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Walkthrough Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong for Leisha

 All story quests, side objectives, puzzles, and confrontations as Leisha

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong consists of several episodes in which you control three different characters. We decided to divide our walkthrough into three separate parts by characters. In this guide, we are talking about Leisha.

Studying Primogens

Leisha's unique abilities make her an incredibly useful detective. It is the investigation that you will be engaged in in the prince's apartment. Upon your release from the psychiatric hospital, you will be tasked with obtaining information about Primogen, Emem, and the elusive Jorni. There are a few side activities that you can do during this scene that will help you learn more about the story of the game and the World of Darkness in general.

On your first playthrough, you won't be able to interact with every character and object. You simply do not have enough points to explore all the potential meetings.

Concentration or anticipation?

Concentration or anticipation?

The first choice you make is one of the most important decisions of the first chapter. Leisha, eavesdropping on the conversation between Emem and Jorny, is suddenly plunged into a vision. You have two options: stay focused or use premonition.

Stay Focused

If you stay focused, you will witness the decision you made while playing as Emem. When you finally report to Prince Iverson, you can talk about Emem's betrayal or loyalty.

Trust a hunch

If you decide to rely on a premonition, you will find a curious vision, but skip the conversation between Emem and Jorni. When you report to the prince, you can optionally tell about the vision. Do not worry, this will not affect anything, especially since the visions will be extremely important.

How to prove that Jornie is innocent

Once you gain control of Leisha, you will find yourself in Drori's apartment. You can explore it and collect additional information that will help in the investigation. There is a pink file on the shelf to the left of the computer in Drory's bedroom. This is a key piece of evidence that you can take to Prince Iverson and prove your innocence.

How to access Drory's computer

Drory's bedroom has a password-protected computer. If you can access it, you will find additional information about Drori. You can use your skills to hack a computer, but it's much more efficient to save money and enter the right password.

Near the entrance to Drory's apartment, there is a painting on a small table. This photo has the date 1841. Return to the PC and enter this password to access the information.

How to open the hidden box in Drory's apartment

While exploring Drory's apartment, you can find a hidden box by her bed. Despite the fact that you have all the skills to open it, the game will not allow you to remove the spell. They won't even tell you why. In fact, this is due to the fact that the box is actually part of a later stage of this scene. And even then you can open it if you make the right choice. So for now, ignore the box.

Collecting information about Dajan

Instead of going straight back to Halsey, you can explore Primogen. Dajan is one of them. Inside his room, you can interact with several items that will provide additional information depending on the skills you have available. After that, you will also be able to find some evidence that you can give to Prince Iverson.

  • Tarot Cards - There are several tarot cards on the dining table. You can interact with them to find out that Dajan is planning to go on a trip.
  • Hidden Letter (Evidence) - Use Divination in Dajan's bedroom to reveal a hidden letter in the closet.
  • Dead Raven - Use the first level of deduction or the second level of education on the dead crow in Dajan's room to get more information about the performed ritual.
  • Bloody Knife - Use the first level of education on the bloody knife in the sink in Dajan's bathroom to figure out what it was used for.

Gathering information about Hilda

Approaching Hilda's room, you will unlock an ability that allows Leisha to become invisible. You can use it to enter Hilda's apartment and spy on her. If you approach Hilda, you can use Divination to hear her thoughts. This information can be passed on to Prince Iverson.

You can also go to Hilda's bedroom and find an old letter from Emem. It can be found next to the pillow, on Hilda's bed.

Collection of information about Berel

Berel, as in the scene with Emem, is a tough nut to crack. To open it, you will need specific skills. Most of Berel's communicative characteristics are on the fourth level. If you want to complete an interrogation successfully, you'll need stats around the same level - even when using willpower.

On the first playthrough, you will have to create a character yourself and invest the appropriate points in the attributes. But in this way, you will sacrifice other areas. The reward for this is additional information that you can bring to Prince Iverson, but it is not needed for progress, so making such sacrifices is not worth it.

How to find a floppy disk in Richard's office

The final stop of your investigation is Richard's office. Here you will also meet Halsey. Before interacting with her, you can dig up some information about what's going on behind the scenes.

Richard has an old computer that can only be accessed with a floppy disk. Luckily, Richard left this floppy disk in his room. Enter Richard's bedroom and find the briefcase on the couch. Inside it lies a floppy disk.

Insert the floppy disk into the PC and access it. The information collected here is purely explanatory and will not be used as evidence once you have completed the scene.


