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All posters and secrets of POSTAL Brain Damaged - Mission 1

 We tell you how to find all the posters, posters, and other secrets in the first level of the game.

All posters and secrets of POSTA Brain Damaged - Mission 1

Secret #1: Hot Sauce

At the very beginning of the mission. You will see a poster with a woman, although this will not count towards the total number of posters. Interact with him to enter the neighbor's cell and take the hot sauce.

Secret #2 / Poster #1: Monkey from Hell

The next secret can be found in the sewers where you fight poop-throwing enemies. I strongly recommend saving and NOT killing the prisoners, but you should get rid of the enemies before you even try to get this secret. You need to jump with a slide.

You'll want to scare one of the prisoners into going to the edge of the aisle and urinating on him. As soon as you put it in the right place, as shown in the picture, move back a decent distance. Grab your Super Hooker Shotgun to grab the dude while holding the jump. You have to approach the dude and find out the secret. Once you're there, pick up the poster.

Secret #3: A Crack in the Pipe

Continue down into the sewer, keep to the left. You should see a slightly open hole. Crouch and enter it to find a crack pipe.

Poster #2: Atonement Bareback

After the fight with the monster in the cage. Basically, follow the jump pads to a glowing green room where a cop is beating a prisoner. The poster should be next to the door.

Secret #4: Minigun

Remember jump pads? On the right side of the site, there is a pipe that will take you to the path where there were two policemen. Use the jump pad to the right. Once you're on the pipe, use the pink lever to activate the door in that area. Go to the door and you will find a minigun.

Secret #5: Watchtower Top

Continue through the cafeteria to an area with a huge tower and grappling rings. To get this secret, you will need to fall from a sufficiently high height and then point the shotgun vertically to the ring and advance to the top. It may take several tries.

Poster #3: Brain ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Pistol 69000

In the same area, just drop down to the bottom of the tower. Enter the central area and the poster should be on the wall.

Secret #6 / Poster #4: Prisoner

On your quest to get the yellow and blue keys, look for the secret in the room with the blue key. As soon as you find yourself in the library where you are fighting two robots, be sure to interact with the lower shelves on the left. There should be a secret room that you can sneak into and pick up the poster.

Poster #5: Caged Monster

Once you have the yellow and blue keys, return to the tower to open the door. Take the elevator up. There will be ammo, a machine gun, and a poster.

Poster #6: Jailer

Kill several enemies. See the gate. Open them and keep going forward. Kill the prison guards and press the red button in the room to unlock the cameras. Be careful with the two freed monsters. There should be a poster in one of the rooms along with some prisoners.

Poster #7: Nail Gun

I think you should have a red key by now. Return to the hallway to use the key and enter the shower. The poster is hanging on the wall, but you will be ambushed. Once you defeat everyone, the floor will collapse and a caged monster will appear. After that, you will be able to find the poster.