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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters Find weapon and armor upgrades and seeds

 In Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters you have the opportunity to improve the equipment of your Gray Knights, as long as the weapons and armor have the appropriate upgrade options. How this works and what you need for it, we explain in this guide.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters Find weapon and armor upgrades and seeds

How can I improve the armament?

After each Grandmaster Report, you can upgrade Titan's arsenal, provided you have enough Requisitions. This will increase your chance of getting better knight, ranged, melee, armor, and war gear items. While rank 1 gear doesn't come with any upgrades, second or third gear always gives you the opportunity to upgrade in certain aspects.

To upgrade a weapon or armor, go to the Strategium, select the Barracks, and then select a Gray Knight whose gear you want to customize or upgrade. If you now select an item (rank 2 or 3), you will have the opportunity to upgrade it.

But this possibility is not open to you from the beginning. Instead, when you examine your equipment, you will find that one or more locks are blocking your access to the upgrades. You must first complete the Nexus mission (where you fight a Nurgle prince) and then wait a few days for the upgrades to unlock. However, even then you will hardly be able to raise enough resources to afford an upgrade. Upgrades are paid for with seeds that are displayed in five different colors.

Find and extract seeds

So you must first successfully complete the Nexus mission and then extract seeds to unlock and perform armament upgrades. You can get all of the seeds through the recurring Bloom Growth missions. Exactly what resources can be found on a mission depends on the blooms that have spread across the planet. They are colored in the planet's infobox. Each seed has a different color: Poxus seeds are green, Dolorus seeds are red, Tentarus seeds are pink, Mortus seeds are blue, and Necrosus seeds are yellow.

Before you go hunting for the coveted resources, you should first take a look at the research menu. There you will find one or the other project that you can research to get seeds even more efficiently:

  • Advanced Access to Seed: Missions grant +1 Seed, Unlock Extractor Servo Skull
  • Advanced seed extraction: +1 seed on extraction
  • Blossom Seed Cleansing: Upgrades cost -1 seed of each type
Within a mission, you have to keep your eyes open if you don't want to come back with empty pockets. You have three ways to find seeds:

Take an extractor servo skull with you to be able to extract seeds.
Take an extractor servo skull with you to be able to extract seeds.

Extract: Gray Knights can carry extractor servo skulls as war gear. If you encounter a seed bearer on a mission, all you have to do is use it to extract the seed. The range is 15 squares and the chance of success is always 100%. On top of that, the extraction does not cost you any action points.

Melee: If you land a critical melee hit with a Gray Knight, you can cut off a body part of your opponent. If it is a seed bearer, the part of the body containing the seed is marked accordingly. If you select the appropriate body part, the seed will automatically go into your pocket. In general, each melee kill has a chance to yield the bearer's seed.

Purify Blossom Spores to obtain seeds.
Purify Blossom Spores to obtain seeds.

Blossom Spores: Blossom Spores are randomly distributed throughout the game world. From them, you can win both a will point and a seed. Just get into melee range with a Gray Knight and purify the spore. You don't need any special items for this.