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Walkthrough Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong for Galeb

Walkthrough Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong for Galeb

 All story missions, side objectives, puzzles, and confrontations as Galeb

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong consists of several episodes in which you control three different characters. We decided to divide our walkthrough into three separate parts by characters. In this guide, we are talking about Galeb.

Caius Summer

The last character you control in the first chapter of Vampire: The Masquerade—Swansong is Galeb. Of all the characters, Galeb is the most physically developed. He is driven by respect and order, but he doesn't mind using his reputation to get what he wants.

In the Prince's Quarter, he needs to gather as much information as possible about Caius Leto. Of all the characters in this chapter, Galeb has the least to do, but because of this, it's easy to overlook all the additional objectives. If you want to get more information, you will have to carefully search the three small rooms.

Like the other characters, Galeb doesn't have the skills to interact with every person and object in this chapter. Instead of trying to develop your skills so early, focus on a few key areas.

Conversation with Berel

This conversation is mandatory, and, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid failure. As with Emem and Leisha, Berel will show high conversational attributes, most of which are at the fourth level. If you want to emerge victoriously, you will need high levels of rhetoric and psychology.

But I don't recommend putting so many skills into these stats early in the game. After completing the conversation, if you lose, you will receive the Chatterbox trait, which will affect your intimidation skills.

Berel File

After talking to Berel, you can interact with the file left on the small table in front of you. If you have the first level of deduction, you can understand that it belongs to Berel.

How to open the safe in Caius' office

As soon as you enter Caius's office, you will see a safe to the left of the door. To open the safe, you need a key or the ability to open locks of the third level. The key can be found in the main room you went through to get to Caius' office.

On the table closest to you when you exit his office is a small box with a key. Use it to open the safe and you will be rewarded with some old coins. These are consumables that can be used to restore willpower.

How to access Caius' computer

There is also a PC in Kaisus's office. It can be hacked using second-level technologies. The alternative is to enter the correct code. The code from the computer is 4965.

On the PC, you can find correspondence between Caius and other employees - some of which you may have already read if you accessed Drory's PC during the scene with Leisha. In general, this step is optional and does not affect anything.

Hematology report

Opposite the table where you found the key to the safe is a hematology report. If you have a second-level education, you can learn more from this report. There is also a pen next to it with Jara Drory engraved on the side.

Gathering information about Caius

The last additional data you can collect while exploring Caius's office is in the server room. On the computer to the right of Caius, there is a document about a group called Crimson Oaks. To access you will need the first level of technology. This document is required if you want to complete all scene tasks with Galeb.

Moore's apartment

Once Galeb is done with Caius in the first scene, the man will head to Jason Moore's apartment. Here he must investigate the murder of Moore, and for this, he had to impersonate an FBI agent. There are a lot of hidden things to find in this scene, and you will have to tinker with the investigation a lot.

You can complete the task in many ways. We will only point out the main points. Don't expect to see a walkthrough, as our stats and character progression, in general, may be different.

Safe Zones

Long scene. Many interactions will require the use of Hunger. The first thing you should know is the location of all safe zones. Once discovered, you can convince certain NPCs to follow you if you need a bite to eat and satisfy your hunger.

  • The first floor is garden storage next to the covered jungle.
  • On the first floor - up the stairs and to the left, inside the library, is a secure archive room. An important document about Dajan can also be found here.
  • Garage - room next to the garbage chute.

How to access locked doors

There are two locked doors in Moore's apartment, and both will have to be opened to complete the investigation. Worker Ethan Adams is standing in the living room. Talk to him to get a key card from him at the end of the conversation. Optionally, you can use Rhetor and Deduction to get more information about Moore, his marriage, and the bodyguards he hired.

Location of Jara Drori's Documents

To get Jara Drori's documents, you need to go upstairs and turn left. Turn left again to meet Dana Lehane, a ghoul posing as a police officer. To get documents, you will have to use the discipline “Domination. Keep using it to find out more information about Jara. To guarantee success, your "Dominance" must be pumped to the second level. In the garbage chute you can find a decoction that will enhance discipline. You will also use up a lot of satiety, so make sure you have a good snack beforehand. Don't overuse vampire skills if you don't have a Hunger "toughness" margin.