Next, Leisha goes for information about the group that initiated the events of the game. The moment code red went off and you need to sneak into the crime scene, figure out what happened, and get out with Prince Iverson's baby, Miley.

There are many items in this scene, characters to talk to, and information to reveal. Depending on what you're doing, what skills you have, and how good you are, you might even discover multiple endings. We will look at the key sections of the scene and how to overcome them.

Safe Zones

To get the most out of your vampire abilities, you need to keep your hunger bar at a minimum. This is especially true in this quest, as Leisha has access to many abilities that increase Hunger. For example, to the Doppelganger. Fortunately, there are plenty of vessels, as well as safe zones, in this mission:

  • Dressing Room - At the start of the scene, go through the first door on the right.
  • Bathroom - after you enter the main party area and talk to the Chief, go to the forensic department, turn right and go through the door on the right.
  • Photocopier Room - When you enter the main party area, you can use Insight to trace the smell of cherry lipstick. Follow the smell to the left to find an invisible door. To the right of this invisible door is a safe room.
  • Laundry Room - This room is not to be missed, as you will definitely enter it with Halsey when you go to the Medical Examination Corridor.

How to get every disguise

To gain access to each part of the crime scene, you need to properly disguise yourself. This is required to complete the mission:

  • Police Officer - You can get the disguise almost immediately at the start of the mission from either of the two officers guarding the entrance to the crime scene. Do not use this disguise as you will not be able to enter with it.
  • Homicide Officer - Turn invisible, walk past the two cops and take the uniform from any of the homicide officers.
  • Medical Examiner - From the kitchen, go to the hole in the wall and copy the outfit of the nearest Medical Examiner.
  • FBI Agent - Going to the balcony after rescuing Richard, you can copy the uniform of the agent guarding the entrance.
  • Rookie Olsen - If you talk about everything with Olsen, you will get the opportunity to turn into him. Required for one of the possible endings.

How to Win Every Halsey Confrontation

Every time you get to particularly violent sections of the crime scene, you will be embroiled in a confrontation with Halsey. There will be potential hunger. He will stay if you fail to win the confrontation. If you win, hunger will not be counted. The lists below contain those options that do not require any skills.

First confrontation:

  • Let's take a time out
  • Fire
Opposition second:

  • Cold
Confrontation third

  • her child

How to win a confrontation with Richard

As soon as you save Richard, a new confrontation will begin. You will receive traits and a blend that temporarily unlocks the Doppelganger ability.

  • I came for him!
  • She said she trusts me.
  • Come back later.

How to unlock a briefcase

There is a locked briefcase in the kitchen. It has evidence, and in order to complete all the secondary tasks, you will have to open and examine the portfolio. There are three options for how to do this.

  • You can use a second-level dimming to hide it. The briefcase will become invisible, but you will not be able to pick up the documents lying inside (since you will not be able to interact with it in the future).
  • If you have the first level of electronics, you can use Willpower to hack the briefcase.
  • But the best way to deal with a portfolio is to simply open it. If you enter the wine room next to the kitchen, you will find the body of a man with a broken pair of handcuffs around his wrist. In his hand is a mobile phone with three PIN codes. Return to the briefcase and enter 6159 to open it. Take the document.

How to talk to a witness

One of the hidden objectives of this mission is to talk to the witness. It's about a man hanging from the ceiling. Criminologists believe that he is dead, but upon examination, it turns out that he is alive. It takes adrenaline to wake him up. To find adrenaline, go to the balcony. In one of the open drawers, you can find the key to the first aid kit. Go to the first aid kit near the tent. Unlock the kit and take the adrenaline. Take the object to the man and inject it. He will share key information that will help determine which box Miley is in.

Looking for a secret door

When you first get to the main crime scene, you can inspect the glass of cherry lipstick. Follow the trail to the invisible door. Open the door and you can talk to the dying vampire, who will share the information needed to identify Miley's crate.

How to Find All Suspicious Objects at a Crime Scene

Three documents must be taken from the crime scene. They can be found:

  • In a briefcase in the kitchen.
  • In the bathroom, you can find a letter in Miley's purse. Read it so Leisha can pick it up.
  • On the far left side of the balcony, there is another document guarded by an agent. Use dominance to get him to move away and then take the document.

How to find Miley

The main reason you're here is the Iverson baby, Miley. The game hides the box that Miley is in from you. If you talk to the witness, the dying vampire, and follow the right trail, you can get to the bottom of the truth. You need a K12 crate.

