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Where to get copper and find a grindstone in V Rising. How to create a furnace and grinder


Where to get copper and find a grindstone in V Rising. How to create a furnace and grinder

In V Rising, players can find many useful artifacts that are scattered throughout the game world. At the very beginning, it is quite difficult to find even a grindstone, and for the production of many items, you will need to build special buildings. In this guide, we'll show you where to find copper and whetstones, as well as how to use buildings and craft items in V Rising.

Where to find the grindstone in V Rising

Where to find the grindstone in V Rising

Whetstones can be found on bandits or near their camp. If you need to get an artifact in a short period of time, at the very beginning of the game it is advisable to go to one of the large bandit camps in the Farbane Woods (Farbane Woods), as this is the best place to search. Take a look at the map above to locate the whetstones.

After finding an area inhabited by bandits, open the map and hover over the area to get preliminary information about the resources and materials in this area. If the list includes a grindstone, then feel free to follow this location. When visiting one bandit camp, the player is unlikely to be able to find a large number of such artifacts, but almost every one of them will definitely contain the necessary material.

Be sure to inspect the corpses of enemies and chests to find a grindstone. In rare cases, this resource will also be found in barrels or crates. To do this, you need to break the item and inspect the dropped loot.

How to make a grindstone in V Rising

The player can independently create whetstones for further production of weapons and equipment. To do this, you must use the furnace (Furnace), however, at first, the recipe of the item will be blocked. It is unlocked by defeating Grayson The Armorer, a level 27 boss located in the southern part of Farbane Forest.

When Grayson is defeated, you must return to your furnace, which will open a recipe for making grindstones. Crafting one grindstone will require the following resources:

  1. Copper Ingot - 1 unit.
  2. Stone dust (Stone Dust) - 12 units.

How to create a reinforced bone mace and get copper

How to create a reinforced bone mace and get copper

Copper is one of the most important early game resources. It is used to create new weapons and equipment after opening bone tools, as well as to improve buildings. The player can mine copper ore from orange rocks.

To get more ore in the shortest possible time, you need to go to the Copper Mine in Farbane Forest. The screenshot above shows the location of this location. The mine contains a huge amount of orange stones, which we wrote about earlier. Also in such zones, chests with a similar types of resources are scattered.

Over time, copper deposits appear again, so you can re-enter the mines to collect resources. Do not neglect this opportunity and come back as often as possible.

Mining ore will require a Reinforced Bone Mace. The regular Bone Mace is capable of destroying rocks, but copper ore requires an enhanced version of the equipment. You can create it on a simple workbench (Simple Workbench). Open the appropriate building and build the necessary equipment from the planks (Planks).

Keep in mind that very large deposits of copper cannot be destroyed with the help of a reinforced bone mace. To do this, you have to use explosives. You can learn more about creating explosives in our separate material.

How to create copper ingots

To smelt copper ingots, you need to build a furnace near the Castle Heart. Its manufacture requires the following resources:

  1. Stones (Stone) - 480 units.
  2. Copper ore (Copper Ore) - 60 units.
After creating a furnace, the player will be able to place copper ore in it. Over time, it will turn into refined copper ingots on its own, which will be useful when creating a much larger number of items. To produce 1 copper ingot, you need to use 20 units of ore.

How to create stone bricks and get stone dust

Stone is needed for many things in the game, however, to build a proper castle, you will need to turn this item into stone bricks (Stone Bricks). First of all, you need to build a Grinder next to the Heart of the Castle. You can find the grinding machine in the "Production" section. Open the said menu and go to the tab "Improvement" (Refinement) in the construction menu.

To create a grinding machine, the following items are needed:

  1. Boards - 8 units.
  2. Copper ingots - 4 units.
  3. Grinding stones - 4 units.
First of all, build a sawmill for planks and a furnace to turn copper ore into ingots. After creating a grinding machine, the player will be able to interact with it - just place stones here and get stone bricks. They also produce stone dust, which is useful for creating other items. Crafting one unit of Stone Brick will require 12 Stones.

How to use the sawmill

When interacting with a sawmill or other building to create resources, the player will see a list of available recipes at the top of the window, and the Input and Output grids will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The player needs to move a certain amount of resources from the inventory to the "Input" window to start production.

The very first recipe in the sawmill is the production of Planks. To get one unit, you need 20 Logs (Lumber). Also, when creating boards, the player will collect one sawdust (Sawdust) for each item. In the "Output" section during production, the resources received are always displayed. It is recommended that all buildings be put into operation before leaving the safe zone so that they do not stand idle. When you return, transfer all produced resources to your inventory.

How to upgrade buildings

To upgrade a building, including a sawmill, several conditions must be met. When interacting with any machine, three icons are displayed in the upper part of the window that opens:

Powered by the Castle Heart (Castle Heart Powered) - shows that the workbench is powered by the Heart of the castle.
In Confined Castle Room - Increases production speed by 25%. To activate the bonus, you must place the building in a closed room made of stone floors and walls.
Has Matching Floor - Reduces the cost of recipes by 25%. To activate the bonus, you will need to lay the correct flooring. For example, for a sawmill, you need to install the floor of the workshop for the sawmill (Workshop flooring for the Sawmill).