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Best Vampire Powers and Weapons for PvE and PvP V Rising Modes

 We talk about how to properly use and upgrade weapons, which ones are suitable for PvE and which ones are suitable for PvP, and more about vampire powers

The variety of combat gameplay in V Rising is mostly achieved through the choice of class but also diluted with a large selection of powerful spells and weapons. In this V Rising weapon guide, we talk about all the types of weapons that we managed to encounter while traveling through the fantasy world.

You will learn about the working principle and skills of each weapon or spell. Along with that, we will talk about combos of weapons and spells, thanks to which you will be able to achieve maximum efficiency in both PvE and PvP modes.

As you know, V Rising is in early access, and at the time of writing the guide, 7 types of weapons were available in the game. We have no doubt that as the latest updates are released, even more weapons and spells will appear in the game.

Best Vampire Powers and Weapons for PvE and PvP V Rising Modes

Each weapon is designed to perform different tasks, and some varieties even serve as a tool for extracting certain resources. Certain types of weapons will only be obtained as you progress and destroy high-level bosses. As weapons improve, you gain access to new skills. In addition, each weapon has two skills. The first is unlocked by using a weapon made of copper, and the second is unlocked by iron.

To begin with, we will list all the types of weapons and the skills that they have. You can build on which skills are unlocked as weapons become stronger, and decide for yourself which of all of these suits your playstyle.


  • The first skill - allows you to carry out a powerful attack, which increases the speed of subsequent attacks by 30% for several seconds.
  • The second skill - allows you to throw two axes in a given direction. If both axes hit an enemy, they will be stunned for the next two seconds.


  • The first skill - allows you to release 5 bolts in the selected direction, which slows down all hit enemies.
  • The second skill - allows you to launch a powerful bolt that interrupts spells and slows enemies for the next two seconds.


  • The first skill allows you to jump a short distance and slam the ground, dealing area damage and slowing all hit enemies.
  • The second skill - allows you to make a long-range strike, knocking back opponents and incapacitating them for about one second.


  • First Skill - Deal damage with a frontal AoE attack that slows all targets hit for 2 seconds.
  • Second skill - perform an AoE attack in the indicated direction, dealing damage every 0.25 seconds for the next 2.5 seconds. All enemies hit on the first throw are slowed.


  • The first skill is to dash forward and swing your blades, dealing damage and slowing the target, then teleport back to your original position.
  • The second skill is to become invisible and increase your movement speed for the next three seconds. Your main attack while in stealth deals increased damage and stuns the target for the next 3 seconds. Your attack cancels stealth and increases movement speed.

A spear

  • The first skill is a quick swing of the spear with several hits on the enemy. Repeat hits before the combo ends for an extra hit that knocks enemies back. Most enemies hit will be stunned.
  • The second skill is to throw the spear forward, dealing damage and pulling yourself towards the hit target.


  • The first skill is to deal damage to all enemies around you by swinging your sword in 360 degrees.
  • The second skill is to launch a projectile that throws all the enemies hit into the air. Use repeatedly to teleport to the target and attack it three times.

On a separate note, when you use the skills of one weapon and switch to another, the abilities of the new one will not be available until the cooldown for using the skills of the previous weapon passes. But this applies to skills that are identical in level. That is if you used the first sword skill and switched to the spear before it had time to recharge, the second skill will be available for the spear, and the first one can only be used after the first sword skill is recharged.

As for some types of weapons that increase the extraction of resources, then:

  • Ax gives 25% damage to trees.
  • Mace - 25% per stone.
  • Spear - 25% when attacking creatures.
  • Sword - 25% when harvesting plants.
The four types of weapons listed above will be given to you in the early stages of the game when you are told about the basic needs and resources for survival.

      The best early game weapon is the spear, which makes it easier to hunt beasts and kill any mobs thanks to the 25% damage buff. The remaining tools should be used based on the current task.

      Vampire Forces V Rising

      In addition to the usual melee weapons in V Rising, you can use the powers of a vampire. You have two main skills, one movement-oriented ability, and an ultimate (of course, also one). These skills change as you unlock new abilities through the destruction of blood carriers. The opponents you meet belong to different magical schools, and some of them open access to completely new abilities that you get as a result of defeating them. You can track the right enemies (with the right blood type) through the bloody altar that can be built in the base.

      In terms of magical schools, there are five types of magic, each based on a specific element/component:

      • Blood is a mixture of healing and protective magic.
      • Chaos - Strong solo and AoE attacks with an emphasis on damage over time.
      • Illusion - abilities focused on movement, stealth, and support.
      • Frost is a powerful magic that allows you to control the crowd and literally stop enemies.
      • Vicious - Focus on AoE damage and magic buffs. Something like support.

      However, in each magical school, there are skills that deviate from the general theme, but in general, all abilities are directed in the same direction.

