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We Were Here Forever walkthrough - game guide


We Were Here Forever walkthrough - game guide

How to complete all the puzzles in each chapter and get out of the castle

We Were Here Forever is a strictly cooperative game that you can play with your buddies or with a completely random person. In the first case, there is an option to communicate by correspondence on social networks or by phone, but in the second, a classic element of the We Were Here series works: you need a microphone installed on your computer to communicate! One player sees the clues, communicates them to another, and thanks to this, the second gamer solves puzzles. And so they alternate from one puzzle to another, trying to get out of the dungeon.

Chapter 1

The first chapter in We Were Here Forever is moderately long, taking you through several rooms with different objectives. We will try to paint everything as linearly as possible and explain as simply as possible what needs to be done to get out of the prison, which can be perceived as a training level.


Once the cutscene ends, both players will take control of their characters, which are located inside different prison cells and separated from each other.

Both detention cells will open after you try out the ways to communicate. If you are talking directly with a friend (by phone and so on), then one of you must open the settings and mute the session. If you are using a computer microphone, then you need to make sure that the two of you have the session audio turned on in the settings. When the cell door opens, you will find yourself in a large cave with several other doors. All are closed. One player will see the inscription "We are the sum of ..." outside the window, and the other - "... of what we are made of." Similarly, one player will be shown geometric shapes, while the other will have rotating disks on which you can select these same shapes.

The idea is quite simple: the player who sees the symbols calls them to their friend so that the one with the spinning discs can tune them to the corresponding symbols. You need to start from left to right, entering the largest geometric figure and ending with the smallest (internal). This will open the doors in both rooms, allowing players to move on to the new room. Move through several passages where you need to jump and crouch a little until you get to a new puzzle.

In this new room, both players will see a machine that controls a chain mechanism that will open the door at the other end of the room. However, this mechanism is designed to work on time, so you both need to use it at the same time and then run to the door before it has time to automatically close.

After that, behind the door, both players will find a room with a symbol and a door with rotating disks. However, it appears to be incomplete. Be sure to install the missing part of the input device lying on the table into it. Another gamer has spinning discs a few steps away from the door, on the right when looking at it.

Describe the symbols you see to each other, but this time you will have to enter them in reverse order. Therefore, starting with the inner symbol and ending with the outer, enter what you saw on both devices, and two doors will open.

After this section, you will both receive torches that can be used to light up dark areas. Continue following the marked path until you find burners that have input devices next to them.

Pick up the indicated devices and insert them into the doors at the end of the room. Then you need to figure out which characters to tell each other to type on those drives. If you return to the beginning of the room, you will notice that the path goes to the side, and there is a large symbol on the wall. This is the key to opening the doors.

After opening the doors, you can go further and reunite with each other. You have left the prison! Simultaneously activate the two levers at the end of the room to open the doors leading to the catacombs.


You will start the passage of the catacomb in two different places: on the left and on the right there will be a huge gap separating the structures (if you look ahead at the huge mechanism in the wall). To make things easier, let's call the player on the left Player A and the player on the right Player B.

Both players must try to move deeper into the level. Soon enough, you will find the keys with which you need to open the doors. Do this to see each other at different ends of the abyss. Player A will gain access to a rope mechanism that will allow them to exchange items with each other. Exchange keys with each other. Please note that the keyholes, color and shape of the keys must match. Only under this condition will you be able to open the doors.

Player A can go into the next room and pick up Film Reel #5 from the box next to the stairs. Climb up the indicated stairs and take film #2 from the bed.

Then, next to the marked mechanism, both players will find a strange panel with square and rounded handles with different symbols. In our walkthrough, Player A controls the square shaped knobs and Player B controls the round ones. To deal with this device, you will have to coordinate the actions of each other so that the knobs with a certain symbol correspond to the buttons of the same symbol in the mechanism. At the same time, at certain positions, the handles can block the movement of other handles.

Guide each other using the handles. Once everyone is in the right place, power will be restored to the area. Minecarts will also appear that will allow you to connect both sides of the chasm, but before you can use them, you will have to solve the last puzzle on the level.

Player B must use the key he received from Player A to open the door next to the mechanism we just unlocked, then go through it and find a set of four disks and a key hidden behind bars. Player B asks Player A in which direction to place the discs located on the crates next to the stairs where film #5 was found. Install all the introductory disks correctly, and you can get the key that is hidden behind the bars.

Take this key and open a gate with a similar lock located next to you, allowing Player A to use the cart and cross the chasm.

After Player A crosses the chasm and ends up where Player B was, both players must interact with the fallen bookshelf at the end of the room to access the section with film reel #1 and a red star-shaped key. Then you need to cross the gap, go up one level and use the star-shaped key on the lock of the same shape, which will give access to the cart leading to the new section. Only one player can sit on the cart! This player enters a zone with a turnstile. Ignore the turnstile and note that there is a mechanism in the wall to the left separating him from another gamer. Both players must stand on the sides of this wall to see different things:

  • One player will see a set of interactive buttons with symbols, a timer, and next to it will be a spinning reel that changes symbols whenever the timer expires.
  • Another player will see a panel with the same character set, but it will not be interactive. There are arrows pointing to a set of spinning reels with more symbols.
Essentially, this machine generates code on one side and requires that code to be entered on the other. You need to coordinate actions with each other, and every time a symbol is displayed on the side of the buttons, the first player must tell the second what he sees on the reel, and the second, having found such a reel, use the arrows to calculate the symbols you need to enter so that the first player can enter it on the device. This must be done five times in a row. It doesn’t sound so difficult, but in fact the task is not easy: you need to constantly communicate. Symbol combinations are randomized, changing every time you fail.

