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Where to find helmets, hats and other headgear in V Rising


Where to find helmets, hats and other headgear in V Rising

V Rising is an isometric survival game where you play as a bloodthirsty vampire. In the game, you can create almost any item of equipment, except for a headdress. These items will give your vampire a unique look, but they are not easy to find. In this guide, we'll show you where to find them.

Why helmets and hats are needed in V Rising

In the character's equipment menu, you can notice a headgear slot. However, helmets and caps work differently than other pieces of armor. They do not give any bonuses, but only change the appearance of your hero. Below you will learn about the main ways to get hats, scarves, and other headwear in the game.


Fishing is the easiest way to get tons of valuable items. Among them are various drawings, metal ingots, and, in fact, helmets with hats. To get the fishing rod, you need to defeat the boss known as Rufus the Foreman. After defeating him, the desired drawing will open.


  • 6 boards (Planks);
  • 3 copper ingots (Copper Ingots);
  • 3 coarse threads (Coarse Thread).
Why helmets and hats are needed in V Rising

To start fishing, equip your rod and go to a pool of bubbling water and watch out for schools of fish. As soon as you see such a place, move the cursor over it and click once with the left mouse button. When you see a big splash of water where your line is, click again. This way you can get a policeman's helmet (Militia Helmet), a straw hat (Straw Hat), a bonnet (Bonnet), and much more.

Raids on bandit camps

During the passage of the game, you will periodically clear out bandit camps. Treasure chests contain valuable items, including hats and helmets. True, in this case, the probability of getting a headdress is low.

Buying from Traveling Traders

If you are ready to spend silver coins on cosmetic changes to your hero, use the services of merchants. Among the goods offered are hats and hats. When you see the seller, transform into a human form and talk to him. To get this ability, you first have to defeat Beatrice's boss, the Tailor. But before you buy a hat, you should think twice. Perhaps in the future, you will need money.

Purchasing Dracula's Relics Pack DLC

All Dracula's Relics Pack owners will receive a unique blueprint for the Immortal King's Greathelm. You can craft it in the crafting menu. To do this, you only need 4 copper ingots (Copper Ingots).