the tunnel in the Baron's office (written above).

There are three entrances to the tunnels, and they are all interconnected. At the same time, the easiest way to get on the ship is to go to the Saule area. The entrance is barely visible, behind the vampires. Go down the stairs and turn right. Keep going to the right until you come across a gap that you need to teleport through. You will find a hole in the wall that can be used to teleport to Gladys.

How to access the Gladys on-board computer

One of the computers in the main work area is locked with a four-digit PIN. Some clues mention that the PIN is Gladys' registration number. You can find it by going outside and looking at Gladys. Or search the filing cabinets. Alternatively, you can enter 3764.

How to access a laptop aboard the Gladys

In Gladys' main work area, there is a laptop sitting next to the computer you hacked into earlier. This laptop has a sticker that says "Stupid password. Foolish people". This is the only hint you will receive. Code: 1234.

How to open the invisible lock on Gladys

If you have Insight activated and upgraded, you can witness Rafa trying to open the secret door. You may also see an invisible keyboard. Remove the obscuration and you can freely interact with it. On the castle, you need to enter certain directions. The combination is indicated on the walls in the form of posters. Start with the top center button and then follow these steps by moving only one button at a time.

  • Down, left, right, down, up, right.
This will create a cross pattern and open the door.

How to access a PC disk

After you open the secret door and enter another area filled with equipment, you will see a computer that requires a floppy disk to access. To find the floppy disk, go to the nearest cabinet. It is in the bottom drawer. Return to the PC and insert the floppy disk.

How to access Rafa's computer

Next to the computer with the floppy disk is another computer that can be hacked. You need to find the PIN. This is the date found on an old newspaper: 05161991.

How to open the door to Rafa

The last area you can open on the Gladys is the door, which is locked using the keypad. You can find the code by looking at the nearest filing cabinets: 568974. This will unlock the door leading to Rafa. Be careful, this is the point of no return. Once you enter the code, you will no longer be able to get further information about Raph and will be forced into a confrontation.

How to win the confrontation with Rafa

In order for Rafa to join the alliance, he will have to be convinced of the expediency of this action. To do this, you need to win the confrontation. Select the following options (one of the options is displayed if you have hacked into Rafa's computer):

  • He doesn't want to anger his sire.
  • Because they are next on the list.
  • If there are more of us, we can win.
  • I will protect him with my place on Primogen.
After you talk to Cerys and Rafa, return to Saula and you can leave the scene. You need to decide: follow the Prince's plan and lead everyone to death or act alone. In the end, it didn't affect the plot in any way. Initially, I chose the Prince's plan, and there were no additional dialogues, scenes or endings that hinted at the fate of the Anarchs. Choose what you like the most.

Infiltrating the SAD base

Emem made it to the SAD base. She will have to infiltrate the main complex and download a computer virus to attack the system. It sounds simple, but it's more difficult to do, because Emem needs to act stealthily, competently, and sometimes kill enemies. The SAD base is the heart of the Second Inquisition, so there is a lot of important information here.

How to open a locked gate

The main obstacle in this scene is the locked gate. You will encounter them early on and sooner or later you will have to open them. In the area right in front of the gate, use Insight to reveal the hidden message. This is a clue that says the answer is on the ceiling.

If you look up from where you're standing, you'll see numbers written on the ceiling fans. Go back to the gate, look up and remember the number. This is the code - 0158.

Another way to bypass locked gates is to use Celerity to teleport behind them. If you step back from the gate and go to a large open area, you can teleport along the outside of the corridor. You can do this several times to completely go around the gate. The only downside to this method is the high satiety cost. Celerity increases hunger, and its repeated use will quickly increase it to a high level. There are ways to restore hunger later, but why do it when you can open the gate with a code?