How to unlock the alternate ending

You can leave the location with the K12 box where Miley is. This is the usual ending for this scene, however, there is an alternate ending that changes things a bit. First, enter the tent and try to access the monsignor. You will not be missed. If you have access to the Doppelganger (from Richard), you can talk to Olsen and gather enough information to copy his appearance.

Go to the safe area, turn into Olsen, and then enter the tent. You will have a brief and incredibly painful encounter with a monsignor who sees right through you. You will also get a rather nasty head scar that you may have seen earlier in the game.

Eavesdrop on Richard or help Prince Iverson

After investigating the incident, Leisha returns to the Prince along with Richard. She has one of the most difficult choices you've ever faced up to this point. The scene revolves around the visions of Iverson, Halsey, and Leisha, and why Richard is so concerned that the three are merging into one. In the end, you need to decide who to door - Richard or Prince Iverson. There will be plot spoilers!

Explore Richard's leather chair

Easy to miss as Richard's apartment is very small and there isn't much to do here. The main goal of this section is to go through a few steps and talk to Halsey. However, if you have the third level of Insight, you can use Psychometry on the red leather chair. Trigger a vision of Richard and Iverson talking about destroying the girl. No one directly says that we are talking about Halsey. If you explored Iverson's apartment in the scene behind Emem, you might find a document that explicitly states that Halsey is dead.

Conversation with Richard and Prince Iverson

Basically, it's a long conversation. Before the game offers to chat with Iverson, Richard will tell you that Halsey is not real. This ties in nicely with all the information you have about Halsey. Richard wants to give you a cure to keep Halsey from showing up, as her appearance is not a good sign. Once everything is done, you will go to Iverson's office and you can talk to her, expressing your distrust. You can hide the data you have. Either way, this will lead to Halsey talking about the vision. You can tell Prince Iverson about this vision, and she will be shocked anyway.

Treat or leave Halsey's ghost

A very difficult decision. You have discussed this decision with both parties, and now you have to choose: to be treated or to leave Halsey. After communication, it becomes obvious that Halsey is not real. According to other information, Iverson arranged the death of Halsey, and Richard, apparently, was the executioner. No one has been completely honest with Leisha, which makes the decision even more difficult. Depending on which option you choose, there will be story branches. By accepting the treatment, you will get rid of Halsey.

red saloon

In the eighth scene, Leisha will go to the Red Salon in an attempt to find Richard again and destroy some of the evidence. You have no time limit, but there is a point of no return in the middle of a mission that can block a few side objectives if you don't complete them sooner. There are many tasks in the scene that can be missed, including the main ones. You can complete the stage in a few minutes if you know what to do, but in this scenario, you are unlikely to get the best endings for the characters. Like all previous scenes starring Leisha, this mission is full of revelations.

The third level of persuasion is recommended for passing. This is not necessary to complete the scene but will unlock content that you might otherwise miss out on. But he sheds light on the Primogens.

How to send Wyatt to Berel

In fact, you cannot complete this task. The goal will fail anyway, but it must be done in order to unlock additional content. After talking to the manager of the Red Salon, return to the red lane. You can find Wyatt talking to people. Talk to him and try to dominate. You won't succeed even if you succeed, as Wyatt is controlled by another vampire whose orders are more important to him. But you can chat with Berel in the basement.

How to win the confrontation with Berel

Go to the basement to find Berel in one of the pantries. Talking to him will start a Confrontation which (if won) will reveal what is behind the large locked door at the back of the room. To win the encounter, choose the following options (which require persuasion):

  • Because it puts us all in danger.
  • Body trade.
  • Persuasion or "Do Not Defend".
  • Belief.
As soon as you open the door, you will see the crucified, but still living body of Quentin King. You can either kill him or spare him. As a result of his murder, you will understand that Berel tried to hang his death on Leisha.

How to evacuate a woman from a locked room

One of the secondary goals is the evacuation of all vessels. However, there is a person with severe symptoms who refuses to leave. To get her to leave, you need to find out who she is and make her obedient (with the right medicine).

Upon entering the manager's office, you will find that the person in question is phlegmatic and needs two doses of Trajax MG. Go to the basement and turn left. Follow the end of the corridor and turn into the Trajax storage room on the left side. Move the rotating shelves until you get to the Trajax MG. Take two bottles and send them up with the pneumatic system.

Return to the Manager's office, take the Trajax MG, and install them in the pneumatic delivery system connected to the vessel. She will take both doses and then leave this place.