As soon as you successfully complete the puzzle, a small window will open in which the device is located. You will see a key, a middle gear that needs to be inserted into the slot under the turnstile, and a #4 film spool. First of all, use the key to open the car door. Then both players will be able to reunite with each other. Then cross the area all the way to the right, where the door that previously blocked the path will open. You can open it with the recently found key. This door will lead to a room with a film projector, on which you can install all the previously collected films.

Then you need to turn on the projector and try to remember the steps that it displays. Or you can read our instructions. Both players must share tasks and coordinate the next steps.

  1. First, one of the players must turn the key at the large cauldron to activate the mechanism. After that, as quickly as possible, go to the handles on the second level of the mechanism and activate them in the same order as shown on the film (top right, bottom left, top left - only once).
  2. Lilac smoke will pour out of the cauldron. The second player, who is left waiting downstairs by the button machine, must use the lever at the red button on the console, as the first player runs to the front of the cauldron and pulls the other lever. This must be done at the same time.
  3. After that, the second player must go and push the small wheel, which is behind the lever panel, towards the large wheel. At the same time, the first player approaches the cauldron from behind and presses the lever located there.
  4. Finally, both players must again divide the tasks between them. One player pulls the blue lever on the panel while the other (the first one in our instructions) uses the chain on the left edge of the cauldron to release the gas and then runs to the key they turned in the first step and uses it again.
It's unlikely that you'll be able to do all this the first time, but in the end, you will understand how to act correctly, and you will be able to coordinate your actions and solve this time-based puzzle.

When you do this, the door at the end of the chasm will become active, although it will still remain locked. An elevator will appear next to the wall on which objects were projected. Use it and go to the next level.

On the second level, you will find a door that you can (and should) open. And a mechanism that allows you to move objects across the abyss. You will also find a set of handles behind the door (use the slider to open them one by one) that can be controlled and a locked key. One player must return to the other side of the chasm and get to where Player A started from. At this point, he will find a piece of tapestry hanging on the wall with a set of directions. You need to communicate these directions to another gamer so that he can enter them and gain access to the locked key.

With this key, you must return to where Player B was. There you will find a door that can be opened with the key you found, and there will be a transport cart behind. Climb it and cross the chasm to reach a room where you can pick up a huge cogwheel. However, it is so large that both hands will be busy, so you need to ask the other player to guide you back to the place where the turnstile was.

Install the large gear into the mechanism under the turnstile. Now both of you can use the turnstile to open the large door in the wall. One of the players needs to climb onto a small dropped box, while the other player has to press a button so that both can escape the catacombs. Soon enough, the platform one player is on will rise and open up a new path for both players to reach the disc rooms.

Disc rooms

Once again, the two players will be separated from each other. Both will see similar things, albeit with slight differences. In both rooms, players will be able to see a large metal disc divided into three circles with figures on top of them. One player will be in a room with a projector pointed at the clock face. He must use his torch to light the projector and see the symbols on the dial. Then you need to turn your attention to the table near the clock face, on the wall, and there are also several books that you can open. There is one for each ring of the disc, represented by squares, pentagons, or circles, and the pages show different combinations of each type, numbered from "1" to "4".

The player in the projector room must use the books to communicate with another player to find out what symbols are on his disk and what combination they correspond to in his books. Then, after noting the numbers of these combinations, the players must enter them on the disks (for example, circle 1, square 4, pentagon 2), and then use the projector lever to recreate the exact combination of symbols, as in the other room.

Once you manage to do this, a book and a lantern will be found in a small compartment in the room with the projector. The mysterious creature will take the book away, leaving only the lantern, which the player must place inside the projector.

This will cause the disk in the projector room to become static, some symbols to light up, and the main points represented in the center to rotate. In the meantime, the other player must get into the box in which he got to this stage, thanks to which he will be taken to a new room with a disc and a steering wheel.

This wheel will allow you to move the characters on the disc. With the help of a player in the library who has access to a panel that determines which symbols will move when the wheel is manipulated, both players must communicate and copy the positions of the glowing symbols in the projector room. When you do this, the door will open and you can enter the next room.

Test rooms

In these rooms, the player who was in the room with the projector must guide the second player through a series of timer traps at the top of the arena. At the beginning of the rooms, the player in the arena must pick up the ball from the podium, and then listen to the instructions of the other player, who tells him where to go. There are different kinds of puzzles here, but in all cases, you need to move on the correct tiles to get to the other end.

The first player, from the top, sees a panel with five symbols displayed on the floor of the arena. He must lead the second player in the arena along with the tiles so that he not only passes through these symbols but also gets to the end without repeating pressing any of the tiles. If a player steps on a tile with this symbol again, it will fall.

Second test. You will gain access to a lever, a tiled floor, and a timer. There will be a panel that should have one player (the guide). It represents the tiles that the player from below must follow before the timer (triggered by the lever) runs out and all other tiles fall.

The third challenge is the same as the first, but it has walls that block the guiding player's view. Fortunately, this section does not get complicated by time, so you can easily communicate with the player in the arena. Tell him to make sure to avoid the tiles marked with the sign indicated on the panel.

Finally, the fourth test is like the second, although more complicated. This time, there will be a disc with three symbols below the top player, which changes with each turn. These symbols cannot be stepped on, otherwise, the player in the arena will fall into the abyss and will be forced to repeat the test. As I understand it, it's much easier to tell the player in the arena not to step on the tiles with symbols depicted on the disk than to try to lead him by looking at these symbols and the arena itself.

After this, the tests will be completed. When the player in the arena places the metal ball on the pedestal at the end of the last puzzle, doors will open leading to a new section.