How to access Jason Moore's hidden safe

In Jason's office, on the first floor (to the left of the stairs) there is a hidden safe. Approach the table at the back of the room. There is a button below the table that you can press to reveal the safe. Now it needs to be opened. To do this, you will have to enter the date of birth of Moore's daughter, which can be recognized in the bedroom. You can also rely on technology skills for hacking. As for the code, it is 040911. This safe contains important documents relating to Richard Dunham.

Where to find Berel documents

On the first floor, to the right of the stairs, you will find Jason's bedroom. There is an open bag on his bed. Inside, look for Berel's documents.

Where to find Jason's car keys

In Jason's bedroom, the car keys are hidden next to his bag. You can use these keys to open the back of a car in a garage. There are documents of Hilda.

How to open a locked car

Next to the passage to the garage is another locked car. Fortunately, it can be opened with skills or keys. The latter hang in the security office, where Wyatt is also located. Inside the car, there is an item that you can equip - a thin bloody clock.

How to Win a Confrontation with Wyatt

To win the confrontation with Wyatt and unlock the trash cans, choose the following options (if possible, we indicated options without skill checks):

  • I found blood in the garbage chute.
  • Why is he so complicated?
  • You don't have to answer him.

How to find the hidden room

If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed several references to a hidden room built into Moore's apartment. This room is well hidden, so finding it is not so easy. To open the room, follow Jason's bedroom and go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, interact with the mirror and click on the phone icon. Now enter PURA VIDA or 78728432 and press the CALL button. This will open the secret room. This is an alternative exit from the location. So before you leave, make sure everything is done.

How to escape with Jason Moore alive

In the secret room, you will find Jason Moore. A scripted scene will start in which Galeb tries to leave the apartment. There are several options for escaping the apartment, but to get Jason out alive, make sure you don't kill the officers on the way out. You can make things easier if you find Quentin King's biography in the garbage heap. At the same time, keep an eye on the Hunger scale.

As soon as you escape from the cops, you will run into Dana Lehane. You will have a choice: give Dana Moore or pick him up personally. If you give Moore away, he will survive. If you refuse, Lehane will shoot the man.

Help Caius or stop Berel

After Galeb returns with a victory from Jason Moore's apartment, you will have a short breather and you can talk to the characters in and around the Prince's apartment. Dialogues may change depending on how you completed your previous mission. While Galeb is here, two big events will happen, but they cannot be completed at the same time. You must choose who to help and leave the others to fend for themselves. You can either help Caius with his investigations or talk to Berel, who is plotting something about Sui Feng.

Help Caius

If you decide to help Caius, you need to go down to the lower levels of the Prince's Apartment and meet him in his office. Once you exhaust all dialogue options, you will be able to help him. You will be blocked from the Berel branch. Once you accept Caius' request, head to Jara Drori's apartment. Your goal is to insert a USB flash drive into her laptop and copy the information about what she does. Having done this, you can leave. However, you can also open the safe.

How to open Jara Drory's box

The last time you were here (as Leisha), there was an invisible box on Drory's bed. This box is now visible and can be opened. However, it is blocked. To open a locked box, you need to enter a combination. This combination can be found in two parts, one next to Drory's computer and the other near her trash can. Combination: left, right, right, then press the button. You will find documents that will help prove Drory's innocence.

Interrogation room

Before you finish the Caius (or Berel) quest, you can go to the interrogation room. It is next to the server room where you first encountered Caius in the first scene. You can interrogate the prisoner to get more information about what happened in Jason Moore's apartment. The amount of information depends on your characteristics.

How to win the confrontation with Berel

If you decide to talk to Berel instead of helping Caius, then plunge into the confrontation. This confrontation will reveal a lot of backstory for both Galeb and Berel. To win the confrontation, choose the correct options as they appear. Where possible, we have chosen options that do not require skills.