How to unlock Richard's locked desk

In the basement, you can find Richard's office. There is a lot of vital information here that needs to be destroyed or deleted. There is also information about patients. But Richard's desk will be locked. On top is a medical card that must be picked up. To unlock the table, approach the large clock in the corner of the room, open the door and activate Insight. Remove the illusion from the clock to reveal a small black key. With it, you can open the table.

How to solve the Richard books puzzle

There is a puzzle in Richard's office that requires sequential interaction with several books. If you do everything right, you will open the secret door. To solve the riddle, you need to read the message on Richard's computer in his office. You will see a combination - 534.

How to solve the swans puzzle in Richard's office

Behind the bookcase is another puzzle. To solve it, you need to turn the swans in the right direction. The solution is shown in the large paintings in Richard's office, next to the puzzle. To solve the puzzle, do the following: from left to right, the swans look left, diagonally left-down, and diagonally right. This way you can open the door. Consider that the point of no return.

How to win a confrontation with Leisha

Once the SI attacks the Red Salon, you will be forced into a confrontation with yourself. To win, choose the following options.

  • I don't know.
  • Maybe my name is Marie.
  • Sir Hayley?
  • Is she Juliet?

How to leave the Red Salon

There are two ways to leave the Red Salon. You may be caught. This is the easiest way, but it will also cause you to end the mission with the worst result and miss out on a small piece of content in the next scene. To get caught, just talk to the guards at the docks.

How to get away without getting shot

To get away unnoticed, you need to solve a small puzzle. You want the steam from the pipes to be hot enough to burn the guard. To do this, go to the storage room next to the Trajax room. Here you can find the valve. Before using this valve, enter the Trajax room and move all the shelves to the right. You will see a valve that can be turned to increase the steam pressure. Take the valve you got in the pantry and go to the room where Berel was found earlier. In the far left corner of the room, there is a place where you can attach a valve. Install it to once again increase the steam pressure.

However, this is not enough. Go to the room where the artifacts are located and look for a series of three valves. You need to turn them so that the pressure of all three valves is maximum. Once you've done that, exit the room and press the emergency drain button. You can hide from the location without getting into the eyes of enemies.

Looking for Halsey

Now all the characters must play their part in the elimination of the Second Inquisition. Leisha somehow managed to sneak into the SAD base and is on a mission to find and rescue Halsey. Nothing can stand in her way. Depending on how you got to the SAD base, the scene will start in different ways. However, the essence remains the same.

How to infiltrate the SAD base

If you managed to avoid detection in the Red Salon, you will start this scene in the docks, not in the interrogation chamber. It doesn't change the overall layout that much, but it allows you to see some additional content. You will hear a security enhancement notification. To get to the object, you need to know the name. It's simple. Go to the dressing room. Open the lockers and inspect the contents. You will find painkillers and a locked bag. Return to the docks and interact with the only female soldier by the water. You can use Dominate to take her key. Return to the locker, open the bag, and find out her name - Bree Danvers. Now go to the main entrance, talk to the guard and he will let you through.

Should you dominate the SAD soldiers?

Any soldier you meet without a helmet, you can dominate. This allows Leisha to destroy their minds, thus avenging her daughter Halsey. Vibrant and ruthless scenes highlight how powerful the vampire is. Keep in mind that some of the soldiers you dominate will be so broken that they end up killing themselves.

How to find Richard at the SAD base

Once you enter (or start) the main base, you can freely explore it in an attempt to find Halsey. The territory is small, with only a few rooms. If you go to the interrogation room, you can use Insight to see some visions of Halsey. More importantly, once you leave the cell, there will be an invisible door right in front of you. You will need to dispel the illusion in order to see it. Make it enter the room with Richard.

Kill or spare Richard?

Inside the secret room is Richard and Olsen's body. The conversation with Richard will end with a choice: kill or spare. Your choice slightly affects the story. Killing Richard would exclude him from future scenes, although he could have appeared later in Galeb's story. However, his role is insignificant. In the end, it's up to you to decide. The truth behind Richard's actions is hazy at best, and it is clear that there are multiple parties at play that have tried to manipulate Leisha. In doing so, he prevented Iverson from killing Halsey.

Encounter with a werewolf

Depending on your choice earlier, this scene with Leisha may not happen at all. While she is trying to find Halsey, a werewolf will appear. He will force Leisha to act covertly. This is a short level that is made more difficult by the presence of a werewolf. It is also one of the most important sections of the gameplay. The goal of this mission is to open a large door leading to Halsey. Unfortunately, it's locked and Leisha has to go through the warehouse to access the door controls.