The caves don't actually require you to do anything. Behind the test area, there will be a corridor into which both characters will fall, and through it you need to access the sewers. Keep going forward until you reach a cave system that will lead to a closed gate. Both players must then open the gate while interacting with it at the same time. After that, you will be caught by the Jester, who will trap the heroes inside his toy box.

Jester's toy box

Both players will again be in different parts. This time on opposite sides of the toy box. Each side will have a set of platforms and drawbridges with certain card symbols (spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs). Each player must see what the other is doing and tell him which bridges to move and where to go.

Let's call Player A the one who appears at door 1 and Player B at door 5. Player A will need to go through door 1 to get to another area, then once there, go to the switch with the "heart" symbol and use it so that Player B can move to the area with door 6 and the club switch. Player A must then use the heart switch again.

Player A must then go through door 2 because player B activates the club's switch to do so. This will allow Player A to reach the blocked platform, but Player B will unlock it by using the same switch again to allow Player A to reach (not cross) Door 3.

Once this happens, Player B must reactivate the club's switch in order for Player A to get to the diamonds switch. When player A is in place, use the clubs switch again for player B. Player B can then go through door 6 and get to door 8. Go through it.

Once Player B passes through door 8, Player A must use the diamond switch to lower the bridge, which will lead to the club's switch. Interact with it, and then return to the "tambourines" switch and activate it again.

This will allow Player B to get to the middle platform (but no further). While player B is on the middle platform, player A must again go to the diamond switch, use it, and activate clubs, which will allow player B to get to door 9 and go through it. Right there, Player B will find the "clubs" switch, which he must interact with, and then return to the room with the middle platform (by going through door 9). Once he has done this, Player A must use the Diamonds and Clubs switch again so that Player B can return to where Door 6 and the Clubs switch were.

Player A must then receive confirmation that Player B is at the intended location. If he confirmed, player A must use "clubs" and "diamonds" for the last time, and then go to the other end of the level, where door 3 was, and go through it. At this point, Player B must use the switch of clubs to open a path leading down. Previously, player A could not pass along this path. This path will lead Player A to the spade switch, which he must activate to get Player B back to Door 9.

After that, player A must cross door 4 (past the switch) and find a new "clubs" switch. Let him interact with it. Player B then returns and goes through door 7. Once they do so, Player A must re-use the "spade" switch. Player B walks to the middle platform, requiring A to re-activate the spades to get to the end of the level. Player A can then simply go through door 4 and also get to the end of the level.

jester's kingdom

Finally, we will find ourselves in the realm of the Jester. The level is not that difficult. Somewhere you will have to rely on the correct instructions of each other, sometimes you will have to guide the other, watching him from top to bottom. Essentially, you will be placed inside a set of dice, each side of which represents a separate room. In these "rooms" there will be doors, some of which are connected with symbols. Closed or open, and you can rotate them. You and your partner should guide each other by saying which doors need to match so that you can go through them and get into new rooms. Eventually, you will reach a door with a gate that will allow you to get out of here.

There are a couple of added mechanics:

  • First, there will be an additional difficulty when some rooms have switches that you need to interact with in order to open other rooms that you must pass through to get to the end.
  • Secondly, there will be an additional level of difficulty as some of the doors will lead to another dimension where you won't be able to see each other. However, in this case, we found that the players always ended up next to each other, albeit in different dimensions, and that rotating the room in one dimension would affect the other. Therefore, as before, we need to tell each other what to twist and in what direction in order to achieve the desired goal.
As soon as you leave the kingdom, you will fall into a room where the Jester will tell the story of King Bartholomew, after which you can escape outside and start the second chapter.

Chapter 2

The main characters will find themselves in the middle of a storm. There is nothing to do, so we move forward until we see a building with an open door. Enter the courtyard and you will see an owl statue on your right. Headless mannequins are on the impromptu stage.

Puzzle with heads

In this puzzle, one of the players has to touch a small owl statue against one of the side walls to enter a room where there are three books, as well as several heads scattered on different shelves.

The idea is quite simple: the player inside the room must-read books and listen to the words of the narrator, asking questions about specific people who lived in the city of Rockbury. In the meantime, the other player will see various "snippets of performances" on stage, which involve decapitated mannequins.

The trapped player must use the books available to them to figure out which character each head corresponds to, as well as match them with the mannequins outside. After that, he can use the mechanism to make the heads of the puppets available to the player from the other side of the room. And then he will be able to place them on the stage.

There will be several scenarios that both players must complete in order to proceed. The heads you have to attach to each character in different scenarios:

  • First scene. King Bartholomew is a seated man, the Jester whispers something in his ear.
  • Second scene. Alard Watchmaker as the man behind the door. Another character is building a wall.
  • Third scene. Isebrant Bronghiter is the man who studies the circuits while Hille watches the stars.
  • Fourth scene. You need to find two princesses. Emilia sneaks behind the guard while Katherine hides the book behind the safe.
After you arrange everything correctly, a large statue of an owl will rise at the back of the courtyard, and you will see a wall. Crouch down to get to the next puzzle.

Everything in its place

The heroes will be in front of the entrance to the temple. The first thing you will see is a small confessional. Both players must enter the booth, from different sides, and then wait a bit until a hidden passage opens up.

Go through the new opening and you will find yourself in a regular church: there are three rows of empty benches, each of which will have a set of pillows and symbols associated with them. You will soon discover that all these are the main clues for solving the new puzzle. First, pay attention to the elevator-like structure located on the side of the room: one player must climb the elevator, and the other must use the lever on the side to make the elevator go up.

The player on the second floor must cross over to the other side and enter the open room. There will be another lever that you need to use to open the room on the lower floor.