  • Let me take care of her.
  • If you have enough options, click "Defend". Otherwise, "Do not defend." Keep in mind that Berel has very high social stats and is very hard to beat in this regard.
  • He is unfaithful.
  • Next, you need to use Intimidate. Luckily, Berel's intimidation stat is very low, so it's not that hard to beat him in this direction - even with a minimal investment in the skill.
If you win the confrontation, Berel will retreat and no longer pursue Sui Feng. However, if you fail in the clash, Berel will not yield. You will see the consequences of this confrontation in the Emem scene. There will be other ramifications later in the game, as Berel will do what he planned for Sui Feng (if you fail or ignore this encounter).

Long Island

After Galeb talks to Berel or helps Caius, Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong will send a man to Long Island. This is a more serious location. Galeb is going to kill Stanford. You will continue to move through large locations in search of clues to solve various puzzles. In this mission, you collect implants in order to infiltrate the SI base and find your target. The task can be completed as quickly as possible.

I highly recommend upgrading Galeb's Fortitude to level 3. This is optional, but there are a few points in this Scene where it will help achieve a "better" ending.

Is it worth it to kill Dr. Kim?

Right from the start, you are given a moral choice. As you explore the morgue, you'll find an unsuspecting doctor. You need to make a quick decision - kill her or use discipline to calm Kim. If you kill Dr. Kim, you will lose additional information about SI, and you will not be able to get the PIN code from her safe. For the record, this safe contains the implants needed to progress. PIN code 423.

On the other hand, you can find a scalpel nearby and cut out the necessary implant from a corpse in the mortuary. This item is more important than you think, and having it, no matter what you did to Kim, will make the later parts of the game easier. And some doors won't open at all without it. There are many safe zones in this scene, and it is unlikely that you will find yourself in a situation where you have to urgently fight hunger.

Alternative exit

This scene can end very quickly if you make the wrong decision with the guard downstairs by the hidden elevator. You need to use Dominate or another discipline, but in practice, they will be ineffective against him. Instead, you need to successfully intimidate the guard. If you cannot convince him and calm him down, the scene will end with you being taken away for interrogation. This is the worst ending to the episode.

How to open the laboratory door

There is a large door blocking access to the lab. There are several ways to open it. There will be a puzzle that requires redistribution of the voltage applied to the door. You can quickly fix the problem by reading a nearby book and notes that indicate how much voltage you need to aim for in each area to open the door. In short, the total voltage should be 220 V. To get this current, turn off all switches. Then, on the left column, turn on the second and third switches. In the right column, turn on the third switch. Pull the lever on the right and the door will open.

How to get a red implant

Chiara Favarone, one of the leaders of the clinic, has a red implant, which is needed to complete the task. From the room where you first meet Chiara, go left to the chemical protection room. Open the locker on the left using the security code 1492. Put on the hazmat suit, approach Chiara and try to retrieve her implant.

It won't work for you, but she won't understand what you want. Instead, she will ask you to take the corpse part from the refrigerator. Take the key and head to the freezer storage. At the bottom of the cold store, look for the inscription Jara Drori. Take the cerebellum and return to Chiara. Give her part of the brain, and then try again to remove her implant. This time, everything will end in success, and Chiara will die from her injuries.

Then return to the central area and upgrade the implant. You will be able to open several new doors that can be used to complete other side tasks.

How to get Joseph Manne to leave his office

Joseph Manne is another head of the red implant clinic. But before you can get the item, you will have to lure the man out of your office. Joseph spends his days restoring old texts, and the only way to get him distracted is to request the exact text he's working on. Go to the back room where you can request books, and then enter 8070. Joseph will leave the office.

How to win a confrontation with Joseph Manne

Of all the characters you will meet on Long Island, Joseph is perhaps the most interesting. He will immediately understand who you are, but will not succumb to fear or hatred. If anything, he is fascinated by your very existence. A confrontation will begin that can turn Joseph into an ally - provided that you win.

Choose the following options to win the confrontation:

  • I saw their experiments on our species.
  • Because his appearance will condemn him as a heretic.
  • You will need pumped psychology. Otherwise, select the "Do not defend" option.
  • He knows he can trust me.

Should Joseph Manne be killed?