How to unlock the werewolf scene

This scene can only be played if Galeb used an imprisoned werewolf to escape the SAD holding facility with him. If Galeb ran off with Michelle Davis, then this scene won't happen at all. It won't even be replaced by another. Leisha will get to Halsey without any incident.

How to escape from a werewolf

The werewolf is much stronger than you, so you won't be able to fight him. You must avoid it at all costs. However, if he catches Leisha, there are several ways to escape his clutches.

run away

The most obvious is to run away. But you won't get far with this, as the werewolf is much faster than Leisha. However, you can sneak through the gaps in the warehouse. The werewolf cannot follow and will be busy trying to avoid obstacles for a while. You can use this opportunity to escape.

agree to attack

It may sound silly, but in the event of a werewolf attack, you will also be able to escape. If he catches Leisha, she will spend 6 hunger points and teleport to the last safe place. This essentially resets the werewolf's aggression and gives you a second chance.

What happens if hunger rises to the maximum?

If your hunger is maxed out and the werewolf captures Leisha, you will get one of the many bad endings. The werewolf will finish off Leisha and you will never see her again. This, of course, will affect Halsey as well.

What does a werewolf roar do?

From time to time, the werewolf will jump to a high place and scream. This roar deafens Leisha and lets the werewolf know where she is. The werewolf will quickly run to this place to find you, so the best way to counter the roar is to go the other way or hide in one of the hideouts scattered throughout the warehouse.

How to open a technical door

The first door you need to open leads to the tech department. Keep moving to the right. Keep to the right side while moving and you will soon reach the control room, which opens the door to the technical department. Of course, you'll have to avoid the werewolf, but it's not that difficult thanks to the hiding places that are literally everywhere.

How to open Halsey's door

After you open the door of the technical department, you will need to go through the warehouse to open the door leading to Halsey. To do this, go to the opposite side of the warehouse, enter the large open door and go to the back of the smaller warehouse. Activate the controls and the door will open. However, this will warn the werewolf and you will still have to return to the beginning of the scene. Despite the fact that the werewolf is active, the gameplay itself is not complicated.

Rescue Halsey

In Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong, Leisha gets the most. Her memory was destroyed because of her daughter, she was erased several times, she was told more than once that her daughter was just an illusion, and, to top it off, she was exploited for almost 100 years. But now she's ready to end it all. There is one very simple goal in this chapter - save Halsey. As with Emem, you will have a limited amount of time. And by analogy with the head of Emem, this time is so much that it is almost impossible to fail in the scene. In 10 minutes, Halsey will burn down, and your task is to solve the puzzle and stop the process.

Where to find the blue security card

To save Halsey, you need to unlock the keyboard needed to turn off the incinerator. To do this, you need to find a blue security card. The game tries to trick you by showing you a red and a green card. But I assure you, they are all useless. The path to salvation is a blue card. It can be found in a drawer near the incinerator with Halsey. Take this card, go to the keyboard and unlock it.

Incinerator Code

The game makes you sweat. You need to find the correct code to stop the burning process, and for this, you need to approach the table in the far left corner of Halsey's room. In the right drawer, which can be opened on low security, there is a document detailing all the codes for each of the incinerators. The problem is that you don't know which camera Halsey owns, as the exact number is hidden. The only clue you have is that the incinerator is a T6 model and the first number is "9". You can look through the list and try to find the correct code (use your notepad), or just type "260296".

How to unlock a locked box

If there are not enough security points or there are no master keys, you will have to look for the key. It's simple. Go to the opposite end of the room, to the dead SAD soldier. To the left of this soldier lies a dead scientist. Search his body for a key.

How to open the burning chamber

You already have the blue security key and code, but there is one more detail. There is a working computer in front of Halsey's camera. It is not blocked, so interact with it. Once the countdown is off, click on the big button at the bottom of the screen to open the camera and free Halsey.

How to win every confrontation with Halsey

As you solve the riddle, Halsey will wonder where you've been all her life and why she should take your word for it. If you want to live happily ever after, you need to defeat her in all confrontations.


  • Richard lied to us.

  • You have to trust your mommy, Juliet.

  • To find you
  • They made me believe that you are gone.

What happens if you can't save Halsey in time

If you can't save Halsey in time, she will burn. This will affect Leisha's ending. Also, Leisha will die if she can't convince Halsey in the confrontations above.