There will be several puppets in this room, which the other player must place on different benches. There is a book next to it that states that puppets of the same gender cannot be placed next to each other, and members of the "resistance" cannot be opposite or behind each other.

After that, both players must find heads similar to the ones outside. They have the same symbols as on the benches in the church.

Basically, in this puzzle, you have to place all the characters on the benches in the correct order. Instead of talking about the solutions, we decided to show you a screenshot of the puzzle solution:


By seating each puppet on the correct benches, you will open a secret passage in the room above. Indoors, you'll find lifelike portraits of all the puppets below that you can interact with.

You need to figure out a combination of four people who are considered part of the resistance. How to do it? The clue said that each guild had at least one resistance representative. At the same time, none of the representatives of the resistance should sit opposite or behind another member of the resistance.

This means that the bottom player will have to choose one puppet in each row. All of them must belong to different guilds. After that, he passes the information to the player above so that he can interact with all available portraits.

When you do it right, two things will happen:

  • The organ at the back of the lower floor will become accessible.
  • The player on the top level will be moved to a new room.
All this will come in handy in the next puzzle.

National anthem

The new room has a couple of tables with music sheets and an empty space on the right wall where they should be hung. On the right, there is a part of the scroll with hints. The other half is on the right side, near the working organ, below the altar. Look for another poster on the right side of the organ. He tells the story of the folk anthem, which serves as another hint on how to place the notes. However, it is also broken.

What needs to be done here: one person stays in the music room, and the other will play the organ. Of the music sheets on the table, one of them has stamp #1, which belongs to Alard the Clear. The "History of the National Anthem" also provides a clue that Ide followed Alard and also made changes to the anthem. However, there are two Ide. But we figured out from the clues that Ide Senior should be next.

As a result, the solution turned out to be:

  • Alard the Clear: GACB
  • Ide Senior: GFCB
  • Falco Modern: GCCD
  • Nanke Critic: GFCC
  • Ide Junior: CFGC
  • Wolfhard the Talented: EFGA

The organ player can play the notes in parts. You don't have to play everything at once. Once the sheet is placed in the correct slot and played correctly, the light below it changes from yellow to green, indicating that you have found the correct solution. As soon as you play the notes from all sheets, you will hear the anthem in full, and steps will appear on the sides of the organ. Two handles will also appear at the top of the organ, and you and your partner must turn them at the same time to raise a telescope-like astrolabe from under the floor. Notice the dialogue being played back, which states that three components are required to fully assemble the astrolabe device.

After the dialogue, you and your partner can leave the chapel and go down on the cart to the village. It will be a hub from where you can go to a particular chapter in search of a specific component. Now you can visit the ruins of Rockbury, the royal cemetery or the Nautilus. The choice is yours!

Chapter 3 Rockbury

After leaving the chapel on the cart, you will arrive at an abandoned village, which serves as the hub for the second half of the game. Moving to the left of the sign, you will enter the ruins of Rockbury. Activate the elevator system and push the frozen corpse off the chair so you can take the elevator up to the quarry.

restore the light

When you get to the quarry, you will see a huge pendant lamp emitting a bright white beam of light. Walk along the platforms and ramps until you find a scroll about a door with a giant owl. There is also a lever at the top. Pull it down to lower the drawbridge. Continue along the path until you find a curved light reticle. Nearby is a locked room with a broken gate. Leave them alone for now and continue up the ramps on the left side to find an elevator for two. Use the elevator by turning the wheel until you are at the top together.

The catch is that the wheel is between you and as soon as you reach the top floor, the game will separate you again.

  • The player to the left of the wheel will be first and the other player second. Player 1 and Player 2 respectively.
  • Player 2 must follow the path and turn right. At the top is a lever that raises the bridge. Due to this, Player 1 will be able to continue moving. Player 2 must then go back down and take the path to the left to reach the cable car, which will take you to the other side of the area where Player 1 is (the bow of the ship). Crossing to the other side, Player 2 will find another lever that controls another drawbridge. Player 2 must raise the bridge to allow Player 1 to pass and then lower the bridge so that Player 1 can go up. Both players reunite.
Together, keep moving until you reach the boat, which is attached to the pulley. In this guide, Player 1 will be the one moving the boat, while Player 2 has to turn the wheel to make the boat move up. Once Player 1 is lifted, a crane will appear at the top that can be operated to move the platform attached to it to the side. Player 1 must move the crane to the left and allow Player 2 to climb onto the platform. Player 1 must then move the crane to the right and allow Player 2 to get off the platform. After that, Player 1 must cross the bridge near the crane to reach the region's first main puzzle.

swing bridge

Player 2 will reach the button that controls the swing bridge, which consists of two different parts, crossing each other and leading to different sides. For this puzzle, let's imagine that the bridge is a big clock. Position "6" is where the button is, position "9" is on the side of the second button, position "12" is on the side where Player 1 came from, position "3" is on the side where the lever is located. Player 2 will rotate the bridge while Player 1 will try to cross it and pull the lever.

The solution to the puzzle will be:

  • Player 2 rotates the bridge to position 12-3.
  • Player 1 descends the bridge and pulls the lever to open the gate to the second button.
  • Player 2 rotates the bridge to position 6-9.
  • Player 1 crosses the bridge to where Player 2 is.
  • Player 2 crosses the bridge down to where the lever is, opens the gate allowing Player 1 to go to the first button, and returns to the second button.
  • Player 1 descends the bridge, which is still in position 6-9, and waits on the lower platform.
  • Player 2 rotates the bridge to position 12-3.
  • Player 1 moves to the space above the lever.
  • Player 2 rotates the bridge to position 6-9 and crosses the bridge down to where the lever is.