As soon as you finish the confrontation, you will have the opportunity to kill Joseph and take the implant from him. You can kill him, but this is not recommended. His implant, although red, does not unlock the GPS you are trying to access. Not only that, a living Joseph can be encountered at a later stage of the game, when he will provide you with information that can tell the difference between life and death. So spare him.

How to destroy books in the treasure department

Since you (should) have access to the red implant, you can sabotage this clinic by going to the treasure department. When you first enter the department, you can see a large glass window. To the right of this window is an implant scanner connected to the temperature and humidity controllers. Scan your implant and change the humidity to destroy all the books in Joseph's office.

How to kill El Gallagher

El Gallagher is a character with whom you will have a minimum of time interacting. If Joseph is a clear kind man, striving for scientific discoveries, and Chiara does her job and gets in your way, then Elle is a ruthless hunter who kills vampires for fun. Of all the people you meet, El Gallagher should definitely die. To kill El, you need to go to the freezer storage and find a bloody key to the right of the entrance. Take it back to the test area, where you will find Elle, insert the key into the console and press the button. El will burn alive.

How to pick up a book from the test chamber with El

There is a book in Elle's test chamber. If you can take it, you will get an idea of ​​how the SI is formed. In order to save the book from the flames that will inevitably consume El, several things must be done. First, you need to restore power to the console that controls the secure container that holds the book. To do this, go to the fuse box on the wall in the test chamber. If you have three points of stamina, you can repair it with your bare hands. If not, use the red implant you took from Chiara to open the nearest door.

Inside this room, there is information about El, Joseph, Chiara, and Olsen, as well as a few electrical parts. Install them back into the fuse box and repair the wires. Return to the control panel, press the green button, and then burn Elle alive. Interact with the book to complete the side objective.

How to win the confrontation with Stanford

Once you're done with the target's side objectives at the facility, return to the main computer terminal and unlock the GPS tracking system to find Stanford. Do not forget that this requires the installation of Chiara's implant. A cut-scene will start in which Galeb is shot in the chest and sent to the interrogation room. The current confrontation with Stanford can end in different ways. If you want to pass it with honor, you need the third level of Fortitude. If you fail the confrontation, Stanford will know the whereabouts of Prince Iverson and realize that you are using the implant.

To win, choose the stamina option each time it appears - just make sure you have enough Hunger to keep from going crazy. If you don't have that kind of fortitude, try to lose without revealing the HQ's location. Intentionally fail a few times, and when you get to the option to determine whether you win or lose the confrontation, lose without giving Prince Iverson's whereabouts. The last option is to simply tell the truth on every issue. This will make you "win" the confrontation, but get injured. The implant will remain hidden. But on the other hand? You've just sold out the entire Camarilla.

Escape from the isolation

Galeb's investigation is difficult. He just managed to escape from the clutches of the villain. Luckily, he is an immortal vampire and the abrasions he received are temporary. His mission is still the same - to kill Stanford. Stanford's death is the ultimate goal, but before you can get to him, you need to escape your prison. There are several ways to do this and many interactions that have long-term consequences for the story.

How to open the gate

Your first real obstacle is a large gate with an electronic lock. A control room can be found nearby, however, two keys must be turned at the same time to open the gate. But finding the keys is easy! The first key is in the same control room, near the entrance. The second can be found in the interrogation room by searching the guard standing by the door. Bring both keys and turn them to open the gate.

How to return your equipment

Because Galeb was captured, he lost his equipment. However, you can return it if you have access to the red implant. The storage room is further down the hall, behind the gate you just opened. There you will encounter an agent. Disassemble as you see fit, and go into the pantry through the door on the left. The equipment is in the safe with the implant.

How to open the lock in the pantry

One of the storage shelves is padlocked. To open the lock, you will need to take a few cutters. Return to the interrogation room and go down the corridor to another room. There you will find a safe area with cutters. While you're still here, you can use your senses to detect werewolf blood. Return to the pantry and cut the lock.

How to access a PC

Additional information is stored on the computer. The code for it can be found in the Jenkins locker. There are two closets in the closet. One is Jenkins and the other is another agent you just killed. Jenkins is nowhere to be found, but that doesn't mean you can't open his locker. There is a crowbar on the next shelf. Use it, but be aware that it will break after the first application, so it's important to apply it on the right cabinet. The code you will recognize is 822614.