      Best weapon combos in V Rising

      V Rising allows you to combine different types of weapons, especially taking into account the available skills, spells, and blood types. There are also weapons that are more focused on hitting single targets, AoE attacks, or PvP modes. Below, we'll list some of the weapons and magic schools that you can combine to create builds that are suitable for certain encounters. Please note that we are rather making assumptions so that you can use them as a guide depending on your play style or your role in the squad.

      Another thing to keep in mind is the blood type. Some blood types will allow you to create insane builds. For example, the blood type of a rogue is aimed at increasing critical damage and increasing the chance of a critical strike as such. And it's perfect for fast weapons like an ax or a spear. Meanwhile, the power and damage buffs of the beast and warrior blood types would be good for weapons like the sword and crossbow. Properly chosen blood types mainly enhance the build you create, but they are more difficult to manage since it is not always clear where and when you will meet an opponent with the right blood type. If it is possible to find the right group, great, but if it doesn’t work out, don’t bother too much.

      Best V Rising Weapons and Spells for PvP

      The PvP component of V Rising is diverse, so in a given situation, certain types of weapons and spells will be especially useful. Below you will find combos of weapons and spells for various situations - solo or team battles. The skill of moving through the Illusion element will almost always be useful. Within a few seconds, you will become completely invisible, which will allow you to hide from enemies, outflank them, avoid getting hit by powerful abilities, and so on.

      Also, look out for ice spells that can be used in PvP. Absolute Frost and Arctic Blink will allow the player to jump to a different location, creating freezing rings around them that freeze the enemy for 3 seconds.

      Solo PvP battles

      • Blades - focused on stealth and dealing high damage from sudden attacks.
      • Crossbow - powerful damage as a result of hitting from a safe distance, AoE attacks that stop enemies. The second skill allows you to interrupt enemy spells.
      • Most cold spells will do.
      • A second spear or sword skill that allows you to close the distance.
      • An ult in the form of a merciless dash.

      Group PvP battles

      • Mace - the first skill allows you to attack multiple targets at once.
      • The second skill of the sword or spear allows you to turn the tide of an unsuccessful battle.
      • The Corpse Explosion skill from the Corruption branch slows down enemies and deals AoE damage.
      • Purgatory is an AoE spell that heals allies and deals damage to enemies. Also slows all enemies in the healing zone.
      • Ghost Wolf is an illusion skill that allows you to jump between three targets and slow them down by 30% for the next five seconds.
      • Ulta - "Mirror Strike".

      Best weapon and spell combos to support V Rising

      V Rising has many different spells and weapons that support players can use in both PvP and PvE modes. Moreover, many skills are useful in both cases.

      • Purgatory is a Depravity skill that heals allies in an area and slows enemies caught in the area of ​​effect. Then an explosion occurs, dealing damage to all enemies.
      • Blood Coil - Launch a bolt that heals allies or damages hit foes.
      • Crimson Beam (ultimate) - Launch a red beam that damages enemies and heals/allies.
      • Crimson Protection is a blood spell that protects the hero or one of the allies. Also knocks back enemies that fall under the shield of the defending character.
      • Blood Fury - Protects yourself and nearby allies, increasing attack speed by 25% for the next few seconds.
      • As for weapons, you can use any. The crossbow is suitable for those who heal allies from a safe distance. And if you prefer close combat, then spears and a mace will suit you.
      • Illusion ultimate called Ghost Guard - Protect multiple allies in a targeted area for 1.5 seconds. Also deals damage over time in an area.

      The best weapon combos and spells for PvE

      You also need to prepare in advance before farming resources associated with the destruction of ordinary mobs or bosses. On the branch "Depravity" there is a spell "Vicious mosquito". As a result, you can apply debuffs to enemies, as a result of which their damage will be reduced by 25%. This works both for single targets and in the case of mass battles.

      single target

      • Ax - weapon skill increases attack speed and allows you to deal increased damage from the first blow.
      • Blades - a weapon skill that allows you to dodge and deliver a powerful blow.
      • Crossbow - strong basic attack damage, the only ranged weapon. The second skill interrupts spells.
      • Chaos Volley - Launches two projectiles that deal damage over time.
      • Crystal Spear - Strong single target damage with an AoE bonus.
      • Ultimate options are Chaos Volley or Mirror Strike.

      Mass battles

      • Corpse Explosion is an AoE attack that causes an explosion that deals area damage. Slows all targets hit.
      • Aftershock is a Blood spell that deals 100% damage to all enemies hit. Also sets them on fire.
      • Shockwave is the second sword skill.
      • Crossbow - the first skill is aimed at AoE damage from a distance.
      • Scythe - the second skill is suitable for group melee battles.
      • Ultimate options are Unstable Arachnid, Chaos Volley, or Relentless Charge.