At this point, Player 2 will have access to the handle from above, and Player 2 will be able to ride the elevator down. Player 2 takes the elevator up and Player 1 makes sure both characters are reunited. Follow the new fork with two bridges leading to different parts of the quarry. Each of you must go over a separate bridge and follow the path until both of you reach a boulder tied with a rope. Interact with it at the same time to fix the light source.

Both players must then descend to another platform and use the rope to return to the starting area. The one who went on the bridge to the right-up will get into the room with an open cage, and the player who went on the bridge to the left will be above the hanging platform.


You and your partner will have to solve another puzzle in which you will have to reflect light with the help of special lenses. This is the only way to open the door at the end of the quarry. In this guide, Player 1 will place the lenses from the bottom, and Player 2 should rotate them from the top. Player 1 has access to a room with a cage containing reflective mirrors and several image lenses, and Player 2 has access to a platform with a scroll containing a sketch of an owl with a key.

The lenses have fabulous images and solid black markings that, when superimposed on each other, form a silhouette that looks like an owl with a key. When light passes through the lenses, they cast a shadow on the wall. Player 1 can use six mirrors to reflect the light at different angles to make sure the beam goes through all the lenses. Remember that mirrors reflect light from both sides, so one mirror should be used twice, once on each side. There is one stationary mirror in the northwest corner. Something like a hint of how the light beam should fall.

The solution will be next. The main hint to use is located on the levers at the top. Some levers can be rotated in a circle, while others can only be rotated at a certain angle. Those that can be rotated a full circle must be equipped with lenses, and those that have limited angles can only be used with mirrors. There is no specific order to follow when placing lenses; it is important to rotate them correctly so that the shadow forms the correct pattern. Otherwise, the lens must be rotated 180 degrees.

After solving the puzzle, the door to the room will open, and in the middle of it you will see a piece of an astrolabe. To retrieve a component, both players must move the handle until all of the small latches holding the part are out. After that, you can pick up the part and take it to the ship at the back of the chamber, after which you can install it in the hole. The ship will start moving and transport you back to the village. Don't forget to install the part in the chapel, and then move on to other sections.

Chapter 4. Nautilus

After leaving the chapel on the cart, you will find yourself in an abandoned village, which is the hub of the second half of the game. Following the sign to the right, you will find the Nautilus.

sunken mines

Ride the cart up the ridge to the cave. Follow the platforms and enter the room where a corpse in a diving helmet is located on the ground. Decide with a friend who will put on a helmet and dive into the water. A player who does this will have limited vision due to the helmet's smaller window, and will be able to see the air sensor on the side. Imagine that the helmet is worn by a player who is reading our walkthrough. Make your way into the dive hole. Another player must enter the room next door to see you through the solid glass panel.

As always, players must help each other, this time through a labyrinth of underwater corridors and tunnels. A player in a diving helmet must look for valves that open doors for a comrade left on land. Next to these valves there are symbols corresponding to the symbol on the door that the partner must open. There are also doors that require air to open. Interacting with this door will drain some of the room's air supply, so be sure to replenish your oxygen supply before attempting to open such a door.

The player on land will rotate the pipes to direct air into certain pipes underwater, allowing you to replenish your oxygen supply. In addition, he will also be able to find cards with which he will give clues to the player underwater, leading him through the entire maze. Pay attention to the icons pointing to different points of interest. Pipes for supplying oxygen on the maps are marked with icons of several shapes. The player on land must rotate the pipes to direct air from the main pipe to the ones marked on the map.

  • Player 1 is the one who went underwater, and Player 2 is the one who started spinning the pipes. where possible, the direction of the pipes will be displayed as numbers on the clock (6-12, 9-12, and so on). Now step by step...
  • Player 1: The first valve you encounter has a harpoon symbol. Turn this faucet to open the gate to your partner's right, into the map room, and proceed to step 3.
  • Player 2: Rotate the right-angled pipe in direction 6-9 to connect the air tank to the pipe going to the right (when facing the access panel). Follow the pipe and turn the straight pipe in direction 6-12. This will open a pipe with a lightning bolt icon to the right of the "bird".
  • Player 1: Go to the pneumatic door on the left and interact with it. You will reach a fork with a picture of a bird with a long neck and a llama head. The pipe on the right has a lightning icon. The path to the left leads to a dead end. Choose the path to the right. At the next fork, you will see a treasure sign pointing to the left. First turn right to find a valve with an anchor symbol. Turn it around. The paths on either side of the anchor symbol lead to a dead end.
  • Player 2: Go to the back of the room where the "anchor" gate was, and rotate the right-angled pipe in the direction of 12-3 to send air to the "claw" icon.
  • Player 1: Go back to the treasure sign, go forward and see another air tube with a claw sign and an image of a llama, a griffin and a snail on the left side. Approach the last three symbols and turn right. Walk forward, then turn left to find an air pipe with a diamond, a peacock, and a snail. There is a locked door on the left and a pneumatic door on the right. Open the last one to unlock a shortcut. Return to the llama, griffin, and snail or "claw" to replenish your air supply, and then move along the path, but this time go straight ahead. At the end of the path, turn right twice to find the jellyfish symbol. Turn the valve located here.
  • Player 2: Rotate the first curved pipe again in the 9-12 direction, then the straight pipe in the 3-9 direction (next to the square and diamond icon). After that, turn the curved pipe behind the jellyfish gate in the direction of 12-3. Follow the pipe to the gate with the "anchor" and turn the curved pipe in the direction of 9-12. Rotate the T-pipe to the 3-6-12 position to force air into the square-diamond tube and open the door next to it.
  • Player 1: Go through the door on the right and drop down into the hole. This will take you to a new section where there are images of a skull, a griffin and a lightning bolt.
  • Player 2: Redirect air into the lightning pipe by turning the curved pipe behind the jellyfish gate in the direction of 9-12.
  • Player 1: From the pipe with the "lightning" go left and then turn right. Follow this path until you find a pipe with a "wrench". Walk forward a little and turn left from the image of the "double crown". At the end of this route is the symbol of the "helm". Turn the valve to allow Player 2 to ascend to the high platform where the "double crown" icon is located.
  • Player 2: Go through the helm gate and up to the top platform. Rotate both straight pipes to align them. Go back down, turn another straight pipe connected to the top one in direction 6-12. Then turn the first curved tube in the direction of 9-12. Turn the other curved pipe near the wrench symbol in direction 3-6. Replenish Player 1's oxygen, and then rotate the straight tube again in direction 3-9. At the far end of this area, there is a T-shaped pipe that needs to be turned in the direction of 3-9-12. This will open the door connected to the pipe with the "double crown". Direct air through the pipe with the "claw".
  • Player 1: Go to the double crown door, follow the path, then turn right. Follow this path until you reach the image of a llama and a griffin. Replenish oxygen reserves through the pipe with the "claw". Open the pneumatic door on the right and then go back to see another pit. Drop down to the next area. Upon landing, replenish oxygen, jump off the ledge and follow the path to the left. Turn right and see a locked door.
  • Player 2: Redirect the air to the pipe with the wrench icon to open the door.
  • Player 1: Go through the door and follow the corridor to the very end, then turn left.
  • Player 2: Redirect the air to the square and diamond pipe to open the next door.
  • Player 1: Go through the door and head left until you reach the next door.
  • Player 2: Redirect the air to the pipe with the lightning icon to open the next door.
  • Player 1: Go through the door and once the water is drained, take off your helmet.
At this point Player 1 will walk into the middle of the Nautilus and Player 2 will head towards the open door and along the way will reach the docks. Player 2 pulls the lever to lift the Nautilus out of the water. Both players go to the docks, but will be separated later anyway to solve a new puzzle.

