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All Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong endings and how to get them


All Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong endings and how to get them

Throughout the plot of Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong, the player needs to collect evidence, make various decisions, and participate in confrontations and dialogues. Some changes are quite minor, but there are several full-fledged endings that depend entirely on the actions of the player. In this guide, we will detail how to get all endings in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong. Beware spoilers!

How to get a good ending

Earlier in the walkthrough, we wrote that in the best ending, Emem, Galeb, and Leisha must successfully complete their tasks and survive. Also, from a practical point of view, Galeb is obliged to find out the real whereabouts of Moore. To do this, he needs to unravel the mirror code and obtain secret information. You can familiarize yourself with all the codes for safes and doors in this guide.

Below are the mandatory actions, in addition to survival, to get the best ending (the corresponding sections of the text passage are marked with chapters):

  1. Emem (Base DOR. Emem, part 6) - identification of a traitor. In the final episode, the girl must upload the virus to the server in a short period of time and, while studying the existing DOR database, obtain the necessary information.
  2. Leisha (Base DOR. Leisha, part 7) - Halsey's rescue. The girl must choose a blue magnetic card, enter the code "260296", open the container on the computer and win all three confrontations.
  3. Galeb (Base DOR. Galeb, part 8) - the murder of Stanford. The hero must reach the leader of the Second Inquisition and defeat him in a confrontation by choosing the correct answers.

How to get a bad ending

To get a negative ending, the player needs to do the opposite: do not find Moore's location, do not find the traitor, and lose all the heroes. To do this, you will have to specifically not collect all the evidence and constantly lose in confrontations, especially in the final episode "DOR Base".

All finals for Emem. Downloading the virus, Hilda's request and meeting with the Prince.

The story of this heroine is the simplest and most understandable. The girl pursues her goals in the hierarchy of vampires. Below are all available endings for Emem:

  1. Failed to install the virus in time. After the time runs out, the DOR soldiers will break into the server room and shoot Emem.
  2. Follow Hilda and reject her offer. In the Prince's apartment, the girl will ask the heroine to go to her room. Hilda will kill Emem at low swiftness (level 4 or lower). With a high development parameter, the heroine will defeat the attacker, and then join the anarchs or take a place in Primogen.
  3. Follow Hilda and accept her offer. The British Camarilla will arrive at the Prince's apartment and completely destroy the Boston group of vampires. In this case, Emem will survive, but her business will close, and all friends and loved ones die or are presumed dead.
  4. Ignore Hilda's suggestion and meet the Prince. The girl immediately goes to Iversen. The heroine does not find out about the British Camarilla, and Hilda is taken into custody. Emem will be safe and start a new life.
  5. Emem did not recognize the traitor's name. In this case, the heroine will remain in the Camarilla, but the British group will capture Boston.
  6. Kurt kills Emem. In the "Unknown" chapter, after solving the riddle, the heroine can take her up to another secret floor. The body of the vampire Kurt will lie on the ground. If you revive him, then the man will kill many heroes. At the DOR base, if the confrontation is lost, Emem will die at the hands of this vampire.

All finals for Leisha. Salvation Halsey, reconciliation with her daughter, and meeting with a werewolf

This heroine got an intriguing story full of dark colors. The girl needs to understand her soul, find out the truth about her origin, and find her daughter. Below are all available endings for Leisha:

  1. Death at the hands of a werewolf. If, when trying to escape Galeb from prison, the player uses the help of a werewolf, then at the DOR base, Leisha will have to move around the location unnoticed and not fall into the clutches of the monster. In an unfortunate combination of circumstances, the werewolf will attack the girl. After reducing the level of hunger to the minimum state, the monster will kill Leisha and Halsey.
  2. Halsey is not saved. To save the daughter, the player is given a short period of time, after which the girl will be burned in the chamber. After the credits, the player will see a scene with Leisha. The heroine will be locked in a prison cell in the Vatican.
  3. Halsey is saved, but it was not possible to calm her down. After completing each action in rescuing her daughter (using the card, entering the code, and opening the camera on the computer), Leisha needs to say the right words and calm the girl. If the confrontations were not completed, then Halsey will kill the heroine and leave the DOR base.
  4. Halsey is saved and reconciled with Leisha. After saving her daughter and successfully completing the confrontation, the heroine will be able to calm the girl down. In the final video, Leisha and Halsey will be together and safe.

All finals for Galeb. The murder of Stanford and the further fate of the hero

The oldest vampire in Boston got the role of the main detective in history. The man needs to find important documents, solve some mysteries and defeat the leader of the Second Inquisition. Below are all the available endings for Galeb:

  1. Death of Galeb. With a lack of information and a low level of pumping the hero, the man will not be able to successfully complete the confrontation with Stanford. At the end of the story, the vampire will die at the hands of the leader of the Second Inquisition.
  2. Stay with the Prince. After the successful destruction of Stanford, the hero can choose a further path in a conversation with his assistant. In that case, the man would stay in the Boston Camarilla and help rule Iversen.
  3. Heed the call. Upon returning to the Prince's apartment, in a conversation with Xu Feng, Galeb decides to go in search of something new. The man will leave the Boston Camarilla and go his own way in search of a new path.