Kill or spare the agent

In the last part of the scene, Emem kills a guard. Before she can (unsuccessfully) download the virus, the agent enters. He is visibly frightened by your presence and unarmed. Emem will interrogate the Agent and find out where to upload the virus. She is then given a moral choice. You can kill or spare the agent. Neither affect the plot, and instead, this choice will determine your traits. Sparing him will unlock the Mercy trait, which will make you better at speaking but worse at intimidating. In fact, the obtained traits do not matter, since in the future, Emem has almost no dialogue.

Find a server room

Emem continues to search for the server room, but she has run into a bit of a snag. There are SAD soldiers everywhere, and she needs to get around them somehow. This is another rather short and simple scene compared to earlier episodes of Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong. That being said, there is something you can do to uncover information about the traitor. This scene is something of a stealth puzzle.

Where to find the fan control key

The first problem that Emem faces is a working air conditioner. There are three guards on this level and Emem will have to take them all out. The catch is that Emem can't fight everyone at once. To do this, she needs to distract the guards, and for this, air conditioning will do. However, the system is locked and Emem is unable to control it without finding the key. The key can be found behind the fan control box, heading into the elevator shaft. There is a control key in the toolbox. Return it to the fan, and you can control it.

How to kill all guards

Having gained access to the fans, you can start distracting the guards. On the control panel, press the "12" button, and the guard will move to the room to your left. Approach the hatch and then perform a stealth kill. Return to the control system and press the "11" button. This will force the other guard to move. This time he will go to the room on the right. Stealth kill him. The last guard will be alarmed as no one is making contact. He will move to the room to the right of the control box. Kill him and you can finish off the agent in the room opposite. You can then explore the location or leave it.

How to open the safe

There is a safe in this level that needs to be opened for a side objective. This is one of the few safes that cannot be unlocked using the Electronics or Security skills. You need a code. In-office #11, psychometrics can be used to see the belongings of the previous employee. You will understand that he has hidden something in the ventilation shaft. Return to office #14, re-enter the ventilation system and look at the grate above the entrance to office #11. Below you will find a note with a code. Take this code to office #13 and open the safe to get a decoction and documents related to the traitor. Code - 050211.

Server hack

SAD-based Emem's final task is to infect the organization's LAN with a virus to render them unable to track and hunt the Boston Camarilla. It took a long time to get to the right place, but if you mess something up, you can't fix it. The gameplay will change, so get ready to explore the new process. This short scene consists of two puzzles, one of which is quite simple and the other is a mini-game.

How to raise a server

When you get to the server room, you will find that the real server is underwater. This is a fairly complex cooling system that is fairly easy to overcome. How you solve the puzzle depends on the abilities available to you.

slow downtime

If you can slow down time, then solve the puzzle almost immediately. To raise the server, press the two buttons on the opposite side of the room. You have 5 seconds to press both buttons. Activate swiftness, slow down time, press the first button, and then run to the second. The server will come up.


If you cannot slow downtime, then it will be more difficult to raise the server. Go to the back room and press the second button to raise a large container out of the water, which is in the middle of the gap separating the two buttons. Press the first button, then teleport across the gap and press the second.

How to find out the identity of a traitor

This is the last opportunity to find out the identity of the traitor. While here, you can use the server to search the large database of the Second Inquisition. You need to enter keywords and review documents to uncover the truth. Not all keywords will be useful and you need to combine two keywords to get any results. Even worse, you are limited in time. While hacking the server, SAD soldiers are trying to break down the door. It will be difficult, so we have prepared a solution.

Enter the following combination of keywords:

  • Accomplice + Informant
  • Codename + Informant
  • Corvus + Personality
  • Jara Drori + Interrogation
An audio file will open for you to listen to. So you will know the identity of the traitor.

Password for servers

To upload a virus to the server, you need to find the password. You will have to return to the search function and perform several keyword searches.

Enter the following combination of keywords:

  • Administrator + Password.
  • Organization + Creation.
The password is the date the organization was created - 09092015.

What happens if the server is not hacked in time

If you can't hack the server in time and release the virus - which is very difficult to do given how long it takes you - then Emem will be killed. The game will continue, but you will not see more Emems.