Mesh pipes

Both players will see boards on each side. One board is a 4x4 grid with holes and is marked with different shapes, and the other board is a dispenser that distributes pipes of different shapes and sizes. Player 1's board has an exit pipe (an orange circle with a slash) with an orange dot, and a blue inlet pipe (a blue "cross") that will face Player 2.

The object of this puzzle is for each player to direct the blue and orange blobs at the corresponding entry holes of the nets. This can be done using other holes. Each hole corresponds to a hole on another mesh having a similar shape. The catch is that the pipes cannot intersect with each other, so they need to be properly positioned on the grid itself.

The number of pipes is limited and they are divided among the players. If you or your partner needs a mesh pipe, you can only send it to the other side through a dispenser. Pay attention to the pipe diagrams on the dispenser, as they have a certain length. Suitable positions are nearby (including diagonally).

Solution for 4x4 grid:

  • Player 1 and Player 2: use pipe B to connect the blue one to the oval; use the D-shaped pipe to connect the orange one to the hexagon. As soon as you do this, another mesh becomes available, already larger, and more pipes can be fed through the dispenser.
Solution for 4x6 grid:

  • Player 1: use pipes A to connect the orange to the hexagon, the circle to the oval, and the diamond to the blue; use pipe D to connect the cross to the pentagon.
  • Player 2: use pipe A to connect the hexagon to the oval; use pipes B to connect the blue one with the cross and the pentagon with the diamond; use pipe D to connect the circle with the orange one.
  • After solving the second grid, another 4x6 grid will become available, and more pipes will appear in the dispenser. The next mesh has two inputs on each side, one each for the blue and yellow pipes, so the outputs must be split using the new E-pipe.

Solution for the second 4x6 grid:

  • Player 1: use pipe B to connect the blue one to the cross; use pipes C to connect the orange to the pentagon and the oval to the orange; use pipe E to connect the hexagon, rhombus and circle.
  • Player 2: Use pipe B to connect the blue one to the hexagon; use pipes C to connect the circle with the cross and the diamond with the blue one; use pipe E to connect orange, pentagon and oval.

As soon as you solve the third task, the door of the Nautilus will open, and both players will be able to reunite already inside it. Pull the levers on the panel at the same time to send the Nautilus back to the bottom.

Battle with the guard

When the Nautilus sinks into the depths, the ship will be seized by huge tentacles. A cockpit will open on one side of the Nautilus, and a console will appear in the middle. Then a huge eye will appear in the cockpit.

To solve this puzzle, you must listen to the sounds that the Guardian makes and respond accordingly using the control panel in the cockpit. The catch is that the person in the cockpit hears the sound better than the player at the console, so the first must describe the second this same sound. In any possible way, up to its imitation. The player in the cockpit should pay attention to the shape of the "guard" pupil, as your reaction also depends on it.

The player at the console can use the buttons, dial, and translation notes to try and decipher what the Guardian said. After he interprets his words, you need to answer them correctly by prompting the person in the cockpit which combination of symbols to press before pulling the lever to send the answer to the Guardian. If the answer is correct, the Guardian will remove the tentacles from the Nautilus.

Here is the solution:

  • Guardian says "Hello", answer "Hello" using A with a cross and almond symbols.
  • The guard writes: “Who. You. Yes.", answer "Explorers" using the characters A with bowl and mustache.
  • The guard writes: “To the king. Be. It hurts”, answer “Yes” using the symbols of closed eyes and almonds.
  • The guard says, "What. They want. Explorers", answer "Escape" using the characters M and a thick dash.
After completing the dialogue with the Guardian, he will release the Nautilus and you can continue diving into the depths. Players will enter an underwater dome full of various mechanisms.

