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Where and how to find all artifacts in Trek to Yomi


Where and how to find all artifacts in Trek to Yomi

Artifacts are collectible items in Trek to Yomi. They do not give any bonuses to the main character, but each of them reveals the plot of the game a little. If you find all 60 items, you will get the "Look Under Every Stone" achievement. In this guide, we will tell you where to find all artifacts in Trek to Yomi.

Important note: To get the achievement, you need to find all the collectibles in one playthrough of the game. You cannot replay a single chapter, so you have to start over, because the progress of the collected items is not saved. In the opening chapter, seven artifacts can be found scattered around Hiroki Village.

Artifact #1: Altar Mirror

The first artifact can be found immediately after completing the tutorial. Once outside the dojo, the hero must turn around and run through the building where the training took place. Once again on the street, you need to go to the right to the gazebo, in which two characters are talking. Here you can find the "Altar Mirror".

Artifact #2: Image of Izanagi

Hiroki must go down to the village and walk through it until he comes to a farmer who needs help with a cart. He himself will ask for help, it is impossible to miss him. Move the cart aside and go up the stairs to enter the store. The "Image of Izanagi" is on the table on the left in the first room.

Artifact #3: Kai-Awase Shell

Right behind the store with the previous artifact, there will be a warehouse where a character named Quartermaster will yell at the hero because of the theft. Ignore him, go down the stairs and move left to a small shopping area. Talk to the seller, he will give you the Kai-Awase Shell.

Artifact #4: Cherry Blossom

Return to the warehouse and run through the door on the right. After interacting with the first altar, the hero will cross a small bridge. Then you need to go through another shopping lane, at the end of which several barrels will fall from the wagon. Keep walking until you reach a greenhouse with a wooden fence and hear screams. Do not turn right, but go left to pick up the "Sakura Flower".

Artifact #5: Mouse figurine

The next artifact can be found after the fight with the first enemy. After defeating the enemy, keep going until you come across another altar. Walk around the brick wall near the shrine to enter a small courtyard. Here you can find the "Mouse Figurine" on the table on the left side of the location.

Artifact #6: Kakute

The sixth collectible will become available after Hiroki obtains his first ranged weapon, the Bo Shuriken. The hero will have to fight with several enemies, and then go along the road leading to the houses. Find the nearest house on the right and go inside. Artifact "Kakute" can be picked up from the body, which is in the house.

Artifact #7: Image of Izanami

The last artifact of the first chapter is already outside the gates of the village. After Hiroki neutralizes two bandits trying to get into the village, you need to turn left and run along the road from the gate. When you reach the crossroads, turn right and continue walking until you reach a small cemetery. There, several enemies will attack the hero. After the fight, move to the right side of the location until you reach the final map. On its right side, you will find "Izanami Image".

To be continued.