The fate of secondary characters. Berel Underwood, Sei Feng, Richard, and Kurt

This section marks the fates of minor heroes that the player may encounter throughout the game. Below are all the available endings for them:

  1. Berel Underwood is dead. If, when escaping from prison, Galeb did not save Berel, then the man will die in this location.
  2. Berel Underwood is alive. Galeb escapes with Berel from prison. In the Prince's apartment, the heroes will be able to talk again.
  3. Xu Feng turned into a vampire. If Galeb goes to meet Caius instead of Berel, Underwood will turn the girl into a vampire. This will be revealed in Galeb's final conversation with Xu Feng.
  4. Xu Feng is not turned into a vampire. If Galeb goes to meet Berel and wins the confrontation, then the man will get behind the girl and won't turn her into a vampire.
  5. Xu Feng remained human. If the assistant was not turned into a vampire by Berel, then at the end of the story, Galeb will have the opportunity to determine the fate of the girl. In this case, the man will not turn her into a vampire, but he will not kill her either.
  6. Xu Feng is turned by Galeb. If the girl did not become a vampire with the help of Berel, then in the last chapter the hero can bite the girl and turn her.
  7. Xu Feng is dead. If the assistant was not turned into a vampire by Berel, then Galeb in the final episode can kill his assistant.
  8. Richard Dunham survived. Leisha can meet a man at the DOR base. In this case, he will remain alive and appear in the future.
  9. Richard Dunham is killed. Leisha kills the doctor at the DOR base.
  10. Kurt was not found. If Emem didn't find and free the vampire in Unknown, then the man will remain in a magical prison. Otherwise, he will deal with the destruction of all vampires.
  11. Kurt is killed. At the DOR base, upon successful completion of the confrontation, Emem will kill the vampire.
  12. Kurt is alive. If Emem fails to stop the man and dies at his hands, then the vampire will kill Iversen in the final game.

Fractions. What happened to the Hartford Chapel, the Anarchs, and the Boston Camarilla

There are three factions in the game, the fate of which can be influenced by Emem. Below are all possible finals for groupings:

  1. Hartford Chapel came to the rescue. If Emem successfully completes the confrontation at the end of the episode "Unknown", then this faction will help the Boston Camarilla in the future.
  2. Hartford Chapel won't come to the rescue. If Emem fails to successfully complete the confrontation at the end of the "Unknown" chapter, then this faction will not come to the aid of the Boston Camarilla.
  3. The Hartford Chapel is destroyed by Kurt. If Emem releases Kurt, then at the end of the episode, the man will get out and destroy all the vampires except the heroine.
  4. Anarchs are in danger. Emem can help Yardley take down Cerys. In this case, the anarch faction will be on the verge of extinction. The man will take power into his own hands but will be defeated in further battles with the DOR soldiers.
  5. Anarchs are safe. Emem took Cerys' side and told her the truth about Yardley's betrayal. Baron Thane will be alive and will be able to successfully confront the soldiers of the DOR.
  6. The British Camarilla went unnoticed. If Emem failed to find the traitor, then the British Camarilla would reach Boston and overthrow Iversen.
  7. The British Camarilla has been stopped. Emem learned the name of the traitor and informed the Prince. Iversen will remain at the head of the faction.

General endings. What will become of the vampires of Boston

After the final cutscene, the screen will display the current status of the vampires in Boston. All possible situations are listed below:

  1. Loss of capital. If Galeb was unable to break into the mirror in Moore's apartment and find out his whereabouts, then the Boston Camarilla would lose all assets and be in dire financial straits. In the future, a revolution is possible.
  2. Spirit of consent. If Emem successfully completes the confrontation at the end of "Unknown", then the Boston Camarilla and Hartford Chapel will form an alliance and work together in the future.
  3. The fall of the young king. If Emem helped Yardley pull off the coup, then the man will lead the attack on Long Island. The remaining Kindred will be left to fend for themselves, and wars for power will flare-up in the anarch faction.
  4. Blissful spoilage. The Emem virus will destroy all data and DOR will have to shut down the Swansong operation.
  5. Orpheus is free. If Emem frees Kurt and fails to destroy him at the DOR base, then the man will kill many vampires and continue to avenge the death of Yara Drori.
  6. Collateral damage. If Emem makes an alliance with the mages, but fails to discover the identity of the traitor, then the British Camarilla will successfully capture the Boston faction and drive all Tremere out of Hartford Chapel.
  7. Tea for two. The ending is unlocked if Emem proceeds to Hilda's apartment in the final episode and agrees to follow her plan. The British Camarilla will successfully capture the Boston group, and the heroine will continue to exist, but will lose business and power.
  8. The return of the redcoats. This ending is slightly different from the previous one. If Emem did not learn the name of the traitor and died at the hands of the DOR soldiers, Kurt or Hilda, then the British Camarilla will infiltrate Boston and take control of the local group in order to avoid the Second Inquisition.