Under the dome

Players will be on opposite sides of the dome. Various machines are scattered all over the place that create potions and reagents from certain components. There are recipe boards to help you create the items you need. In the middle is a cast of an astrolabe, surrounded by a small moat with a transport system of bowls.

Players will have to work together (not surprised!) to create the item needed for the astrolabe based on the recipe. The components for this item will have to be crafted separately from other ingredients using different machines and programs. You must follow each recipe exactly to end up with the right astrolabe part (if the item is made correctly, it will not be destroyed).

In the middle of the dome is a large melting pot with two levers in the middle. There is one more lever on the sides. The side levers activate the rest of the mechanisms, allowing you to receive materials from the dispensers. To get materials, you can take the container in the middle and place it in the dispenser. Some containers contain special fluids required for processing; you have one of each type of liquid, but they are not going anywhere. If necessary, you can refill the container with recently used liquid. Activating the levers will start an 8-minute timer. Ha, this time you and your partner must create the necessary components and place them in the melting pot.

Once all the ingredients needed for the astrolabe have been placed in the cauldron (before the time runs out), both players must pull the levers in the middle to pour the molten materials into the mold and get the astrolabe piece. Use the levers in the middle even if you made a mistake (thrown the wrong component into the boiler) and would like to start production from scratch.

To begin with, you should familiarize yourself with the equipment and dispensers available from your side, and then agree with a friend on the list of ingredients that will be involved in the production. Some ingredients, such as the Pink Crystal, can only be crafted on the right. However, pink crystals are needed to create blue ones, which can only be created on the left.

The conveyor with bowls in the middle has a fixed speed, but if you want to send something to the other side, place the item in the bowl that the other player gets to the fastest. For example, on the left side, you need to place an object as far as possible from the melting pot, and on the right side, next to it. Immediately create the required amount of ingredients so that you do not have to go back and repeat the steps. Here is a list of materials to prepare:

  • 4 pink crystals - 3 whole and 1 crushed
  • 4 blue mushrooms - 3 whole and 1 chopped
  • 2 crushed pine cones
  • 2 chopped roots
  • 3 vials

First, create pink crystals, blue mushrooms and roots. When fluids are needed, arrange with a partner. Don't forget to move liquids from outlet to inlet if you need to create the same ingredients.

Once all the ingredients are cooked and you place them in the melting pot, pull both middle levers to get the astrolabe piece. Take the part of the astrolabe and take it to the Nautilus. Insert it into the slot on the wall to return to the village. Go to the chapel and place the part of the astrolabe in place. A small cut-scene will start. Only then can you continue.

Chapter 5

After descending from the chapel on a cart, both players find themselves in an abandoned village, which serves as a hub for the second half of the game. Walking straight past the statue in the village, you will find yourself in the royal cemetery. Go through the gate to the royal cemetery, where, together with a friend, you will have to turn the spire to find yourself in a different place. Follow the path behind the gate to reach an open area with a bell. Nearby there is a well with a glowing coffin. Agree among yourselves who will go down into the underground tunnel, because the other will have to open the glowing coffin and help the first one get down. As for the person left outside, as soon as the luminous coffin opens, the same will happen to the gate behind the bell. Let's imagine that you are the player who went down, while your partner remained on top and went through the gate with the bell.

stone emblems

After descending into the well, you will find the corpse of an explorer with a scroll and a pickaxe that you can pick up. Turn left and use your pickaxe to destroy the rocks blocking the path, then turn left again. This will bring you to a junction with three other routes. Choose the path that is ahead and to the right. Follow the path and turn right, and soon you will reach a room with eight round stone emblems on the wall.

Your comrade from above must go through the open gate and climb to the gazebo, where there is a similar structure. On the right side of both buildings is a cabinet where you can place one of the lower slabs and exchange it for a slab given by your comrade. To the left of the structures are halves of a tablet that show the relationship between the symbols displayed on the emblems.

The plate below shows the connection between the shield - sword - watch - crown with 3 points, then it connects to the plate above with a crown with 5 points - chain - book - flask. These halves indicate the solution to the puzzle and also show which round emblems can be exchanged with each other. For example, a 5-point crown can only be exchanged for a 3-point crown or chain.

At the beginning of the puzzle, there are removable emblems in the construction:

  • Above: shield, sword, book, crown for 3 points.
  • Below: watch, chain, flask, crown for 5 points.
Using the tablet as a guide, you will have to exchange emblems. The emblems on top are fixed, so all that remains to be done is to tie them to the correct halves.

The first task for each player is to exchange halves and get the right ones. Namely:

  • Top: 3-point crown, chain, book, flask.
  • Bottom: clock, sword, 5-point crown, shield.

Here is the correct order to exchange the halves, starting with the book and the flask, since the flask is at the end of the sequence:

  • book and flask
  • Sword and watch
  • Shield and sword
  • 3-point and 5-point crowns
  • Watch and 3 point crown
  • Sword and watch
  • 5-point crown and chain
  • 3-point and 5-point crowns
  • Watch and 3 point crown
  • Chain and book
  • 5-point crown and chain
As soon as you put all the emblems in their places, the structures will open and you will see a passage down to the catacombs. Both players will meet each other again, but will be separated by a goal. The player on top doesn't need to come down yet. Instead, he should go to the well at the far end of the cemetery and wait beside it. The player from below moves further along the well and gets to the chamber with the gate. Look to the left and see a wall that can be broken with a pickaxe. Break it and go to the bucket where you can put the pickaxe. Once the pickaxe is in the bucket, have your partner turn the wheel at the well to pull out the bucket and get the pickaxe. With the help of a pickaxe, the player from above must break the walls leading to different parts of the cemetery.

grave robbers

In the same room below, there is various information about the families that once lived in the kingdom. You can find these families by opening coffins and studying the family tree. There are also huge vault doors that open with four keys (eventually, a fifth will have to be used). These keys can only be found in certain graves in the cemetery above.

