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Card Shark walkthrough - game guide


Card Shark walkthrough - game guide

We played Card Shark on the difficulty level "Player" (medium).

Chat with the miss, then try to sit at the table on the right. The woman will leave. Pour some wine for the man in the pink suit. Move the mouse to the right while holding LMB and fill the glass to the brim. Agree to sit at the table. Say you want to earn extra money. Repeat the steps:

  • Hearts - clockwise
  • Peaks - counterclockwise
  • Diamonds - top to bottom
  • Clubs - left to right

Pour wine for the man and peek at his cards. Then swipe across the table to show which suit he has the most.

In the evening, whether you help the man or not, the colonel will kill the mistress, and you will be forced to flee. You will also learn the first trick, the bottle of Cahors.

Chapter 1. The Count

While the Count is busy, chat with the man on the right. Look through the focus and go inside the carriage. Ireneo will call you. repeat the steps by clicking on the indicated cards when the narrowing circle is in the gray ring. This will teach you the Three Card Monte trick. Enter the carriage, show the trick to the Magician. Choose not a lady, but another card to cheat.

Learn a new focus. Swipe down first, then to the right, then down a few times. Then, when he talks about the required number of cards, swipe down and click the required number of times so that the ace is in the right place. Shuffle the cards to the end. Repeat the trick with the number "three".

Go outside, and talk to the Count. Decide how much to donate to the camp. I gave 50 coins.

The next morning, go to the same camp. Talk to the Magician, he will give you 10 coins. You can check the camp fund. Tell the Count to go.

Head to the Parliament Cafe. Let the Count tell you about the high cards. The cards follow like this: jack, queen, king, ace. Now collect the cards so that the count gets the best. Everything is pretty simple. At the top, the position of who will get the first card will be marked, and so on in order. Collect the cards again, this time the Earl will sit first. Perform an injog after the first shuffle. You will learn the Sloppy Gathering technique.

Do the same in the cafe. You need to stir quickly so that no one suspects anything. You need to win three times. Act fast. If it doesn't work out, just visit the parliamentary cafe again. And each time raise the bet to finish in three games.

Now go to the manor. You need to improve the technique of showing the suit. You need to repeat the steps the appropriate number of times. Don't let go of the LMB until you've done this. The suit is shown on the left. Even if you make a mistake, don't let go of the LMB and show the right action. The suit will definitely change to the desired one. Then you will learn the Bordeaux Bottle technique. Nothing complicated. Just pour the wine, then find the ace and pour the wine again. Win three times. Ace will have to look only once. If you lose, just visit this place again.

Finally, visit the tavern. Lower the required number of fingers to indicate the suit. The hint will be on the left. Raise your hand up to indicate an ace, to the right - a king, down - a lady, to the left - a jack. Remember the card you saw and show the suit and the card itself to the Count. This technique is called "Eloquent Fingers". Take your time with the rates in the tavern. Bet 10, 30, and 70. You need to point to the highest card, not an arbitrary high card. That is, if there is an ace, two queens, indicate the ace. But if there are two aces, you can point to an ace and any of the two suits.

Go a second time to the Parliament Cafe. You will learn the technique "Bold Juggling". Now comes the hardest part. You will have to memorize the cards you draw. I suggest pulling out any high card, and then four of a kind. For example, twos. This will make it easier for you to remember and remove duplicates of these cards a second time. You will need to select again the same high card first, and then the other four. For example, four "twos".

And when you play in a cafe, first pick deuces, and lastly take the desired high card. After winning, you will learn the Coin Toss trick. Move the mouse to change heads to tails and vice versa, and then toss a coin. You can visit the cascarote camp and donate money.

To be continued...