How to Convince a Werewolf to Help You

Vampires and werewolves are not best friends. There is a lot of animosity between the two races and they rarely cooperate. Galeb can detect a locked werewolf. If you know what to tell him, you can convince him to help you escape. Before talking to the werewolf, you need to go to the control room and open the drawer in the table to the right of the entrance. It contains a document detailing the whereabouts of the werewolf pack. After receiving the document, talk to him and mention that the Second Inquisition knows where his pack is. He agrees to help. Press the button to kill all SAD soldiers.

This is one of the possible options to leave the location, and it has consequences. Later you will meet this werewolf and he will create a number of problems, but it will be easier for other characters to escape.

Should Berel be saved?

During the escape, you may encounter Berel. He can be found in cell 07. A conversation with Berel will clear up a lot about his relationship with Galeb. Not only that, if you haven't talked to Berel in the fifth scene, he will talk about Sui Feng. You have the option to save Berel, and if you do, he will appear in the last chapter, ready to be reconciled. This is the best ending for Berel. If you leave him here, you should not count on a good ending for Berel.

How to run away with Michelle Davis

The alternative escape route is much more difficult, as Galeb requires very specific characteristics. It will also have certain repercussions such as not being able to save Berel and even losing the scene with Leisha completely. Along this path you need:

  1. Scalpel.
  2. Level 3 dominance (or higher).
  3. A red implant was obtained earlier in the game.
Michelle Davis is in Cell 04 and she's not happy for you. Soon after meeting her, she will try to use her vampire powers to force you to leave, completely depriving you of this path of development. However, if you have Dominance level 3 or higher, you can out-maneuver her and convince her to run away together.

Find a way out

But that's not all. You need to find a way to escape with Michelle. Return to the interrogation room and look to the left. There you will see a camera. Interact with her to get an SD card. Take it to the control room, and find a tape recorder in the file cabinet to the left of the entrance. Listen to the recording to find out what to do next. Be sure to take the voice recorder before returning to Michelle, as you will need it to escape.

How to find all the items to escape with Michelle

Once you return to Michelle, she will need a few items to dispel the illusion. There are many of them, but finding items is not difficult. If you don't have the scalpel from the other scenes, you won't be able to complete the quest. You need:

  • Voice recording - go to the room where the agent was killed. Search the body and you will find a key in one of her pockets. Take the locker key, open it and listen to one of the voice recordings to get the agent's voice.
  • Agent rank - on the same corpse of an agent, you can find information about her name and what rank she has. Look in the right pocket.
  • An identification number. An identification number will be required to verify any documents. It can be obtained by removing the agent implant, but you will need a scalpel!
  • Translation form. Before you can find a transfer form, you need to know which form you need. In the pantry, to the right of the entrance, there is a desk. Open the drawer and read the notice located inside. Then go to the control room. In the file cabinet to the left of the entrance, in a cardboard box, there is a stack of translation forms.
  • Seal - Return to the storage room. There will be a stamp right in front of you. Interact with it to stamp all documents.
  • Fill out the form - leave the pantry and go to the pot with handles on the table. You can fill out the transfer form.
  • Return to your interrogation chamber and one of the SAD soldiers will have a wooden stake in their hands. Take the item.
After collecting all these items, return them to Michelle and you can leave.

Stanford Office

Once Galeb breaks free from the clutches of the SAD Detention Facility, he will be able to explore the Stanford office. The scene is short, but there are additional tasks here. This is Galeb's last chance to get as much information as possible about the Second Inquisition, Stanford, and his role throughout the organization.

How to uncover Stanford's role in the Second Inquisition

The most important information that can be obtained in this scene is related to the character that you may have killed in the previous one. Of course, we are talking about Joseph Mann. If you left Joseph alive during the first meeting, you will run into him in the Stanford office. He's trying to escape, and more importantly, confirming that Stanford is far more important to the Second Inquisition than he's letting on. He will even state that without Stanford, the Second Inquisition cannot function. This information can be used later.