Players, as always, will have to work together to figure out which graves contain the keys. Hints can be found in the underground chamber, and they will indicate exactly which grave the player should dig from above. Usually these are mini-riddles depicted inside coffins. There is one key in each part of the cemetery, with the exception of the Bronze Heaters cemetery, where there are two of them at once.

Here is the solution:

  • Stenhower/Masons (hammer/ruler): Excavate the tomb of Gertrude (1232-1310).
  • Watchmakers (Gears): Excavate Truden's grave (1256-1339).
  • Glazebers/Glassblowers (flask): Examine Rainvie's grave (1261-1339).
  • Brongiter / Bronze heaters (ladle): excavate the grave of Isenbrant (1207-1285) and the grave marked XXX (1253-1331).
Dig only those graves in which the keys are hidden. If you destroy three wrong graves, it will bring a curse on the player from below, who will begin to gradually lose their sight. As soon as you find all five keys, send them down using the well. Keys must be sent one at a time. Use all the keys to open the door and find a map that points to a specific location in the cemetery.

Treasure map

Soon you will reach another room with an astrolabe piece, but it is locked. To open it, you will have to turn to the help of a partner. First you need to solve another puzzle. Inside the chamber, you will find a map with a place marked with a "cross". Send your comrade up there. He should see a pile of snow. Have the player from above dig through the pile to find a chest with a note. This note has a large number and other numbers corresponding to different characters.

It is necessary to break large numbers into small Roman ones. Once this is done, the player will get some circles and dashes. Report the sequence to your comrade, so that he will find a specific alcove in the catacombs, where there are the same symbols. Break this alcove to find a new part of the map, which shows another place marked with a "cross". Follow the same steps, but this time the player on top will receive a gear instead of a note. Please note that it can lie in different places (that is, the second fragment of the map selects a random position and puts a “cross” on it). Regardless of which location the map points to, you will have to follow the same steps to solve the puzzle twice. The first time there may be one solution, the second time there may be another, or vice versa. But they are always the same.

  • If the "cross" points to the north, to the chest near the Owl Gate, inside you will find the number 34, which can be decomposed into the characters OOO/// (three circles, three dashes). 0 - ten, / - units.
  • If the "cross" points to the southeast, outside the cemetery, the chest will be between the Masons and the Watchmakers. Inside you will find the number 52, which can be decomposed into OOOOO//.
  • If the "cross" sends you to the southeast, but inside the family graveyard, the chest should be looked for in the Mason graveyard, just behind the first grave XXX. Find the number 14 inside. Convert it to 0////.
Decipher the second note to get the combination of symbols and find the alcove again. You will receive the desired item. Together with your partner, go to the metal gate in the middle and place this item on the wall to open the gate. Now go to where the part of the astrolabe is located and remove it from the pedestal. Bring this piece to the chapel and place it on the astrolabe.

Chapter 6

This chapter will start after you get all three parts of the astrolabe from the previous chapters. The astrolabe platform will have a new mechanism that requires both players to spin the wheels on both sides. The rotation of these wheels will raise the entire platform with the astrolabe to the bell tower. And on the way there, listen to the narrator's story. At the very top, the Jester will meet you, while the king will destroy part of the tower so that you can see all the chaos outside. The Jester then activates a crystal that captures the light of the moon.

moonlight reflection

This puzzle is similar to the light reflection puzzle in the Rockbury Quarry, except that it will be more vertical. Go to the left side, go up the stairs on the side and enter the elevator. Let's imagine that you are the player who entered the elevator, while your partner remained below and operates the elevator.

The bottom player lifts the lift to the top level. Exit the elevator and interact with the lever on the left to charge the crystal with moonlight and redirect it down. Go back down and follow the beam. Both players must remove the platform that has fallen on the crystal where the beam of moonlight is directed. This will charge the crystal and redirect the beam higher.

Both players climb the stairs and platforms on the right side to get to the next location. Players use the seesaw contraption and take turns pulling their side down until the next crystal is in place. The crystal will charge up and fire another beam at another crystal above the mechanism. Go back down with your partner and use the levers on the device at the same time. The big gear in the middle will fall off. You just need to install it in place, and then pull the levers again. So you turn the crystal, and it will charge, releasing another beam towards the castle.

Head towards the crystal where the beam hits and go through the passage to the platforms outside. Whoever enters first will fall off the platform and the other player must help him get out. Both players must then pull the levers to push the crystal up towards the beam. It will charge and send the beam further up. Use the elevator again and the other player must climb the stairs from the other side to get to the beam. Then you need to go to the panel on the wall with levers corresponding to various symbols. These panels are connected to the same mechanism on the right, which shows the sequence of these characters. To the left of the main panel, there is a timer. As time progresses, the sequence of symbols on the right changes to a new one.

To solve this puzzle, simply pull the lever corresponding to the sequence (from left to right). You only see half of the symbols, and the other is displayed on your partner's side, so he will have to tell the order. Once you lower all the levers in the correct order before the time runs out, the crystal will begin to spin, charge up, and then release light onto the astrolabe.

Both players must lower the levers on the side of the astrolabe to activate it, and then lower the levers on the side of the huge portal to open it. When the portal to the world with fields and windmills opens, the Jester will appear. You will see the final video, but you will find out all the details yourself. And we will do without spoilers.