How to open a Stanford desk

There is a locked desk in the Stanford office. This is one of the few locks that cannot be opened electronically or by security. Galeb will say that he cannot do it. However, if you try to interact with the table again, you will be given the opportunity to pick the lock with a scalpel. Of course, if you picked up the scalpel earlier and were able to save the red implant during the interrogation. This locked box contains information that Stanford does not agree with all members of the Second Inquisition, and that genocide is not the main way to fight vampires. This is also important information that you can use later.

How to open the Observation Room

The only locked door in this scene is the door to the observation room. To open it, you need to return to Stanford's office and go to his desk. On the right, there is a drawer that can be opened. Inside the box is an implant scanner. If you have a red implant or crafted one (read below), you can scan the item to open the stash. Click on the switch that appears, and you will enter the observation room.

How to use the red SD card

There is a camera in the observation room. If you interact with the camera, you can get a red SD card. Without the right equipment, you can't do anything with it. If you took the recorder from the previous scene with Galeb, you can use it in your inventory and listen to the recording between Stanford and Paula, who lives with him.

How to open the Stanford safe

There is a safe with an implant scanner in the Stanford office. It cannot be opened by normal means - and it cannot be opened with a red implant. This safe is locked and can only be opened with Stanford's implant. Luckily, Stanford has an implant shop attached to its office. Once here, open the red box to the right of the entrance to get a white implant. Insert this implant into the device next to the computer. Interact with the computer and enter the Stanford identification number. It can be found in the Stanford office by searching the computer. The number is 964512243. Take the newly crafted implant to the upgrade machine at the back of the room and upgrade your implant. You can now access the Stanford safe.

How to Win a Confrontation with Paula

During the scene, you may run into Paula. She was once a vassal of an elder and is currently in rehab. If you want to know where Stanford is, beat Paula in a showdown. Fortunately, with good psychology, this is not difficult:

  • Tell her about Feng. You will not be able to select the option if you saved Berel and found out that he turned Feng.
  • If you have Psychology, then select "Defend". If not, select "Do not defend".
  • To win the third stage, you need to invest in Persuasion or Psychology. The higher your score, the higher your chances of success. You can win at this stage with an iron will.
  • Choose "Greatness" to win the confrontation.
Once you've finished talking to Paula, no matter how it ends, you'll have the option to kill her or erase her memory. This choice does not affect the story. Looking around Paula's apartment before talking to her will reveal some of the character's backstory, which makes you unlikely to want to kill her.

The final showdown with Stanford

It's time to kill Stanford. This scene has no side content. Only battle against Stanford. Only one will leave alive - Galeb or Stanford. There is no other outcome. Never underestimate Stanford, or he will once again prove that he is far from a mere mortal.

How to win the confrontation with Stanford

This confrontation is one of the longest in the entire game. A real battle of minds awaits you. Luckily, if you've followed our guide, you'll be able to figure out Stanford. Here are all the answers for each stage:

  1. To pass this stage, you need a high Persuasion score. Ideally, level three or higher. Alternatively, you can use the second level of Persuasion and add level four Dominance and Iron Will to it to automatically pass the test. If you can do neither, then accept defeat at this stage.
  2. "I know it's all up to him." This option can only be selected if you have spoken to Joseph at the Stanford office. If you don't have that option, you're missing out. The only other option that will be successful is the use of intimidation. This is incredibly difficult since Stanford has a level 5 intimidation. However, if you have a third level, add Iron Will to it.
  3. If the third level of Psychology or higher (second level with Iron Will), then you can use "Protection". If you do not have the required parameters, then "Do not defend yourself" and accept defeat at the stage.
  4. "We have already reigned over the world." In Stanford's office, in a locked drawer, was a letter detailing how some members of the SI disagreed with his methods. If you do not find it, then you will have to be defeated.
  5. “I am a predator. I want." Assuming you haven't missed all skill checks, Galeb will break Stanford's faith before putting the pest out of its misery.

What Happens If You Fail Against Stanford

If you didn’t collect enough information or couldn’t get the necessary parameters, then this confrontation will end in failure. If you lose, Stanford will break Galeb's will to resist and destroy him. This is one of the possible endings for Galeb.